Reader Ride: 2008 E92 V8 M3 with Dinan and Active Autowerke Upgrades

Chris emailed me this week to let us know that his 2008 M3 is for sale. Normally we favor older cars for the blog but this is a well thought out e92 with an impressive list of enhancements.

2008 BMW M3 For Sale on eBay

From the seller’s listing:

I am selling my 2008 m3 coupe since I’m buying a new boat and will be downsizing to one car. I purchased this car new in 2008 from Vista BMW in Fort Lauderdale FL. The car has been a weekend car since I purchased it. I use another vehicle for work. This car is in perfect condition with no dings, scratches or imperfections. It has never been wrecked, painted, or abused in any way. It has only been washed by me and detailed by a very high end detailer who uses only Swissvax products. It was detailed one month ago at which time it was clayed, sealed, waxed, and full interior treatment. This cost $500. The car was just serviced with an alignment, balance, and oil change 1 month ago. The car has never been driven on a track or raced. Factory warranty until June-2012. The factory installed options include:

– Full Leather interior (including lower dash)
– Technology Package (navigation, electronic damper control, etc.)
– Premium Package
– Satellite Radio
– HD Radio

The car is fully loaded except for the cold weather package. Now to the fun part. I have installed very tasteful and high end parts that make this car drive and sound amazing! (I have all of the documents surrounding these modifications which were done at 10,000 miles)

— Dinan Stage 1 suspension with full custom Alignment ($1500 with installation)
— Ground Control adjustable front sway bar end links ($300)
– Active Autowerke Full Exhaust with X-pipe from header back and euro spec high-flow cats ($5000 with installation)
– Active Autowerke Air Filter ($150)
– Active Autowerke Short Shifter ($500)
– Active Autowerke Pulley Kit ($500)
– RAC RG 63 Champion Motorsport Forged Racing Wheels – 19×9 fronts with 255/35/19 Michelin PS2/19×10 rears with 275/35/19 Michelin PS2 ( these wheels were made custom for only the BMW e92 M3 by a local M3 racer and enthusiast and are 8000 ton forged press) (The tires and wheels cost $6500).
– Hawk HPS Brake Pads (They stop far better than stock and produce no dust)
– Challenge Stainless Steal Brake Lines
– Motul Brake Fluid
– Hardwires for Passport 9500ix with smart console professionally installed in ashtray
– BMW Performance Black front Grill & side gills

The e92 M3 is a potent car as is, but I have to say this list of upgrades fits with exactly what I’d dream of doing if I owned one. To have all those products already installed is a big plus in my mind — no need to negotiate those upgrades with missus, they’re already installed!

This exhaust in particular is equally impressive looking and sounding. Here’s the best clip I could find online with the x-pipe and exhaust (not the seller’s car):

Good luck with the sale Chris! If you have a great German car for sale, drop me an email so we can add it to the site.


1991 BMW M5 for sale w/ Dinan

When I approached an acquaintance’s employer (a BMW mechanic for 30 years) about my pursuit of an E28 M5, he suggested the E34 for it’s further progression of the storied S38 and more refined interior. I nodded and appreciated his input, but I’ve known people with E34s, and while they are slick-and-mean super sedans, my penchant for 80s Bimmers is unwavering. However, if I were considering an E34, this local example is what I’d want. Clean red with black valences and the naked rims with the maligned turbine covers in the garage, it has Dinan Stage III suspension a D’Silva chip to sharpen it up for playtime.

1991 BMW M5 for sale on SF Craigslist

The seller’s description:

I’m selling a 1991 E34 M5 Dinan Stage III with 121,000 miles.
Dinan Stage III upgrades include:
Front and rear adjustable Sway Bars
Custom valved Koni struts and shocks
Lowering springs
Height leveling suspension delete
I have also installed Mark D’Silva EAT Performance Chip (340 hp)

This vehicle is good shape inside and out. I have a lot of the service history from Dinan. I Have only used Shell Helix/ Penzoil Platinum Euro formula oil. I have recently replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, power steering pump, power steering hoses, front end and center links with oem parts. The tires have less then 5,000 miles on them. The factory M5 turbine covers are included but are not shown in pictures. I took the car to Dinan and had one of their lead mechanics drive it and he was very impressed with the condition of the car. I have a lot of the previous owners maintenance records from Dinan on the car.

Serious buyers only please. No trades. I have a PPI for this vehicle. It checked out well, with some things that can be done (obviously for a car 20 years old) but the mechanic said verbally it was better than most for its age. I am accepting offers and am willing to work on a mutual price based on the cost incurred bringing this car up to perfect running order.

It sounds like the seller is a straight-shooter, offering to adjust price according to the little bit of work that needs to be done to bring it to perfection. He’s asking $12k, which seems reasonable considering the condition and upgrades. If I were a little older or a little less beholden to cars from the 80s, I’d be checking my bank account.


Low mile 1991 BMW M5 28k miles

Here is a pleasant surprise, a very original one owner E34 M5. The car is basically as new, except for the Dinan suspension that has replaced the factory self leveling items.

There isn’t much to say about a car this clean. It comes with proper documentation and looks ready to enjoy.

White isn’t my favorite color on the M5, but when looking for cars of this low mileage you can’t be too picky about color.

Bidding is up north of $15,000 with loads of time left and reserve not met.


Which E34 would you go for?

I came upon an interesting dilemma today: Two red E34s with very similar power outputs selling for within $2k of each other on eBay. One, a higher-mileage but painfully clean M5, the other, a nice 535is with a Dinan turbo setup. So, do you go for the factory sports-car assassin in a business suit, or a beefed-up and modified lesser model that flies only slightly less below the radar?

Let’s do a quick breakdown:

Engine: Unclear as to whether this is a S38B36 or B38, whether it has 305 or 335hp makes little difference in the decision; it’s hard to say no to one of the sweetest 6-cylinders ever made. The Dinan turbo is great and helps the sub-100k mile M30 reach 325hp and looks cool under the hood, but nothing’s better than “BMW M Power.” I’ll take the S38.

Exterior: Again, a fight of subtle modification against impeccable factory production. The removed-high beam look can work on rat-rod Bimmers and horsepower monsters, but here it just looks like it might need fixing. A few scratches on the 535 tip the scales towards the M5, which has a few scratches of its own but looks amazingly rich and clean for the mileage. Those Hamanns are nice, but they’re not enough to take down the M5.

Interior: The M5 looks nearly showroom-ready inside, while the 535 looks clean and complete but shows more age. Apparently an extra 2 years make more difference than 50k miles. A pattern is emerging… M5.

Price: Looks to be a clean sweep, which I was not expecting when I first looked at these cars. The M5 has a Buy-it-Now of just under $10k, a great price for a really clean M car, even if it is the forgotten son. The 535is comes in closely behind with a Buy-it-Now of $12k, not bad money for a well-done turbo swap in a clean car. Just got undersold by the M5.

So the M5 takes all categories, but the 535is was nipping at its heels the whole way. Just goes to show that it’s hard to beat BMW’s M department from the 80s and 90s, which leads to another feather in the cap of the M5: long after the 535 has become a once-great tuner car, the M5 will live on as a piece of history, garnering cache and cash. Go for the 535 if you want to turn the boost up and have some fun; otherwise, it’s all M5.

1991 BMW 850i with only 11k 1st in U.S.?

The seller claims that this 8 series, with only 11,440 miles, may have been the first one imported into the U.S.. The car is presented as new with all books and with a Dinan ECU upgrade, Dinan Exhaust, and AC Schnitzer wheels.
Not much more to say with this one, other than driving it will start to bring down the value. Which is a shame since it comes with the manual transmission. The big V12 begs to have its legs stretched on some lonely highways. It also begs to have some better pictures in the ad. If you have a super low mile car and your looking to showcase how pristine it is try to get some decent, well lit, in focus photos.

The buy-it-now price is $47,500.


1978 BMW Dinan 320i to 333i Turbo E21

Here is something to be thankful about this time of year. When cars like this pop up for sale it makes all of us excited.

This is a truly one of a kind early Dinan tuned 3 series. This BMW will make even the nicest E30 M3 look somewhat mundane.

What you have is a 1978 320i with a 5 speed overdrive manual that in 1980 was sent to Dinan where it received a new paint job, some body work and then had a 3.3 liter inline six with a turbo bolted on dropped in. The seller states that later in life, 1987, the head was replaced with a 3.5 version. (perhaps because the turbo blew out the head gasket on the original?) The engine bay is amazingly clean. I love the custom 333i badge completing the look on the back, just need to squeeze one of the BMW turbo badges on there somewhere.

16″ Hardy and Beck wheels keep the car on the ground and with the turbo’s 8.5 lbs of boost putting down 315 horsepower in a car this light its a good thing there are meaty Yokohama AVS Sport tires on the rims.

Recaro seats, custom gauges, and obligatory Blaupunkt stereo finish off the well cared for interior.  The car has an estimated 50,000 miles on the chassis.

A spectacular piece here showing a classic tuned vehicle that hasn’t been over restored or contemporized. In terms of collectibility finding a vehicle like this that is maintaining its original tuning, rather than finding the same vehicle that was customized recently, really helps the sale price. Quite a sleeper of a car too, that even a BMW fan might not appreciate at first look. Certainly will be a crowd pleaser at car shows though.

Right now it is sitting at $23,000 reserve not met. I’m not sure how high this one will go, but we will be talking very nice E30 M3 money.


High mileage 1988 BMW M5 Dinan E28

Sometimes we find cars we posted before return to the blog much later for sale by a different owner. Sometimes we don’t remember this. So that said I don’t think we have seen this particular M5 before, but we have seen a number of black E28s move through this blog.
This one has 214,000 miles, but only 25,000 on an engine rebuild and 1,000 on a valve job. The engine rebuild also saw the car see some go fast additions including, a lightweight flywheel and 3″ exhaust. The car also has a Dinan chip and Dinan Stage 3 suspension. 17″ rims and Euro headlights complete the nice look.
There are a few bits that need to be found, replaced, and fixed, but nothing that would prevent instant enjoyment from the purchase.
The car is sitting at $5,655 with bids and reserve not met.
Seller description:

There were only supposed to be 500 handbuilt BMW M5’s but BMW ended up making about 1270 total cars due to demand. This is car # 126 of the first 500. E28 chassis M5’s are the last of the handbuilt M/// cars.

It has 214k on the odo but only about 25k on the engine since a full rebuild by Fall Line Motorsports in the Chicago Illinois area. A good rebuild on these engines will run upwards of $10,000, which is why you never see them rebuilt. Timing chain and guides replaced, a lightweight flywheel was used in place of the stock unit for faster revs, a Fahey crankshaft hub was used for greater strength. SCCA style exhaust was custom built with high flow cat, 3″ mandrell bent pipe and stock M5 muffler.

Valve adjustment just done 1k ago.

The head work was done by Chuck Stickley from CSS Motorsports
Chuck builds BMW engines and races professionally in SCCA competitions. The headwork alone ran $3,500 and is fully ported and matched with a full angle job. A Dinan exhaust cam gear was used in place of the factory peice for better torque response.

The car was also converted at Fall Line to a Split Second Mass Airflow system with both ARM1 & ARC 2 systems replacing the stock airflow meter. There is also a custom aluminum air filter cover included that was fabricated to shield the filter from engine temps. It is easily removable and secures with a Dzus fastener. More info here regarding the Split Second conversion:

This system allows for manual overide of air and fuel levels and is easily adjusted to account for intended driving conditions.

Dinan 10 Point car and has been “Badged” as such by Dinan Engineering.

Stage 3 suspension system: SLS delete, adjustable sway bars, Dinan springs and fixed negative camber plates front and rear set the camber at about -2 degrees. Rear struts are also Dinan Bilstein peices that are height adjustable.
Dinan exhaust cam gear.
Dinan ECU Chip. Car also comes with factory chip.


Clean 2000 E39 BMW M5 Red Dinan S1

This is quite a clean looking M5 for being a three owner car. The seller says it has never seen winter roads and has been in a garage all its life. With only 40,000 miles those three owners sure didn’t use it to commute very long. The car has some mild upgrades including the Dinan S1 package, with exhaust and intake. It also has a set of deep dish 20″ rims and aftermarket angel eyes. The clutch and flywheel have been replaced at 30,000 so they should be good for awhile. The engine bay looks amazingly clean.
The car is at $22,000 reserve not met. As long as the reserve isn’t set more than $10,000 from this, you could take this car and drive it for a few years and then sell it with out much depreciation as long as you take care of it.


1991 BMW M5 For Sale

My favorite generation of the BMW M5 is the late 80s E28.  That is, until I see an E39 roll menacingly by, then it’s definitely the E39.  Well, until I see something like this beautiful E34 pop up on eBay.  Damn, these are good looking cars.  The last of the hand-built M cars, they also carried over the M1/M5/M6 inline-6, displacing 3.5 liters.  Power was up to 315hp, and the clean early 90s styling make it one of the most subtle M cars.  It’s beautiful and fast, exemplified by this low-mileage version that showed up on eBay.

This really is one of the most gorgeous E34s I’ve seen.  Though I normally go for darker/subtle colors, I think the red is awesome.  It’s wearing some of the best BMW wheels out there; I’ve seen these look amazing on everything from E30 M3s to E38 7-series.  The Dinan chip and suspension are tasteful upgrades that make it a bit better without overdoing it.  To top off the total package, it only has 55k miles.  This total package comes at a price, however, and the Buy-It-Now is set at $20,750.  A lot of money for sure, as there are other E34 M5s out there for 1/4 of the price.  On the other hand, those cars probably suck.  There are E34 540i’s going around $15k, and considering the nature and condition of this car, it’s not exorbitant.  Hand-built, sexy 90s Teutonic speed for the price of a Honda Civic sounds good to me.


2003 BMW Dinan X5 4.6is Custom

I’ve seen a few X5 4.6is models for sale over the years with the full monty fender flared, engine beefed up, stage 3 Dinan package. I haven’t seen one on the market this week, but in lieu of that here is a slightly less modified Dinan optioned X5.
This one has Dinan throttle body and air box, Dinan engine and transmission software upgrade, and custom dual exhaust.
The owner has also added aftermarket HIDs and angel eyes. The monster 20″ chrome rims and 315 width tires out back hint at the trucks street, not off-road, performance. Dark tint all around compliments the blacked out look.
The SUV, with 94K, is in San Diego and the seller is looking for $17,000. If it is in as good condition as it looks and an inspection and history checks out, that seems fair priced.

2003 BMW Dinan X5 4.6is on Craigslist

2003 BMW X5 4.6is