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1987 Porsche 930 Targa

I’ve shown quite a few Targas recently from all around the 911 range. One that I haven’t shown in a long while is the 930 Targa. The 930 Targa is pretty rare and outnumbered by the 930 Coupe to a fair degree. It’s also a somewhat strange looking example, but that’s a fault I find with any Targa equipped with a whale tail, whether it be a 930 or a standard 911. But for open-topped motoring along with a heavy does of rear-drive power the 930 Targa makes for a captivating experience and the one we see here combines interesting options with very low mileage to yield one of the better examples I can recall. Here we have a Guards Red 1987 Porsche 930 Targa, located in Indiana, with a rare Black leather/Anthracite Flannel interior and just 8,829 miles on the odometer. Prior to being sold this car served as a Porsche company car where it logged an additional 6,100 miles. All told, the mileage is still very low.

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1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera

Last week I featured a Guards Red 1976 Porsche 930 that probably would have made for an interesting option if the price was right. Unfortunately, the current asking price is not right. Here we have another example, but this one appears to lack the flaws of that Guards Red 930 and as such it likely stands a much better chance of reaching its high asking price. When I came across this 930 I was immediately struck because I could swear I had seen it before, but couldn’t immediately place it. The pictures obviously have been heavily edited with regard to shading and lighting, but there’s a pretty good reason for that: the collection from which this 930 hails was featured in Excellence Magazine’s December 2015 issue and the pictures from that shoot used these same lighting changes. That was the aspect of these pictures that immediately recalled this 930 to mind and I am sure the seller hopes that buyers will recognize the car as being related to those in that article given the praise that was heaped upon the restoration work carried out on those early 930s. As far as I can tell this isn’t one of the three 930s featured in the Excellence article, or at least if it is one of them then the interior has been changed since those cars each had tartan fabric seat inserts. I’m not sure if those seat inserts were original, but I really hope they haven’t been removed because they looked fantastic and provided for a much more interesting interior.

A Brief History of Cars
A Brief History of Cars

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1988 Porsche 930 Cabriolet Slantnose

I’m going to take a break from “regular” Porsches to go to the full length of excess, at least with regard to road cars. Here we have a 1988 Porsche 930 Cabriolet with the factory Slantnose option and a mere 9,100 miles on it. By itself it’s nearly a preposterous looking car and while stunning it’s not likely to be a car most would call beautiful. Add to that already rare and interesting design a specially ordered Midnight Blue leather interior with contrasting Red piping along with a burled wood dash and you have a car that’s full of contradictions. It’s both sophisticated and garish. Powerful and dynamically befuddling, but capable of relaxed top-down cruising with the wind in your hair and sun on your face. There are few cars in Porsche’s history more polarizing than a 930 Slantnose, with the Cabriolet raising that bar even further. But they are extremely rare and desirable nonetheless and near impossible to find in this condition.

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1976 Porsche 930

When I come across them I will almost always choose to feature a 1976 Porsche 930. They are one of the earliest examples of what has become an iconic model – the 911 Turbo – and their simplified and pared down nature relative to later examples brings with them a purity that many others fail to match. But they can be difficult, which the example here, a Guards Red 1976 Porsche 930 located in North Carolina, demonstrates quite well. As some of the earliest examples of the 911 Turbo these cars tend to be quite valuable, as we’d expect. But especially in the current market, where 911 prices have begun to retreat somewhat for all but the very best examples, there tends to be a disconnect between asking prices and where we’d actually expect a 930 to sell. We’ll get to the problematic parts, let’s start with the good. Generally speaking, inside and out this 930 looks very ncie. The Guards Red paint shows well and the interior looks crisp throughout. In addition, other than the steering wheel the interior appears to retain all of its original parts. I would guess the interior has been refreshed at some point during this 930’s life, though the seller makes no mention of that so perhaps it’s wholly original. All in all, for a 40-year-old Porsche with more than 100K miles on it the condition is good and while we’d likely classify it as driver-quality rather than concours it definitely has a lot going for it.

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1988 Porsche 930 Coupe

Last week I featured a Grand Prix White 911 Turbo 3.6 and talked about how the 964 is one of the models I particularly enjoy in white. With this Grand Prix White 1988 Porsche 930 Coupe I think we see a nice contrast in the way the two models showcase that paint. For me, the 964 shows much better for reasons I probably couldn’t explain, but I think much of it comes down to the prevalence of the black trim on each model. Others may have the opposite reaction; I’ve found that a white exterior tends to do that with cars. With their respective interiors we have a much different story. I love the contrast of the Burgundy interior on this 930. It works phenomenally with the Grand Prix White exterior and is far superior to the boring Grey we saw on the 964. So with both Turbos we have a little bit of a mixed bag, at least regarding the exterior and interior colors. Returning to this 930, the mileage here is reasonable for its age, though higher than most 930s we come across. So long as it has been well maintained that shouldn’t be of too much concern and should allow for it to sell at a much more reasonable price than lower-mileage examples.

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