Daily Driver Special: 2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6 For Sale

Not every car on GCFSB can be rare, obscure, or exotic.  Sometimes there are just some out there that would make for a good everyday companion.

Case in point, this 2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6.  Looking back in the way way back machine I purchase one of the first MKIV VR6 GTI’s in the area.  I drove it right off the showroom floor and it stole my heart.  Before things started breaking I loved the rev happy engine and gobs of torque.  I have a couple friends that remember a spirited drive to the Oregon Coast and the GTI proved to be more than willing to provide many grins for all involved.

This example is not perfect but it is an exceptionally low mile example offered at no reserve.

2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6:

From the seller –

“Here we have a very low mileage 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI GLX VR-6 with only 51,000 Original Miles! This golf runs and drives out excellent. It came in a trade in MASS and that is how we got it. The car runs and drives like new. The motor starts right up each time and it sounds solid with lots of power and torque. The clutch is perfect and it grabs strong. The outside shows some paint peeling of in the rear bumper/hatch. There is also some hail damage on the front hood and roof. The inside is very clean and well kept. Everything works as it should. The car has CD player, heated seats, sun-roof, leather seats, cruise etc. The tires are very good, I will also include another  4 tires with the car.  Over all a great running UNMOLESTED GTI VR6! We have a clean title. No check engine lights no warning lights no stories!”

Nice car, no reserve so it will go for nothing more than market.  It will need some PDR and the front and rear bumpers repainted.  Not sure why it is running on Nokian tires but if you are in a colder climate that is a nice selling point.

24 bids currently have it at $3.9k, I think at $5k this is a good value even with its faults.  There are tons of MKIV GTI’s out there with 130k out there so this low mileage example is a nice find.


1984 Volkswagen Callaway GTI With All Sorts of Euro Goodness

See an update on this car with a more recent post here: https://germancarsforsaleblog.com/1984-vw-callaway-gti/

When looking at cars, and I spend more than my fair share of time doing this very thing.  I judge value by internally assigning a grade to the exterior, interior, and mechanical state of the vehicle in question.  Sure there are other factors but these are the three I generally focus on.  Anything in the B+ range seems like a “good” car.  If not, it best be priced in such a way to let the buyer address whatever faults there may be.

So what to do with this?

1984 GTI with Callaway build – A

Pristine interior with all sorts of NOS parts – A

Body riddled with rust and poor paint – D+

You be the judge.

1984 Volkswagen Callaway GTI:

From the seller –


**New T-Belt & Water pump w/all accessories installed today( peace of mind)

**Add’l Pics Taken** 02-04-2012 4pm


New Pics: Today..

Org Miles @ build start date 2/10/1996 date: 112,192

Miles current as of today : 113,638.. you do the math!

Project started in 1996,

Engine + trans completed

Bala2012nced Blueprinted + built by Collin @ TT

Stage two port + polish head job

int shift bearings set

piston set 81.5 G-60 Corrado

Rado rods

Bored + Hone block

Modi 8v Intake

Mani Pork + Polish + flowed

Aps 272 cam

Callaway turbo stage II ( last new pipes for ND ) Non AC

Jet hot coating 2000-4100 header pipe / Turbo housing 1300-2000

Water cooled conver.

Trans wide ratio 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

3.94 / .75 5th


And much more….

Road tested for 846 miles and counting as of November 2011… all receipts avail.”

Kudos to the seller, click through the link and you will see that he is showing the good, bad, and ugly of his car.  The question becomes, can you handle the ugly?

In my mind there are two ways you can go with this.  One would be too fix all that ails this GTI and you would have a wonderful car.  It may be expensive but you would know that the work was done the right way.  The other would be to take this car and use every last piece as a donor for a roller GTI that is solid.  It would seem a shame as that would basically turn this car into a vessel to transport all this fine euro goodness but in the end it may be more cost effective if you already have a spare rust free GTI laying around.

Either way, this car is an impressive collection of rare and obscure parts.  I am also quite certain that given the build it is about as quick a MKI GTI as you will find.  I am not sure if $9.6k is too high a price to pay but you would be hard pressed to find some of these parts cobbled together on a car anywhere.


Super Clean 1986 MK II Volkswagen Golf GTI For Sale

I am not sure what it is, while it is hard to find a clean MK I GTI.  It is exponentially more difficult to find a MK II in that sort of condition.  I have my theories as to why but the fact of the matter is that cars such as this are rare.

1986 Volkswagen Golf GTI:

From the seller –

“Up for auction is my 1986 GTI. This is a great original GTI. When was the last time you saw one Handles like a go-cart with Koni shocks on all four corners. Shifts are crisp and smooth with the Neuspeed short shift kit. Stops well with 4 wheel disc brakes. Interior features grey cloth sport seats with Red stripes. The exterior is Tornado Red with front and rear spoilers, black wheel house flares and tinted windows all around. Absolutely no rust, car has always been in CA or AZ. Original paint still shines. Interior front driver’s seat shows slight wear, no wear in passenger seat or backseat area. Door panels, dashboard, headliner and carpeting are all excellent. I have the original window sticker and build sheet, also the owner’s manual and service manual. Car comes with an extensive amount of service history. The car has 101k original miles and is in very good shape for a 25 year old car. It has an aftermarket radio/cd player in the dash but I have the original radio. It has a performance cat-back exhaust system, K&N air filter, upper and lower front strut bars, and rear upper strut bar. Car could use an A/C recharge and tires, but otherwise is in great condition. GTI enthusiasts take note!!! There are not many of these left out there in this condition. Experience Fahrvergnugen for yourself!!! You won’t regret it.”

It’s all there.  Is it a garage queen, no.  But this GTI could be a great driver or the basis for a fairly straight forward restoration.  There are 12 bids thus far, bidding sits at $1.9k with the reserve not met.  If you are truly interested in this GTI you have to look at the buy it now of $3,995 as bidding may well exceed that.  I mean, this is no time to be cheap…



Holiday timewarp: All-original 1984 VW GTI for sale

I enjoyed Aaron’s GTI earlier this week, but agreed that it was a bit of a wildcard. While today’s 110k-miles are more than the claimed 30k of Aaron’s, they’re legit. The rest of the car is legit as well, most of it looking like it had just rolled off the showroom floor. Clean inside and out and with modest mileage, this is the kind of Mk1 GTI to buy.

1984 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

An asterisk-happy but otherwise modest description:

***The Original “Hot Hatch” That Started It All

***Only 2 Owners Since New

***We Purchased The Car From The Second Owner Who Also Worked At The VW Assembly Plant

***Original Assembly Line Build Manifest Included

***Only 110k Original Miles

***Immaculate & Original Blue Cloth Cockpit

***Original AM/FM Cassette Radio Still Intact

***Air Conditioning

***Original Rabbit Floor Mats

***The Tires Are Almost New

***100% Stock & Unmodified Adult Owned Car

***No Known Accidents, But It Has Been Repainted. The Paint Job Is Good, But Not Great

***Super Clean Body With Minimal Rust Issues

***Fires Right Up & Runs Strong

What scares me is knowing how rare GTIs this clean are going to become over the next bit of time. I sure hope there are some left when I have a stable big enough for all my wants. Being over 100k miles, I’d maybe look for this price to be a little closer to $5k than its $5900 asking price, but it’s not out of the question. Wherever it lands, it’s an all-original example one of the greatest cars ever made.


1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6

I’ve been banging on for quite some time about how much I dreaded my 2000 Volkswagen GTI 2.0, or “Satan’s own ride” as I called it. From day one, it was electrical problems, trim items falling off, you name the issue, this car had it. Just thinking about part on that car would would make it break. I was quite surprised, given this was a GTI built in Wolfsburg, Germany. Nevertheless, I traded it in one day after the warranty expired. The car I had before the 2000 GTI was a Mexican built 1998 GTI 2.0. I liked that car much better. Even though I only had it for one year, it had no issues and was, in my opinion, more fun to drive than its MkIV counterpart.

I still long to have my red 1998 GTI back, and every time I see a MkIII, whether it’s the 2.0 or the VR6, it brings back good motoring memories. It’s hard to find low mileage MkIIIs these days, but here’s a good driver for sale on Long Island.

1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 on eBay

We are proud to offer this very clean 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 5-Speed hatchback with 111k miles. These are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition and this is a very nice example. This one has some of the “Driver’s Edition” options such as the golf ball shift knob and red stitching on the steering wheel, shift boot, and emergency brake lever. This GTI has been very well maintained and it shows. Everything works in this vehicle and it drives amazingly well for the year. The tires are all fairly new. The tailgate is a bit rusty (very common on these), but this is easy to swap out for a new one. This GTI is completely stock aside from an aftermarket air intake (sounds beautiful). Please see all pictures for exact condition. It is a very clean vehicle overall. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or to make arrangements to come see this vehicle.

This car has the usual rust issues on the tailgate and a few other cosmetic issues that could use some attention. If you could snag this car for around $3,500, I would consider it well bought. The VR6 is one of those legendary engines and provided the car checked out okay mechanically, it would be a lot of fun on the cheap.


Gorgeous 1985 VW GTI for sale

80s German cars are wonderful in their simplicity, and accordingly, are best modified with restraint and cleanliness. Today’s GTI is a fantastic example of these concepts. Plenty of work has gone into making this GTI quick and beautiful, yet it remains so subtle and unostentatious that the uneducated would still pass it off as an ignorable 80s econocar. But the details make it special for VW fans, from the single-round headlights to the badgeless grill, the shaved moulding to the BBS RMs, not to mention the extensive work under the hood. It’s Volkswagen enthusiasm at its finest, resulting in a car that epitomizes the clean styling of the 80s while going the extra mile to make it special.

1985 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

A complete description from a very invested seller:

Up for sale is a clean Volkswagen GTI 16v. As you can see in the photos, this car has been taken care of. Please take the time to appreciate some of its features:

Engine: 4cyl. 2 Ltr 16v (refreshed by Dynamic Racing Solutions about 45k miles ago). 1.8 16v head, ported. Always used high end oil like Motul, Redline, or Lubromolly.

Intake Manifold: European 50mm.

Transmission: 5 speed manual (3.67 RP, Velocity bolt-on LSD upgrade) Rebuilt by Transaxle Engineering in Southern California (Less than 200 miles!)

Exhaust: Techtonics stainless steel, with a Borla Muffler (2.25″)

Wheels: BBS RM 15″

Tires: Kuhmo Ecsta XS (almost brand new in front, little wear in rear)- Super grippy tire, used by SCCA.

Interior: Two sought- after stock Recaro seats in great condition. Replaced headliner in excellent condition. Black leather Momo steering wheel. Sparco shift knob. Modified to “Power On” toggle switch and “Push-to-start” button: eradicates ignition switch problem. Car has late-style instrument cluster which shows a lower mileage, actual mileage is higher and is shown here. I will include the original stock instrument cluster with the car. The rear seats were not included when I bought this car, therefore, they are not available when it sells.

Exterior: 16v front splitter, Bonrath mono-wiper, rear wiper modified to lay down, shaved moulding, Bonrath front badgeless grille. Euro H4 headlights (single round conversion. Fender flares removed. Rear badges deleted. 16v roof antenna. Euro rear smoked tailights.

Shocks: Bilstein Sports

Springs: H&R sports.

Brakes: Upgraded to Volkswagen Corrado 11″/ Ferrodo pads.

Other New Parts installed within 200 miles: Spark plugs, oxygen sensor, water temperature sensor, distributor rotor, parking brake lines, fuel filter.

Things to be aware of: The hood latch lever inside the car has become loose, and does not work properly. It is possible to open the hood from outside the car. There is a scratch located on the driver side fron fender, which is visible in the photos. Considering the age of the car, these are minor flaws which the new owner can attend to.

Final Comments: It would cost thousand of dollars to replicate this build. This car is not your typical POS, that is converted into a nice car. This car has been in our family for over 15 years, and was bought from the original owner, who kept it garaged in his home in La Habra Heights, CA. This car is currently driven approximately 5-10 miles a week, and is always garaged. THIS CAR IS A MUST SEE: VERY UNIQUE.

I do love this GTI. Though I love fender flares, their removal furthers the clean theme, as does the single wiper, shaved badges, etc. The mechanical work is equally impressive, and the refreshed engine and new transmission with LSD make the 223k miles a little less worrisome. I do think the seller is falling into a common trap though of thinking that money on mods directly increases the value of the car. While this GTI is great, I think the $9k Buy-It-Now would be too much for this car. Conversely, the $5k starting bid is probably a bit low, however, and I would see $6k, maybe $7k making this a great buy for a VW enthusiast.


Shining Mk1 VW GTI for sale

I’ve been so obsessively wrapped in my E28 search recently that I feel the need to step back and simplify a bit. Few cars sport simplicity as well as the Guigiaro-designed Mk1 GTI. An uncomplicated 2-box design with sharp angles, it comes together as clean, elegant and sporty in a way few other cars can. Viewed against the modern blobs of clay that VWs have become, it makes one wonder why good car design has to be so complicated. You guys nailed it 30 years ago; try that again!

The owner of today’s Mk1 has taken impressive steps to highlight the GTI’s beauty. Not only has it covered a mere 110k miles, but it’s been treated to a show-car paint process yielding one of the most beautiful Royal Red examples I’ve seen. If you get a chance, check out the reflections you can see in the pictures; this car is clean. Backed up with a clean interior and few needs, this is GTI purity at its best.

1984 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

From the seller:

It looks better than new. Car was sealed with epoxy primer, as were the doors and decklid, inside and out, it was wet-sanded and painted with Spies-Hecker single stage paint and the cleared over with Glasurit 450 Clear, the car was then wet sanded again and buffed out to a high gloss luster. All new OEM weatherstrips, all door seals, hatch seal, decals, mirror & door rubber gaskets, wheel flares, body-side moldings.

The interior is in very good condition. The seats are in good shape and the bolsters are not torn. The headliner and carpet and dashboard have been replaced or refreshed. The previous owner replaced the odometer with a correct, but used one that reads 143,000. I don’t know the mileage, but estimate it at 105-110k, based on Carfax and previous owner.

The car is a blast to drive! You drive this car—nice, honest manual steering. The shifter is precise, as is the new clutch. And the engine is smooth, powerful, and makes a nice mellow sound. The compession is good. You can drive it anywhere.

The only things I would change or fix are the wiring and speakers for the (new) radio, and the washers. That’s it. Everything else is fine. The car is pretty much stock. Tires, brakes, clutch, engine mounts, and starter are newer. I have receipts.

I am selling it because I don’t have time to enjoy it, and more importantly, I don’t have room for it. It’s in my garage during the summer, and I pay to store it during winter (it has not seen snow or salt since the repaint).

Whoever wins this is getting a bargain–the paint job and body trim alone are worth at least $7000, and the car drives great. Bid with confidence! If possible, I encourage you to come drive the car.

Just a gorgeous, correct example of one of the greatest cars ever built. Bidding is fierce, with 55 bids pushing it to a reserve-not-met $4,050 at time of writing. With the mileage and beautiful paint job, anything up to $6k is a fair price in my eyes.


Near-perfect 1984 VW GTI for sale

Today’s gorgeous black Mk1 GTI comes to market after just 2 owners. The first, a VW/Porsche mechanic, had it for two decades before selling it to the current seller, who’s had it since 2006 and has taken extremely good care of it. With 304,000 miles on the chassis, it’s been around the block a few times, but got a rebuilt engine 120,000 miles ago and the interior has been very well maintained. This is how Mk1 GTIs should look.

1984 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

The seller’s nice and thorough description:

Thank you for looking at my 1984 VW Rabbit GTI, I think you will be hard pressed to find a nicer one than this one. I looked for years to find a GTI in this kind of condition. I am the second owner of the car and have owned the car since 2006, I looked for three years to find the right one having one New in 1984 when I was in High school. I purchased the car from the original owner In Mountain View California. The car is complete with all factory paperwork including the original window sticker that is now laminated for its protection ( sold at Boardwalk VW Red wood city Ca. ), original yellow purchase agreement from the dealership, All factory books and manuals including the book small world by Volkswagen in 1984 that are very rare. This GTI is so clean that VW used it in 2004 for their postcards and I do have some copies that go with it. I have three sets of keys. It has been an excellent car in every way and the only reason that I am selling the car is because of a motorcycle accident my left ankle hurts when I drive a manual transmission for too long of a time. These are getting harder to find in this type of condition. Exterior: Original paint with the acceptation of the hood that was repainted due to some stone chips, the paint all around the car is deep and has no blems, very small clear coat peeling at top of the roof near rain gutter on drivers side but very , very minimal. There is no rust anywhere this car has always been in California and still retains its original Blue California License plates. Original Windshield has been changed due to stone and sand chips but all other glass is factory original in excellent shape. All factory stickers are in place along the driver and passenger door jams, under the hood, also dealer stickers for the upgraded AC system. The car sits on its original 14 inch wheels with new Michelin tires, I put European bumpers on the car for a cleaner look, also upgraded the headlights to European brighter lights. There is a light tint to the windows. This car has never been in any accidents and is the original sheet metal , the doors, hood and trunk shut and align perfect. Interior: The interior is the blue and red stripe that is like new with the acception of the driver side lower fabric that has a small about the size of a pencil eraser it never got any bigger so I did not change it, but I do have a larger piece of the original material if you decide you want to. I had new carpet laid down in a Mercedes material because I had the carpet taken out when a Dyna Matted the complete interior, floors, Headliner and doors, if you have never had a smaller car like the Rabbit they can be A little noisy the dyna mat reduced the noise in the Cabin by 40% it is like riding in a Mercedes for sound quality. Two sets of floor mats one in blue carpet and a set of weathertech rubber mats for the rainy season. I also put a new suede headliner in the car. The seats are not broken down and still are very firm even on the side bolsters. I upgraded the sound system to a high end Head unit that has CD, AM/FM/ I pod and XM radio, the dash and rear speakers were replaced and an extra set of door speakers installed, also a large amplifier and 8 in subwoofer that unplugs is in the rear cargo area, I have another set of door panels that are stock to replace the ones in the car now that have the larger speakers in them. I also have a blue tooth Parrot hands free kit installed that will match up to your cell phone that works well, There is a period UNGO box theft detection system in the glove box, it lights up but I never used it. The upgraded MOMO leather and suede steering wheel and hub with matching shift knob I do have the stock steering wheel that will go with the car , also after market Hella air horns. The car has factory AC that has been converted and blows ICE Cold, the front vent windows open that is an option on these a in 84. Cruise control does work. MOTOR AND SUSPENSION: The car is 100% stock with the acceptation of a stainless exhaust and ABA headers that are California legal, the car shows 304,000 miles on the chassis, the motor has been rebuilt at 180,00. The compression is excellent right now and the car runs outstanding I would not hesitate to drive it across the country. The car has had major routine service since it was new, the original owner of the car was a Master Porsche and VW mechanic and owner of a German car repair facility and kept excellent care of the car prior to my purchase, all miles are Highway miles. There are no leaks the car does drip, burn oil or have any out of the ordinary strange noises. I recently replaced the clutch and there is less than 4000 miles on it. I also replaced the brakes with a drilled rotor and upgraded pads, also stainless steel brake lines. The suspension is Koni shocks, there are Neuspeed upper strut tie bar, lower tie bar, front and rear sway bars, and a rear upper strut tie bar, the car is tight and handles very well. The transmission and syncros are excellent, I get 26MPG in the car. I have a Current Clear California Title in hand and a clean Car fax.

This car is a very clean, well taken care of GTI; in fact, it’s just about everything you’d want in a Mk1 GTI. Accordingly, it’s probably worth it’s $6k starting price, but the $10.5k Buy-it-Now has to be just a wishing point for a seller who doesn’t want to let his car go easily. In my eyes, 5-digit prices are reserved for low-mile, concourse VWs. Despite the quality of this example and the increasing desirability of these awesome GTIs, no 300k-mile GTI is going to sell for 10 grand.


1989 VW GTI w/ Turbo’d ABA

We’ve seen some pretty serious vintage VWs here recently, including the restored MkI Scirocco and tuned MkI GTI, both in the $14k-range. While those are lust-worthy and amazing VWs, that is a hell of a lot of money for 25-30 year old Volkswagens, cars that are supposed to be affordable and tuneable German machinery.

Which brings me to today’s MkII GTI, the kind of car that shows the level of fun possible with moderate investment in a VW. Turbo fun on the torquey ABA 2.0 and “almost-there” aesthetics for under $3,000 is what Volkswagen tuning is all about.

From the seller:

Up for sale is my 1989 Volkswagen GTI. The 8v, 2.0 liter ABA engine currently has right around 57k on it. The chasis has about 177k on it. The car is in remarkable shape. The body is near perfect. No dents, dings, scratches. The car has a borgwarner t3/t4 S200 .60 trim turbo currently running right around 6 psi. It also has a Revtec FMIC, Blitz BOV, and Eurosport exhaust. It runs great and makes good power. The front left wheel bearing (which I have) needs to be replaced. It has Weitec springs and Koni shocks. The paint is faded on the roof, but is very alive on the rest of the car. The hood is now primed black. The interior is also in good shape. It has Monaco seats, and a Momo wheel. The sunroof works, but leaks a bit when closed, i’m sure it needs new seals/stripping. It also needs a headliner. Its a very solid car, and I would certainly trust it to drive anywhere. Its great to drive, and gets a lot of attention. It has no AC, but the heater works perfectly. The car has been very well maintained. I only used royal purple when doing oil changes. Thanks for looking!

57k miles on the new ABA! Yes, there are some minor, non-mechanical issues to deal with like a leaky sunroof and lack of headliner (both common GTI afflictions), but I consider those part of the fun part when you’re getting a swapped and turbo’d GTI with a lot of quality cosmetic things going for it, e.g. wheels, straight body, and perfect single-crosshair and GTI-lined grill. This is MkII Volkswagen at its best, with some great work already accomplished; a little work and personalization could make this a show-worthy VW with a fraction of the investment of any other comparably-fun German auto.


1990 Jackrabbit (GTI based) VW

No matter how big of a car enthusiast you are, there’s always going to be some obscure vehicle you stumble across from time to time, having no idea it existed. This is one of those vehicles. According to the seller about 25 were made by Herb Adams VSE, also known for his customization of various GM products.

The seller states:

1990 Jackrabbit Very rare, One of 25 that were produced by Herb Adams and VSE in 1990. This car is built with it’s own steel tubular frame. This car is very comfortable to drive,and you will love the way this car handle,and it is fast,at 1500 pounds with a 1.8 liter 16V fuel injected engine with a 5 speed transmission,out of a 1987 VW scirocco with less than 20k miles. This car is in “EXCELLENT OVERALL CONDITION.” Car comes with a tan canvas bikini top. You can drive this car cross country with no problems.This car is all up to date. Car has a very good heater for a Convertible. This car is title as a 1983 VW Rabbit GTI.

It is impossible to place values on cars like these, since there are so few and never come up for sale often, but $6,800 seems a bit steep for a kit car, in my opinion. According to the promotional video below, 0-60 mph arrived in 9 seconds, which is surprising given the car only weighed 1,500 pounds. For someone living near the ocean in a warm climate, this might be an attractive alternative to your typical VW dune buggy.