1994 BMW 325i Convertible

The expensive E30 ‘verts got you down? Not to worry, there’s always the smash success follow-up, the E36! And looking light it’s ready for Charlie Sheen to abduct Kristy Swanson, this particular car might just be the one for you. It’s a fairly early example with the Sport Package 2, which gave you the standard affair of front sport seats. But in particular there’s one thing that caught my eye here, and its the wheels. Early Sport Package 325i models were also equipped with 15″ Style 17 wheels, which may go down in history as one of the most difficult wheel designs to clean that were ever offered by the company. Seriously, look at them. You have the normal outer basketweave openings that will test your fingers’ ability to survive a normal wash. But inside of those are a second row of even smaller openings that are so impossibly shaped and sized, it’s just not possible for normal devices. They’re so small, in fact, that my fall back – old toothbrushes – are also useless. What does fit in there? Q-tips. And it’s not like there’s just one – there are 30. Each wheel. And that’s, of course, in addition to the 30 OTHER holes. Not done yet, the Style 17 then offers you a further two sets of inner recesses – 30 for the outer, and…you guessed it…30 for the inner. That makes a total of 120 crevices on each wheel for the notoriously dusty BMW brakes to fill with adhering dust. You’re looking at nearly 500 total little detailing spots on just the wheels; it’s enough that they should have to provide health benefits for your service.

Still, they’re quite a pretty design and rarely seen today….for some reason (or, maybe 480 reasons!). Couple that with a nice color combination, a five-speed manual, a limited-slip differential, and just 18,200 miles from new? Well, it’s certainly impressive.

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Feature Listing: 1987 BMW 325ic

April 2017 update: The seller of this car has relisted it HERE!

It’s very interesting to me to look back and compare the 1980s offerings from the big three luxury producers in Germany. In many ways, BMW lagged behind the competition early on. Audi launched the B2 chassis in 1980, and it revised the standards of the near luxury market for Germany. There were diesel and gas motors, two or four-door configurations, and even a wagon from sister company Volkswagen. But the real addition gearheads loved was the wide-winged turbocharged and all-wheel drive Quattro, the first of the hot versions that would come to the market for junior executives. Indeed, it was the Quattro that changed the future of the W201, as Mercedes-Benz changed the mission of the future 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth from rally to circuit racer. So, Mercedes-Benz had a track version of the W201, and it also set the standard in build quality. Bringing those reputations to the small luxury market meant a whole new class of clientele and the W201 was massively successful thanks to a bunch of factors. While VAG produced about 1.6 million B2 chassis cars between 1976 and 1987, an amazing 1.8 million W201s made it to market. Those successes put more pressure on BMW, and it responded.

The E30 was without doubt the sportiest of the three out of the box, and just like the B2 is was amazingly versatile. There were sedans and 2-door sedans, and BMW was able to match the Volkswagen Passat with a Touring offering. Hot shoes liked the addition of the Motorsports division M3, which not only met the challenge of the Quattro and Cosworth but exceeded it by nearly every measure. Build quality was great but performance was even greater. But BMW wasn’t done, as it took the versatility – and the small executive market – to a new level. Not satisfied with the diversity of the range already, the Munich engineers introduced a trump card over its rivals by removing the roof. An often overlooked development in the hot E30 market, the ic models would set the standard and demand responses from its rivals.

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1993 BMW 325ic


The majority of the E30 convertibles that I come across suffer from two common issues: they’re usually in very rough condition and they have an automatic transmission. The former is due to the neglect of owners who never thought they’d become a sought after classic and the latter is a symptom of the non-enthusaist buyers who took these things home by the boatload. There is no vehicle that reminds me more of smarmy, yuppie folks than the E30 ‘vert. At launch, this was the official car of the abundant 80s nouveau riche, perfect for whisking guys with names like Barry, Gordon, or Donald away from the office, and out to where ever they were summering.

By 1993 things had changed, Barry Gordon, and Donald were either broke, working the Asian markets, or quietly cruising along in a legitimate line of work. The the E30 sedan and coupe had died off in ’91, giving way to the larger, softer E36 body style. The convertible however, it clung to the 80s for dear life, soldiering on until 1993. This example is advertised as having had only one owner, I’d love to get their story on why they chose this car, and more importantly why they opted for the manual transmission. It’s very rare to see a a drop top BMW with a 3rd pedal, let alone a one owner car that appears to be in great condition, so you


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1990 BMW 325ic Offered by EuroWerkz

Every time an E30 BMW 3 series comes across on our site, I get nostalgic about my ’88 325is. I can’t think of a car that epitomized the optimistic atmosphere of the ‘80s more than the E30 3 series convertible. Introduced in 1987 amidst a rapidly expanding 3 series lineup, the convertible was offered with the 2.5 liter inline six found in the 325is producing 168 horsepower. This convertible became the face of BMW in the media almost in the same way the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL became the de rigeur Stuttgart darling. The convertible 3 series made appearances in a number of movies including PCU, Revenge of the Nerds and Pretty Woman, as well as television series such as Perry Mason, Columbo and Beverly Hills 90210.

Here is a very clean example for sale at EuroWerkz in Pleasantville, Iowa.

1990 BMW 325ic with 48k miles for sale at EuroWerkz

From EuroWerkz:

What is better than a barn find? How about a heated garage find? We have been trying to buy this car for two years. Finally early last winter we did and I spent many hours putting this ONE owner since new BMW back to as close to perfect as I have ever seen in a car like this. This car is like stepping back to the 90’s as not only does it look the part but it drives as new too. This was a fair weather third car for a Doctor in Des Moines and the rest of the time it spent in a climate controlled garage at his homes in the area over the past 21 years. The condition is nothing short of amazing and this could well be the nicest example of this car in the country. A once in a lifetime chance at a resonably priced beautifully preserved near classic.

This is by far one of the cleanest, lowest mileage E30 convertibles I’ve seen in a long time. The red paint appears flawless and suits the character of this car well. I’d be hard pressed to find a more original and well preserved example. For those looking for a classic, open top BMW tourer, the automatic transmissions is a logical pairing, especially for the US market.

This car’s iconic status was recently highlighted in an episode of Top Gear last season, as we see here. Thankfully, the boys didn’t get their hands on quite such a pristine original, like our subject car.


Please note this is a sponsored listing. We welcome EuroWerkz as our latest sponsor and are proud to feature their inventory on the site. Please contact me directly with any questions about sponsored listings. Thanks for looking! -dc

Gorgeous 1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

Like many enthusiasts, I’ve spent most of my life believing that convertibles are exclusively for hairdressers, midlife-crisisers, and the ignorant. Why would you sacrifice structural rigidity for some sunshine and windblown hair? Well, some seat time in a Z8 and a Miata (polar opposites as they may be) opened my mind about the open-top. If I could only have one car, it would never be a convertible, but if I could have a few, it might be ok to eschew lateral stiffness for some old-fashioned fun.

Case in point, today’s E30 M3 Cabriolet replica. Quick disclaimer: yes it’s a replica, but read the ad or check out the 48 page forum thread; it’s an extremely well done replica. No, it won’t be the track day star that an M3 coupe would be, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to bomb up a winding highway in this thing on a sunny day?

1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

A most thorough from the creator/seller:

Up for an auction is my 1989 BMW M3 cabriolet replica. This is not like those look-a-like M3 replicas that you have seen on eBay or around. This project took me about 1.5 years to complete with “ABSOLUTLY NO-SHORTCUT OR EXPENSE SPARED ” approach. You have to see my car in person to appreciate the work I put into it. I spent about $50000 on this project.

The donor vehicle:
1989 BMW 325ic in Alpine White II/black leather interior, w/ only 87k miles.

Unlike most people who start such projects using a banged up or salvage donor, I wanted to do this project the right way. My idea of right way was to use a clean E30 325i convertible as a donor, so there would be no issue of body panels not lining up.

This 325ic was never involved in any accidents. The paint was original and all VIN# stickers were present (on the doors, fenders, quarter panels, hood and the trunk) before the start of the project. The car was so clean and nice that I really had a hard time to give the go ahead to the body shop. After all, it was a very nice and clean 325ic that is hard to find in that condition.

The Facility:
As I mentioned above, I wanted to do this project the right way and the right way always cost more. The body and paintwork was done at BMW Authorized Collision Center. In fact, the work was done just like factory and the BMW representative had to sign off on the work. They even ordered the original door jam VIN sticker from the factory and reattached it to the door jam.
The body shop guy who did the work had over 20 years of experience of working on BMW cars, especially the older BMWs such as E30.

The Parts:
Again, unlike the other E30 M3 cabrio projects, I decided to use brand new original European E30 M3 cabrio parts, except for the hood, the interior, the headlights, the suspension (US m3 suspension was used) and some other minor parts.

For example, I could have used the US M3 coupe fenders but these fenders are not a direct fit and they have to be modified. Or I could have used US M3 coupe bumpers but I choose to use brand new original European M3 bumpers because I didn’t want to bondo the side turn signal holes that are not in the Euro bumpers.

I also used the pictures and measurements from an original E30 M3 cabriolet that belonged to one of the forum members to replicate the door panels, consoles and the seats.

Bodywork: (everything were new unless stated otherwise)
E30 M3 cabriolet fenders, doors, quarter panels, bumpers (front bumper is from Euro Evo M3), side skirts, door sills, emergency brake lever, Euro grills, under carriage plastic covers (used from US M3 since they are NLA), etc.

US E30 M3 5 log suspension parts, modified by ground control into coil over with 450lbs front spring, 900Lbs rear springs, Koni adjustable shocks, Racing Dynamics Strut tower brace, cross brace, E36 M3 steering rack, front camber plates with the rear camber/toe adjustment. The handling is unbelievable! Even though I used 900 lbs springs in the back, the car is not bumpy. The handling is very tight and the car sticks to the road better than new BMWs.

Drive train and exhaust system.
US M3 S50 OBD-I engine with approx. 75K miles, E30 M3 drive shaft, new E34 M5 clutch, Dinan E36 M3 lightened flywheel, 3:25 LSD differential, new Z3 M coupe differential cover, new E36 M3 exhaust from Rouge Engineering with OEM E36 M3 catalytic converter (passes CA smog with no problem!). The motor swap was done properly and I had it certified by the State Of California inspection facility. The car can be taken to any smog facility and get it smoged because it has the state certification sticker in the door jam.

Sound System:
Alpine component speakers, Clarion FZ709 button-less touch sensitive head unit (for clean look) with bluetooth audio streaming, ipod/iphone connection, Sound Stream 5 channel amplifier and 2 x JL Audio subwoofer.

All leather interior, including the seats, consoles, door panels with shift knob. New OEM heated seats heating elements.

New AC compressor, custom AC hoses, custom made pedals, US M3 instrument panel with the original odometer swapped into it (the mileage is original), new OEM Evo M3 steering wheel, custom painted E39 BBS wheels with chrome rivets, German computer and overhead panel. High end Cliford Alarm system with windows modules (one touch up and down), tilt and proximity sensor.

Things that need attention: ( I have been very busy lately, otherwise I would have taken care of these minor issues. I may still take care of them if I get the chance around my busy schedule)

-The ground control suspension is known for squeaks and suspension noises so there are some noises from the suspension at low speeds.
-Instrument panel backlight comes and goes. It sometimes needs couple of tap to make it illuminate
-There is a rattle in the right door
-The top is original BMW top and in very good condition except for the rear windows that needs to be replaced. I have always driven the car with top down so it never bothered me but it is a reletively sheap fix since the rear window is zippered into the top so it is not that hard to replace it.

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking this car is pretty kickass, as 19 bidders have driven the price up to $27k with over 6 days left. It is without question the best-looking 3-series convertible I’ve ever seen, has been done beyond properly, and has less than 100k miles. I’d have to be a much richer man to think of dropping $30-40k here, but if I were adding a convertible to the stable, it’d be hard to think of a better choice than this one.