1970 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Landeau

An oddity here. A 300SEL that has had the treatment normally reserved for the full on limousines like the 600. The car is a Euro model and features the 3.5 liter V8, a superb, often overlooked, compact V8. The car does not have the 3.5 badge on the trunk, which was an option, so you can surprise some folks when they hear a little V8 burble out of the pipe.

The landaulet is usually associated with a chauffeur driven vehicle, though this car shows no other signs of options one might expect to see on a Benz on this nature.

The seller doesn’t provide any information about the conversion or much else in the description.

The car has a 100,000 miles it looks clean, the wood inside looks to be in good shape, which is nice because that gets pricey to restore. No dash cracks. There is an interesting gauge under the dash to the left of the steering wheel that controls the air suspension.

The one thing this car needs, and I’ve nailed other vintage cars on this site for doing this, is a better radio. Get that ugly, out of place, tape deck out of there. What many people fail to realize is that the classic Becker radios offered performance far greater than many of the cheap aftermarket jobs you see. Put in a vintage Blaupunkt or Becker or a retro look new model. Who cares if it works in this case, as I suspect the interesting roof design creates a bit of wind noise.

$20,000 starting bid, with a reserve.


Porsche 1970 914, 1986 944 Turbo, 356 powered Devin race cars at Watkins Glen

Here we have three of the race cars that appeared for sale over at the Watkins Glen vintage festival. Perfect for the weekend wrencher to get sorted out over the winter and go racing next season.

Up first is a 1970 914. This car has been raced for 20 years and the owner says it comes with Porsche Club of America log books. The seller also says the car has been competitive, but I’m not sure that means a whole lot when the advertisement also says that it comes without an engine. Fiberglass body works make the car light. 911 suspension setup will keep it on the road. If you have an extra Porsche engine you aren’t sure what to do with here you go.

Next up I came across an interesting 944 Turbo that ran in the  Escort race series driven by Dereck Bell and Bill Adam. It is a genuine Rothmans sponsored car and claimed as one of only 12 factory built, lightweight, racers for the series. The car is still on the Porsche MSO which is kind of neat and comes with documented history. Owner says the car has been stored for 7+ years, but has new brakes and an engine rebuild. So it sounds like a little sorting and this car is ready to go. Would make quick street/track car.

Then there is this Devin D that, while not German, does come loaded with a Porsche 356 1600 engine and a VW gearbox. Supposedly owned and raced by a Gulf Oil Racing Team mechanic in the 1960s. This one clearly looks like it needs some serious work, but it is a pretty simple proposition if the body work is all there. Devin’s are cool American built racers that will give a new owner a very unique ride. In my opinion these are much nicer than a modern Cobra kit car.

More to come from Watkins Glen in the following days.


1973 BMW 3.0CSi E34 M5 Powered & 1970 3.0CSi

This post is for reader Bob trying to find a dream fjord blue 3.0CSi, this isn’t the one, but it is interesting.
This BMW was rebuilt when it had 89,000 miles and it had an M5 engine fitted. Since the rebuild it has gone another 12,000 miles. The engine looks like it was worked over a bit as it has a Shrick cam added. Inside there is a lot of electronics that you wouldn’t find in this car originally. With the new engine though the car lost its collectible value so why not fix up the ICE to your liking. What is not understandable at all is the insane, stupid, and frankly asinine ask price of $100,000. You have to be kidding. I almost didn’t post this because sellers that put on prices that are double, triple, or even quadruple what the car is actually worth are one of the banes of the classic car business.

1973 BMW 3,0CSi on Hemmings

For those of you looking for more reasonable sales check out this 1970 3.0 CSi for sale in Milwaukee. The seller doesn’t say much about the car. The one shot of the interior looks pretty nice. If the car was from the west coast, as the seller suggests, it could be rust free. The seller says low miles and is asking only $4,000. Someone local should check this one out and get the full story.

1970 BMW 3.0 CSi for sale on Craigslist

1970 VW Mule for Sale

Have to say, this is a VeeDub I hadn’t seen before.  Kind of like a Type 181 Thing, but way more badass.  The seller’s description sums it up nicely:

All metal body, fiberglass top (not easily removable). Rear torsion housing on back, is mechanically a ’70 Bus. Pans (shortened) on forward is a ’70 Bug. As far as I can tell, stock 1600 DP engine. Bus tranny has ridiculous gears, top speed 50 mph. Has built in tow bar and front mounted winch that operates from inside the cab. Windows go fully up or fully down. No back seat, the whole area is taken up by an aluminum 25 gal. gas tank. New tires and wheels. Includes spare tire, large skid plate (removed) and a mostly fabbed trailer hitch for the rear. Everything works except the horn. Starts, runs and drives well. Needs new ignition switch (part included with vehicle).

1970 VW Mule for Sale on the Samba

Starts and runs well, which is enough for me for a little VW mud gremlin under $3k.  And I had this idea… it’s all VW Bus in the rear, and Subaru engines fit in Buses…

Maybe a little sacrilegious in a nice original like this, but it looks like it could be lots of fun in the right environment.