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Tag: Hammertime

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Hammertime Updates

Since our last value guide update in December, we’ve seen some really interesting results hit the market – perhaps helping to both redefine it, too. That didn’t necessarily mean all the entrants were market breaking; a slew of affordable 924/944s, two nice R129s, two budget supercharged Corrados and a good deal on a 540i Touring helped keep enthusiasts hearts afloat in this ever-increasing bubble. Speaking of, wild prices were seen for the 911T Targa at $313,000 and the Audi Quattro hit a little below my expectation – but still high for the model – at over $80,000. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the “low” price of the ’88 M3 for under $40,000, but I was equally surprised by the bids on the cloned Alpina that crested $23,000 – big money for any of the E32 generation. A few 911s capped the sales, and it should be noted that our reader Howard S nailed the price on that ’86 930 – he was only $1.00 off! Well done!


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