1985 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

As cars grow more complex each year, old iron like this late model Mercedes-Benz 300CD grow more and more appealing. This example for sale in California has lived on the west coast its whole life and its looks are deceptive, as it has 183,000 miles on its odometer. A testament, then, to how timeless and durable these diesel Benzes really are.

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Mercedes-Benz W123 Roundup

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Is there any car more revered in the last half century than the Mercedes-Benz W123? Amongst the Mercedes faithful, this model stands head and shoulders above them all in terms of durability and timelessness. It is also known as quite the gas miser, with plenty of biodiesel conversions out there on the roads. Let’s take a look at three very different W123 models, beginning with this early 1977 300D sedan for sale in Florida.

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Old Faithfuls: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 240D & 1978 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The chances are if you read GCFSB, you aren’t a big fan of the preeminent hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius. Still, the car does have its fans. I just get annoyed when I have to ride in one as a taxi. I’ve been known to wait until the next cab arrives because I can’t handle riding in these things. They are uncomfortable, especially when you go crashing about through potholes in an urban environment. The Prius makes me wax poetic for the days I spent in Europe shuffling around in Mercedes-Benz taxis, many of which are similar to the W123 model that we see here for sale in Maryland.

This particular late model 240D is a Euro market model, sure to appeal to those who like the slimmer bumpers and flush headlamps. With a 4-speed manual, you’ll be assured to get the most out of that tank of fuel, as well.

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1985 Mercedes-Benz 300CD


The American poet Robert Frost once wrote: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Frankly, I can’t think of a better tagline for the Mercedes-Benz W123, either. It really does go on. And on. And on. We’re written a lot about these iconic Mercedes sedans, coupes and estates, but these cars have a timeless appeal backed up by frugal engines. This final year 300CD coupe has the 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel under the hood. It might not be a terribly fast car, but it blends economy with a level of class you just can’t match in most modern cars. This particular car for sale in Arizona is a one-owner example with a low 64,500 miles on the clock.

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1985 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

It may be Wagon Week here at GCFSB and we’ve already featured one of the most ubiquitous five-doors from the Mercedes-Benz lineup in the last few decades, the W123. But not everybody needs so much space, you say. Well, this final year 1985 300CD Coupe for sale in Florida is on offer at no reserve and is certain to make that high bidder quite happy.

Year: 1985
Model: 300CD
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 139,700 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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This is an absolutely beautiful example of the legendary Mercedes 300CD. 1985 without a trap oxidizer is the most desirable of all and being black with tan makes this about as good as they get. The exterior is in amazing condition. We love California cars for a reason. Absolutely 0 corrosion anywhere on the car. Check out the jack points. Awesome. There are no dings dents or scratches on the car. It shines like a car that has always been garaged. The rubber chrome and glass are all in outstanding condition. Rims and tires are excellent and free of curb rash. Tires are Michelins with 90 percent tread life. The interior is one of the finest I have ever seen. The dash is crack free and the rest of the interior looks like it has never been sat in. No smoke smells or pet smells. Mechanically the car is the best Ive ever driven. Not sure exactly why. I would assume because its always been properly serviced. It has the best pickup and the best highway manners of any I’ve ever had. I have owned about 8 of them. All in spectacular condition. The ac was just gone through and blows nice and cold. I would not hesitate to drive this car cross country. I have a very fair number in mind for the car. Feel free to contact me at 727-265-3544 anytime. These cars in this condition without 250k miles are very hard to find. Grab it before it is gone.

Some used car shoppers would be weary of mileage approaching 140,000, but as we know with these Benzes, that’s just about the break in point. There’s not a lot of color when it comes to maintenance history, but the pictures exhibit cleanliness that would suggest this was one pampered ride. Given this is a no reserve auction, I’d speculate this car will bring somewhere between $13,000 and $15,000. Certainly one to watch to see where prices are going on these classy motors.


1980 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

There are certain things that don’t go together too well. Coors Light and caviar. A weasel at a garden party. A diesel engine in a coupe. Or maybe an oil burning motor isn’t that out of place in what is meant to be a more sporting, personal vehicle. Well, I don’t think anyone would mistake the Mercedes W123 as a car with sporting intentions, even though there were certain tuners who thought differently. But this diesel powered two-door predated attempts in recent years by manufacturers looking to retain power while gaining fuel economy. With only 57,000 original miles, this 300CD for sale in Colorado belies its age.

Year: 1980
Model: 300CD
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 57,263 mi
Price: $19,900 Buy It Now

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One Owner 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300CD
57,000 Actual Miles

Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado
Mercedes Dealer Service Records
Original Colorado Title from 1980!

Please review all 150 pictures!

Make an Offer!

You’re viewing a rust free 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300CD Diesel with 57,000 actual miles. What an amazing piece of Mercedes history, and such a fine example of what a real low mileage w123 should be like! This is such an amazing Mercedes, you will be very proud to own this 300CD. All history & records with local Denver Startech Mercedes Service Dept. The first owner purchased locally in Denver. The title is the original Colorado printed title from 1980, how many of those could still be around?! You will receive this original CO title, it has been notorized and is free of any liens or backfees.

This has to be one of the finest, lowest mileage 300CD’s available. The original owner spent his winter months in La Jolla, CA so this vehicle has never seen harsh weather or snow on the roads. He uses this CD when in Denver for short trips, and keeps service up to date with Startech & Murray Mercedes dealerships in Denver. The naturally aspirated, non-turbo 300CD has the best fuel economy. The power on this example is very high, you will not be a metal slug in this 300CD. This one is a power plant that gets on the highway with ease, and will cruise at 80mph with ease.

The ride is incredible. The shocks and other suspension components have all been replaced recently, making this CD such a pleasure to drive. The engine idle knob is operable. The motor has a sweet sounding ‘buzz’ as the w123’s should have, there is no loud motor noise or anything out of the ordinary. The automatic transmission is like new. When driving this CD, the gears shift so smoothly, no delays, jerking, or slipping. This is truly an irreplaceable gem. The interior and exterior of this Mercedes are in fantastic condition. The exterior chrome is all like new, there are no dents or dings on any bumpers or trim. The rubber is in great shape, no dry rot or cracked gaskets. All the door seals are as new. The tires are matching Michelins with a lot of tread life remaining. The factory alloy wheels look great. The jackpoints are like new, no rust, no damage, they still look and will operate like new.

The body is free of any dents or damage, there are some rockchips that have been touched up with matching MB paint, very small and unnoticeable. The headlights, fog lights, & taillights are all like new, free of any pitting or cracks. The undercarriage looks like new, free of any rust or damage. There are no leaks, and no issues. The trunk compartment still looks new. The spare tire is new, and comes with all the original tire changing equipment and tools. The interior is incredible. The original Becker radio looks and operates like new. The power antennae is perfect, operates in every position as it should. This CD has real leather upholstery, not like most with MB Tex seating. There are average crinkles on the seat edges, which is expected for being 34 years old. It is original and has been & still is a driver car! Nothing has been reupholstered. The headliner is all tight, and looks like new. The power sunroof opens and closes quickly, there is no delay or hesitation. All the seals are perfect. I could go on and on about how nice this CD is. The carpet still looks new, there are no wear spots or any fading. The carpet is still soft, not brittle. The wood trim looks great, it is very glossy and has 2 or 3 very thin, hairline, cracks which are not even noticeable until you either glance at a certain angle, they still look new when sitting in the car. All the interior trim pieces around the dash, door panels, controls, etc are all just like new still. The steering wheel and column show no wear. The pedals still look new. The A/C in this CD is great! The A/C system has been converted to modern r134 and really blows cold. The A/C controls still look new, there are no chips/flaking/pitting on any buttons. The high and low settings operate flawlessly. The heat also works perfectly.

All of the gauges are operable, this is a true low mileage 300CD, VERY difficult to find with these low, well kept miles. The oil pressure is perfect. The clock works flawlessly. All gauges operate perfectly as you expect. The dash looks great, even with a few hairline splits. These could be repaired, or if you’d like to add a “dash cap”, that is possible. It’s a real, unrestored 33 year old Mercedes that is in incredible shape. You’ll notice from the pictures that the parcel nets on the backside of the seats are still tight and like new, I doubt they’ve ever been used. It has been so well maintained, and drives like a 3 year old Mercedes.

The engine bay looks like new still. The hoses and belts are all recently new to the CD. Fluids are fresh, and everything is 100% with this CD. You can be confident flying to Denver and driving this Mercedes anywhere. We are helping the original owner sell his prize 300CD. We know the market for the 300CD and know what a special and rare opportunity this is for you. Please feel free to submit an offer. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 512-534-7902 or simply reply thru ebay. Thank you for taking the time to review all 150+ pictures and to read the description. Best of luck on your search!

We featured a clean 1982 300CD which had the later turbocharged diesel engine that sold for $14,995. Granted, it had just over 126,000 miles on the clock, but its condition was similar and that kind of mileage is nothing to sneer at with these durable Benzes. Considering the lower mileage of this CD but the lack of the turbocharged engine, I’d suspect it will probably fetch similar money. But at the current price, it’s a little bit ahead of the market.


1982 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The words “diesel” and “coupe” don’t normally work too well together. No one apparently informed Mercedes-Benz of this a few decades back when they decided to offer their turbocharged, inline five cylinder diesel in the handsome W123 coupe. Thus, the 300CD was born. Mercedes-Benz coupes have always been more about cruising and class than outright performance, a point driven home further by this vehicle. But, those in the market for this car certainly weren’t expecting a barnstormer. Solid build quality and the image of the upwardly mobile image of the Three Pointed Star were tops on the agenda.

Like their sedan and estate counterparts, people weren’t shy to rack up big numbers when it came to mileage. This particular example for sale in Los Angeles is a relative garage queen in comparison to other W123s with under 100,000 miles on the clock.


Year: 1982
Model: 300CD
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 98,800 mi
Price: Reserve met

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300CD on eBay

1982 was the first year Mercedes introduced a turbocharger into the gorgeous 123 series coupe. These cars already had a reputation for being very reliable and economical. Now they also had plenty of power for a more fun experience. This car here has only 98k miles on it and records to prove it. It was ordered with the rare option of a leather interior and a passenger side mirror. The leather interior is still in amazing condition for a 31 year old car. This car has always been garaged and it shows. There is absolutely no rust on it and the interior still looks stunning.

The original dashboard is perfect. The wood is still in great shape. The carpets are clean and there are no rips or tears in the seats. The headliner and door panels are very nice. This 300CD was ordered in the stunning color combination of “Lapis blue” with Palomino color leather (not MB-Tex) interior. The body is straight and the paint still shines like on a much newer car. All the chrome is in great shape as well. This 300CD really stands out and i get compliments every time I take it out. It is a pleasure to drive and i put on a few miles every day. It has been maintained properly and regularly. Even though, as a 3rd car, it was not driven as much in the last few years, it was always serviced. There are no leaks, everything seems to work including the power door locks, power antenna and the power sunroof. All the gauges function the way they should and the AC blows ice cold. The original radio had been replaced a few years back with a newer unit.

This would be a wonderful car for any collection. It will be hard to find another 300CD in this condition with under 100k miles and leather interior. Prices on these cars should only continue to go up in the next few years. This gorgeous coupe would also make a perfect classic car to drive every day. It has been maintained well and is considered to have very low mileage. These 3 liter 5 cylinder engines are known to go for over 500k miles without any mayor engine work. If you keep taking care of this car, it should last you a lifetime. I would prefer to sell it locally to somebody who could come out and see it. But I would also be willing to help with shipping or a airport pick-up for a out of town buyer. This is a wonderful 31 year old car in great condition and it will be sold WITHOUT a warranty “as is” and “where is.” Please have your funding in order and do all your “due diligence” BEFORE placing a bid. Feel free to ask any questions or contact me, if you would like to see it anytime. I did upload many more pictures and they can describe the car much better than I can. Thank you for looking at my auction and good luck!!


W123 Coupe values seem to tick a little bit higher than the sedans these days, but not by much. You can find good ones in the $10,000 to $14,000 range, with the very best reaching past $15,000. Bidding is strong on this one, but I’m not surprised. The Lapis Blue over Palomino combination is eye catching and this car has certainly been well looked after.


1982 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

We featured an early model, gasoline powered W123 coupe last week, but the 123 coupes you see more often here in the states are the later 300CDs, with the 3.0 liter OM617a turbocharged five cylinder diesel engine. Not a sports car by any means, but a luxurious touring machine with loads of durability and a good helping of economy. This 300CD for sale in California looks the business in basic black over the famous hard-wearing, palomino MB-Tex upholstery.

Year: 1982
Model: 300CD
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline five diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 126,372
Price: $14,995 Buy It Now

1982 Mercedes-Benz 300CD on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

1982 was the first year Mercedes introduced the turbo charger into the 123 series coupes. These cars already had a reputation for being very reliable and economical. Now they also had plenty of power for everyday driving. This particular car was finished in black (MB color code 040) with Palomino color MB-Tex interior. This was a very rare and elegant color combination. Mercedes only made 8007 of the turbo diesel coupes and it will be hard to find one with low miles and in this condition. The body is still in wonderful shape all around and the paint still shines like on a much newer car. This car was always garaged and it really shows.

The interior is still in amazing condition. Even the original dashboard still looks great. The carpets are clean and the wood-panels are excellent. There are no rips or tears in the seats. The door panels and the headliner are clean as well. This car really stands out and i get compliments every time I drive it. People can not believe that it really is 31 years old. It has only had 2 owners and it has always been pampered. It comes with the books and the service records. Everything works on it. The Michelin tires have about 85% left. All the gauges are working the way they should. The AC is blowing cold from all the vents.

There are no oil leaks and the car runs terrific. It is not slow at all and a true pleasure to drive in town and on the freeway. This car cruises comfortably at 85mph while still getting 27 miles per gallon of diesel. The original radio has been upgraded with a newer unit with a CD player. Even the original power antenna still works. With the low miles and the gorgeous color combination this car could be perfect for a collector. There are just not that many clean 300CD’s like this around anymore and they are bound to only go up in value. It would also serve well for somebody who would like to drive a elegant classic car every day, but needs it to be extremely reliable. With 27mpg of diesel it would also be the perfect candidate for Bio diesel conversion. This way you could drive it on vegetable oil or even free waste oil from restaurants. I have never tried this in this car, but with gasoline prices where they are today, it sounds like a great idea.

I would prefer to sell this car to somebody locally, who could actually come out and see it / test drive it. But I would also be helpful with shipping arrangements or a airport pick up. Please have your funding in order and do all your “due diligence” BEFORE placing a bid. This is a wonderful 31 year old classic car in great condition and it will be sold WITHOUT a warranty “as is” and “where is.” All shipping charges will have to be paid by the winning bidder. If you have any questions, please contact me through Ebay and I will get back to you quickly. There are many more detailed pictures to look at, please ask, if you need anything else. I will be out of town this weekend, but I check my emails often. I will be able to show the car anytime next week. Thank you for looking at my auction.

The 1978 280CE we featured this week failed to meet its reserve with a final bid of $5,800. I have a feeling if the bidding nudged closer to $10,000, it might have sold. It always impresses me how many good W123s are out there, especially ones with over 100,000 miles looking like they just rolled off the showroom floor. From the paint to the carpets to the chrome trim, this 300CD looks factory fresh and would be an excellent way for someone who wants a practical classic with a side of modern safety and good fuel economy. At almost $15,000, this is strong money for a W123 diesel coupe. For some, it might be worth it at that price. I’d say if it could be had for somewhere between $13,000 and $13,500, it would be well bought.


1978 Mercedes-Benz 280CE

The W123 is known as a workhorse amongst Mercedes-Benz aficianados, so it was curious that such a durable platform could lend itself so well to the classic pillarless coupe format from the house of the Three Pointed Star. While many of the W123 coupes we see in the US are diesel variants, this early 280CE for sale in Virginia has the M110 2.8 liter inline six under the hood. This makes it a bit peppier than the diesel CD variant, if losing a bit of the renowned durability of the OM617a in the process.

Year: 1978
Model: 280CE
Engine: 2.8 liter inline six
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 108,000
Price: Reserve auction

1978 Mercedes-Benz 280CE on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

1978 Mercedes 280CE Coupe. Very nice, mostly original and rare 280CE. No rust at all! Runs and drives great. Very nice, all original interior! All maintenance is up to date, she needs nothing!


Only 108,029 ORIGINAL pampered miles.
This Benz has been EXCELLENTLY maintained and she runs and drives great!
This car is MOSTLY ORIGINAL and it looks great inside and out!
The cosmetic condition of this car’s original interior is VERY GOOD! The seats, door panels, dash, wood trim, headliner, and more all look really nice!
The light blue paint looks good all over with excellent polish and shines and only a few paint chips.
The chrome looks very good all around this car!
This 280CE has NEW Michelin tires, NEW brakes, NEW front rotors, NEW front upper control arms, and more!
This classic Mercedes is loaded with the ORIGINAL Becker Radio, Factory Air Conditioning, Sunroof, Power Windows, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Cruise Control, Power Antenna, and more! And, best of all…IT ALL WORKS!
The engine bay, engine, and trunk are all very clean!
The engine starts easily and runs great. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and this 280CE drives very nicely!
There is NO RUST AT ALL on the body or the undercarriage!
The previous owners obviously spared no expense keeping this 1978 Mercedes 280CE in tip-top shape! The mechanical condition is excellent in everyway and everything works great!
This car needs nothing to drive and enjoy today!
Bid now and bid often to meet our LOW RESERVE and YOU could win this auction!!!

Out of all the W123 models, the estate variants tend to bring the most coin, but the coupes are steadily climbing up to those levels. Diesel variants tend to be valued more than their petrol counterparts. If this were a later 300CD, we might be up around $10,000 to $13,000. As it sits, this early W123 with the six cylinder engine might see a final bid of somewhere around the $7,000 to $8,000 range.


1984 Mercedes 300CD No Reserve

I just listed this seller’s 300TD and what I said in that post goes the same for this one so check out this post.

Buy this coupe and get yourself a matching pair of Mercedes diesels.

35,000 miles and bidding up over $18,000 on the no reserve auction. Really can you believe the prices of these? At the end of last year we had this car up and it ended at $22,800 with the reserve not met.

Just a fabulous car originally purchased through Mercedes European Delivery Program.

Great service history, as original as they come, this is like buying a new car.

More pictures here.