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1987 Porsche 930 Targa


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I’ve shown quite a few Targas recently from all around the 911 range. One that I haven’t shown in a long while is the 930 Targa. The 930 Targa is pretty rare and outnumbered by the 930 Coupe to a fair degree. It’s also a somewhat strange looking example, but that’s a fault I find with any Targa equipped with a whale tail, whether it be a 930 or a standard 911. But for open-topped motoring along with a heavy does of rear-drive power the 930 Targa makes for a captivating experience and the one we see here combines interesting options with very low mileage to yield one of the better examples I can recall. Here we have a Guards Red 1987 Porsche 930 Targa, located in Indiana, with a rare Black leather/Anthracite Flannel interior and just 8,829 miles on the odometer. Prior to being sold this car served as a Porsche company car where it logged an additional 6,100 miles. All told, the mileage is still very low.

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Year: 1987
Model: 911 Turbo Targa
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 8,829 mi
Price: $163,895 Buy It Now

1987 930 Turbo Targa.

A true member of the Golden Age of the 911, this 1987 930 Turbo Targa is a unique find and wonderful opportunity for the astute Porsche collector, thanks to its rarity, low mileage, and supreme history of care.

Porsche documentation shows that the vehicle was a Porsche fleet car in Germany, for its first 6,100 miles. A certified affidavit from Porsche confirms that prior to sending the vehicle to the U.S., the odometer was replaced and set to zero. Since entering the U.S. in 1988, 8,829 miles have been driven, with a complete engine-out and reseal performed at 5,000 miles. All formal documentation, history, and records are present. Please see pictures below.

This is a 100% stock car, with no performance modifications present. 141 Turbo Targas entered North America between ’87 and ’88, with only a fraction registered in the United States, making the example featured here truly special. In addition to its low production numbers, this treasure has been expertly cared for and maintained. All records of exceptional service and maintenance are present.

The example here is visually stunning. Finished in classic Guards Red, paint is in phenomenal condition and still retains its original luster. Fine black leather seats with anthracite flannel accents show as new, thanks to years of fastidious care. Original Window Sticker included, along with all books, manuals, service records, compressor, original toolkit, and two sets of keys. A PDF file of all documentation has been prepared for serious buyers and is available upon request.


As is standard with this dealer, all of the exterior photos are pretty heavily photoshopped so we have to take the exterior condition with quite a few grains of salt. It looks in fine shape, but it’s tough to be sure. Given the very low mileage, which is less than 15K miles total if we add the odometer and its time as a Porsche company car, then we should expect excellent condition. The interior shows very well and serves as testament to the overall condition so that is a positive and the rare Anthracite Flannel inserts are a very interesting touch. I can’t say I’ve come across another 911 from this period with such an interior. The unique interior, very low miles, extensive documentation, and rarity of the Targa all make this a very promising 930. Still this asking price seems very ambitious for a ’87, but with low mileage 930s still showing pretty good values it’s probably not totally out of line. I think it’ll be a tough sell, but also wouldn’t be surprised if someone snapped it up.


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  1. JA
    JA April 3, 2016

    I had those exact same inserts on my 1986 US Market 930. Exterior, platinum; interior gray green carpets, free leather w/ those exact flannel inserts. When the driver’s seat wore, we patched it from the back of the passenger seat as no NOS or reproductions available.

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