Party Like It’s 1989 Week: ’89 Volkswagen GTi 5 Door

When I spent some time in England and Germany, my friends there laughed when I stopped to gawk at a 5 door A2 GTi. My German friend kept telling me “it’s nothing special, it’s just the golf 4 door with GTi badges”. He was both right and wrong, because while the 5 door GTi shown here really is just mostly an appearance package it was a car that the U.S. never received and one that I really wanted. I’m not even completely sure why Volkswagen chose not to bring the more versatile 5 door to the U.S. until the Mk.5 platform, but like many of the European variants they have remained out of our reach since new. 1989 saw the beginning of the changeover from the smaller bumper A2 to the chunkier “big bumper” look with integrated fog lights. Today’s example looks nearly identical to the 2.0 16V GTi we received on these shores – with the exception of the number of openings!

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Year: 1989
Model: GTi
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 145,000 km (90,098 mi)
Price: E. 4,590 Buy It Now ($6,242 today)

Vehicle description :
VW GTI 5-door , 145,500 KM
Beautiful Golf 2 GTI 5-door and 145,500 KM
The golf is really as nice and runs well .
The black headliner looks like new and the sunroof works flawlessly.
Radio Cassette Blaupunkt , central locking and power steering are included.
The GTI has got 4 new tires and new brakes
The 15-inch BBS wheels are without flaws.
The Golf is rust free except for two small spots on the front wiper arm.
Call with questions 09.00 – 18.30 clock at 02331-170622 available.


I’ve always really liked the 1990-1992 GTi 2.0s; the BBS RMs were a perfect match for the looks, and hunkered down with those flares the GTi both evoked the images of the original GTi but brought it into the present. The second generation is a much better highway driver than the A1 even if it was slightly more portly. No engine details are specified but from what I can see from the engine pictures it appears to be the somewhat uninspired 1.8 8V engine rather than one of the revvy 1.8 16vs. Since the A2 is one of the most popular engine swap chassis for the VW crew, I’m not sure this matters much. The interior looks great – the seats remind me of the recent GTi interior patterns and while they’re not as bolstered as the popular Recaro Trophy seats found in the 16V GTis here, they look pretty stout. Pricing is pretty high for a stock A2 at around $6,000 and bringing it here would push the total closer to $10,000, at which point you could replicate the package from a Golf 4 door here. But there are lots of details that you’d spend a fair amount of time tracking down and ultimately it probably wouldn’t be too much cheaper than this car, plus this is a real from-the-factory GTi. As we’ve watched prices of the original A1 GTi push towards $20,000 for the cleanest examples, I wonder if buying something like this and keeping it pristine and original wouldn’t be a bad investment over the next few years.


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