1991 BMW 318is

Sometimes automakers will and save the best for last. While many consider the M3 the ultimate E30, the 318is was, in its own right, a 3 series to admire. Much like how Mercedes-Benz slotted their new V8 into the aging W111 coupe and convertible in the early 1970s, BMW took it’s new 1.8 liter, twin cam M42 four cylinder engine and inserted it into the two-door E30 for one last shout before the 3 series baton was handed off to the E36 in 1992. This new motor breathed new life into an old favorite, with some praising the added balance the smaller engine provided. The interior was classic E30, which was basic in comparison to modern day BMWs. However, as BMW was reaching a bit downmarket with the one year only 318is, the mantra “everything you need, nothing you don’t” was abided by. This 318is for sale in Ontario, Canada has covered only 68,000 miles and in silver over black, has aged rather well with a decidedly vintage flair.

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1993 BMW DTM M3 Tribute – REVISIT

$_57 (3)

This completely redone 318is – replete with M3 parts including S52B32 engine and widebody kit – is back on eBay. It’s clearly taken a lot of work and isn’t a bad looking car (I’d say the wheels are the most glaring ugliness), but the seller is clearly determined to get his $30k out of it, as the price is exactly the same as when it was for sale 3 months ago. It’s a cool car, but unfortunately another example that one man’s expensive project does not make another man’s highly-valued dream car.

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The below post appeared on our site August 31, 2014

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1991 BMW 318is

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Rounding off Turkey Day here at GCFSB, here’s a car that’s could be considered anything but a turkey. A tasty, late model E30 in the form of a 318is. Known in some circles as the “poor man’s M3”, this 3er had the new 1.8 liter M42 four cylinder engine with an updated Bosch Motronic system. With 138 horsepower, this was no dragster, but had excellent weight distribution and was the gateway drug to many great BMWs that would appear over the course of the 1990s. Even though E30 production was soon to be phased out, this model would reaffirm that the 3 series was still the vehicle of choice for those moving up in the world. This 318is comes to us from our reader Corey, who also happens to be the seller.

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#FailFriday: 1991 BMW 318is

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Unless you’re going to do an engine swap, it seems like part of the charm of the E30 is that their power never outdid the chassis. Even with the range-topping M3, people call it underpowered (right after they sacrifice their first born to the car gods in hopes they might get one). So, if it’s a great chassis with too little power, why not accept it and get a little flingable toy? That’s exactly what the 318is was, a great looking sports sedan with less power than my 1988 Toyota pickup (which are not exactly known for their gusto). So, when I saw a red 318is for sale at $6k, I thought “ooh, great deal on a fun E30!” While not too long ago $6k would have bought a lot of E30, that is clearly no longer the case.

Tread carefully, dear readers, for this ad is full of fail. Happy Friday!

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1993 BMW DTM M3 Tribute

$_57 (3)

It’s always fun to see what the creative engineers can come up with out there. The guys at CG Motorsports clearly wanted to show their building skills, so they went a roundabout way of making an E36 DTM-style M3 tribute, albeit in show/street-car guise. I will admit to a guilty love of wide-bodies, though this love is confusingly matched with a distaste for wings and overdone wheels. These guys took the basic-but-capable 318is and stuck M3 bits all over, including some body parts, suspension, transmission, and engine. Add a DTM-style widebody kit, and you’ve got a tuner’s show car! They’re selling it in a way that sounds like more trouble than it’s worth – offering the chassis and body alone, or with all of the running gear and additions – that just makes me scratch my head harder. Taste and selling tactics aside, it is a clean FrankenBimmer that, at least to me, has some potential.

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1991 BMW 318is

A reader of ours contacted us over the weekend asking us for insight into the BMW E30, specifically the M3, seeking out a bit of information and our opinion on where values were headed. This car has become a cult classic and the team here at GCFSB is doing their best to highlight the best of the best on the market and track values. This 318is for sale in Pennsylvania may not be of EAG stock, but with just over 63,000 miles on the clock, it’s well worth a second glance for the E30 fan.

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1991 BMW 318is

Having owned an E30 early on in my motoring career, I am still enchanted by these cars when a good one comes along. While my E30 was a 325is, one of my favorite E30s – M3 aside – is the 318is that was available at the end of the E30 3 series production run. Featuring the new M42 1.8 liter twin cam four cylinder engine, 142 horsepower was on tap in a package that offered less mass at the front end for even better handling. Given that it is Christmas, how timely it is that we feature this red 318is for sale in Nevada with a scant 60,000 miles on the clock.

1991 BMW 318is on eBay

Professionally reconditioned. Won Best-in-Show interior earlier this year. New dash, headliner, and carpet, seats reupholstered. New brakes. Differential changed from 411 to 373. Plenty of zip and great gas mileage. Bilstein shocks.

Not much detail is given by the seller, such as what show this car won an award and if service records and any owner history is available. The asking price of $12,500 is very optimistic for a non M3 four cylinder E30. Realistically, this car might bring $6,000 to $8,000 at a maximum to the right buyer.


1997 BMW 318is

There once was a time when you could get a fairly basic German car with an upmarket badge here in the US. Time has moved on though and tastes have dictated these manufacturers should shy away from offering such cars in this market. While the E36 M3 is one of my favorites, this 318is with a 5-speed manual is just as attractive to me. Even better, it has just shy of 30,000 miles on the clock.

1997 BMW 318is on eBay

This is an absolute amazing example of a 1997 BMW 318is coupe. This 318is coupe is finished in the highly desireable color of Montreal Blue with Gray cloth interior. It is an original Florida car that is near perfect and was just traded in by it’s ORIGINAL owner. It has only 29,844 original miles on it, and is quite possibly one of the finest original examples of a E36 BMW to be found anywhere, at any price. It has a fully documented service history, and has been stored in a climate controlled garage it’s entire life. To find an example in this condition, with full service records, with such low mileage, and with all of its near perfect ORIGINAL paint is nearly impossible. Dont let this rare BMW get away!

This 318is coupe is easily the finest of it’s kind to be found anywhere. It looks, runs and drives like a BMW that is only a couple years old. It was treasured by it’s original owner and it shows. Nothing in this car has been re-done, it is 100% original, and is in true “SHOWROOM” quality. The interior of this BMW is as flawless as you will find, and even SMELLS like new. After driving this 318is, I can tell you that there is not a more fun car to drive for the money than this one. If you are looking for a BMW 3-Series of this era, they do not get any nicer than this one.

Sure, this 318is won’t beat much off the line these days, but for someone looking for an economical car with good handling and a touch of class thrown in, you can’t beat a coupe like this. The Montreal Blue and gray cloth combo also does wonders for the classic BMW lines. There’s a fair bit of bidding interest and we’ve hit $10,000 with less than three days to go in the auction. I’d guess this car will bring somewhere between $12,000 and $13,000. If it gets much higher, we’ll be in clean E36 M3 territory. While some people don’t need M3 power, you’d really have to want the more basic spec at that price point.


1991 318is w/ supercharged s52

In my eyes the e30 is one of the most beautiful German cars of its generation, and this 1991 318is available in Bradenton, FL embodies everything I love about the e30.

The 318is was first launched in 1989, and touted the new M42 engine. This lightweight, and quick revving 1.8 16v, was a blast to drive, and was reminiscent of the S14 4 cylinder offered in the e30 M3.

Out of the box these were fun, peppy great handling cars, and you might think, how can one improve on that? Here’s how, the s52. S52 swaps are a pretty common transplant in to the e30 in the BMW community, as the e36 donors are plentiful, and the s52 makes nearly 100hp more. This would be enough for most, right?

Not the owner of this stunning 318is, he has taken things a step further, and added a Vortech V1 Supercharger. With the perfect combination of European styling, and raw power, the owner of this car certainly spare no expense in making this car a shining example of what a modified e30 can be…scratch that…should be.

1991 318is w/ supercharged s52 on ebay.com

Up for sale is my 1991 318is Slicktop with an OBD1 s52 swap. I have detailed all of the specifications that I could possibly think of. I would like to point out a few things that someone skimming the ad would miss out on:
Slicktop 318is : Pretty rare form factor for the e30. Lightest chassis available in the NA market. Water/Air intercooler AND oil cooler : I have searched far and wide and have been unable to find another supercharged s52 that has a water/air intercooler setup. Southern car, no rust. Low mileage s52, approximately 88k miles. Pulled the valve cover recently, looks brand freaking new. Professionally reupholstered interior, black leather
In the last 50 miles, I have done: New oil New plugs New woodruff key (old one sheared) Power steering flush Coolant flush
Car: 1991 318is Alpine White Black interior No rust
Under the hood: 1999 M3 s52 with obd1 swap approximately 88k miles Vortech V1 Supercharger (approx 1300 miles on it @ 105,000 odo) All new sensors New Water Pump New tensioner New idlers New woodruff key New valve cover gasket Getrag 260 resealed e36 M3 Clutch New JB lightweight flywheel, 10lb New slave and stainless line 3.73 LSD z3 shifter Euro Raceland headers Remus muffler Custom center section with twin Magnaflow resonators and X-pipe 12″ puller 16″ pusher IE Oil Cooler 804 HFM Forge diverter valve TRM Racing tuned Walbro Fuel Pump Water/Air intercooler with new Bosch pump Vortech v1 Supercharger pushing 6PSI RaceSkids skid plate Bosch #42 Injectors IE oil cooler Air/water intake cooler 2 electric fans, pusher/puller New thermostat New starter A/C converted r134a New rebuilt driveshaft from Driveshafts.com(Portland Driveline) New revshift aluminum flex disk
Brakes: Functioning ABS Massive booster delete Stainless steel brake lines all around Freshly rebuilt calipers front/rear Hawk HPS brake pads ATE Super Blue brake fluid New master cylinder New rotors
Suspension: Treehouse Racing Control Arm Lollipops AKG Motorsports Rear Subframe Mounts H&R Race Springs Bilstien Sport Shocks Powerflex Subframe Bushings RyanG Front Splitter 99 M3 steering rack New control arms New tie-rods e30 m3 sway links 22mm swaybar front 18mm eibach swaybar rear Rear camber/toe correction kit
Interior: Professionally reupholstered seats, front/rear Z3 Short Throw Shifter Custom oil PSI/temp gauges (replaces ashtray) Custom Boost Gauge replaces MPG gauge New odometer gears Chrome ring accents Alpine Speakers/tweeters front Euro analog clock Gray carpet Black rear deck Mint headliner Delrin shift knob Sparco ring steering wheel, 330mm Sirius satellite radio hookup
Exterior: Fresh Alpine respray (approx 1.5 years old) Staggered BBS RS 039/040 16×7.5 up front, 16×8 rear – absolutely no rash Euro elipsoid headlights Euro trim Euro grills Euro plate filler All red tail lights New BMW roundels New shadowline trim New iS lip iS Side Skirts splitter BMWMotorsport door handles
This car is a monster. Although it looks like a cushy daily, this is a very aggressive street setup. It pulls like a train and screams like a fucking demonic banshee.
With that said, there are a few minor issues:
1. I suck at arts and crafts. A chrome trim ring fell off while driving one day, so  I opened the cluster to glue it back on. In doing so, I somehow got superglue everywhere inside the cluster. It was not visible until about 45 minutes later when it started to dry. Honestly, it looks terrible and I would suggest getting a new cluster. Only reason I didn’t replace it was because of the custom boost gauge that replaces the MPG gauge.
2. Driveline shimmy at 20-25 MPH under slow acceleration and slow deceleration. Does not shake at any other speeds. I have had the car up to 145 MPH and it felt extremely planted and tight.
3. It took me almost 2 months of ownership before I realized there is some yellowing on the top of the car. It is barely noticeable, and honestly a prospective buyer would not even be able to see it if I had not pointed it out to them, but I want this to be a 100% transparent sale. I tried photographing it but it did not even come out in photographs. I am not a paint expert, but maybe some buffing would take it out?
4. No stereo installed. Never got around to putting one in, the car just sounds too good. It has all 4 speakers and even a sub mounted in the trunk, all wiring is in tact.
5. In the last 24 hours, the power steering pump has started to moan and groan. It was literally perfect as of, well, 24 hours ago. I think I may have got some ATF on the belt which is causing some slight slippage, I will continue to investigate this issue however.

As a rule of thumb, I tend to steer clear of cars that have been modified. Mods are very taste specific, and like most enthusiasts, i like to put my own stamp on my cars. This car however is so well done, that it will appeal to a broad audience of buyers from German car nuts, to hardcore BMW enthusiasts alike.

Now on to the $15,000 question, is this car really worth this sort of money? When considering the price on a car like this I like to answer the question with a question, Can you build it for that price? In this case I’d say certainly not.  With no reserve, and the $15,000 starting bid this coule be a well bought car, as long as the bid doesn’t go too far north of $16,000.



1991 BMW E30 318is Alpina B7 Turbo Swap For Sale

I have always considered cars with swapped motors as sort of a knock off way of experiencing the thrills of a newer or more expensive car for a fraction of the cost.  With that you may get 150% of the headaches though so buyer beware.

Here we have a 1991 318is with an Alpina B7 Turbo swap.  In reading the description it is clear this was not done by some hack.  This swap was carried out by someone with the technical skill and resources to do it right, the first time.

1991 BMW E30 318is Alpina B7 Turbo Swap:

From the seller –

“Body (9.0/10):

The paint is in extremely good shape considering the age of the vehicle. To this day, the original “Brilliantrot” paint shines extremely well. The paint does have very minor imperfections such as rock chips. The imperfections are photographed closely and shown in the photo album linked above. This 100% rust free California car has a clean title. Having never been in any sort of accident, this car has all original with matching VIN body panels. Not one body panel has ever been replaced or repainted on this car. With the exception of a dent on the front driver’s fender, which can be addressed via paint-less dent removal, the body is extremely straight and lines up extremely well. The exterior modifications have been kept very conservative in an effort to maintain the “sleeper” look.

Interior (9.5/10):

The front seats were reupholstered in black vinyl using the Alpina theme. The rear seats are from a 325ix and feature the rare fold down ski pass. The main floor carpet, as well as the floor mats have been professionally steam cleaned are in excellent shape. All the door panels are in good condition. The dash board does not have any cracks whatsoever. All of the climate controls and electronics are working as they should. The passenger side seat has a very minor tear from handling and has been patched up with an epoxy (see pictures).

Engine (9/10):

The engine started out as a clean low mileage M106B34. It was then completely torn apart and rebuilt to Alpina B7 Turbo + specification approximately 15k miles ago. The only piece left to complete the B7 Turbo conversion is the intake manifold. All of the necessary seals, bearings, gaskets were replaced on the engine. The engine internals are currently built to handle 600+RWHP.

Although the Suspension and brakes have not undergone a complete overhaul, the necessary maintenance has been kept up on these components of the vehicle. The car comes to a solid stop from 100+ MPH with no hesitation or vibration.  I can ensure a clunk/rattle free ride in this car. The suspension and steering are tight and precise. Before deciding to sell, I was planning on doing an E36 M3/318ti 5-lug conversion with a Ground Control race coilover system and a big brake kit.

Please note:

***Since this vehicle is not CA smog legal, it will need to be sold to an out-of-state buyer or to a California buyer who will register this car as an off-highway vehicle (OHV). ***

-The car also has a very minor seeping from a power steering hose.”

Amazing car, not perfect but what is?  This would make an amazing driver assuming you can get it smogged in your locale.  I would be fine running it as is but it is set up to handle 650 horsepower.  That is a lot of neck snapping power for the money.

I am not the only one who likes this car.  19 bids have pushed bidding to $8k with the reserve not being met.  What is it worth?  I dunno, somewhere between $12.5-$14k but that is a guess.  There are not many conversions this well done to determining an exact value is tricky business.  Either way it is something to behold.