Motorsport Monday: 1976 Porsche 935

The Porsche 935 is one of the most iconic racing sports cars. It’s also one of the most extreme mutations of a street 911, pushing the envelope of aerodynamics and the rule books. Porsche engineers found there was no stipulation of where the headlights needed to be located; in short order, the super aerodynamic “slantnose” appeared. There was, however, a stipulation that the original rear window had to be retained – but there wasn’t a rule that there couldn’t be a second, more aerodynamic window – so later 935s got a more slippery profile channeling air to that very important rear wing. That wing was so important because the 935s were at times pumping up to 800 horsepower through those rear wheels – enough to make them as fast as prototypes had been only years before.

The 935 was so successful that many were continually modified and raced from their original launch in the late 70s until well into the mid-80s – unusual for a top-spec race car, which is usually antiquated in a year or two. This was the case with the last 935 I wrote up, a 1977 Porsche 935 that was later updated to the top Kremer spec. Today’s car took a different path, originally beginning life as a 934 before being sold to the Minister for Sport in El Salvador who upgraded it first to 934.5 spec, then to full 935 spec. It was in this full 935 spec that the car ran Daytona in 1981 and 1982, though it was uncompetitive compared to those Kremer prepared cars. At that point, the car was again modified – this time back to 934 spec until 1985. Since then the car was both crashed and restored back to the 1981 spec, in the “El Salvador” livery celebrating the Central American championship heritage:

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1972 Porsche 911 934.5 935 Widebody rolling chassis

This is a bit of an oddity. Someone spent a lot of time putting together a race/street 911 widebody, but either ran out of money or got bored before finding it an engine and transmission. Not much more to say, I don’t like seller’s who write their ads in all caps and underlined so I didn’t read much of the description. If you can make it through the visually stupefying description let us know what you think of this. I see it is quite the widebody and comes with 5 points and a roll cage. The opening ask price is $9500, no reserve, buy-it-now is at $25,000 (now way it will sell for that). If you want a project and like bright Dodge Challenger “sublime green” paint take a look at this.


There are 4 IMSA Porsches for sale on eBay

You’ve seen some of these before, but I thought I’d group them together here. Want to start a new race team? Pick and choose which one of these big time Porsches suit your needs. You can just imagine the sound of the turbos spooling up and picture the flames shooting out the exhaust on these bad boys. All come with race history.

Same owner as the 1981, maybe get a deal if you buy them both. Note the other cars in the background of the photos.

The bargain of the bunch.

4 pictures of each below in the same order as above.


Porsche DP 935 Turbo: Previously Owned by Mario Andretti and Pete Rose

I’m a product of the 80’s, so sue me if the styling doesn’t fit everyone’s palette. I think this thing is rad! Check out this 1982 Porsche modified by DP Motorsports with 935 slant nose, aero package, and turbo modifications, listed for sale on Pelican Parts For Sale Forum:

quote from seller’s post on Pelican Parts:


It is based on a 1982, ROW 911 Turbo (930) (Belgium), was originally built for Mario Andretti, and was owned by (baseball/gambling legend) Pete Rose when he and Mario were co-owners in a race team. (Have the original loan papers, etc).

I bought it about 4 years ago in San Diego, where it was sitting for most of the previous 20 years. I’ve put nearly 40 thousand miles on it in 4 years, and done a few track days with it as well.

I ended up replacing all the brakes, bearings, hoses, etc., etc over the last few years. I’ve also put in a light-weight clutch and fly wheel, RUF-vavled Biltein shocks, and stiffer torsion bars.

It’s got just under 80,000 miles on it, but had a COMPLETE, $25,000 engine rebuild at Weissach about 500 miles ago (last month) due to an overboost problem that caused some minor detonation in 3 of the 6 cylinders. it’s still in the break-in period.


The car is now putting out just under 500 HP at .8 bar.

The list goes on and on… and all work was performed by Weissach Performance here in Vancouver. The car has been meticulously maintained over the past 4 years that I’ve owned it, with no expense spared.

It has 2 Sparco Milano seats in it, but the original Sport Seats (non-powered) and rails come with it.

The original wheel fans come with it. 2 years ago I had the BBS wheels refinished and the wheel fan attachment points properly helicoiled. It also comes with 17×7.5 and 17×9 Cup 1 wheels.

The rear tires are special order (345/35/r15’s), and take about 3 months to be delivered, but I have 2 brand new ones that will come with it.


In the post the seller has lots more photos including historical photo’s with all kinds of different wheels to suggest whatever look you might want – two sets are included in fact! Check out that shot with the fan style wheels and the size of those rear tires!

This car has a hefty premium over garden variety Porsche 930 turbo’s, but I suspect DP modified cars would typically trade hands in this neighborhood with those in the know. At $55k, what do you think? Leave a comment!


btw – Count me amongst the countless Phillies fans that believe Pete should be in the hall of fame. One thing has nothing to do with the other, Bud!