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1993 BMW 325iS

1Time capsule cars are fascinating. It doesn’t matter whether they’re high-performance exotics or run of the mill, entry level econoboxes, there’s always something deeply weird and alluring about finding a car built decades ago that still looks brand new today. It’s even more interesting when that car is an E36. This generation of 3-series will, I think, one day be regarded as a classic, but you’d be forgiven for doubting it, since so many of them out there for sale today are such dogs. For every nice example on the market there are ten cars that have been driven hard and put away wet. This ’93 325iS however looks pretty much the same as I imagine it did the day it left the showroom, which is not too surprising since it only has 34k miles on the odometer.

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1990 BMW 325is

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I’ve featured some nice examples of the 325is recently, ranging from an extremely low-mile ’87 to a subtly modified M-Tech ’87, to a slammed ’89 ready for a feature in European Car. All of those cars were severely lacking in one important category: Brown. The 71k-mile ’87 was beige, which is close but no cigar. This ’90 325is was originally silver, but a previous owner made the outstanding choice to make it a nice, chocolatey brown. It’s the highest mileage we’ve seen in a while, with something like 206k miles on the chassis but being blessed with a rebuild and plenty of other new parts. It comes with absolutely classic Ronal Turbos and other nice bits like a Z3 steering rack (2.7 turns lock to lock instead of 3.5 should surprise your E30-driving buds) and a reupholstered interior. As you might expect of a double-century car, it could use a little love, but small things like fixing a cracked bumper, touching up some rock chips, and putting center caps in the Turbos would make a world of difference. Bidding is low for this high-mileage E30, but potential is high.

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1987 BMW 325is

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All of the 325is I’ve featured recently are in good shape for the mileage, which ranged from well-traveled to marathoner. Today’s a special day, with a low-mileage example of the E30 that is in (a distant) second place for most desirable behind the M3 unicorn. This bronzitbeige coupe with a 5-speed has 71k miles, a good half or third of the other recent 325is auctions. It wears the 1987-specific cowcatcher front spoiler, one of the more aggressive stock valences in this generation of BMWs, and while the aftermarket Fittipaldi 5-spokes aren’t anachronous or awful, they’re not more attractive than the stock rims. The crack-prone black interior looks solid and serviceable and the seats aren’t ripped, but I expected it to be a little more pristine considering the mileage. Just based on how many years it could have left in it compared to the high-mile examples, it could be enjoyed for years and still sold (likely at a premium) as a lower-mileage example. The seller knows that, and is asking at the top end of the non-M3 market to this point.

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1987 BMW 325is

Here’s a sweet little 325is that is deceptively unique. With no trunk badges, a first glance at the side skirts may lead you to believe it’s a 325ix, but a closer look reveals an E30 that has been given quite a bit of attention. Under the 9 year-old repaint, the side skirts are actually BBS, and the front and rear M-Tech I valences have been integrated into chrome Euro bumpers. It’s also lacking the M-tech wheel arches, but I don’t miss them. Inside, E30 M3 seats in Natur are a nice touch (though I’ve never liked the bulbous M-Tech II steering wheel), and the mechanicals seem to have been thoroughly maintained and upgraded with nice bits like a Conforti chip and Dinan Stage 2 suspension. With no reserve, it’s time to let the eBay junkyard dogs feast.

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1989 BMW 325is

It’s Sunday, and as we dig through the winter weekends watching the anticlimactic wrap-up to the NFL season we can start daydreaming again of spring Sundays filled with curvy dry roads, loud exhaust, and practicing our heel-toe. This 325is is well set up to be a weekend warrior, not overdone despite almost no stone unturned. It has a host of interior and exterior modifications that would probably look delightfully subtle were it not for the gold-centered wheels. The Shadowline and Euro bits highlight a monochromatic body while an Alcantara-heavy interior with recovered Corbeaus looks like a great place to be, both comfortable and functional. There’s no crazy performance gains here, just a mellow cocktail of chip, exhaust, and redone suspension to help this 325is really exploit its E30ness.

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