Widebody 1984 Callaway GTI for Sale

Like any good car fans, we love the Mk1 GTI. And what makes cars better? Turbos. Aaron posted a Callaway Turbo GTI earlier this year that Brian revisited after it got a great repaint. At $14,500, it was a bit extreme. Today, however, we have a recently-restored Callaway GTI that has recently acquired some beefy implants to the fenders. The seller leaves a bit to be desired with the description, but the basic arithmetic adds up: amazing driver’s car + quality turbo + beefy looks = fun. Add a much more reasonable price (5 bids are up to a reserve-off $4,600) and this could be a solid buy.

1984 VW GTI Callaway Turbo Widebody for Sale on eBay

From the seller:

I have a rare 1984 Callaway Turbo VW Rabbit GTI for auction. It runs and drives great. it has just gone through a resto. It has neuspeed sway bars front and rear. upper and lower front and rear strut braces by eurosport, Miller-woods microfueler,Peloquin’s Differential, complete rebuilt engine and head was ported and polished with 3 angle valve job,Audi 5000 WUR, new injectors,, new water pump, ABA alternator conversion, corrado G60 Metal headgasket, Tial EVO Wastegate, complete respray of the car inside and out(interior and trim all removed), widebody kit, Hella Grille, B&G coilover kit, Rims are Borbet Type T, 14-7″ Front, 14-8″ Rear, under carriage was re-under coated, turbo rebuilt, poly all over, Buschur Racing battery and battery relocation kit, Rare VWMS Steeringwheel. This is from what I can remember. also included in the sale will be all my spare VW parts and Rial Mesh Rims w/Tires.

I have every receipt from the Resto and alot of callaway literature.
The Car also won 3 awards at DUBJAM 2010 which will go with the car.

Personally, I’d see this as a good starting point rather than a finished car, though someone else may like it as is. I really like the fenders and wild plaid headliner. The quad-rectangle grill is an interesting take, but a car this cool deserves some more tasteful side skirts and a paintjob that doesn’t look like primer. Much more information is also needed on the mechanicals before a purchase is made. Nitpicks aside, this looks like a well-priced and unique take on a Callaway GTI that could quickly be made awesome.


1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

Probably one of my favorite cars of all time, the 1984 GTI is the most fun you can have behind the wheel of a car. It’s peppy, nimble, and gives every bit of feedback you could ever want when driving it towards its limits. Finding a nice original car these days is becoming harder, as most of these cars were cut up to meet tuning trends over the past 30 years.

With a black exterior, and a rip free red interior, this ’84 GTI for sale in Elgin, Minnesota is the poster child for ’80s awesome.

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI on thesamba.com

1984 VW Rabbit GTI – MK1 – 90K miles
Original 1.8L engine and 5 speed transmission Excellent condition, mostly original car Starts right up No interior rips No dash cracks Headliner is not sagging Map pockets are not ripped Package tray intact Excellent tires – about a year old Previous owner had the bottom end of the motor rebuilt (receipt included).
Modifications (done by previous owner): Neuspeed throttle body and intake Oversized valves    42mm Intake    35mm Exhaust Aftermarket radio with MP3 input – fit in original dash, not cut.
New brakes, fuel filter, muffler, passenger side axle / CV joints (driver side included)
Extra parts included : Drivers side axle w/ CV joints Front bearings Front hubs Rear shocks Rear drums Thermostat AC Belt Tach resistor
The good: The car starts right up and runs great. I drove this car to work daily. Interior and body are in great shape for it’s age Almost completely original Strut towers are rust free For MN people, the tabs were renewed last month Clean title
The not so good: The car is not flawless, it is the original paint from 1984 Front wheel bearings are shot. New bearings and hubs are included. Some wear on seats and discoloration on dash – normal for a car of this age. Interior shifter boot is ripped. Muffler was replaced, but the car is still a bit loud. Tach doesn’t work, but the resistor (most common cause) is included. AC belt is not hooked up, so I do not know if the AC works. A new belt is included. All AC parts appear to be there. Some rust around the hatch window Normal paint cracking, scratches, dings for a car of this age
Why am I selling it? I am just not able to do the work that the car needs anymore. I hate to see it go, but after two back surgeries my car-tinkering days are over. As you can tell by the list of parts included, I intended to dothe work myself. I have to give up the hobby.
The car is garaged and I strongly suggest that you come see the car in-person to make sure that it is in the condition that you are looking for. I do not want to sell the car sight-unseen if possible. I want the next owner to enjoy it as much as I do. There are lots of pictures available so that you can get a good look at it before you come. I can take more pics upon request.
There are 30 photos here – http://imgur.com/a/RkQt5#0
If you pay with PayPal, I have to add a 2.9% fee that PayPal takes from the transaction.
Please email with any questions. I am happy to answer!

This is a great car, and the main reason is that it’s complete, and unmolested, 2 factors make this a rare bird. This car is a great deal, and is priced to sell at $2,950, prices that low on these cars are generally reserved for total basket cases.  Nice, clean and complete cars like this generally command upwards of $5,000 to $6,000. With a few parts and a lot of elbow grease, this would be a great car to add to a collection.


1991 VW GTI 16v for sale

Historically, I haven’t given the MkII GTI enough credit. My dreams have always gravitated towards the ur-GTI and been soiled by the fattyfat later models (though VW is doing an admirable job of rekindling the fire). Today’s 1991 16v, in a perfect red/black paint scheme, has me sold on the newer-but-not-too-new MkII style. They’re ripe for great engine swaps and all that, but I think a clean one with the classic 16v engine would be a great place to start. The owner appears to put plenty of time and effort into making this a very clean GTI, so even with 160k miles it looks fantastic.

1991 VW GTI 16v for sale on eBay

From the detail-oriented seller:

Up for sale is my 1991 VW GTI with the 2.0L 16v engine. I have owned this car since the summer of 1999. I bought it with 89,204 miles. It now has 160,702 miles. This has been a revolving project car since purchase. I have never driven this car in the snow or salt under my ownership. It has been garaged every winter in a heated garage under a car cover. I believe this is one of the nicest original Mk2’s you’ll find in the northeast. I have put hundreds and hundreds of hours and I have no idea how much money into this car over the years. I don’t even want to tally it up, even if I could. If a part was questionable on the car it was replaced. Many parts were replaced simply to make everything look like new. Everything from engine gaskets, hoses and inlets/outlets, brakes, calipers, driveshafts, wheel bearings front and rear, radiator, water pump, fuel filter…the list goes on and on. In fact I really wish I did keep a list now trying to think back what I have done over the years.

I am the 3rd owner of the car as far as I can tell. The original owner rear ended another vehicle when the car was brand new and it was fixed by the dealer who sold the car. I have the paperwork from this repair. The 2nd owner struck a deer in the right front fender which I had repaired after purchasing the car. The rest of the paint on the car is original and in pretty good shape considering the age. It really cleans up well with some elbow grease and polish/wax. The lower front bumper is scuffed by the fog light and the lower rear bumper is peeling behind the wheel. Other than the typical nicks, scratches and pitting you would expect to find on a high mileage vehicle, the paint is what I would consider excellent condition for being 21 years old. See the pictures; I tried to show some of the worst areas.

I have absolutely no desire to sell this car except for the fact that I simply don’t have the time to use it anymore. It has been off the road and inside my garage under a car cover for the past 2 y ears. Periodically I start it, move it in and out and/or drive it up and down the driveway.

-Stock quad headlight grille
-Upper grille spoiler by Kaimei
-Cross hair headlights
-European headlight adjusting motors which enables you to aim the headlights up or down via a dash mounted switch. These are factory European parts I installed. Custom wiring harness with all soldered wiring connections-not crimped!
-Euro plate held on with rare earth magnets embedded in the front bumper cover.
-European spec taillights with rear fog light.
-Smoked front turn signals.
-Stock BBS RM wheels. These are a set of the best RM’s that I’ve seen in the northeast. One lip has a slight bend in it from a pot hole but it is slight and does not affect the balancing or seating of the bead in any way. Some of the lips have peeling of the clearcoat but nothing like the typical peeling on RM’s that you see. Otherwise they are straight and balance out well.
-Porsche door handles installed with brand new mounting pads. Lock cylinders converted over to stock so the original ignition key fits.
-Lay-flat rear wiper modification.
-LED lighting in rear license plate illumination lights.

The bad: the rear panel under the hatch is dented and the emblem is missing. The paint on the rear bumper is peeling in one area and the front bumper paint is scuffed as mentioned earlier. There are nicks and scratches as well as pitted areas of paint that you would expect from a high mileage car but it really does clean up well. I had refinished the lips on the wheels back when I first got the car. They are now peeling again and need to be refinished. Once again, see the pics. In my opinion, the wheels are still in much better shape than any other RM’s you’ll find in the northeast these days.

-Stock Recaro interior. The interior is close to perfect shape. The bolsters on the front seats are in almost perfect condition. They are not clapped out at all like most Recaro seats these days. The driver’s side seat bottom has a slight cigarette burn hole in it (this was present when I bought the car-I do not smoke, nor has the car been smoked in by anyone since I have owned it). I took great care in entering and exiting the car so as to not destroy the front bolsters.
-Custom center console with relocated cigarette lighter enabling a set of Audi VDO tri-gauges to be installed in place of the ash tray. Oil temperature (°C), oil pressure (bar), voltage. Gauges are backlit with red bulbs and dim with the dimmer switch. Custom wiring harness with all connections soldered not crimped.
-Italovanti steering wheel with 16v script on the center.
-Stock rubber floor mats.
-Stock carpeted floor mats with GTI 16v inscription embroidered in. These were only installed at shows and were never on the floor while driving the car.
-Aftermarket CD player (pioneer) with remote control.
-Pioneer speakers all around.
-337 red stitched golf ball shift knob/boot.
-Duostyling Air/Fuel ratio gauge.
-LED lighting in dome light.
-OEM “pillbox” ignition key with lighted head and case. I also have a second pillbox key that is missing the case.

The bad: the headliner is falling down in the rear and needs to be re-glued. The dash has some cracks but nowhere as bad as you typically see in an Mk2 these days. The plastic trim piece under the rear hatch area is broken.

-Weitec XS coil over suspension with approximately 5,000 miles. Fully adjustable including ride height and damping. New poly upper strut mounts installed and front upper strut bearings at time of installation.
-Highly sought after Eibach flat aluminum front stress bar.
-Neuspeed triangulated rear stress bar but missing the triangulated portion. One could be easily fabricated and installed.

-Stock 2.0 L 16v
-TT tuning EPROM
-Jet hot coated stock exhaust manifold
-TT tuning dual stainless down pipe with catlytic converter delete.
-TT tuning all stainless exhaust with borla muffler.
-ABA serpentine belt conversion including alternator and a/c compressor.
-Mk3 weighted shift rod with new bushings.
-Brand new optima battery with factory battery cover.
-Custom lighting wire harness to “relay” the front headlights (all 4 of them) with 8AWG wire feeding the relays and 12AWG feeding the bulbs. Each circuit is fused separately with a custom fuse block mounted in the engine compartment.
-No radiator fan. I had modified a B4 passat fan and shroud which I ran for quite a while but it quit so I just took it out. The plug for the fan has been converted to this style.
-Skid plate under engine and transmission.
-K&N air filter
-BBM solid front motor mount

I have replaced just about everything on this engine over the years short of tearing it out of the car. I have had the head off and did valve seals and head gasket, engine pan, water hoses and inlets/outlets, water pump, timing belt, tensioner, you name it. If it needed it or the item looked questionable it was replaced. I have always run synthetic oil and Mann/Mahle oil filters. Oil has been Mobil One/Elf/Total meeting current VW specs for the new cars. I always change my oil at 5000 miles and always in the spring after sitting all winter. I have always used VW spec coolant. Currently it has G12 plus plus in it.

The bad: I never hooked up the a/c compressor after I did the ABA serpentine belt conversion. The old suction and discharge lines need to be converted over to the single block mount connection to match the newer ABA compressor. I also never put the a/c condenser back in after a radiator change as it was shot anyway. You would have to install a condenser and swap over Mk3 lines or modify the existing suction and discharge lines at the compressor to make the a/c function. Valve train has typical high mileage tappet ticking but goes away a short time after running.

-Stock 5 speed transmission. 2nd gear syncro is kind of tired and will grind on a really fast shift. No clicking in reverse and otherwise is smooth and quiet. Currently has synthetic gear oil (Amsoil) in it.

The bad: driver side inner CV joint boot is ripped and needs replacing. I will include a brand new replacement joint kit with the car.

-Stock front and rear rotors. Front pads are high performance Hawk pads and rear pads are stock replacements.

The bad: rear e-brake inoperable. Well it really is operable but it sticks thanks to VW’s wonderfully designed rear calipers. I was always going to convert to the Mk3 aluminum war calipers but never got around to it. I replaced the e-brake cables so I know they are not the issue.

Besides a few scuffs and the coilovers turned down a few too many clicks, this GTI could definitely fit in my dream garage. Put a few more miles on the 16v and when it goes out, you have a great base for a swap. No bids yet so we have no idea where the reserve is, but taking the good (loving attention) and bad (not perfect, lots of miles) into account, I think somewhere above $4k and below $6k is fair price for this second-gen GTI.


1983 Golf GTI RHD

On this side of the pond, when you first hear 1983 VW GTI, you think big square lights, even bigger bumpers and all sorts of lights in order to meet US regulations. More often than not a VW enthusiast, or even just someone that likes sleek and classic looks will convert a US spec car to the cleaner euro spec.

This car represents a rare opportunity for fans of the cleaner simple looks of the euro spec GTI. Imported in 2009 from the UK, this euro-spec GTI for sale in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA is a US VW enthusiasts dream come true.

1983 Golf GTI RHD on craigslist.com

This Golf GTI has been my daily driver since I moved here three years ago.  I transferred to Atlanta with my job in 2009, I was able to import it and bring the GTI with me but sadly it now has to go as I’m relocating back to England.
The car has never really wanted for anything and it’s a standard UK right hand drive spec car.  I’ve even left the original British license plates on the car which drawes a lot of attention…
I’ve changed the clutch, fuel pump, alternator, ignition coil in the last 3 years, the head gasket was done approximately 3 years ago and timing belt changed again since then when we put clutch in approximately 2 years ago.
The car recently had a brand new webasto electric sunroof. It was supplied and fitted by main dealer and is far superior to original sunroofs supplied on these cars.
Car requires a couple of bits to finish off – window winder mechanisms and one of central dials and require connecting.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thanks for looking.

Unlike most, I’m a huge fan of both the US and Euro looks on the GTI, I may even be more partial to the totally 80’s US look, but then again, I have strange tastes in cars. This car is certainly a great example of a clean and mostly original GTI; from the Europe only seats, single round headlights, and euro spec bumpers, it’s a looker. The two main issues I have with the car based on this ad are the mileage (or kilometers as the case may be) and the aftermarket sunroof. In my experience, nothing good can come from cutting a hole in the roof of a perfectly good car, so as far as I’m concerned that is a check in the CONS column. That being said, a clean euro spec GTI doesn’t come along too often in the states making this a rare bird. All things considered, the price of $14K is steep, real steep, clean examples are available in the UK for around $4-6k, or if right hand drive isn’t your thing, they can be had in Canada for around the same price. These cars are old enough to import legally, which could be another $2 to 4K, so for a car like this I’d likely be a buyer in the $7,500 to $8,000 price range.


1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Several of us here at GCFSB have owned MkI Volkswagen GTIs, but I’m not one of them. I had MkIII and MkIV GTIs, but nothing quite captures the hot hatch magic like the original. This ’83 MkI has the desirable Pirelli option with the 14″ P slot wheels and looks sharp in an uncommon shade of metallic brown. It has a low 15,000 original miles and is located about ten miles north of Cologne, Germany.

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI on Mobile.de

Unique, rare 100% original Golf GTI Pirelli with 1.8 liter engine, original 24,788 km, no accidents, original paint, absolutely new condition. The vehicle was driven only in nice weather, all wear parts are still original with the exception of the timing belt that was changed. Collector’s vehicle.

There’s a lot to like about this car, but the price isn’t one of them. I consulted with Brian, one of our other contributors here at GCFSB, as he owns a 1984 GTI and is an expert on all things MkI. His thoughts were about right on par with mine. Maybe the best MkI GTI, barring some ridiculous provenance, might bring, at the most, $15,000. Your more typical MkI in good, unmolested condition may bring somewhere in the $8,000 to $12,000 range. Brian was in agreement that the Pirelli option is rather rare, but at €30,000 (~ $37,000 USD), this car will never sell, barring a millionaire showing up with a briefcase full of euros and no conception of market values.


1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Introduced in 1984 as a successor to what many consider the original hot hatchback, the Mark I Volkswagen GTI, the next generation brought a bit more size to the party and featured the same 1.8 liter, fuel injected 110 horsepower 8 valve four cylinder engine as late model Mk I GTIs packed. Further down the line, there were more variations on the theme, including the Golf GTI 16v, the GT and homologation special, all-wheel drive Rallye Golf.

Every now and then we take a look at vehicles across the pond, and I was impressed by this impeccable 1987 Golf GTI 8v for sale in Worcestershire, England. Jade Green is an uncommon color for this generation GTI, but looks sharp and compliments the teardrop alloy wheels quite nicely. This car had one owner for 16 years and comes with a full service history.

1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI on eBay UK

I have sympathetically overseen the refurbishment of this special GTI over the past year and the results are most gratifying! Only one previous keeper from new. A well-heeled lady bought this GTI brand new from Whyke Motors of Chichester in 1987 and continued to have it serviced at the supplying main dealer for her entire 16 year tenure, not many GTIs were kept within the VAG main dealer network for that duration, so needless to say it was maintained absolutely regardless of cost.

In 2003 it then passed to its current owner who only used it for four years before falling ill. It was serviced up to that point by a local garage near Solihull before being squirrelled away in his garage. I purchased the car from his nephew in April 2011 and have been bringing, what was already a wonderfully honest and original GTI, back to its former glory. The car has a fully stamped up service history and is HPI clear with certificate.

This is so much more of an interesting sight on the roads than the ubiquitous Oak Green big bumper 16Vs that people have flocked after for years. Aside from its impeccable provenance this car has two major plus points: it is one of the very last 8V’s with the legendary K-Jetronic engine (first registered in August 1987, with the first “Digifant” cars arriving in the UK in September 1987), those in the know will tell you it’s a more charismatic, rortier and punchy engine than the “Digifant” 8V engine that replaced it, and it is fitted with rare factory power-steering. I have never seen this on a 7-slat grill/quarterlight window MkII before.

The K-Jetronic fuel injection system is a mechanical one that was only slightly revised from that of the pioneering MkI (the 16V engine used K-jet injection for its entire 1986-1991 lifespan as did the MkI Cabriolet 1979-1993). The “Digifant” engine had electronic injection brought in as the German market were switching to catalytic convertors which had to run on unleaded fuel. I have owned over 30 “Digifants” and they’re great, but the K-jet 8V is just that bit more special and is decisively faster, mid-range pick up is better than even a 16V. My car sports a VW label inside the fuel flap stating it has been adjusted to run on 95RON unleaded petrol so there need be no worries on this score, and I have never had any issues running MkII’s on unleaded and I have had over 50.

Being a K-jet 8V it benefits from the original MkII 7-slat front grill, quarter lights on the front door windows (with set back wing mirrors that give less wind noise), LHD wipers and the signature 4-horn button steering wheel carried over from the MkI, which give it added appeal in my eyes and make it that bit more distinctive. MkII K-jets also employed a high quality fabric to upholster the seats that is in an eye-catching bold sports stripe pattern which is so much more appealing than the dowdy and cheaper plaid material used in 8 and 16V GTI’s from September 1987. One very seldom sees these early style MkII’s on the road, and certainly never in this condition.

Jade Green Metallic was only available between 1986-1989 and as the majority of GTIs were supplied new as company cars, usually only private buyers upgraded the spec of their new car order and paid extra for the metallic paintwork. It makes a refreshing change from the humdrum Tornado Red or Alpine White and gives the car a more classy air.

The most interesting feature is the fact that it is fitted with factory power assisted steering. This was only introduced in the 1987 model year and as I have mentioned, I have never seen a quarter-light window Golf fitted with PAS ever, so it is incredibly rare. Back then people just didn’t think PAS was a necessary option on a small car like a Golf and indeed it didn’t become standard fitment on the GTI until mid-1990. Nowadays, everyone is used to PAS and many people, not just women, will totally rule out a car that does not have a powered rack. Standard GTI specification: Sports seats, sliding sunroof, MFA trip computer, twin exhaust tailpipes, 5-speed sports gearbox, twin headlights, twin tone horn.

Extra-cost Optional Equipment: Power steering, metallic paintwork, 14-inch Volkswagen “Silverstone” (‘teardrop’) alloy wheels, tinted glass, Blaupunkt SQR26 radio/cassette stereo, Fischer cassette stowage console, original tailored VW cord overmats, rear mudflaps, rare “Hepp” VAG first aid kit and warning triangle.

Service History Résumé:

28.07.87 Delivery Inspection Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
15.09.87 1,406 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
28.11.88 6,973 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
04.12.89 10,268 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
18.07.91 14,399 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
11.03.93 19,809 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
23.06.94 25,512 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
23.06.95 28,591 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
16.07.97 33,847miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
14.07.98 37,485 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
29.06.99 42,046 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
13.07.00 47,279 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
23.07.01 51,332 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
23.07.02 55,330 miles Whyke Motors (Chichester) Ltd.: VAG Main Dealer Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex.
04.08.03 63,041 miles Mayswood Garage Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen, Solihull.
04.08.03 Timing Belt Replacement & Full Service + Thermostat & Antifreeze.
12.01.04 75,961 miles Mayswood Garage Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen, Solihull.
19.08.04 88,527 miles Mayswood Garage Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen, Solihull.
07.02.05 94,505 miles Mayswood Garage Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen, Solihull.
14.01.06 102,528 miles Mayswood Garage Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen, Solihull.
16.09.11 102,791 miles Cross Motor Engineering: Performance Specialists Bidavon Ind. Estate, Bidford-on-Avon, Warks.
16.06.11 Timing Belt Replacement & Full Service + Hydraulic Tappets, Water Pump, R/Cover Gasket, Antifreeze.

The earlier cars are better built too, as the MkII endured it had to remain price competitive so materials were slyly downgraded. I have had a few 1991 big bumper 8Vs and they are not as well made. They commonly suffer from worn valve stem oil seals leading to smoking and backfiring, also the headlinings drop, the carpets are an inferior grade, the sills rot behind the plastic skirts and they just seem to get scabbier. My car suffers from none of these afflictions and has never been welded.

My car is correct in every detail, EVERY detail! Call me a anorak if you like, I don’t care, to ensure future appreciation of this car’s value, originality and period detail is crucial. When a K-jet is occasionally spotted on eBay, all too often it has been ruined, frequently the original interior has been swapped for a later model set, a shame as these stripey seats are so distinctive and the fabric is the best quality, or the front grill is the wrong sort, and often it is worse as some total ned has fitted coilovers so it’s skimming manhole covers and a nasty drainpipe exhaust, 6×9 speaker holes in the rear shelf.

A more newly established 80s car specialist are selling a Jade Green 8V, albeit a much more common “Digifant” car, for £6000 and yet they’ve fitted incorrect centre caps to the car, and their car lacks PAS of course, their Diamond Silver K-jet car is missing its black swage decals which points to it having been resprayed, and the Pirelli P wheels no longer have black insets, so they have been repainted too, so does having 40K less on the clock make it worth double what mine is?! I set the price ceiling last year for a MkII 8V when I sold my one lady owner 1991 Bright Blue GTI with a mere 19,000 miles and FVWSH for £8000. That was the best and most attractive MkII remaining in the UK, full stop. This car cannot quite hold a candle to that one, but it’s not that far off.

If you want a truly timewarp, ultra low mileage specimen, the type you’d always be loathe to actually use, then you need to be looking in the £6-8K bracket nowadays I’m afraid. However, for half of that you could consider my car which thanks to my considerable time and significant expenditure looks and drives very nearly as well, and still has that crucial FSH to ensure it’s value will not depreciate. It’s definitely good enough to take to all the VW club events that abound, but it is not so museum-piece special that one needs fear driving it regularly. I want someone to drive it daily or at least as a weekend toy.

There’s a compelling case for using a 25 year old compact hothatch as a daily driver. Regardless of how “clean” new car emissions are, the huge amount of energy and water and fuel consumed in the manufacture of the steel bodywork and all the miriad of components that make up a new car and then the transportation to the UK is VASTLY more polluting than driving a car that has already exceeded twice its planned life expectancy. Don’t let our warped government have you believe otherwise and bring back the rolling basis classic car tax exemption! So for all you parsimonious Nigels in your Toyota Prius ugly dogs, you aint saving the planet at all.

The GTI 8V will return 40mpg and even with spirited driving will only drop to 33mpg, factor in petrol being cheaper than diesel, enjoying zero depreciation as a bona fide modern classic, cheap classic insurance premiums, and an annual service bill of £120 at most with no pesky catalytic convertors, airbags, ABS, engine management lights and needless electronics to go wrong. Does it sound too good to be true? Not one jot, I practice what I preach and have been using GTI’s daily without a gap for the past 11 years and have never required anything serious like an engine rebuild or gearbox reconditioning, I don’t even have an AA membership. I even bought a 262,000 mile F-reg GTI 8V last year to cannabilise its headlining, did it drive like a shed? No it felt as good as any GTI I have had with half its mileage!

My car has been treated to a high quality professional respray to all panels bar the roof. To all you doubting folk, not because the car was rusting and covered in dents (I have “before” pictures to substantiate this) but as with most cars of 25 years old that have been used, there were the fair share of chips, areas of dull lacquer, parking dings, scratches and the like. In fact it was very presentable in its raw state, but due to the provenance it was worth me spending £750 (trade price!) getting the paintwork looking stunning again. It is now superb, flawless panels, very high lustre and a uniform finish, it looks showroom shiny. New decals, swage trims and tailgate, have been carefully applied, new badges at the rear where necessary and all the plastic trim treated with my magic method that won’t wash off, the alloy wheels have been professionally shotblasted and powder-coated and shod with excellent premium VAG approved Pirelli P6000 tyres all round. Any bit of missing trim or something I wasn’t quite happy with has been replaced with the correct item, not a cheap exercise now MkII’s are increasingly collectable.

The car retains all of it’s original detail decals, the under-bonnet warning sticker, the VAG codes sticker in the boot (confirming it hasn’t been shunted at the rear), fuel flap label etc. I also have the original main dealer number plates and tax disc holder. Rather than my usual website address I have had brand new number plates made up with the original supplying main dealer details at the bottom in the correct VW font which is a superb finishing touch to this stunningly attractive car.

The amount of attention (all positive) this car generates is immense. You could be driving a 1987 911 Turbo, but this humble 1987 MkII GTI has mass appeal, so many people owned them back in the day and very often they were the best and most reliable cars they ever owned. They are accessible to most, from £500 EBay ragbags to my £8000 museum-piece last year. Thankfully my car is priced beyond the reach of tasteless neds with dubious taste, I am hoping that it will appeal to someone who owned one when new or nearly new and wants a trip down memory lane but has neither the time or expertise to embark on a restoration themselves. Jump in and drive my remarkable specimen and you will be right back in 1987, turn on the Blaupunkt slot in your Duran Duran tape, put on your Raybans and be 25 all over again, and the rare power-steering means your wife won’t moan too often about picking you up from the pub or golf club in it either. Oh and forget about cassette tapes, the fruity deep bass exhaust burble is a delight and so captivating, the poor generation of today brought up on a diet of diesel clatter.

The car has had a major service and many parts replaced as a precautionary measure with OE branded items to ensure the new owner can just jump in and enjoy. This is the very opposite of a cheapo eBay project GTI, it is the finished article. “Do the maths” as they annoyingly say, look at the extent of my refurbishment and you’ll realise you could never bring in a project to this standard for less. Besides you wouldn’t find such a worthy raw car in the first place and you don’t have my attention to detail or anorak knowledge. In this price bracket this is most alluring and authentic GTI by a long shot, don’t miss it. Car comes with full 12 months MoT.

Job list:

1) Professional major service: New Ruville hydraulic tappets, rocker cover gasket set, Contitech timing belt and roller kit, PAS pump bracket, fan belt, Bosch oil filter, air filter, Bosch wiper blades, Mk3 weighted shift rod and Molyslip gearbox oil treatment.
2) Ignition system: New Bosch spark plugs, Beru distributor car, rotor arm and ignition leads. Varta battery.
3) Coolant system: New water pump, radiator, heater matrix and antifreeze.
4) Suspension: New Boge/Sachs gas shock absorbers front and rear, Febi top strut mounting kits and rear shocks bushings.
5) Brakes: New rear brake discs and pads, new rear wheel bearings fitted at same time.
6) Exhaust system: New entire OE spec system, downpipe, front, centre and rear sections. New exhaust manifold and downpipe gaskets and new hangers.
7) Exterior: Strip down of all bumpers, grills, lights and wheel arch trims. New front valance and lower grill fitted. Professional preparation and repaint of all panels bar roof. New tailgate lock and tailgate struts fitted. New OE Hella wing mount aerial.
8) Waxoyling of wheel arches and inner wings prior to re-fitting GTI wheel arch trims using genuine VW rivets. Underseal inner sills and floorpans. New tailgate decal, side swage decals, replace rear badges.
9) Interior: Coachtrimmer to rebuild driver’s seat bolster and fit unworn passenger seat upright cover. Replace driver’s window regulator. Waxoyl door bottoms inside and clear drainage holes fit replacement door membranes behind doorcards. New leather gearshift gaitor boot. Replace all dashboard illumination bulbs. Clear sunroof drains and grease mechanism. Thorough shampoo of seats, carpets, doorcards, replace sound deadening before re-fitting seats.
10) New “main dealer” number plates (originals retained).
11) Thorough detail and valet and Autoglym finishing.

The asking price of £3,495 equates to about $5,400 at today’s exchange rates. This is very strong money for any Golf with over 100,000 miles of this vintage, regardless of what the seller is stating. It does put it right around what NADA is stating for a high retail value, but many of the cars we feature here at GCFSB are so unique, they are hard to categorize under such a scale. This MkII GTI is about the most well documented I’ve ever seen, and kudos to the seller for such a thorough description. The exterior and interior look tidy, and no doubt certain VW aficianados will be attracted to the combination of the K-Jetronic engine combined with some uncommon options. The only downside I can determine with this car is that it is too far away to be economically feasible for most.


1983 VW GTI w/ 16V swap AND 8V engine included

Volkswagens are ripe for engine swaps, but usually the old engine is long gone by the time you get to a car. Today, we have one of the all-time greats, the Mk1 GTI, improved with the 30 extra horses offered by the later 16V from a Scirocco. Other solid improvements to exhaust, suspension, etc. make this a solid GTI that looks more than clean enough to justify its $3k asking price.

1983 Volkswagen GTI for sale in West Virginia

From the seller:

STILL AVAILABLE, really need to come see it to see how good it really is. VIDEO LINKS at the bottom of the ad. Its a 1983 GTI passed down to me by my grandfather. we did sachs clutch, sachs suspension, borla exhaust, 16v motor swap. I have enjoyed this car everyday i have owned it. However it is time to let it go. I finally am graduating from college and won’t have a garage to keep it in anymore. so therefore i would rather someone get this car and enjoy it rather than it sit outside all the time.

The car has been garage kept its entire life, NO RUST, the gas tank has been redone in the past year so no worries about crap in the tank, new fuel pump put on 2 months ago (it didn’t need it but if i am going to sell it i figured i would use that lifetime warranty on the pump), it has 4 really good looking snowflake wheels and some that are ehh good project wheels.

16v motor was pulled from a sirocco with 35K miles one it, the 16v now has approximately 75-80K miles. The 8v has 80K miles on it and has stayed in the same garage as the car all this time. The body has 140K on it but looks amazing. paint is a little ehh from almost thirsty years oh use but that is to be expected.

The windshield has 2 spots in it but they were filled back in 2003.

Last photo is a click on it video.

[B]UPDATE:[/B] This seems to be a big question so i will respond to it if you live over 100 miles away from Charleston,WV I would suggest a trailer or car dolly. This is only because i cannot guarantee that a car almost 30 Years old will make a long trip just fine. However I believe it would make most trips i just won’t guarantee anything on a car this old.


Original 8v motor
6 spare wheels
Once i locate them louvers, spare fender, and i think there are a few more parts

Maybe I’m more optimistic than the seller, or maybe he’s not sharing something, but I’d expect a decent car, even if it is from 1983, to make it more than 100 miles. All I know is that I passed on a sweet Mk1 GTI with some simple and great go-fast parts when I was selling my first car, a 1981 Rabbit Pickup, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I got one drive in it when the VW collector, Lon from Iowa who was harvesting rust-free VWs from the West Coast, offered to trade it for my truck and cash. I was under the rule of my parents at that point and they wanted another truck, so the diesel-transmissioned and Quaife’d GTI was not to be. It had, like this GTI, a trunk full of parts that could instantly turn a VW enthusiast from a couch potato to a weekend wrencher. If you’re looking for a quick GTI that could quickly be a great GTI, take a trailer to West Virginia and relieve this college boy of his project.


1984 VW Callaway GTI

UPDATE: The seller writs us that since this was posted the car has now had a complete paint job and some other goodies added:

Older info: For years Callaway has been synonymous with Corvette performance, and to this day they produce some of the fastest turn-key vettes around. Turn back the clock to the 80’s, and Callaway was also heavily in to VW tuning.  This 84 VW GTI, is not only one of the cleanest remaining examples of the classic pocket rocket in its own right, it has been fully prepped R&A Applied Arts which, was and still is one of the most respected authorized Callaway Installers on the east coast.

R+A’s last Callaway: 84 Gti

Project started in 1996,
Engine + trans completed
Balanced Blueprinted + built by Collin @ TT
Stage two port + polish head job
int shift bearings set
piston set 81.5 G-60 Corrado
Rado rods
Bored + Hone block
Modi 8v Intake
Mani Pork + Polish + flowed
Aps 272 cam
Callaway turbo stage II ( last new pipes for ND ) Non AC
Jet hot coating 2000-4100 header pipe / Turbo housing 1300-2000
Water cooled conver.
Trans wide ratio 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
3.94 / .75 5th
And much more….

Road tested for 846 miles and counting as of November 2011… all receipts avail.

****Updated Installed Parts List from build date(ALL New/with receipts)**** 1/31/12
-Manual Steering Rack
-Autotech Baffled oil pan
-Trans parts: Bolt kit, diff&pinion Bearings,mainshaft bearing, 2&3 syncrows,drive flanges ETC..
-All HD motor mounts
-Autotech close ratio rack&pinion kit
-Autotech short shift kit
-Mocal 25row oil cooler kit
-Aps Euro T-Body
Callaway / ND inter cooler kit non ac
N/D Turbo Micro fueler kit
-VW/Bosch injection system
-TT Stainless Steel 2.25 exhaust with (16v)12in resonation,Borla muffler
-Vw fuel dist. unit
-VW Bosch Ing.Dist & Coil(GLI),knock Box, Ams knock sensior
-16v Sirocco master cylinder
-100mm Drive flanges
– Oem Control arms
– Oem Ball Joints
– Oem Tie Rods
– Oem Hubs
– Poly Bushings complete
– Oem Front Spindles
More work by Colin @ TT
-HD Valve springs
-Drill & tap Crank oil Galleys
-Diassemble & Assemble Short block, Install intermediate,bearings, o-rings

*I know I’m missing a lot more! but you get a clear idea of quality work done….

New parts list: As of Nov 2011- present
100mm Axles Empi
All new seals
Front Scirocco Carriers w/ new calipers 10.1 rotors, pads.
Rears Mk2 Gti/GLI Disc brake conver. All new calipers, rotors, pads.
E Brake cables
Vmaxx Coils
NOS Euro Bumpers , I have the amber lights and clips, just not installed
4 point lower stress bar
Tie rod flip kit
Fuel Filter
Alignment 4 wheel w/corner balance
NJ inspection Passed, good until 05/2013
BBS Rs’s All completely redone (6) Set on the car : F-15×8, 6’inner, 1.5 outer(BFI) R- 15×8.5, 5.5 inner, 2.5 outer(radinox) Plus.. (2) 15×7.5, 4.5 inner, 2.5 outer (radinox) w/o tires
BN toyo’s 195 45 15 on all 4’s..

I will also include OEM (2) BBS 3.0 lips Front, (2) 4.5 BBS Rears to use with the Berg Cup kit,
end note would be F 15×8, R 15X11 they were made that way by BBS for use with BCK’s & Reiger wide bodies..

Have but not installed : Callaway Valve Cover (polished) & Boost Gauge, NIB VDO Boost Gauge.
++++See pics for NOS parts that will be included in the sale++++

Asking $14,500 per forum rules.

In the past few years values of clean MK1 GTIs are certainly on the rise, but high retail is still only $4900.  While this clean example of a GTI is chock full of go fast goodies, and includes a ton of spare parts, at $14,500 it’s about $5K too heavy on price.  It’s going to take the right person to justify this top dollar, whether it be a Callaway enthusiast, or a MK1 GTI enthusiast. That being said, with only a tick over 113K miles, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find such a clean, complete example of the original hot hatch, let alone one that has the Callaway treatment.


1984 VW Rabbit GTI SCCA ITB racer

This little Neuspeed Cup rabbit was up for sale for years ago with an ask of $3,000. Back then it was a track racer seeing time in SCCA events under the Improved Touring B class. The car comes with an SCCA log book. Before then it was a Neuspeed Cup car. Since its time on the track it looks like it has seen some use off road in the rally world.
The current owner doesn’t list these items, but online you can find that when the previous owner set it up for its SCCA events car was setup with:

* 1.8 liter IT-spec JH, .040 over, match-ported motor
* K&N drop-in filter
* Techtonics 4-1 race header
* Eurosport/Dynomax exhaust system
* Quaife limited-slip differential
* Bilstein shocks & strut inserts
* Shine Racing coilovers (600 lbs fr./400 lbs.rr)
* Shine Racing rear sway bar
* 28mm Neuspeed rear sway bar
* Neuspeed lower strut bar
* poly motor, tranny & suspension mounts
* 14×6 BBS wheels
* full Autometer gauges
* Autopower 6-pt. cage
* Sparco Pro 2000 seat
* Sparco pedals/shift knob
* Momo model 78 suede steering wheel

It isn’t clear if all these things remain, at the very least the road racing suspension bits have been swapped for taller pro rally springs. It appears that the car has seen some hard use, but still looks to have some life, mileage is listed at just under 100,000. The car looks to have had a great life, not too many cars get the chance to spend time on the track and in the forest and still have a chance to serve a new owner at 28 years old. Hopefully a new owner will take care of the car and let it write a few more chapters. Also who doesn’t love that hood logo?
Bidding is up to $3,750 with no reserve.

1984 VW Rabbit GTI SCCA ITB racer on eBay



45k Mile 1983 MKI Volkswagen Rabbit GTI For Sale

Examples of these cars are bountiful and all over the board in regards to price and condition.  This one, is peculiar in that it has crazy low miles but looks to be in very rough shape.  Sure the seller saved it from it’s prolonged slumber and buffed away some of the years but looking at this red GTI there seems to be a great deal of work left to be done.

1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI:

From the seller –

“You are bidding on a 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI that came from Las Vegas Nevada from the 2nd owner, the car has a 1987 Nevada title in the 2nd owners name.  They parked the car under a carport for 18 years when the fuel pump went bad.  The car was towed to Chicago and the gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and timing belt was replaced.  Also the car was buffed back to a shine, so the moldings was removed to not damage them and they are in the trunk.  The front seats are dry from the heat and will need to be reupholstered.  Also the headliner started to come down in the back.  This car does have minor dents but there is zero rust!  The tires are like new.  Zero cracks on the dashboard!  The windows were tinted and the old tint needs to be removed.  45899 original miles!   With a little work this car should be a nice museum piece or show car!”

Neat car, but this is more than a “little work” away from being a “show car.”  Hood and rear lower valance have body damage, interior is shot including the headliner, bumpers need to be powder coated, I am pretty certain those tires are rotten, and goodness knows what will rear it’s ugly head once you get started.

We are about $5-6k from having a very clean and original car which puts this one in the $3-3.5k range in value.  At that you are going to be buried in it a bit so I hope the buyer knows what they are getting themselves in to.  Bidding currently at $1k, reserve not met which is interesting since the seller advertises this as a no reserve auction.