1992 Porsche 911 Carrera Cup

The 964 chassis Porsche 911 Carrera RS America was Stuttgart’s answer for those who wanted a lightweight special stateside. Based on the Carerra 2 and using the same engine, gearbox and brakes, this car featured a partially stripped down interior featuring flat door panels and removal of the rear seats. Outside, a whale tail spoiler and sport suspension rounded out the package. Not to be confused with the hardcore Carerra RS available elsewhere, the RS still had a warm reception by enthusiasts seeking something a bit more driver oriented.

However, one could “technically” get something similar to a Carerra RS in the US if they wanted. The Carrera Cup you see here was the product of a stillborn race series that never gained sponsorship, the Carrera Cup. Porsche had produced 45 cars for the series. Instead of crushing them or offering them in another country, they were put on sale in US dealers but not advertised. These cars had a seam welded chassis, aluminum hood, thinner glass and the M64/03 engine. Approximate weight shed over a standard Carrera 2 was 200 pounds. Rarely seen these days, this particular Carrera Cup for sale in New York has never modified for racing, has never seen track time and appears as is when it arrived in the port.

1992 Porsche 911 Carrera Cup on Hemmings Motor News

Grand Prix White with Black leather interior and Black carpeting, Two-owners from new, 5,000 original miles, 5-speed manual gearbox. This Carrera Cup car is one of only forty-five cars built for the U.S. Carrera Cup Race Series. Unlike the European Carrera Cup Race Series, the USA series never came to fruition. Based on a European Carrera RS, these cars came with the following changes from normal production:

Aluminum hood with aluminum strut brace, Deletion of body cavity wax and sound deadening components (except floor pad and roof), Sport Flywheel, Steel synchronizer rings in gearbox, Revised spring rates and struts, Recalibrated brake systems rates, Manual steering, Master electrical kill switch in front trunk, Partial electric seats, Rear seat delete (package shelf only), No sunroof, air conditioning or power mirrors, Racing electrical charging system, 36 amp hour battery, Racing engine mounts, Adjustable sway bars, Seam welding (extra stiffness of body shell), 3.6Liter engine rated at 256 h.p.

The car offered for sale is the most desired example being a Port Series Car which was never converted by Andial and then re-converted back to street trim and thus 100% as originally delivered by the Porsche Factory. This Carrera Cup is complete with original window sticker, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, all paperwork from Porsche to all buyers who purchased the cars, original Carrera Cup Plaque never applied to car and all service records. This is one of the most unmolested and original non-converted U.S. Carrera Cup Cars in the USA. Completely street legal with no paintwork, accident damage or modifications, this Carrera Cup has never been tracked and remains in 100% impeccable, original, pampered, pristine condition. It is complete with all books, tools and spare. This is a chance to own a piece of Porsche history. $159,000

This car poses quite the conundrum: at $160,000, would anyone take this museum quality Carrera Cup and use it on track days? Only the super rich could contemplate such an idea. But with so few made, I’m not sure I could bring myself to put the kind of wear and tear on this car that comes with competition, even if I had the resources. It would almost certainly be better to find a clean RS America, save a ton of money in the process and have a bit more comfort when hitting the streets. Still, lightweight Porsches are a passion of mine, and I’m captivated by this car. It seems a sin to use this on the track, but maybe in a few years time, when this qualifies for vintage racing, it could be a fun toy to take out every now and then and remember the qualities that cemented the name Porsche in the hearts of enthusiasts.


Low Mileage 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale

Last week I featured a SLC Rado with a few more miles and was a bit more expensive than this example.  That, my friends is what I like to call a “ripping deal.”  Well if it was such a good deal it would have sold on eBay but nobody was willing to meet the $7.9k asking price.

It may be just me, but how can a one owner Rado not get some nibbles at that price?  For you Rado fans it is still on the Vortex so gawk away.

1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale:

From the seller –

“I’m selling my 1992 VW Corrado SLC with 56k original miles on it, I am the original owner. It’s stick shift, has full leather interior, has been garage kept and has no rust. I have all of the original stock parts on hand should you want to pull off any performance enhancements. All of my service work was done at Jennings VW in Glenview, IL.

Here is the list of what is on the car…

Always used synthetic oil
I have a high quality car bra that will be included
Bilstien HD shocks
Autotech Springs
Front and Rear Strut bars
28mm sway bar in rear
GIAC Performance chip
Low temp thermo
Coolant = Distilled Water and Water Wetter
Color matched SAMCO radiator hoses
Jacob Ignition Coil – Omni Torquer
Techtonics Tuning Stainless cat back exhaust
Koenig Villain rims along with the Stock rims and tires
Alpine stereo, 4 channel Soundstream Amp.
Sunroof is original and works (no scratches)
4 point Racing seal belt
stainless steel brake lines
slotted rotors
push button starter
Alpine Alarm with impact sensor and radar proximity sensor
Paint is Red and original, some minor dings. I’ll consider all offers.”

That is a incredibly clean car.  The seller started at $10k and has come down to $7.9k, so he is motivated to sell.  I look for these weekly and I am not sure I have found a car that is a better combination of condition, mileage, and price.

If you can deal with those robotic seat belts that want to behead drivers at every turn this may be worth looking into.


1992 Mercedes-Benz 2.6

The current Mercedes-Benz C Class is not a bad car, but I can’t help but feel as if something is lacking. A lot of people in my neighborhood drive them and while they aren’t bad looking, there is nothing groundbreaking about the car’s styling. I assume this is why I obsess over older Mercedes-Benzes. The W201 chassis 190E was the car that broke the mold for Mercedes-Benz, as it was significantly smaller than any of their other sedan offerings while offering the same great driving experience and build quality as other, higher-end cars that carried the Three Pointed Star. Our feature car represents the second to last year of 190E production and is the more desirable 2.6 model. With 72,800, this car is just starting to get broken in, as these “Baby Benzes” can regularly cover 200,000 to 300,000 miles with few hassles.

1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 on eBay

For sale a 1992 Mercedes 190E 2.6 with less than 73,000 miles, made in Stuttgart. We are the 2nd owners of this vehicle that was previously taken care of by a retired couple. Smoke free, excellent condition interior. They drove an average of 3,650 miles annually. The interior and the paint lustre testify to a vehicle that was always garaged and well maintained. There was rear-fender repair work done from a minor rear-end collision, as reported by Carfax. That required repainting the rear trunk lid and left rear fender, and the paint quality and match is excellent. If I didn’t point it out you would never have know, and that is the observation of friends when they see the car. There is a small amount of trim compression on the left bumper, as can be seen in the photographs. No other issues reported.

It is probably rare to find a vehicle in this condition with this few miles. Aside from the rear bumper there are some minor scratches on the trunk lid, and a few other minor nicks on the paint. Other than that I can say without hesitation that the vehicle is “like new”. We have another Mercedes on the way and don’t have the garage space. This vehicle should make the purist very happy, or anyone that wants a simple and reliable vehicle. There’s something to be said for a vehicle that doesn’t have multiple control modules intercepting each driver input. I had my mechanic perform the 60,000 mile service and take care of a timing cover leak. The recent service included: New air filter, oil change & filter, tune-up, new spark plugs, wiper blade, chassis lubrication, replaced brake fluid, resealed timing cover, replaced transmission flex disk, a/c service, replaced belt tensioner, wheel balance and alignment. 90% of brake pads remain. I can’t measure the tire tread, but the photographs show that the tires have little wear. Engine runs beautifully and transmission shifts are smooth and firm. You can see Consumer Reviews on Edmunds here: http://www.edmunds.com/mercedes-benz/190-class/1992

The starting bid of $6,500 does not leave a lot of room for bids, as high retail usually hovers around $6,000 to $8,000 for exceptional 190E models, and those are usually the later model 2.6 versions such as our feature car. This particular car really tugs at my heart strings because it is the exact same model, year and color combination that my dad drove a little over ten years ago. Sadly, the car was totaled when someone broadsided him in an intersection. I still have fond memories of that car. The early 1990s were a great time for vehicles. You still had safety features such as an airbag and anti-lock brakes on a car of this caliber, but little in the way of complex electronics and computers to deal with. Couple that with the old school Mercedes-Benz build quality we know and love without any of today’s over the top styling and you have a winner in my book.


1992 BMW M5

We are all big M5 fans here at GCFSB, especially fellow contributor Nate who just purchased a choice example of the original E28 M5. I’ve had my sights set on an E39 for some time, but every time I see an E34 M5, I get weak in the knees. This was the next evolution of BMW’s original high performance sedan formula. With a 3.6 version of the S38B36 inline six cylinder engine, this M5 produced 307 horsepower in North American trim with the help of electronically controlled throttle body valves, an improved flywheel and higher compression, among other modifications. Built up until the final year of E34 production in 1995, this was one of only two generations of M5 to have a Touring, or estate version, with the E60 M5 being the other M5 available with five doors. Neither generation of M5 Touring was offered in the US and it is the second rarest M car ever made after the M1, with only 891 units produced.

This particular example looks to have been well used, but maintained in a good manner and has the all important stock alloy wheels, which are becoming harder to find as the years pass. Not many people were fans of these wheels, as they made the car look like it was wearing white wall tires. However, the bolt on center piece had cooling fins that directed more air to the brakes. Handy for a car of this caliber. This particular example came here from Canada and has 142,000 miles under its belt.

1992 BMW M5 on eBay

1992 BMW M5 with only 230,114 Kilometers which equals 142,986 miles. This rare and unique vehicle is in wonderful condition and is sure to please. If you were wondering why Kilometers, that is it was originally registered in Canada. This is one vehicle I have always enjoyed and you hardly see any around. With very few made its becoming quite collectable and highly desired by M series buffs. Has the perfect balance of sport/luxury. Runs very strong with the gearbox feeling positive and precise. Inside and out are in great condition and above average for the year and miles. Air conditioning works good with no apparent issues as well as all windows and sunroof. Overall the vehicle is truly nice for being almost 20 years old. Tires are new and ready for the road. This is one vehicle I hate to sell, just because they are so hard to come by. The Alpine white over black really looks sharp! This vehicle comes complete with books,manual, and keys/remote. This M5 is also Carfax Certified and by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page you can view it for free (take note at all the regualar service).

The lowest mileage, cleanest examples of the E34 M5 may pull $15,000 to $20,000 in today’s market. Anything around $8,000 to $10,000 is just about right for an M5 with this kind of mileage. I like the fact that this car appears unmolested. No window tint, no aftermarket stereo, no oversized alloy wheels, nothing. I’d question whether a Canadian version could be easily registered here in the US, but that would be a question for the buyers respective state DMV. Overall, this looks to be a solid example for the buyer interested in using this car as intended, rather than stowing it away as an investment.


1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC Supercharged VR6

The title of this description lists it as a 1992, but the description lists it as a 1994 Canadian model Corrado. It is unclear to me whether that means the engine is a transplant or if this is a VIN discrepancy or something else. The auction lists the car as being in New York, but it appears to have an Ontario plate on the back. When we see that kind of thing happen it often means the photos aren’t current.

Painted up in BMW Laguna Seca blue and with added body parts the car looks great. The Corrado was an obtainable favorite of mine back in junior high. This one a has 77,000 miles, but no indication on how many of those have been covered since the supercharger was added. The VR6 is a great engine and supercharging it has been a proven way of getting a few extra reliable (when done properly and not abused) ponies out of it. With 180 horsepower stock even a modest jump in horsepower makes a difference in the Corrado.

While the seller provides a parts list, included below, there is no other description about the condition of the car or its history, which would lead me to believe that no one in there right mind will bid on this. Also only four pictures, none of the interior, leaves lots of room for hidden blemishes a new owner would want to know about. This is not how you sell a car. The ask price is $16,500.


New Laguna Seca Blue Paint Job
Ottinger Front Lip ( Moulded )
Ottinger Side Skirts (Moulded)
Ottinger Rear Lip (Moulded)
Subaru Hood Scoop ( Moulded )
Kamei Front Upper Grill Spoiler
Audi Door Handles
M3 Style Rear Lights (FK)
Hella Euro Front Lights
McCullock Style HID Lighting System
Clear Side Markers
H2 Antenna
Shaved Side Moldings and rear wiper


Autopower Roll Cage (Painted Same Colour As Car)
Black Tom Motorsports Racing Seats
4 point Corbeau Harnesses
Sparco Steering Wheel
Momo Shifter And E-brake
Autometer Gauges:
-oil temp

Suspension & Rims

FK Coilovers
19″ Radius Moda R6 Rims
Pirelli P7000 215/35/19 Tires
Neuspeed Upper Strut Brace
Neuspeed Lower Tie Bar


Vortec Supercharger Kit V1 Stage 3 intercooled
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve
310cc Injectors
ATP Custom Supercharger Chip
Flexalite Oil Cooler
Borla Full Stainless Steel 2.5″ Exhaust
ClutchMaster Stage 2 Street Clutch

1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC Supercharged VR6 on eBay



1992 BMW 525i Touring

BMW’s first experiment with the estate vehicle in this country came in the form of the E34 Touring. Seldom seen on the roads these days, these were handsome cars that had a unique double length sliding sunroof. This particular example represents the first year the Touring was available in North America, and it has the later twin cam, M50 inline six which produces 192 horsepower. Here is a well kept example for sale in Tacoma, Washington.

1992 BMW 525i Touring on eBay

Recently top end of engine was rebuilt. New head gaskets etc. 146,000 miles.

Body and paint are exceptionally nice. No rust or rust repairs. The body and paint are well above average with only a few minor rock chips/scratches. The body is extremely straight. The interior is original and in very good condition. It has the rare double sunroof that works. Power windows and auto door locks. It can be driven anywhere. Must see to appreciate! Will consider trades.

I’m a big fan of estate cars and this BMW looks really smart in black. For the year, the mileage isn’t too out of the question and given the top end was just rebuilt, this hauler has some more life left in it. It’s a shame that more of these weren’t sold here in the US, because they offer the same great BMW driving experience with added practicality.


Inexpensive 1992 Mercedes 500E

This is a fairly inexpensive 500E, placed for sale with no reserve. Mercedes’ super sedan for the early 90s can still hold its own out in the highways full of bland rides. The 500E is subdued itself in appearance, but as we have said with other 500Es we’ve posted they are something special. The reliable V8 provides plenty of oomph for bombing the interstate.

This particular car has 85,000 miles and the ask price is $6,000. That price is on the low end for that kind of mileage, but the seller does state the car has been in a front end accident at one point in its life. The seller doesn’t provide details about the crash or photos which would be nice just for piece of mind. They do state that after the accident in 2001 the car sat for six years until it was put back on the road, that suggests it wasn’t too minor an accident despite the clear title.

The owner gave the car a respray and has done some maintenance work such as replacing all the motor and transmission mounts, which need to be able to handle spirited driving. The color looks grey, but it is actually a purple hued color, Mercedes paint code 481 or blackberry, sometimes called bornite. It looks like the engine cover has also been paint matched. The headlights and grill have been replaced, presumably because of the accident. There are also updated taillights that are smoked versions, which look nice. Aftermarket rims are on the car, but it comes with the stock rims as well. The photos don’t show the car that well, but the interior looks like it has some discoloration.

Not an investment level car, but an opportunity to get into a 500E with under 100,000 at a bargain price. Potential buyers should still get a PPI given the car’s history.

Inexpensive 1992 Mercedes 500E on eBay


1992 Porsche 911 Turbo S2

Of all the 911 generations that have come and gone, the 964 is probably my favorite, blending the classic profile with some nice smoothing out touches such as modern bumpers and updated wheels. This is an interesting 964 version, and rare. There were only 20 Turbo S models with the higher horsepower 3.3 liter turbo flat six and this is one of them. Interesting then, that someone decided to modify such a rare car with a later, factory slant nose conversion.

The seller states:

1992 Porsche 911 Turbo S2
One of only twenty produced!
Guards Red over Black Leather
Professionally Converted Steel Slant (Flat) Nose!
Only 24K miles!
VIN: WPOAA2963NS480101

Vehicle Specification:
Porsche 964 Model Turbo S2
-Originally a $10,065 Option!

3.3 Liter Turbocharged Flat-6 ..conservatively rated.. at 322 Horsepower
5 Speed Manual Transmission
18.. Artec Chrome Wheels with BF Goodrich Comp T/A Tires
Black Leather with Red Piping
Partial Power Sport Seats
Power Sunroof
AM/FM CD Player
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Fog Lamps
Rear Wiper with Rear Defrost

Professional Flat Nose Conversion
Updated to 1994 X85 Turbo S spec body
-Flip-up headlamps (from Porsche 968)
-Air intake on quarter panels

Vehicle History:
Truly Excellent Condition Throughout, both Mechanically and Cosmetically. Freshly Serviced in May 2011 at Midwest Eurosport, including:
-Valve Adjustment
-Oil and Filter
-Spark Plugs
-Transmission and Limited Slip Differential Serviced

Clean vehicle history reports
-Carfax Guaranteed
-AutoCheck Guaranteed
Documented Porsche History confirming authenticity

As rare as this 911 is, the modifications just don’t do it for me. The 18″ wheels jack the stance up way too much and the front end conversion is questionable. While the price is certainly in line with similar 911 Turbos of the vintage, and the mileage is good, this car is a classic example of messing with perfection. The changes make it look like a cheap kit car, not the serious autobahn stormer that it actually is.


1992 BMW 850i 6 speed

There are certain sports and luxury vehicles that take off in terms of appreciation over the years. The 8 series BMW, well, isn’t one of them. I’ve always admired the looks of BMW’s über coupe of the 1990s and even clean, lower mileage examples have come down in value to a point where they can be an affordable proposition if bought wisely. Here is a slightly modified 1992 850i with the less common 6 speed manual option and just shy of 60,000 miles.

The seller states:

A beautiful pampered low milage 8 series with smooth V-12 power mated to the rare 6 speed ZF manual transmission. Slightly modified with twin conforti chips increasing HP to 340. The BBS wheels (8″front-10″rear) along with H&R performance lowering springs give the car the aggressive stance it was meant to have. Just about a Csi without the price tag! Included in the sale are the stock rims/tires and springs should you wish to return the car to stock. Recent new brakes, rotors, alignment, new belts and K&N air filters.

Performance modifications notwithstanding, this particular 8 series looks fairly unmolested and I haven’t seen on in this particular shade of green in a while. I think the color combination suits it well. This is a lot of car for $13,500. It’s been said that every enthusiast should either drive or own a V12 in their lifetime, and well, even with rising petrol prices, this E31 is still plenty attractive.


1992 Porsche America Roadster

Phillip dropped us a note to let us know about his very unique Porsche 964 America Roadster. Check it out:

The 964 Wikipedia page states:

A turbo bodied cabriolet version was released in 1992. This had the standard electric spoiler and turbo guards. Mechanically it was the same as the standard model apart from 17″ cup wheels and the brakes and suspension which were ‘Turbo’ specification. Only 250 of this variant were produced in total during the 1992 and 1993 model years.

quote from seller:

This is a 1992 America Roadster in Raspberry red on Raspberry red (himbeerrot metallic) 1 of only 4 ever built according to Porsche North America.

History of the car.

First owner was a wealthy Western Canadian Businessman, now retired, who had taken triple A ball into Calgary and at one time had a lease on the saddledome. (documentation held by way of original in service warranty registration). He traded the car in on new Porsche turbo and the dealership wholesaled it out – purchased by a Canadian broker who deals in air cooled, limited editions Porsche – good reputation.

Second owner who I bought the car from; Canadian retired Banker from Japan. He is a Classic Porsche enthusiast and very knowledgeable about Porsche. According to him the Porsche has always been garaged/kept warm, never seen snow, virtually not seen rain.

Original owner confirmed it was factory ordered, custom matching interior including back seats (found in many euro cars, but very unusual in American cars, which usually have cheaper rear seat delete.
Original owner reports post ordering and upon its arrival he agreed to allow Porsche North America to use the car on the auto show circuit.

Allers Autosport has serviced the car this yr. & last yr. Frank (an inductee into Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame) was formerly mechanic at MCL motors (Vancover Porsche Dealer) but for years has operated his own very small shop focusing on the aircooled Porsche (has no website) operates among aircooled 911’s crowd.

5/08 orig. owner replaced cab top cables, pulleys, gears, transmission $2847
5/08 orig. owner maintenance ck, oil service and new battery $560
8/08 custom audio install (alpine headset with i-pod dock, boston/pioneer speakers), sorry but original speakers, cd, radio….all were bad.
12/08 orig. owner full engine ck/mechanical ck (air filter, plugs, heat exchanger gasket $842
1/09 orig. owner, replaced DME relay and servicing $410
3/09: oil service and replaced front hood struts $323
3/10 mechanical ck/ck plugs/ck brakes, oil service and replaced distributor caps & rotors $875
4/09 broker replaced cab top (pacific auto trim ) $1995
4/09 broker had alloy wheels refinished $672
7/09 new tires ( z rated, 17’s stock sizes)

Mechanically the car is Perfect! Everything works and does not drip any oil! This Porsche has 66,000 miles and the odometer reads in KMS at 110,000kms. If someone buys it in the US I will Pay to have the Speedo converted to US MPH at Palto Alto Speedometer.

-Side panels, doors, turbo flares excellent. There are no dings/door marks/scratches. Same goes for door sills.
-Bumpers excellent (both resprayed last year for stone chips-front, scratches-rear)
-Hood / rear deck excellent. Overall excellent except for 2 small stone chips under front headlight which I inherited with car. The paint is in overall excellent condition
-Interior carpet is good to excellent.
-Door panels both carpet & leather – excellent
-Wheels newly refinished 17″ cups ( from the turbo model) excellent, no scuffs

-The seats are Porsche sports. Passenger seat is excellent, drivers seat is excellent but side bolster-entry side has approx 2″ wear mark).
-Shift boot/leather surround excellent
-Full leather dash (both upper/lower) excellent
-Brake lever, has small scar, approx 1/4″
-Rear seats/belts excellent
-Top new last yr., excellent
-Visors, excellent
-Steering wheel, excellent

If you would like to discuss the purchase please call Phone 702-556-9116

I have to say the car certainly looks well loved. Not to mention it’s a pretty rare model in the 964 range. Nicely presented, documented, and ready for a night on the town — where I’ll bet this color looks great under the city lights.

Good luck with the sale Phillip!