1991 VW GTI 16v for sale

Historically, I haven’t given the MkII GTI enough credit. My dreams have always gravitated towards the ur-GTI and been soiled by the fattyfat later models (though VW is doing an admirable job of rekindling the fire). Today’s 1991 16v, in a perfect red/black paint scheme, has me sold on the newer-but-not-too-new MkII style. They’re ripe for great engine swaps and all that, but I think a clean one with the classic 16v engine would be a great place to start. The owner appears to put plenty of time and effort into making this a very clean GTI, so even with 160k miles it looks fantastic.

1991 VW GTI 16v for sale on eBay

From the detail-oriented seller:

Up for sale is my 1991 VW GTI with the 2.0L 16v engine. I have owned this car since the summer of 1999. I bought it with 89,204 miles. It now has 160,702 miles. This has been a revolving project car since purchase. I have never driven this car in the snow or salt under my ownership. It has been garaged every winter in a heated garage under a car cover. I believe this is one of the nicest original Mk2’s you’ll find in the northeast. I have put hundreds and hundreds of hours and I have no idea how much money into this car over the years. I don’t even want to tally it up, even if I could. If a part was questionable on the car it was replaced. Many parts were replaced simply to make everything look like new. Everything from engine gaskets, hoses and inlets/outlets, brakes, calipers, driveshafts, wheel bearings front and rear, radiator, water pump, fuel filter…the list goes on and on. In fact I really wish I did keep a list now trying to think back what I have done over the years.

I am the 3rd owner of the car as far as I can tell. The original owner rear ended another vehicle when the car was brand new and it was fixed by the dealer who sold the car. I have the paperwork from this repair. The 2nd owner struck a deer in the right front fender which I had repaired after purchasing the car. The rest of the paint on the car is original and in pretty good shape considering the age. It really cleans up well with some elbow grease and polish/wax. The lower front bumper is scuffed by the fog light and the lower rear bumper is peeling behind the wheel. Other than the typical nicks, scratches and pitting you would expect to find on a high mileage vehicle, the paint is what I would consider excellent condition for being 21 years old. See the pictures; I tried to show some of the worst areas.

I have absolutely no desire to sell this car except for the fact that I simply don’t have the time to use it anymore. It has been off the road and inside my garage under a car cover for the past 2 y ears. Periodically I start it, move it in and out and/or drive it up and down the driveway.

-Stock quad headlight grille
-Upper grille spoiler by Kaimei
-Cross hair headlights
-European headlight adjusting motors which enables you to aim the headlights up or down via a dash mounted switch. These are factory European parts I installed. Custom wiring harness with all soldered wiring connections-not crimped!
-Euro plate held on with rare earth magnets embedded in the front bumper cover.
-European spec taillights with rear fog light.
-Smoked front turn signals.
-Stock BBS RM wheels. These are a set of the best RM’s that I’ve seen in the northeast. One lip has a slight bend in it from a pot hole but it is slight and does not affect the balancing or seating of the bead in any way. Some of the lips have peeling of the clearcoat but nothing like the typical peeling on RM’s that you see. Otherwise they are straight and balance out well.
-Porsche door handles installed with brand new mounting pads. Lock cylinders converted over to stock so the original ignition key fits.
-Lay-flat rear wiper modification.
-LED lighting in rear license plate illumination lights.

The bad: the rear panel under the hatch is dented and the emblem is missing. The paint on the rear bumper is peeling in one area and the front bumper paint is scuffed as mentioned earlier. There are nicks and scratches as well as pitted areas of paint that you would expect from a high mileage car but it really does clean up well. I had refinished the lips on the wheels back when I first got the car. They are now peeling again and need to be refinished. Once again, see the pics. In my opinion, the wheels are still in much better shape than any other RM’s you’ll find in the northeast these days.

-Stock Recaro interior. The interior is close to perfect shape. The bolsters on the front seats are in almost perfect condition. They are not clapped out at all like most Recaro seats these days. The driver’s side seat bottom has a slight cigarette burn hole in it (this was present when I bought the car-I do not smoke, nor has the car been smoked in by anyone since I have owned it). I took great care in entering and exiting the car so as to not destroy the front bolsters.
-Custom center console with relocated cigarette lighter enabling a set of Audi VDO tri-gauges to be installed in place of the ash tray. Oil temperature (°C), oil pressure (bar), voltage. Gauges are backlit with red bulbs and dim with the dimmer switch. Custom wiring harness with all connections soldered not crimped.
-Italovanti steering wheel with 16v script on the center.
-Stock rubber floor mats.
-Stock carpeted floor mats with GTI 16v inscription embroidered in. These were only installed at shows and were never on the floor while driving the car.
-Aftermarket CD player (pioneer) with remote control.
-Pioneer speakers all around.
-337 red stitched golf ball shift knob/boot.
-Duostyling Air/Fuel ratio gauge.
-LED lighting in dome light.
-OEM “pillbox” ignition key with lighted head and case. I also have a second pillbox key that is missing the case.

The bad: the headliner is falling down in the rear and needs to be re-glued. The dash has some cracks but nowhere as bad as you typically see in an Mk2 these days. The plastic trim piece under the rear hatch area is broken.

-Weitec XS coil over suspension with approximately 5,000 miles. Fully adjustable including ride height and damping. New poly upper strut mounts installed and front upper strut bearings at time of installation.
-Highly sought after Eibach flat aluminum front stress bar.
-Neuspeed triangulated rear stress bar but missing the triangulated portion. One could be easily fabricated and installed.

-Stock 2.0 L 16v
-TT tuning EPROM
-Jet hot coated stock exhaust manifold
-TT tuning dual stainless down pipe with catlytic converter delete.
-TT tuning all stainless exhaust with borla muffler.
-ABA serpentine belt conversion including alternator and a/c compressor.
-Mk3 weighted shift rod with new bushings.
-Brand new optima battery with factory battery cover.
-Custom lighting wire harness to “relay” the front headlights (all 4 of them) with 8AWG wire feeding the relays and 12AWG feeding the bulbs. Each circuit is fused separately with a custom fuse block mounted in the engine compartment.
-No radiator fan. I had modified a B4 passat fan and shroud which I ran for quite a while but it quit so I just took it out. The plug for the fan has been converted to this style.
-Skid plate under engine and transmission.
-K&N air filter
-BBM solid front motor mount

I have replaced just about everything on this engine over the years short of tearing it out of the car. I have had the head off and did valve seals and head gasket, engine pan, water hoses and inlets/outlets, water pump, timing belt, tensioner, you name it. If it needed it or the item looked questionable it was replaced. I have always run synthetic oil and Mann/Mahle oil filters. Oil has been Mobil One/Elf/Total meeting current VW specs for the new cars. I always change my oil at 5000 miles and always in the spring after sitting all winter. I have always used VW spec coolant. Currently it has G12 plus plus in it.

The bad: I never hooked up the a/c compressor after I did the ABA serpentine belt conversion. The old suction and discharge lines need to be converted over to the single block mount connection to match the newer ABA compressor. I also never put the a/c condenser back in after a radiator change as it was shot anyway. You would have to install a condenser and swap over Mk3 lines or modify the existing suction and discharge lines at the compressor to make the a/c function. Valve train has typical high mileage tappet ticking but goes away a short time after running.

-Stock 5 speed transmission. 2nd gear syncro is kind of tired and will grind on a really fast shift. No clicking in reverse and otherwise is smooth and quiet. Currently has synthetic gear oil (Amsoil) in it.

The bad: driver side inner CV joint boot is ripped and needs replacing. I will include a brand new replacement joint kit with the car.

-Stock front and rear rotors. Front pads are high performance Hawk pads and rear pads are stock replacements.

The bad: rear e-brake inoperable. Well it really is operable but it sticks thanks to VW’s wonderfully designed rear calipers. I was always going to convert to the Mk3 aluminum war calipers but never got around to it. I replaced the e-brake cables so I know they are not the issue.

Besides a few scuffs and the coilovers turned down a few too many clicks, this GTI could definitely fit in my dream garage. Put a few more miles on the 16v and when it goes out, you have a great base for a swap. No bids yet so we have no idea where the reserve is, but taking the good (loving attention) and bad (not perfect, lots of miles) into account, I think somewhere above $4k and below $6k is fair price for this second-gen GTI.


1983 VW GTI w/ 16V swap AND 8V engine included

Volkswagens are ripe for engine swaps, but usually the old engine is long gone by the time you get to a car. Today, we have one of the all-time greats, the Mk1 GTI, improved with the 30 extra horses offered by the later 16V from a Scirocco. Other solid improvements to exhaust, suspension, etc. make this a solid GTI that looks more than clean enough to justify its $3k asking price.

1983 Volkswagen GTI for sale in West Virginia

From the seller:

STILL AVAILABLE, really need to come see it to see how good it really is. VIDEO LINKS at the bottom of the ad. Its a 1983 GTI passed down to me by my grandfather. we did sachs clutch, sachs suspension, borla exhaust, 16v motor swap. I have enjoyed this car everyday i have owned it. However it is time to let it go. I finally am graduating from college and won’t have a garage to keep it in anymore. so therefore i would rather someone get this car and enjoy it rather than it sit outside all the time.

The car has been garage kept its entire life, NO RUST, the gas tank has been redone in the past year so no worries about crap in the tank, new fuel pump put on 2 months ago (it didn’t need it but if i am going to sell it i figured i would use that lifetime warranty on the pump), it has 4 really good looking snowflake wheels and some that are ehh good project wheels.

16v motor was pulled from a sirocco with 35K miles one it, the 16v now has approximately 75-80K miles. The 8v has 80K miles on it and has stayed in the same garage as the car all this time. The body has 140K on it but looks amazing. paint is a little ehh from almost thirsty years oh use but that is to be expected.

The windshield has 2 spots in it but they were filled back in 2003.

Last photo is a click on it video.

[B]UPDATE:[/B] This seems to be a big question so i will respond to it if you live over 100 miles away from Charleston,WV I would suggest a trailer or car dolly. This is only because i cannot guarantee that a car almost 30 Years old will make a long trip just fine. However I believe it would make most trips i just won’t guarantee anything on a car this old.


Original 8v motor
6 spare wheels
Once i locate them louvers, spare fender, and i think there are a few more parts

Maybe I’m more optimistic than the seller, or maybe he’s not sharing something, but I’d expect a decent car, even if it is from 1983, to make it more than 100 miles. All I know is that I passed on a sweet Mk1 GTI with some simple and great go-fast parts when I was selling my first car, a 1981 Rabbit Pickup, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I got one drive in it when the VW collector, Lon from Iowa who was harvesting rust-free VWs from the West Coast, offered to trade it for my truck and cash. I was under the rule of my parents at that point and they wanted another truck, so the diesel-transmissioned and Quaife’d GTI was not to be. It had, like this GTI, a trunk full of parts that could instantly turn a VW enthusiast from a couch potato to a weekend wrencher. If you’re looking for a quick GTI that could quickly be a great GTI, take a trailer to West Virginia and relieve this college boy of his project.


1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Finished in Helios Blue

1989 was my last summer working as a lot boy (official job title) on my uncle’s Volkswagen lot.  It was a great summer that comes with being 17 but also because of the great cars that VW was rolling out.  The G60 Corrado was just hitting showroom floors and a “special” GLI finished in Helios Blue was introduced as well.

What is a Helios exactly?  The term is used in the VW community with a great deal of awe and deference.  It is a 1,500 car run of GLI’s finished in a color somewhere between a blue and purple depending on the light.  The interior also carries the look and is one of the more unique you will find.

There are not many of these cars left, so when I see a clean one I have to give props.

1989 Volkswagen GTI GLI Helios:

From the seller –

“car is a real 1989 jetta gli helios
car is all OEM. except for these mods….
optima blue top battery
Foha trunk spoiler
hella heckblende
oem dealer option bosch fogs
oem gli 16v floormats
fischer cd holder in center console
gli dash plaque emblem
grey velour cloth dash mat
sony xplod deck with full sub wiring with 2 gauge wire to trunk.
amp and sub are in custom built 80’s suitcase. sub fires down under the suitcase. sounds great and completely hidden.
oem accordian shiftknob
sitting on rokkor coilovers
206k miles head rebuilt at 205k
runs and drives great and fires right up everytime
ALWAYS parked in the garage.
car does NOT have power windows anymore. regulators are all there as well as wiring behind the center console. i put it all back in. the only thing you would need is the power window center console power window door panels and switches. and regulators.
car has manual door cards from the 89 carat which is the same color as the helios interor.
also the power steering and a/c has been removed.
car has a brand new alternator, wheel bearings, head gasket, tie rod ends and ball joints, new plug wires, plugs
this car is an awesome car and i would not hesitate driving it across the country.
i have placed 2nd at one of the 2 shows i entered it in.
i constantly get compliments in this car everywhere i go.
anyways heres the pics. if you have any more questions let me know.

i am asking $4,000 firm.”

In looking at the pictures it is hard to see 200k miles on there.  If well cared for these cars wear pretty well but that can be a pretty big “if”.  Not sure about the lack of power steering or the ride height, I would prefer to get as close to stock as possible if it were me.  But, it’s not like there are a lot of other Helios cars to choose from.

$4k does not seem out of line, that is not a great deal of money for a daily that you could show on the weekends.



1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 46k miles

We’ve featured a few clean Scirocco’s lately, however, I was thinking to myself the other day that it has been a while since I’ve seen a relatively clean MkII Scirocco 16V. Thanks to our reader Larry for pointing out this clean MkII on cars.com. Other than the overkill stereo, this particular Scirocco looks relatively unmolested.

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 46k miles on Cars.com

The seller states:

IMMACULATE 16 Valve Scrirroco that you MUST see to believe!!! ONLY 46K miles. 99 Percent stock with the exception of upgraded audio. Great driver and/or show car!!!

Purists may appreciate the Mk1 Scirocco better, but I always preferred the rounded edges of the MkII better, much in the way I preferred the last of the Alfa Romeo Spiders they sold here in the US. Given that Volkswagen won’t import the new Scirocco to our shores, here’s your chance to relive a little bit of that magic, albeit at a higher price one would expect.


1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 47k miles

The VW Scirocco never quite took off as much as the GTI did on US shores, but here’s a clean ’86 example that seems as if it was well loved. This 16V version represents the end of the line for the VW sports hatch, as 1988 was the last year it was offered stateside.

The seller states:

Up for auction is a 1986 (1987 Production year) VW Scirocco with 46000 original miles. The car is very clean there is not a spot of rust anywhere on the body of the car. The interior is in excellent condition there is no tears or cracks in any of the seats. The tires, timing belt, plugs, cap and rotor,battery,and coolant are new. I bought the car from the original ower who bought it new. He had a issue with the engine at 45000 miles and the car was parked for a long time. At some point in time he let his kid armed with a shop manual try to fix it… When I bought the car the head was pulled off. The owner told me he thought there was something wrong with the head?? I didn’t want to deal with it so I bought a used motor with 68000 miles on it. Which is in the car now. The engine starts, idles, and runs like new. The original motor with 45000 miles on it is included in the auction. It’s the perfect scenario.. Build the engine of your dreams with the original motor and drive the car in the meantime! I installed a stereo system with a high end alpine head unit, alpine speakers and a boston acoustic sub. It sounds amazing! The only issues that I know of are The passenger power window, AC, and aftermarket cruise control don’t work. I’ve only put about 1000 miles on the car since I put the motor in. The car is quick and a blast to drive. It also gets great gas mileage. I love the car, but I’m buying a porsche 928 and I only have room in the garage for one toy so the rocco must go.
-Also in the pics the dark areas on the front seats are not stains its just the grain of the fabric.
-Car has never seen snow.. I won’t even drive it in the rain..
-Extra fuel lines, injectors, alternator, starter, and AC compressor come with original motor.

With no reserve on the auction, it should be interesting to see what a low mileage 16V is worth these days. Even with an engine replacement, this seems like a pretty honest and original example.


1983 VW GTI Widebody for sale

Here’s a wee beasty, the likes of which you don’t see very often.  We all know the magic that surrounds the Mk1 GTI, but this has to be magic turned to 11.  A custom steel widebody kit has been grafted on, leaving it with the same classic silhouette but shifting it much lower and much wider.  This is no Heidi Montag though, as it comes with content to back up the extremely modified looks.

What the seller has to say:

My 1983 VW Rabbit GTI (Wide body) is up for sale.
This car was fully restored. Has steel wide body hand made. Fender flares are extended 3” each side. This car is in perfect condition runs great. I drive the car to work every day. The reason I am selling this car is because I have another toy. I have no room for this one in the garage. I will be honest with you I have autocrossed with this car and this car is amazing.
Engine: 16v
Auto tech cams
Valve Springs
Titanium Retainers
New stock pistons
Transmission: Euro spec transmission with diesel 5th gear
Gears are heat treated
Peliquen LSD
Transmission is brand new has only about 2000 miles on it.
Brakes: Stock brakes on front
Rear 92′ Jetta GLI disk brakes
Exhaust: Techtonics full exhaust with race downpipe
Techtonics short shifter
Techtonics K bar
Techtonics ECU
Interior: 92′ Rabbit Cabrio dash with center console
Corbeau A4 seats
6 point roll cage
Spare tire area has been removed to make more room for fuel cell.
Momo F1 steering wheel
92′ Jetta GLI gauge cluster with working FMA
Exterior: Euro front end with badgeless grill
Euro tail lights
Rear wiper has been removed
Wheels: 15×8 Sport max one piece wheels
Suspension: Neuspeed race spring with Koni adjustable

That’s a pretty serious upgrade list.  Some power, some brakes, some suspension with a dash of style thrown in.  It sounds like it’s been well taken care of, but the generality with which the mileage and condition are described necessitates further investigation.  That said, it’s a Mk1 VW, so even if/when things go wrong, there should be an reasonable fix.  The seller’s testament of daily driving is a positive note.  I always love the no-bumpers look, and the widebody intrigues me and certainly makes a statement, though something about it strikes me as not perfect.  I think it might be the side sills and width of the front spoiler; I’d prefer the fender flares by themselves.  Overall though, this is a very impressive Mk1 and must be an intense amount of fun.

Bidding is hot, with 20 bidders pushing it around $3.5k currently, but the reserve is not yet met.  Considering clean Mk1s are pushing into the $4ks and $5ks, if this can stay under $7000 I think it would be a good price for a well put together, unique, and fast Mk1.


Low-mile White/Black Diesel/Gas Caddies for sale

As I’ve mentioned before, my first car was a white caddy.  It was an awesome little car, light enough to be fun, plenty weird, and irrefutably German.  Mine had a later 2.0, but these two options on eBay right now have very different motors but are each uniquely desirable.

The first is a very clean white diesel LX.  Mechanically, if you’re looking for an efficient and utilitarian car with personality, this is the one.  A Euro-market 1.6l diesel with just 60k miles and Jetta 5-speed gearbox highlight the restoration, along with a clean paint job.  I could do without the wheels, but this is a great (if plain) Caddy.

Next up we have something a little more fancy.  This black 1981 Sportruck is a little more Dubby, blacked out with quad rounds, lowered on some prettier 5-spokes, and supplemented with just about 16v-Scirocco everything.  It’s been thoroughly gone through top to bottom and is more show car than econo-commuter, but would still be a great little driver. Would have been nice if he provided more than thumbnails, though.

The diesels definitely command a premium these days, and this restored white LX is reserve-not-met at $5,600 with less than a day left.  The black one is just r-n-m at just over $2k, but should go up a bit in the 3 days it has left.  If it could be had for $5k or less, it would be a great purchase, and is probably the one I’d rather have.


1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v For Sale, only 50k miles!

How about this show winning 88 ‘rocco with only 50k miles that I spotted on VWVortex:

quote from seller’s listing:

I have had this up for sale before, figure I would see if anyone saw it at waterfest and may want to buy it.

Asking $9500. (with everything on the car)

BBS RG-F wheels
H&R coil overs
AutoTech Antisways
Neuspeed Strut brace
JL audio 12″ sub

At $10k, I think the seller is going to hold out for a fanatic. But when was the last time you saw a Scirocco of any year for sale that was this clean? You could eat out of that engine bay!