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Porsche 928 Roundup Aus Europa

The Porsche 928 has been on my mind lately, no thanks in part to the knowledgable folks over at flüssig magazine. Normally we like to feature examples for sale in the US, but today I decided to peruse one of our favorite sites for used vehicles in Europe, After searching about, I found a diverse grouping of 928s, all with their own particular charm. We’ll start with this eye catching 928CS prototype, the rarest of all 928 variants, for sale in Spain.

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Shark Showdown: Porsche 928S4 vs. 928GT

Before the ultimate iteration of Porsche’s V8 GT car appeared for the 1993 model year, the 928 lineup went through some twists and turns to separate the car into two categories for those wanting a bit more sport and those wanting a bit more comfort. The manual gearbox option was thus dropped on the 928S4 for the 1990 model year, making it the clear choice for those looking for a high speed cruiser. If you wanted to be a bit more involved and row your own, you would have to choose the 928GT, a model which debuted in 1989. The GT would also offer stiffer suspension and a RDK tire pressure monitoring system.

First we’ll take a look at this 1989 928S4 for sale in British Columbia with 75k miles on the clock. This one is a rare non-sunroof model in need of a little fettling.

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1988 Porsche 928S4 5-speed

There’s a romantic vision I always seem to have; grabbing my wife and child, jumping in the exotic sports car and heading for the backroads for some spirited driving. That vision always seems to include some exotic; a Maserati Ghibli or perhaps even a Ferrari 400i. While Ferrari 400i prices have remained at a level attainable for mere mortals, the Ghibli has rocket well out of reach. But the Ferrari has problems, too – well, it’s a Ferrari. Last time I checked, maintaining those lovely stallions isn’t exactly cheap. But there is a much more practical supercar also born in the 1970s with futuristic styling and it’s a perennial favorite of ours; I’m speaking, of course, of the Porsche 928. Sure, compare the 928 to a Volkswagen Scirocco and it’s a very complicated, expensive car to run. But compare it to some of the exotics it ran against, and the 928 almost seems like a bargain to maintain. Great build quality, styling which has weathered the test of time and legendary GT performance make for a quite desirable package which is still very affordable in today’s world:

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1986 Porsche 928S

If the Porsche 928GTS we featured last week was a bit too rich for your blood but it’s a V8 Porsche you still lust after, have faith. There are still a few options out there on the market. Case in point this tidy 1986 928S for sale in Nevada. This is one of the last pre-facelift 928s, as 1987 would see a more rounded rear end. Under the hood is the 5.0 liter lump, good for 316 horsepower, making this a bit of a straddling year in the 928 production run.

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1991 Porsche 928S4

With a resident water-cooled Porsche expert now a part of our team at GCFSB, I approach the cadre of 924, 928, 944 and 968s out there with a bit more deference. While some may seem affordable, the more well-informed know they can be anything but when it comes to upkeep. Find the right one and care for it, though, and you’ll be rewarded with infinite motoring pleasure. Those who have run them will no doubt agree that the line “buy the best one you can afford” applies and if there is a better 1991 928S4 than this one for sale in Texas I have yet to find it. This example is almost fresh out of the box with under 6,000 miles and the stunning Coral Red paintwork makes for a decidedly different look.

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