1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb Coupe

I’ll put almost any Mercedes-Benz from the golden era of the 1960s up against other car from that time period and say it was better. There is a very distinct feeling when you open the doors to one of these cars and it usually says to you “this feels different.” Everything is heavier, thicker, and more robust. Plastic? Very little if any. This is a car made of wood, leather, and steel. You pilot them as much as you drive them. Chances are, it is going to outlast you if cared for properly. Today, we have one of those cars.

This is a 1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb coupe. That unofficial lowercase ‘b’ is very important as it signifies this is a fuel-injected inline-six car rather than a twin-carb of the standard 220SE. Not that the dual carbs are bad, but rather the fuel-injection system is much easier to live with and of course much smoother. This car in Chicago is finished in a wonderful shade of red with the matching hubcaps, a black leather cabin, and that all-important wood instrument cluster binnacle. Just to add some more goodness, it’s a sunroof example as well and has a four-speed manual gearbox. What isn’t to like?

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Viktor Knavs’ 1962 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Coupe

There is a good chance you have no idea who Viktor Knvas is. Don’t worry – I didn’t either until researching this car. There is probably also a good chance you might be hearing a little more about Mr. Knvas when his son-in-law is inaugurated into the White House in next month. Yes, this car was owned by the father of the future First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. So, if you find obscure political memorabilia appealing (or just like a really nice W111 coupe) let’s check out this 1962 220SE.

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Classic Benz Style? The 30K Decision: 1984 280SL 5-speed v. 1964 220SEB 4-Speed

While for a few generations it’s been fairly predictable that newer used Mercedes-Benz models are cheaper than the older, well kept models, there’s been an interesting turn in the market over the past 6 months. We are witnessing a trend of ever increasing prices on all the 1980s iron, but really specifically in the Mercedes-Benz world the R107 is on the rise fastest of all. In a 5 month period, Hagerty has re-assessed its evaluation of the model’s worth, with most models doubling or tripling in value seemingly overnight. What was, in 2014, a $10,000 – $15,000 example will be on the market for double that today, or more. Is the R107 the next E30, or is this simply a demand spike that recognizes some of the best built and engineered Benz models produced? Well, it certainly does beg the question – if you were going to spend $30,000 on a R107, what other classic Mercedes-Benz models would fall into that range. For comparison, I lined up a lovely W111 coupe to consider – nearly the same miles, condition and asking price, and both are Euro-spec manuals. Which would be your choice?

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1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SEB Coupe 4-speed manual

Mercedes-Benz coupes have always been the choice for those who want a little bit of flair, but on the restrained side. While appearing similar to their sedan counterparts, each successive generation has seen a the delicate, pillarless roof design evolve gradually. My favorite Mercedes-Benz two door has to be where some consider the modern Mercedes era to begin: the W111. These were magnificent touring coupes with a lot of their assembly being done by hand. Even today, these cars can comfortably cruise the highway and give little up in terms of safety and performance to modern vehicles.

Here is an early example of a W111 coupe for sale in Tennessee.

1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SEB Coupe 4-speed manual on eBay

Longtime owner, rare 4 speed manual sunroof example. This is a beautiful rare example of a 220SEB coupe with a four speed transmission and sunroof. There is not a person that walks into the showroom that does not comment on how beautiful this car is. I just had new shocks installed on the car as well as shift bushings,full service tune up with plugs, wires, distributor, brakes and brake master cylinder, the car has a great run and drive, very solid. The chrome is good (back bumper has light damage), the rubber seals are good, the glass is good, leather is good, headliner is good, wood is good, clutch and transmission as well as brakes are good.

For me, this car has it all. The color combination is striking, as the black roof contrasts with the white body and black hubcaps in classic fashion. The European market headlamps, sunroof and manual transmission are always welcome features. There’s no telling whether this car was restored at one point, but I’d wager to guess it could be original, with some freshening up here and there throughout its history. Either way, it looks well cared for with some normal wear you would expect. If that’s the case, $22,000 is a good amount of classic Mercedes, given what we’ve seen the later 3.5 W111 coupes and convertibles sell for these days.