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1989 BMW 325is

As a former owner of a 1988 325is, you’ll find me preaching the E30 gospel often. While the original M3 has reached cult status in the last few years, the 325is hasn’t gained as much attention. This is a shame, because they are fantastic cars in their own right. Here is a clean, lower mileage example for sale in Milwaukee that presents well in Lachsilber metallic.

1989 BMW 325is on eBay

For sale is my 1989 BMW 325iS with 96,000 original miles.
Lachssilber (salmon silver) metallic with Silber (light gray) interior.
Fully equipped with leather seats, power sunroof, on-board computer, rear view mirror with integral map lights and ellipsoid headlights.
This is one of the nicest surviving E30s you’ll find anywhere!


2.5 liter SOHC inline 6 cylinder. Maintenance is current, valves just adjusted. Runs great and happily winds out to redline with no issues.


The 5 speed manual transmission shifts perfectly. The shift lever action is nice & tight with none of the bushing sloppiness found in most E30s.


The body is in superb condition with no dents and only a few nicks & scratches. This car has never been in an accident and has always been garaged and cared for The paint is original except for the hood, the lower part of the driver’s door, and the driver’s side rear quarter panel. These areas were repainted in April 1994 to repair dings and scratches. No body work has been done since then. There are a few minor spots of surface rust (see pictures): below the Roundel on the trunk where it was pried off by a thief long ago, around the left license plate light, and on the rocker panel behind the right front wheel where there is a stone chip. The paint on the downward-facing edge of the plastic lower front valence is scuffed. There is a scratch & scuff on the black plastic impact rail of the rear bumper.


The interior is every bit as nice as the exterior. The original leather seats have no cracks or tears and have never been re-dyed. The carpet is free of spots & stains and is clean even under the seats. No french fries or candy wrappers! The dash is completely crack-free. The headliner has a couple small dirt spots which I’ve never bothered trying to clean. The center console storage compartment ahead of the ash tray has a small blemish in the right corner (see pictures.) This car has never been smoked in.


All equipment and options work correctly including power windows, sunroof, door locks, mirrors, rear defrost, all on-board computer functions, and check control system. It has the original Alpine “infrared” cassette stereo with BMW Sound System, all in proper working order. The A/C blows cold even on the hottest, most humid days.


It has the original BMW cross-spoke 14″ wheels (including the spare.) Contrary to what everyone else says, these wheels were made for BMW by Lemmerz, not BBS. The tires are Sumitomo HTR H4 205/60-14 with about 13,000 miles on them. They have more than 50% tread remaining. The wheel balance weights are the correct BMW/Mercedes 2-piece type.


The previous owner made several tasteful period performance modifications including: upgraded front sway bar, BMW adjustable-camber upper front strut mounts, Koni adjustable shocks all-around, and braided stainless steel brake lines. All windows except the windshield were tinted (not too dark) when the car was new and are still in great condition with no peeling or purple fade. I’ve installed an HID Xenon headlight retrofit kit with no modification of any kind to the wiring — they work great with the ellipsoid projector headlamps. I have also installed a Mercedes-Benz AGM battery, which is the same size and terminal configuration as the OE BMW battery.


I bought the car from a friend in Summer 2007; he bought it off-lease in October 1990 with only 18,732 miles on it. We are both BMW enthusiasts who have owned many BMWs from the 1980s onward.
I am a professional Mercedes-Benz mechanic specializing in models from the 1950s -1980s with a focus on preservation and originality.

With a couple days left, bidding is strong. If I had to guess, I think anywhere from $7,000 to $7,500 would probably be realistic. The sellers description is rather comprehensive and should help answer the important questions. I hope this car goes to a home where it is appreciated, because it is truly one of BMW’s greats. As much as the original M3 is a legend, the 325is is a legend in its own right. It has a completely different character than the M car, but the inline six is a fantastic motor. The handling and responsiveness also reminds the driver of what things were like in the days before electronic controls took over.


Low-mileage 1986 BMW 735i “time-capsule” for sale

The other day I was driving next to an older woman in a light blue E30 325i. I glanced at it, ready to move on as the ubiquity of the 3-series makes it hard to get excited, but I couldn’t stop looking. It was perfect. The chrome trim, the paint, the panels and stock basket-weave wheels were all immaculate. Seeing it offered a rare glimpse into how attractive these cars were brand-new, gleaming at a BMW dealership, itching to take the everyday sports-sedan to a whole new level. Time, dirt, and neglect too often relegate older cars to forgettable “old beater” status, completely separate from how great they once were.

Today’s 735i is one such car, a shining example of how great 80s BMWs were completely stock. The original owner drove it for 1 year and 11k miles and traded it in, where the seller’s parents picked up and kept it in perfect condition while driving it just 33k miles over the last 24 years. It’s not the most collectible vintage Bimmer, but it is a gorgeous example of the North American flagship.

1986 BMW 735i for sale on eBay

The description from a dutiful offspring:

This 1986 BMW 735i is a rare find indeed! Always kept in a garage and never driven hard. Only 44,500 pampered miles. I am selling this car for my parents who have kept this vehicle in immaculate condition since purchasing it in 1987 from Frank Hilson BMW in Fort Lauderdale. The original (and only other) owner traded it with 11,000 miles. All service records, owner manuals and brochures have been impeccably maintained for the next owner.

The Bronzit Beige Exterior and Perl Beige Leather Interior are a classic BMW combination. Bubinga wood trimming on the doors and instrument panel. Even the toolbox in the trunk lid is flawless. The 3.5 liter 6-cylinder inline engine is recognized by BMW enthusiasts as one of the most reliable and well designed engines ever built. This 735i is loaded with every available option from the sunroof to the all stainless steel exhaust system.

The pictures tell the story. The only flaws are 2 light cosmetic scratches on the hood and a very small parking lot ding on the driver’s side. This is a 1986 BMW in a time capsule!

The bottom line is that you will still look classy as hell driving this car, and the venerable M30 3.4L inline-6 has a lot of miles left to pull you around while swaddled in gorgeous and nearly-perfect leather. Despite no reserve, bidding is slow with just one bid at the opening price of $7,500. That seems like inexpensive for a car that looks like a million bucks.


1998 BMW 318ti

I’ve never understood why the word hatchback is a dirty word in the United States. Having grown up in a family that drove a 1983 Honda Accord hatchback for 13 years, I can appreciate the practicality cars like these provide while confining themselves to a relatively small footprint. Now, with the resurgence of the MINI Cooper and Fiat 500, it seems some Americans are willing to look past the third door.

One of my favorite hatchbacks in recent memory was the E36 318ti hatchback. I found it to be much better proportioned than the Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport Coupe that followed it a few years later and some enthusiasts have gone ahead with tasteful M3 modifications which make these quite formidable little beasts.

Here is a late model version with, thankfully, a 5 speed manual transmission for sale in Connecticut.

1998 BMW 318ti on eBay

1998 BMW 318ti finished in fern green with dove gray leatherette. A very rare model in excellent condition. This 318ti was produced toward the end of the model being offered in the U.S. and it is much more generously equipped than earlier models (production date was 7/98, delivered 8/28/98). The car has a 5 speed manual transmission which makes it fun to drive and very economical. It is optioned with heated seats, 6 disk CD changer, sunroof, fog lights, and factory remote entry. The car has been well taken care of; having been garaged, carefully driven, and extremely well maintained. It was never used as an everyday car, but for weekly trips to the city as it is easy to park, therefore most of the miles were highway driven. The car is in excellent condition, has very low miles, and is well optioned, making it a hard to find excellent example of the 318ti.

The exterior of the car is in great shape. The paint is very deep and holds a strong shine. Because it was an extra car and was seldom used in the winter, it has no rust. The car has not been in an accident and only has minor blemishes, but far fewer than would be expected on a car of this age. It has a handful of nicks, touch-ups, and a scratch or ding or two but nothing excessive. The wheels are also in good condition with only minor scratching. The glass and rubber trim are free from blemishes.

The interior of the car is close to perfect. The seats are in amazing condition, particularly considering the fact that they are basically white. The material is very durable and had regularly been cleaned to avoid any discoloration that is typical with light interiors. The seats have no unusual wear and are firm and supportive with no sag. The carpets are very clean, there has been no smoking, pets, eating etc. in the car. There is the beginning of some separation on the rear corners of the headliner as it is freeing from the backing; however, it cannot be detected unless you are looking for it and it does not interfere with vision so I had not bothered with it. All pixels on the dash, radio and clock displays are present and bright. Every button in the car works as it should: AC is cold and heat is hot; all windows and sunroof open and close swiftly; and all other controls are working properly.

Mechanically the car is also in great shape. It has been extremely well maintained and I have all service receipts from the last 5 years, including: recent services; tires and rear brakes were new at 79k miles; new catalytic converter, struts, right control arm, drive belts, a/c pulley, alt belt tensioner etc., and major tune up at 73k miles; and previously had new radiator, water pump, valve and timing cover gaskets. The only issues that I am aware of is that the air bag light is on and the hood support shocks are in need of replacement (I had used a golf club to hold the hood open in the photo). The car has been meticulously maintained over the years and drives and operates as it should.

The 318ti is a very unique car that combines the efficiency of a compact car with the safety and appeal of a BMW. I have averaged around 32mpg on the highway, which is the only type of driving I do with it. In addition to being very efficient, the car is extremely useful being a hatchback, the trunk is large and the capacity is enormous when the seats are folded down. These cars are very durable and, given the low miles, there is a lot of life left in this one. The combination of low miles, excellent condition, and meticulous maintenance makes this car a very rare find.

These are great little cars and besides the E30, the E36 is, in my opinion, one of the best looking 3 series. The proportions are a little skewed given the shorter length, but this would be a fantastic car to commute with or for the first time driver, as it is not too overpowered, but includes the safety features common in new vehicles.


Canadian BMW E28 M5 for sale

I can’t fully explain my recent E28 fascination. Maybe it’s maturing, maybe it’s just an evolution, but my E30 lust is firmly in 2nd place. The M3 too far gone, the 325is too banal, the E28 strikes me as simultaneously under-the-radar yet special. Taking the specialness factor up one notch today is the much-desired black-on-black Canadian E28 M5. I’ve heard E28 enthusiasts lament the Natur leather that came as the only option in the US. While I certainly appreciate the double-Vaderness here, I don’t mind the Natur either. It’s Canadian, but hopefully that is less of a roadblock because it was also offered here, unlike other Canadian models like the E30 wagon. With a nice 130k miles on it, this M5 has few blemishes and would be a great way to up the E28 ante.

1988 BMW E28 M5 for sale on eBay


Brevity from the seller:



The $13,500 Buy-It-Now seems high but not out of the question, and the $5,000 starting bid encourages a little more optimism. If it could go smack dab in the middle, that’s a pretty clean deal.


1991 BMW 325i Touring for sale in Canada

I was in Canada this weekend and a slick snow-prepped E91 wagon caught my eye. While the sports sedan is the quintessential BMW, the extended lines of their wagons work for me better. All touring versions of Bimmers are rare stateside thanks to our well-documented and silly aversion to wagons, but as opposed to models like the E34 and E46, the caboosed E30 was never available here. Quite a shame, because its clean and concise lines create a nearly-perfect wagon. The seller of today’s example imported it to Canada 4 years ago, and importation to the US could prove to be a headache, as could a number of cosmetic blemishes. I’d stock up on Advil though as long as it meant I could rock this modified 80s-tastic wagon using Borbet Type As as god truly intended.

From the seller:

It’s a 1991 325i 5-speed. Arctic silver with light gray interior. I am the original owner in Canada. It was brought in Feb of 2006.

-AMS chipped ECU (have injectors that can be swapped in to take full advantage of the chip as well)
-5 speed manual
-power (front) windows and manual sunroof and no AC
-Koni adjustable shocks with H&R sport springs. Front has SpecE30 camber plates. Car currently sits with 2 deg neg camber all around and handles like it’s on rails!
-BORBET Type A 16×7.5 with nearly new Nexen tires (not included but can be arranged as an extra purchase) Original ‘bottlecaps’ will be included.
-rear MHW black taillights (hard to find anywhere!)
-Short shift kit
-updated E36 radiator
-HID 6500K kit

The car is not perfect. Has a dent in the front driver’s side fender. Small rust spot on the driver’s rear wheel well and a small spot under the driver’s taillight (where the rear panel meets the side) as well as the passenger side rocker. Underbody is clean and solid. The strut towers don’t have ANY rust not even surface!

Car drives well and needs nothing for safety (some mechanics might not like how low it is).

I have a few parts still for it but that can be discussed with a serious buyer as to what will be included in the sale.

Why settle for another BMW like the M3, E34, E36, E28, E46, M5, M6, E24, 318is, 320i, 328i, 328is, when you can have quite a unique imported model like this one and turn heads everywhere you go?

The importation process must take a toll on these cars because I have yet to see one as clean and decked out as we see other models of BMW. Or maybe the guys who take the time to import and make them that nice don’t sell them. Regardless, the seller’s last sentence says it all for me. I don’t know if it would turn everyone’s heads, but those who know would love it and, more importantly, I’d be craning my head every time I walked to or away from it. Cleaned up, this has an ideal mix of 80s, performance, and weirdness for me. Bidding is just over $1500 but hasn’t hit the reserve yet. Balancing the mods, necessary work, decent mileage and overall desirability, somewhere in the $3XXXs sounds like a good price for a cool and unique BMW with a lot of potential.

Bonus points if you can keep the license plate.


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