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1990 BMW 325is

The last 325is I posted was a lightly modified example that some of our intrepid readers investigated further and found a few inconsistencies, namely a rebuilt engine and a chassis with over 200k miles – a bit different than the 123k claimed.

Today’s 325is seems like it has a lot less to hide, with 232k original miles and no visible or claimed modifications other than a full Bilstein suspension setup bringing it a little closer to the road. Apparently it’s been mostly stored for the last two years after a major servicing. Sounds like an owner who thought they could make a little investment in a clean E30 and get a nice return after a couple of years. With great originality and outstanding condition for the mileage, it’s not a bad bet.

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1988 BMW 325is

$_57 (1)

Most of our recent BMW E30 posts have centered around the loss of the affordable clean examples. Those that weren’t turned into LeMons toys or smashed into trees by stock traders’ children are usually hoarded and overpriced. Well our patience has paid off, loyal GCFSBers, and we have a clean, mid-mileage example for less than ten grand! It isn’t 100% stock or original, but pretty close; this is no track rat or dorifto thrasher. A short-shift kit and Bilsteins are the only mechanical changes, with a shift knob, aftermarket stereo, and interesting vinyl/cloth interior overhaul the only things separating the interior from its 1988 birth. As clean examples become the stuff of rose-colored dreams, someone should wake up and buy this sweet little legend.

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1989 BMW 325is

$_57 (5)

We’ve seen some great full-on Hartge automobiles here, and they’ve always struck me as an interesting (if not quite as desirable) alternative to Alpina. This 325is has no real Hartge provenance, but has had enough hard-to-find and period-correct pieces retrofitted to warrant mentioning. The factory original M-Tech II bodykit and cloth interior are nearly as desirable as the Hartge pieces, painting a picture of an owner who has spent a ton of time and effort sourcing parts to put together his perfect 325is. No doubt this is a gorgeous and carefully-composed love letter to the E30, but $21k is a lot of money for a 325is with 166k miles!

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1987 BMW 325is

$_57 (4)

In the first year of the “is” sport package, the 1987 325is came with a front spoiler that protruded so strongly that they’re called “cow catchers.” BMW softened it up a little for the next few years, but I’ve always dug this specific year because when I was little and drawing BMWs during class, they all had this type of curb-taunting front spoiler. While this one only had 72k miles on it, the seller decided to step up their game and take advantage of the E30’s recent popularity by giving it a thorough refreshing. The fresh coat of Hennarot over a nicely redone Natur and black interior really help this car stand out. It may not be all original, but it’s an outstanding example of this one-year-only look.

Click for details: 1987 BMW 325is on eBay

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1989 BMW 325is

These days, it’s a struggle to find a clean E30 of any kind, let alone a 325is. So many of these cars have been stanced, track prepped or otherwise changed from their original setup that often times I wonder how many unmolested ones there are left. Though it might look it, this example isn’t completely stock but the modifications are the right kind so it’s ok in this case. How could you complain about a Dinan exhaust and engine chip, Koni adjustable shocks and upgraded HID headlights? I know some regular readers won’t particularly love the addition of an Alpine stereo unit or McIntosh amplifier/EQ, but at least they are quality components. Besides, stereo work is easy to undo and return to stock if you wish to do so, personally I’d consider swapping the head unit for a more period correct looking one that was still good enough to make use of the amp/EQ.

On the mechanical front the seller notes that much of the work associated with high mileage E30s has already been done. Clutch and top end engine work were done 27k miles ago, tires, brake pads, rotors, timing belt and more was done recently. Cosmetically, the car appears to be in great shape but I’d need many more pictures to have a truly informed opinion. In fact, if there is one major negative here it’s that the seller only posted five pictures, none of which are particularly good. Quality wise they’re okay, but with a car of this age you really want to see multiple angles both inside and out. The ad says the carpet is the only bit of the interior that shows wear. Well I’d like to see that so show me, don’t tell me!

I still don’t understand how people think they’re going to be able to attract serious buyers with such little visual information. I’ve been burned a couple times recently by sellers who take vague pictures and swear the car is near mint condition. So I take the time to go look at it and it turns out that there’s a wide variety of what constitutes “mint condition“. I don’t think this is one of those sellers who is just trying to get a face to face with you, I just think they were lazy with the picture taking. These cars photograph well even when they’re in shit condition so if you’ve got a nice on on your hands you owe it to the car and yourself to take at least ten to fifteen pictures of the damn thing. Ok, rant over.