1986.5 Porsche 928S

Long considered the step child in the ranks, front engine Porsches have been gaining in popularity over the past decade. Popular sentiment has shifted towards acceptance of cars other than the 911 with the Porsche crest on the bonnet. While the 924 and 944 are great choices for those who want a car to carve up the back roads or hit a track day or two, the 928 is one of the best grand touring machines of the era. With V8 power and a good amount of them equipped with an automatic transmission, they are perfect for eating up the miles, especially if you live in the car’s home country and can exploit its power. This 928 for sale in Pennsylvania has the 5.0 liter V8 and is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, making it a better proposition for those who want to be involved in every aspect of this brute from Stuttgart.


Year: 1986.5
Model: 928S
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 41,600 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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1986.5 928S


Original Black Paint with Burgundy leather interior

41,600 Original Miles

VIN # WPOJB0929GS861856

Fantastic example in great condition. I purchased this vehicle in 2011 with 40K miles on it and updated a great deal. The following list of updates or preventive work was completed over the past 16 months. All mechanical work was completed by a local shop that specializes in Porsche cars. Can provide the name and contact information of mechanic for serious buyers. The car is fast and handles great.

1. Truck Latch Repaired

2. LED light refresh interior

3. Trunk and Hood Struts

4. Hood Liner for engine compartment.

5. New Hood release cable and control

6. Porken Chip Set V4

7. Porken Tensioner

8. Porken Q Rings

9. Gates Timing Belt

10. All Fuses

11. ABD and Fog Light Relay

12. Water Pump

13. Fuel Pump

14. Fuel Pressure Regulator

15. Vacuum Line Refresh

16. Fuel Line Refresh

17. O2 Sensor

18. X Pipes (have original)

19. Cam Cover Gaskets

20. All Washer Pumps and plumbing

21. BOSCH Plug Wires

22. New Shocks (OEM)

23. Electrical Rotors

24. Dash Dimmer Switch

25. Combination Switch (Steering wheel cluster)

26. New Chin Spoiler

27. New

28. Over $1,000 in new Michelin Tires on vehical

29. New Battery (will include trickle charger)

30. Custom Sun Shade (will include)

31. Custom Fender Mechanic Chaps (will include)

32. 4 season Outdoor car cover (will include)

Paint and interior in great shape for the age of this vehicle. Would welcome any serious buyers who would wish to see the vehicle in person. Spare tire, pump kit, extra belts, owners manual, and two key sets all in great shape. I have all work orders and receipts since I have owned this vehicle.

This car was my dream car since I was a boy. I searched and found a good unmolested example and made it great. Sadly, I just do not have the time to drive it as I had hoped. I have put less than 1,500 miles on it in the 2 years I have owned the car. Have additional images if needed. Simply…This car needs nothing


The 928 is sort of a chameleon type of car. In a period 1970s color such as light green metallic or brown, it appears firmly rooted in that era. However, paint it a color more commonly popular today, like silver, black or white, and you could mistakenly think this is the “new Porsche.” Few cars have ever looked into the future in terms of automotive styling as insightfully as the 928 did.

We featured a 5-speed manual 928S back in April that was for sale at $23,500. It failed to move at that price. Around $12,000 to $13,000 is about what average 928s of this vintage are pulling. This car isn’t average, though. Given the lower miles, condition and tasteful color combination, I’d suspect the final bidding on this car will wind up somewhere between $16,000 to $18,000.


1985 Porsche 928S

It’s rather amazing that 36 years after its introduction, the Porsche 928 still looks fresh. In 1977, it must have appeared to have arrived from another planet. Integrated bumpers, a streamlined shape and potent V8 power were meant to take over where the 911 was about to leave off. Funny then, that the 911 has carried on almost twenty years after the last 928 rolled off the line. These grand tourers are beginning to creep up in value, but are still lagging a bit behind most 911s. Buy a really cheap one, though, and it could put you in the poor house. This 928S for sale near Philadelphia is a low mileage minter with the desirable 5-speed manual gearbox.

Year: 1985
Model: 928S
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 25,300
Price: $23,500 Buy It Now

1985 Porsche 928S on eBay

You are bidding on a 2 owner 1985 Porsche 928S. This is a RARE 5-speed manual transmission,less than 500 units built this model year. Automatics dominated 1985 sales and are more available and much cheaper. Vehicle has 25,300 original miles. (This will change as I drive it when weather permits). Car comes with original purchase and service records, all owner’s manuals and key set and documentation service in the DC area. This is not the six thousand dollar 928 you hear about. (The wheels and tires alone would cost almost that much)!

Now what you SHOULD worry about……..in the last 2 months….NEW timing belt with NEW Pork tensioner system, NEW water pump. NEW rear coupler bushings (PIA to replace) flushed radiator and changed oil and filter. All other fluids clean and full (brakes, transaxle). Front and rear wheel bearings checked and adjusted as necessary. Breaks are great. ALL electronics and on board computers are working as they should. The back of my fuse/relay panel is all properly connected grey wires. The #42 fuse for the fuel pump is segregated. In other words the electronics are as they should be with NO jumpers or other homemade electronic configurations!!!

Front tires (Bridgestone Potenza) almost new 235s and the rear tires 285s are new. The wheels “real” Porsche Carrera III, 18”. The rear wheels were professionally refinished and LOOK NEW. The front wheels look great with a just a “smudge” on a spoke on the right front. If wheels and tires make a car…..consider this “made.” As you can see in the pictures the car really sits nice. I think the wheel/ tire combination is perfect. I have the stock wheels and almost new tires to go with the car at my asking price. I have a NEW Lizard short shifter ready to be installed. I will include with asking price.

What else….you can do a lot to a six thousand dollar 928 but it will cost you another 20 to make it as nice as this one. BODY/PAINT/INTERIOR all near period perfect. New Lloyd’s floor mats. It was cleaned up of any imperfections, scratches ,door dings, etc. before I bought it. The paint on this car looks great. Porsche Guards Red. A few repaired stone chips and 1 small size ding on exhaust cut out. (I don’t notice it) NO evidence of it ever being in an accident. Other than that I can honestly say this is a well cared for 25,000 mile interior. Interior is a 9 out of 10? OK so what are the cons? A few drips of oil from rear cam covers. Not enough to worry about. Nine dollar part and labor (I’m guessing 2-3hrs).

The rear hatch sounds like it’s working but isn’t. The professional 928 mechanic I use thinks we can adjust it. That being said…this car has been gone over and repaired by a “well known” 928 expert in the Mid Atlantic/North East region. He’s a good guy and if you’re really in the game I think we can get him to speak with you. The service manuals are a 9 set binder. I have a condensed version that is one manual but I have the 6 CD Jim Morehouse manual. Please call with any questions. With the above exceptions, EVERYTHING WORKS! This is a great ride. 610-368-3673. Good luck bidding. I may end auction early for a local sale or trade.

The last 928 we featured was a 1983 model and was listed at $22,500. It had similar mileage but didn’t have the later 5.0 liter engine that this car does. It seems that extremely low mileage 928s from the mid 1980s are reaching into the low $20,000 range, but if you look hard enough, there are still examples out there that can be had in the $15,000 to $18,000 range. The 5-speeds seem to bring a little bit more cash, since they are more rare and tend to be favored by more hardcore enthusiasts. Reach any lower than $15,000, though, and it could be a gamble.