The Personal S-Class Mercedes-Benz: 1991 560SEC vs. 1996 S600 Coupe

Mercedes coupes have always been an object of desire for me. Sure, they lack a little of the carefree fun factor of their open roofed counterparts, but a lot of the classics coupes have blended the conservative style of the sedans with a bit of verve you would expect with a personal luxury vehicle. A two-door vehicle of this size may seem indulgent, but for me, they are oh so right. One of our favorites here at GCFSB is the C126, more commonly known as the 380SEC and later 560SEC on these shores. For a decade, this car carried the large coupe torch for Mercedes-Benz fairly unchanged and was one of those cars of the 1980s people would instantly associate with the wealthy.

First, let’s take a look at this low mileage 560SEC for sale in New York.

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1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC with 29k miles


The R107 SL was the icon of a generation for Mercedes-Benz. Introduced in 1972, it’s popularity was such that it carried on strong through the end of the 1980s, bringing with it popularity that it’s larger sibling, the C126 SEC just couldn’t match. The SEC was released as a replacement for the R107 based SLC hardtop, which brought the big four place Mercedes coupe within the design language of the newly released W126 S class sedan. AMG would have their way with the SEC throughout the years, creating some really butch looking variants designed specifically for left lane Autobahn antics. The SEC would carry on until 1991, when the larger W140 based SEC would appear, bringing with it design details that were a bit more brutal in nature.

Towards the end of the run, the C126 SEC came equipped with the same 5.6 liter V8 as seen under the hood of the 560SL and 560SEL, but this two-door pillarless coupe would turn out to be the road less traveled for the high end Mercedes customer. Restrained styling, smooth power and impeccable build quality were the order of the day. These cars have a look that doesn’t look terribly outdated today, which is not something you can say for many vehicles from the 1980s. This second to last year 560SEC for sale in New Jersey is one of the lowest mileage examples we’ve seen here at GCFSB with an asking price that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

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1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC 6.9 Engine Swap Down Under

Here is an oddity for your consideration. The mighty Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 remains quite a car today and the 560SEC represents some of the best of an old school Benz, however put them together and perhaps you are taking away from each. This isn’t the first time someone has decided to combine 6.9 parts with a W126 chassis, Google Sbarro Mercedes for instance, as with their creations results are mixed.

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1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

Back in the late 1980s, the sun was setting on the R107 Roadster as one of the longest lived, most successful models Mercedes-Benz had ever known. But there was another, more incognito way to go if you wanted personal luxury: the SEC coupe. While not as sporty or flash as the SL, the SEC exuded the aura or wealth that so many up and comers were seeking in the eighties. Powered by the same 5.6 liter V8 engine in its four-door counterpart, the 560SEL, this big coupe was optimal transport for those long weekend jaunts not quite worthy of hailing the private jet for. This 560SEC for sale in California has covered a mere 42,000 miles and looks impeccably clean in the de rigeur black over parchment color combination.

Year: 1987
Model: 560SEC
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 42,450 mi
Price: $22,900 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

Two owner California owned rare 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC. Black on parchment with only 42k miles. Is loaded with 15” wheels with brand new tires, heated seats, floor mats, premium sound, tape, CD, AM/FM, book. The car has been serviced, new air filters, oil, tires, all new belts, rear new shocks and more. Found only one scratch on right side door and we have posted picture of it. The car has a Mercedes-Benz 5.6 liter powerful motor that is very tight, fast and smooth. Don’t miss this chance to own this rare beauty with low miles. The car is clean in and out and is loaded with options. The car is very fast and tight, fun to drive. Please view pictures and if you have any questions feel free to contact us @714-415-9144. VIN #WDBCA45D4HA287019

The SEC model wasn’t the most flamboyant coupe design to emerge from Stuttgart, but it was a bit better proportioned than the SLC which preceded it and more lithe than the big bruiser of a coupe W140 that replaced it. The SEC has yet to gain traction in the collector market like the R107 SL, but when you find a good one like this, they can command strong money. The last low mileage SECs we featured were pulling in the $17,000 to $20,000 range, which is a little under where this car is priced. But with some mint W123s pulling near that price, is a similarly priced SEC that out of the question?


1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

With the introduction of the W126, Mercedes-Benz reverted back to the old formula of basing their large, four seater coupe on the S class sedan instead of the SL roadster as we saw with the SLC. The SEC debuted in 1981 and very much appeared like a two-door S class, with a few minor differences and the trademark pillarless design Mercedes coupes were known for. The ultimate version of the SEC was the 560SEC, introduced for the 1986 model year and manufactured until 1991, capping a production run of just under 75,000 SEC coupes.

This 560SEC for sale in New Jersey has covered under 50,000 miles and, for me, is the definition of understated elegance.

Year: 1989
Model: 560SEC
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 42,527 miles
Price: $22,600 Buy It Now

1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.46.10 PM

This is an amazing 1989 Mercedes 560SEC coupe. These cars are getting harder and harder to find. This example is stunning. It rides and drives tight and straight. It shows it was babied all its life. I have service records, books, and window sticker. Tires are like new.This car has only 42,527 miles. This is the one.

Growing up, my father had a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 400E in this very color combination. While I enjoy unique interior and exterior colors, the blue interior can be overwhelming at times, as there is just so much of it. However, silver over blue is a classic Mercedes color combination, so I’ll give it a pass. Around $17,000 to $20,000 is about the maximum you’d expect to pay for a clean, late model SEC coupe. At $22,000 we’re not far off that mark, so given a discount off the Buy It Now price, someone is going to snag one beautiful grand touring machine.


1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

A couple weeks ago we featured an 1984 500 SEC AMG. While it was a great low mile example of 1980’s tuning, it was far form attainable at a $64K asking price.  Enter the logical alternative, the 560 SEC.  While not equipped with all of the AMG goodies, this 560 SEC is arguably a much better car. With the more powerful 5.6l V8 (279bhp and 317lb/ft) and oozing with luxury options the 1988 560 SEC was the highest evolution of the W126 coupes.

This black on black beauty for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina is a tribute to Mercedes Benz class and luxury.

Year: 1988
Model: 560SEC
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 134,180
Price: $15,995 Buy it Now

1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

In the late-80s, the heaviest of heavy-hitters was the Mercedes-Benz S-class, with the dramatic 560SEC coupe at the very top of the hierarchy. Stunning luxury machines like this black-on-black 1988 example could hammer the Autobahn all day at triple-digit speeds, coddling their occupants like no other car in the world. Fresh off a recent service by a Mercedes-Benz dealership, this one is ready to impress today.

Few cars have a more commanding road presence than an S-class Mercedes, especially in sinister, inky black. With a recent paint job, this one doesnt look 24 years old, now rejuvenated and beautifully preserved thanks to an enthusiastic owner. The big coupe has style in spades, with a dramatic hardtop profile and sleek lines that definitely announce that this big Benz takes no prisoners. In typical German fashion, the design is restrained and the clean lines minimize the cars size, but theres no denying that this is a lot of car hammering down the road. A few bits of chrome, like the surround for the window opening emphasizes the cars best attributes, and theres just no mistaking the big 3-pointed star up front that moves lesser traffic out of the way like a snow plow. Experts will note subtle modifications like the clear parking light lenses and smoked taillights, both of which seem to further enhance the sleek shape.

Inside, the S-class got every luxury and convenience item Mercedes engineers could imagine in 1988. Power leather buckets are firm and supportive and in shockingly good condition considering the age and mileage on this coupe. Gorgeous door panels feature different materials and shapes that helped Mercedes break out of its cold, impersonal interior look, and the burled walnut on the center console warms it up inside nicely. White-faced gauges are a modern twist on the clear instruments Mercedes always offered, and theres a massive stereo system featuring a Kenwood head unit, speakers fitted throughout the interior, and a big subwoofer in the trunk. Heated seats, climate control, power windows, and a sunroof are all included, making this a first-class luxury liner.

The 5.6 liter V8 under the hood is one of Mercedes most reliable units, capable of running for hundreds of thousands of miles with little more than basic maintenance. Torquey and smooth, it moves the big coupe with the effortless ease of an electric motor, and the relentless push of torque makes it feel like it could accelerate forever. Beautifully maintained, the engine bay is spotless, from the big chrome air cleaner lid to all the hoses and wires that comprise what was, at the time, the worlds most technically advanced automobile. Obviously, someone loved this oneA LOT. Its the same deal underneath, where theres a 4-speed automatic with syrupy smooth shifts and a fully independent suspension that soaks up bumps like a hovercraft. Oversized 18-inch AMG wheels look simply awesome, and wear 245/45/18 performance radials.

Back in the late 80’s this was the car that you drove when you wanted to say “I have arrived”.  Whether on the stock market, rap game, or slinging coke this was the car that you drove when you made it big.  The one thing that  love about this car is that 25 years later, it says the same thing, except now you’re a connoisseur, making this the perfect car to set you apart from the AMG driving “new money”.

This car is priced fairly considering it’s well kept and has only traveled a scant 5K miles per year its whole life. I’d be interested to see the ownership history and some maintenance records, but mainly for my own curiosity and piece of mind.  Considering the quality Mercedes-Benz puts in to their cars, it’s no surprise that 25 years later this car will scream “I have arrived.”


1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – REVISIT

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – updated eBay link

This car is back up for sale almost a year after originally appearing on our site and it warranted a bump back to the front page because it is now on ebay with no reserve.

Since November it has added 1,000 miles to 79,000. When it last appeared the ask price was $21,000. Now with no reserve actual market value will be seen. Someone may get a deal on this if it stays under the radar, which me posting about it probably isn’t helping. (sorry to those of you bidding).

Prices on these are going up and while the nearly $150,000 we saw earlier this year on the Prince of Monaco’s W126 coupe was quite crazy $20k for this may not be a surprise, though I bet it will sell a few thousand short of that. The Wald kit does add to the rarity and is not an obnoxious body kit, but subtlety add to the looks of the car.

The below posting appeared on our site November 6, 2011:

One of these appeared in my neighborhood recently, a nice very stock, late model 560SEC. Years later these are still nice cars and still generate demand from enthusiasts.

The one featured here has extra good looks coming from the Wald international of Japan body kit. It also has nice AMG rims and has been lowered. Clear corners and smoked tails compliment the look. The car has 78,000 miles and the owner claims $20,000 in receipts.

Inside the stereo has been upgraded with a number of new parts. The dash features white-faced gauges and there is also a BBS wood or wood look steering wheel. One thing that dates Mercedes of this era is the gray interior they put on so many cars. It is boring, doesn’t really give a very luxury appearance, and also it ages poorly, by that I mean driver seats don’t get a nice patina, but often show a yellowing discoloration. The interior here looks very clean though.

The seller is letting their own attachment to the car get in the way of asking a reasonable selling price as the ask is $21,000. That is too high right now for a W126 coupe with that kind of mileage, even with the additions, and in this nice shape. The seller also fails to provide enough photos of substance (no shots of the right side, no engine shot) to convince even a really interested party to think about biting on this one. Perhaps this is a case of an owner being told by a wife that he needs to sell a car and this is his way of being able to say he is trying, but inside he knows there is no hope of actually selling it from this advert.

The posting and photos originally appeared on our site November 6, 2011 here is the updated link for its reappearance September 2012:

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – updated eBay link


Personal Luxury Personified: 1986 & 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

At the top of the Mercedes-Benz range in the 1980s sat the SEC coupe. Essentially a two door version of the revered W126 sedan, this coupe brought classic Mercedes pillarless coupe grace to what was a rather conservative limousine look. Manufactured until late 1991, the 560SEC was the final evolution of the breed, with the 5.6 liter, 225 horsepower M117 SOHC V8. Just under 30,000 were produced and many are still on the roads and regularly used up to this very day. These two 560SECs for sale are both very well kept examples of one of Mercedes’ finest from an era where overengineering ruled the day. Up first is a Smoke Silver 1986 example for sale in Texas.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

1986 Mecedes-Benz 560SEC 86,737 miles. This amazing SUPER LOW MILLAGE 1986 near super car (at it’s time) has been in our hands since it was new in 1986. It was at it’s time one of the most amazing luxury sport cars ever produced. It has always been garaged and has been beautifully cared for throughout it’s life. It has never been modified in any way nor has been in an accident. It even has the original working radio deck and wheels. The completely original paint is amazing and the panels are beautiful all around. The interior is spectacular for it’s age and most importantly the car is rust free. The engine is in great condition and pulls very strong and sounds great. Overall it’s in excellent mechanical condition. There are only minor interior cosmetic issues mostly with trim pieces, headliner, and one scratch on the bumper that simply need to be addressed. Photos show what I am talking about and again it’s very minor. The car is located in San Antonio, TX. If you are a serious buyer and have any questions about the car please feel free to message me. The car is sold as is without any implied or expressed warranty or guaranty.

In comparison to the above featured SEC, this 1991 example represents the final year for the SEC and is quite possibly one of the best you can buy on the market today, with less than 23,000 miles under its belt. For sale in Pennsylvania, it looks stunning in black over palomino leather, especially with the side windows rolled down, highlighting the pillarless design.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

1991 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC with 22,888 miles, last year for this model, near museum condition, comes with all original manuals, window sticker, keys, brochures, car cover, service records, very clean and well cared for. Time capsule, cars like this come around very rarely. Black with palomino leather. Show winner potential! Drives beautifully, very serene, elegant design, future collectible, etc. Nice shape, size and proportions, feels smaller than current models. Luxurious interior, high quality materials, excellent performance, super comfortable seating and great visibility throughout! $85,850 original MSRP in 1991! If you always wanted one, this is your opportunity to get perhaps the finest used one extant, still at a fraction of it’s original cost!

At the moment, anywhere between $8,000 to $10,000 will buy you a very solid 560SEC that hasn’t been abused or had a ton of miles racked up on it. With a no reserve starting bid of $6,000, the 1986 SEC should land somewhere comfortably in that range, if the right people are drawn to this auction. The 1991 is arguably the better of the two. With an opening bid of $16,500 with no reserve, it will be interesting to see if this car breaks the $20,000 mark.


1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC with 52,000 miles

If Mercedes-Benz still made brand new W126 S class sedans, I think people would buy them, as their style and durability were hard to match as compared to cars that preceded and followed it. The C126 coupe based off the W126 chassis was the flagship of the line in the 1980s. While not as wildly popular as the longer lived R107 SL, this coupe blended understated pillarless coupe styling with the smooth M117 5.6 liter V8 and all the bells and whistles the discerning consumer could ask for. Low mileage R107 SL roadsters are rather easy to come across, but few C126 coupes remain in good shape. This 560SEC for sale in Oklahoma looks showroom fresh with just over 50,000 miles and is sure to delight as much as it did the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

This is a rare and truly original 560SEC. The last and best year for this model and one surely to become a collectible. This car has only 52,000 miles. It is a three owner car with all books and records including window sticker and various other documents. The paint is very good original condition with minor chips, no dents or dings. The interior is excellent, and the glass is original and in excellent condition. Everything works as it should including seat retractors and radio. This car is ready to go with no issues. They can be very costly if they are not well kept and this one has always been well maintained. There are not many black cars left in this condition with low miles.

Having been built in July 1991, this is one of the very last C126 coupes to have rolled off the production line. Everything about this car is right; the color, the miles, the year, you name it. I even think the asking price is reasonable given the immaculate presentation. This is yet another car I would love to call my own, if it were not for money and space limitations. Whoever winds up getting this car is not only getting a good bit of class and luxury for the price, but one of the best engineered big Benzes of our time.


1986 Mercedes 560SEC AMG 6.0 Widebody

We’ve featured a couple W126 AMG cars from this seller. We can’t agree more that the seller is right that these original big bodied eighties AMG cars are going up and value and be even more sought after in the not too distant future.

This seller has a knack for finding nice examples of these, cleaning them up and presenting them well for sale. This example has covered only 20,000 mile son its potent 6.0 liter power plant. The exterior has some of the typical upgrades we see on these, smoked front corners,, modified taillights, color matched AMG rims, blacked out treatment (chrome, emblems, grille). The interior has the correct AMG steering wheel and 300 KM/H speedometer. What makes this one stand out is the two tone interior. This interior is reminiscent on what was seen on some of the C43 AMG cars a decade later.

The engine bay looks like it has just been cleaned. The seller has added some red accents, which seem a touch out of place on a Benz of this era, but don’t look bad. I think we mostly should leave red engine accents on a Merc for Renntech.

The bidding on this is at $25,000 with the reserve not met.

1986 Mercedes 560SEC AMG 6.0 Widebody on eBay