1961 Porsche 356B Roadster

When it comes to open-top motoring, it can be very difficult to beat a vintage sports car. Driving any convertible already brings you closer to the pure feel of driving: the wind, the noise, the immediacy of everything around you. When a vintage car is your chosen vehicle for such an excursion then that sense of immediacy becomes all the more palpable. Porsche’s paradigmatic expression of such a car came in the guise of the 356 Speedster, which remains one of the most valuable and coveted of the marque’s many cars. Production of the Speedster ceased in 1958, to be replaced by the Convertible D model and eventually the 356 Roadster. While mechanically similar to the Speedster, the Roadster featured wind-up windows, a slightly taller windscreen, and cushier bucket seats. Basically, a more comfortable version of the Speedster. Still, the essence of the car was retained and these remain highly sought after versions of the 356. The example featured here is a Silver 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster with Red interior located in Texas.

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1961 Mercedes-Benz Unimog


I’ve written up a few different types of Unimogs here, but this one is the closest to the one I’m most familiar with, the 1963 Mog owned by the same family that gave me my first taste of ///M in their Dinan E36 M3 Sedan. Nothing flashy here, no lights or fire brigade accessories. Just some drab green, some canvas, and a whole mogload of badass. It looks to be in outstanding shape for a 50+ year old offroader. Oh, you were looking at buying a $15k Dodge 4×4 truck? Try again dude, spend less than that and get a UNIMOG.


Year: 1961
Model: Unimog 404
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6 forward, 2 reverse geared manual
Mileage: 20,000 mi
Price: Reserve-on auction, $14k mentioned

Click for more details:1961 Unimog 404 on eBay


A true off road vehicle! This 1961 Unimog 404 has spent the majority of its life as a fishing vehicle, this shows in the condition and quality that it is in today. It is all original and never modified, do not buy one of these that has been modified and 4 wheeled but own the original classic that will take you anywhere! In addition to it’s 4 wheel drive capability this 404 has a 12,000 lb electric whinch that can be used in the most difficult of places.

The wood bed in the back is in excellent condition along with the canvas top covering the bed and cab (rare that it is still on, AND even more rare that it is in great shape). The MOG comes with the original windows, wheel chalk, service manual, road hazard, and jack!






We service these vehicles before we sell them to make sure that they are in excellent driving condition with no issues. We have had many 404’s and know them well, so do not buy from someone whom has never worked with one. Buy one that will be the most reliable vehicle you have ever had.


No, it may not exceed 40 mph, but it will take you anywhere and drop jaws every step of the way. I truly believe $14k is better spent on this than just another 4×4. Every lifted-Ford/Dodge/Chevy joker would blush and look away when you rolled up in this. If you need to be comfortable, buy a car. If you need to be badass, buy a Unimog.


1961 Volkswagen Single Cab

Based on the T2 Transporter, the Single Cab was a utility vehicle, that because of its rear engine layout had many great features that made it one of the best utility vehicles of its day. In order to accomodate the the height of the rear engine, the bed floor of the  Single Cab had to be raised. At first inspection this would look like an issue, however, it resulted in 2 great innovations that made these trucks more usable than many others of the day.

Because of the bed height, VW added fold down gates on the bed to make accessing cargo easier. This also gave the truck the capability of carrying loads wider than the bed floor. Another added benefit of the raised bed height is the “treasure chest” storage area, a weather tight area beneath the bed between the cab and the engine.

These design features on the T2 Single/Double Cabs made them great little workers. This clean original Single cab for sale in Victorville, California is a good example of a usable vintage VW.

1961 Volkswagen Single Cab on eBay

Hello, Up for sale is a 1961 VW Bus Transporter Single Cab powered by a 1776 engine which runs strong. A true vintage “peace” of history with a clean title. This vehicle has the original historical plates. The body is straight with some minor rust on the roof. A replacement roof will be included with this amazing piece of history. This is a head turner!!! Good Luck!!!

Finding one of these trucks that isn’t a total rot box is no easy task these days.  As is the case with any VW, the epicenter for clean rust-free examples is California.  While this truck isn’t perfect, it’s in the right condition for someone that likes to drive and tinker with their cars.  This is the type of truck I’d love to have for VW shows, and home depot runs.

Currently the bid is at $4,000, and the reserve has not been met. Based on what these trucks are going for, I’d expect one in this condition to go in the $6,500 to $7,000 ballpark. Whether or not it sells will depend on how realistic the seller is with the reserve.


1961 Mercedes 190Db ‘Kombi’ Binz wagon

I am not sure I have ever seen a Binz stateside.  This may be rare and even German but I would never accuse this of being an enthusiasts car.  It looks like something from Harold and Maude, more hearse than wagon.  Come to think of it the Binz shares some similarities to the International Travel-All in shape.  Either way it is exceptionally cool and would make a great addition to any Mercedes collection, albeit with some blood, sweat, and tears.

1961 Mercedes 190 ‘Kombi’ Binz Wagon:


From the seller –

“190Db ‘Kombi’ Binz wagon
4 speed manual gearbox, later generation 110 series 2 liter diesel engine. Engine turns.
Not run in many years. Does not currently run.
Very complete.
Tolerable rust. Fairly solid floors.
Decent panel fit. Very weak paint. Acceptable vinyl interior. Acceptable headliner. Fold down rear seat.
Misc chrome blemishes. Misc paint blemishes.
Excellent tail light lenses.
No ignition key. New tires.
Above average shutlines and panel gaps.
Rare Binz hardware seems to all be there. Both spare tire hard cover rubber hold downs missing.
All ID tags correctly in place. Titled and currently registered in CA.
1 of approx 349 constructed in 1961.
An exceedingly rare ‘Ponton’ wagon.”

I get the whole exceedingly rare thing and I must admit that the lower the production number the more I find myself interested.  But, for me, I have certain requirements.  I prefer my collectibles run, have little to no rust, and have a passable paint job.  This fails on all three counts.

But like I said, this is just me.  Some may see this as a blank canvas, an excuse to tinker in the garage and escape the pressures of the day to day grind.  If that sounds like you and you have a passion for all things Mercedes this may be a worthwhile project.


1961 Enzmann For Sale

I have read about these but have never seen one for sale which makes sense since there are only 19 known examples that still exist.  As the seller points out, Enzmann built the 506 bodies and placed them onto the frames of new Volkswagen Beetles.  Some of the “hot” versions were built on Porsche 356 drive trains.  I can see where these designs made some sense in the 60’s as they are very George Jetson ‘ish.  But, taste being what it is you have to appreciate the unique nature of what is going on here.

This example is rough and is in need of a motor.  That said you can see some very cool detail in some of the finishing bits of this car.  Drop in a stock 356 motor and some light interior refreshing and you would have a very unique car to show and drive.  Or, go off the deep end and commit to a full restoration in the hopes of having something akin to the example that recently sold for $130k.

1961 Enzmann For Sale:

From the seller –

“As much as I hate to do it, I am selling my 1961 Enzmann sports car.  These cars are beyond rare. Only 67 were ever produced and only 19 were still known to exist until this car was rediscovered.

Here is a little history on the Enzmann’s.   The Enzmann family designed and built the Enzmann 506 bodies in Switzerland , then bought Volkswagen Beetles directly from the VW Factory and had the car shipped to thier shop back in Switzerland.  The bodies were removed and the Enzmann bodies were then installed.  You could get the car in many different performance packages, the best was with the 356 Porsche Engine and 356 brakes.   With this set up, the Enzmann’s used to give the Porsche 356’s and 550 spiders fits back in the day….they had the same drivetrains , but due to their weight, they used to leave the Porsche 356 and 550 spiders in the dust in road racing on the European race circuits . The Porsche 356’s weighed 1700 plus lbs and the Porsche 550 Spyder’s came in around 1346 lbs.  The completed Enzmann weighs only 1102 lbs. The dimensions are very slightly over 156 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 36 inches high. Thus, the Enzmann has a greater performance potential than either.

My car is all there less motor. The body is in pretty good shape.  This car was recently discovered in Southern California, where it has spent the bulk of its life.  The car looks like it was built for road racing….it has early Porsche 356A brakes all the way around…and was powered by a 356 engine (not with the car).

A fully restored Enzmann 506 recently sold for $134,000.00 in Germany in the last few months.
This rare car would be a great addition to any ones car collection…….

The last picture posted of the red Enzmann, is of my car back in the early 1970’s…..”

This is not some busted up kit car.  There have been 4 bids up to $15k, the reserve has not been met.  I am going to go on a limb and say this will sell as the buy it now does not seem terribly unreasonable.  Either way this is an interesting find with some curious history.