1998 BMW M Roadster

For some enthusiasts, the BMW Z3 is a bit of a hairdresser’s car. Even with rear-drive and some models employing the silky smooth BMW inline six cylinder engine, they couldn’t escape the stigma of being a fashion statement for the beautiful people when new. Almost 14 years on since the original four cylinder Z3 debuted, these roadsters have become an attractive second hand buy and a viable alternative to the beloved Mazda Miata. But it was in 1998 that BMW introduced the M roadster, enhancing this car’s performance credibility. Packing the 3.2 liter, 240 horsepower S52B32 inline six, flared fender arches, wider wheels and quad exhaust pipes, this two seater had a much more menacing look and a bite to match. Sixty miles per hour arrived in just a tick over five seconds and could cover the quarter mile in about 14 seconds.

Those who read GCFSB regularly know that I’m a sucker for unique colors. This M Roadster for sale in Utah painted in Evergreen might not be to everyone’s taste, but I like it with the matching green and black leather.

1998 BMW M Roadster on eBay

We are thrilled to have for sale a very rare 1998 BMW M Roadster in Evergreen. There were only less than 9000 of these cars produced from 1998-2000. And Evergreen with Black was an incredibly rare color combination offered. This is for sure not the car that your neighbor has! This is a super fun little car to drive. The seemingly small horsepower numbers do not tell the full story of this car. It is a true performance machine and one of the most fun reasons why BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. The car is very light so the power to weight ratio means that this car is just a scream to drive. This car is a blast to drive anywhere. It is at home on a workday commute or a weekend canyon drive. Or it would be great as a weekend beginning racer. The seat of the pants performance of this car is very hard to beat. And yet when driven civilly is also a fantastic, enjoyable car to drive casually. With the top down it is possible to carry on a cell phone conversation at 65 MPH without heavy distraction from the wind. With the rear wind screen in place your hair hardly gets jilted out of place even at freeway speeds. This car is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission with excellent shifting manners. It is just really fun to run it through the gears it is so solid and responsive. The car has plenty of tire shredding, tail wagging power. I believe that it would be nearly impossible to beat the “bang for the buck” of this car. There are not many cars on the road that will run with it, let alone that are as comfortable and joyful to drive.

This particular car has just had new tires installed and had a service performed at out local BMW dealership, BMW of Pleasant Grove. It is ready to driven and enjoyed by its new owner. The A/C blows ice cold. This car is exceptionally clean and nice for its age. The leather seats are soft and supple and everything on the car works. If you are looking for a great value in a sports car this has got to be one of the top cars on your list. The depreciation from here is negligible. The car is wonderful to drive and experience. It is really what pure driving is about. This car has the original rear window “sock” for when the top is folded. It has the original boot to fit over the rear although it is slightly age hardened. The car has most all of its original tool kit and the top is in excellent operating condition and the fabric is in great shape as well.

The only negatives that should be discussed about this car is that is has a BMW factory replacement (BMW DOT-R) Hood on it. All of the rest of the front of the car is original but the hood was replaced along the way for some reason. Also it appears that both plastic bumpers have been painted and there is paintwork on the rear bonnet. All parts but the hood are original and there appears to never have been any collision damage. Weird about the hood but the car looks and operates fantastic. Even on close inspection you would not be able to tell the car has had paint unless you have a paint meter. The interior is exceptional, the only “flaw” is that the factory head unit has been replaced with a Kenwood stereo. Not a huge deal but notable. For a car that is 14 years old this one is a truly exceptional low mile example with a clean and clear www.autocheck.com vehicle history report. In fact it has an exceptionally high number 87 compared with the usual numbers of 27-71.

If you love to drive and enjoy a snappy throttle and superbly delivered power this is about the best bang for the buck that you can buy. The depreciation on these cars has been great! They are awesome to drive everyday or they super fun weekenders. This is the type of car that makes you want to even run and do the honey do list just because you get to drive somewhere in it. All I can say is WHAT A CAR!

All that is left is for the car to be delivered or driven to its new home and new owners. Take a look at all the pictures and see what kind of care that this car has had. I can all but guarantee that you wont find one this clean unless you buy it new. The fuel economy as rated by the feds on http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bymanu.htm is a reasonable 18 City and 26 highway. This car is amazing quick and very spirited to drive but also has a wonderful touring car component that makes it very livable on long distance road-trips. I have driven an M Roadster from California to Utah several times and they are great on the open road!

While this M roadster has a clear title, I’m curious as to why this car has a replaced hood and paintwork. With this kind of mileage, prices are hovering around the $12,000 mark these days. Granted, this is a rare color, but for some, that might not be a bonus. Even though this car looks clean, it does raise some questions when it comes to bodywork. If I could inspect this car in person and find no faults during a drive or evidence or bodywork, I’d say an extra $2,000 or so off here would be in order. It would give me the piece of mind that I didn’t overpay for something that might not be all that it appears.


1997 BMW M3 with 22,000 miles

Low mileage M cars never cease to amaze me. How could someone purchase such a fine performance machine and resist the temptation to drive it? The mind rebels at such a thought. Nevertheless, another low mileage E36 M3 has cropped up outside of my hometown of Philadelphia.

1997 BMW M3 on eBay

1997 Cosmos on black sport manual interior M3///..Yes the miles are 22k and yes the car is as mint as a 22k vehicle should be. The vehicle exchanged hands from one enthusiast to another and W.A.S is proud to offer this as part of our inventory. Inspection II just performed, All the goodie options that include manual heated seats..Factory disc changer with cover…Did I mention this car drives and looks as good in person as it does in photos..Serious interest please and will consider other low mileage BMW’s in trade.

While I do prefer the sedan variant, this two door version is everything I’d want in my M3, save for, you guessed it, the oversized rear spoiler. I’m not quite sure what drove some owners in attaching these things on the boot. With it’s LED third brake light, it’s a very 90s touch in an otherwise timeless sports coupe. At $23,000, we are solidly into mint condition E30 M3 territory. To purchase this E36 at this price, one would surely have to have a preference for this generation over the legend that started it all. Realistically, we are probably looking at a maximum value of around $17,000 or so.


1991 BMW M5 with 27,000 miles

There have been a few nice E34 M5s featured on GCFSB lately, but here is one of the lowest mileage ones I’ve come across in quite some time. A one owner example with full service records, it is for sale due north of Baltimore.

1991 BMW M5 on eBay

1991 BMW M5 in pristine condition. Car has had one, non-smoking owner, garage kept…brilliant red exterior shines likes new! Silver leather interior is in excellent condition. No wear or damage anywhere on or in the car. New Michelin tires. All service records available.

It appears this is a fairly unmolested example of an E34 M5, as the original wheels with the cooling fin wheel covers in tact. Many owners swapped these out for the later “throwing star” M-System II wheels. A bit more of an expanded description and detailed pictures would have certainly been welcome. My only question is with a car like this, how could any owner resist not driving it more than 27,000 miles over the last 20 years or so? I, for one, couldn’t resist such temptation.


1992 BMW M5

We are all big M5 fans here at GCFSB, especially fellow contributor Nate who just purchased a choice example of the original E28 M5. I’ve had my sights set on an E39 for some time, but every time I see an E34 M5, I get weak in the knees. This was the next evolution of BMW’s original high performance sedan formula. With a 3.6 version of the S38B36 inline six cylinder engine, this M5 produced 307 horsepower in North American trim with the help of electronically controlled throttle body valves, an improved flywheel and higher compression, among other modifications. Built up until the final year of E34 production in 1995, this was one of only two generations of M5 to have a Touring, or estate version, with the E60 M5 being the other M5 available with five doors. Neither generation of M5 Touring was offered in the US and it is the second rarest M car ever made after the M1, with only 891 units produced.

This particular example looks to have been well used, but maintained in a good manner and has the all important stock alloy wheels, which are becoming harder to find as the years pass. Not many people were fans of these wheels, as they made the car look like it was wearing white wall tires. However, the bolt on center piece had cooling fins that directed more air to the brakes. Handy for a car of this caliber. This particular example came here from Canada and has 142,000 miles under its belt.

1992 BMW M5 on eBay

1992 BMW M5 with only 230,114 Kilometers which equals 142,986 miles. This rare and unique vehicle is in wonderful condition and is sure to please. If you were wondering why Kilometers, that is it was originally registered in Canada. This is one vehicle I have always enjoyed and you hardly see any around. With very few made its becoming quite collectable and highly desired by M series buffs. Has the perfect balance of sport/luxury. Runs very strong with the gearbox feeling positive and precise. Inside and out are in great condition and above average for the year and miles. Air conditioning works good with no apparent issues as well as all windows and sunroof. Overall the vehicle is truly nice for being almost 20 years old. Tires are new and ready for the road. This is one vehicle I hate to sell, just because they are so hard to come by. The Alpine white over black really looks sharp! This vehicle comes complete with books,manual, and keys/remote. This M5 is also Carfax Certified and by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page you can view it for free (take note at all the regualar service).

The lowest mileage, cleanest examples of the E34 M5 may pull $15,000 to $20,000 in today’s market. Anything around $8,000 to $10,000 is just about right for an M5 with this kind of mileage. I like the fact that this car appears unmolested. No window tint, no aftermarket stereo, no oversized alloy wheels, nothing. I’d question whether a Canadian version could be easily registered here in the US, but that would be a question for the buyers respective state DMV. Overall, this looks to be a solid example for the buyer interested in using this car as intended, rather than stowing it away as an investment.


1999 BMW M3 with 51,000 miles

Ever since driving an E36 M3 sedan, I always thought it was close to the perfect car. Four doors, practicality, a normally aspirated inline six, rear wheel drive, wide power band and handling from the gods. It was a little more refined than the E30, but still had a sharp edge to its character, while later versions of the M3 became more complex and overrun with, in my opinion, unnecessary electronics. This 1999 M3 represents the final year for the E36 M3, and only the convertible and coupe were available that year. Most 1999 models I see are convertibles and many, unfortunately, have the 5 speed automatic. Thankfully, this is a 5 speed manual, in the preferred hardtop body style and is painted in classic Alpine White. With 51,000 miles on the clock, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to E36 M3 goodness.

1999 BMW M3 on Autotrader

Only 51,055 miles! This truly exceptional BMW E36 M3 is as nice as they come. We sold this car 5 years ago at our shop with 35k miles. This vehicle has always been garaged and rarely driven even in the rain. It is equipped with Sport Package, Cruise Control, 18 Button Om-board Computer, Harman-Kardon, M-Contour Alloy Wheels, Factory Trunk Mounted CD Changer, Sunroof, Heated Seats and Power Seats. This car is all stock with no modification and all original panels with matching VIN stickers. The body is straight and the paint is nearly perfect. The interior is smoke free and the leather is as soft and nice as it was when purchased new which is likely due to the car being garaged and out of the elements. This car really must be seen in person to appreciate the quality. If you are looking for one of the cleanest E36 M3’s on the market, this car should be seriously considered. For serious inquiries & pricing, please call our shop. PLEASE NOTE Book values on a car like this are not accurate. They are typically quite far off the true market value on many ‘M’ brand BMWs. As such, we have valued this car correctly for the condition and mileage with a haggle-free price.

The asking price of almost $19,000 is all the money for one of these E36 M3s. This is about half of what these cars cost new. Generally speaking, most examples in this condition fetch anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000, with rare versions such as the Lightweight commanding more money. While this is certainly a clean and well documented example, I’m not sure that constitutes this much of a premium. Still, it splits the difference between garage queen and driver quite nicely. Sans spoiler, I’d love to have this in my garage.


1991 BMW M5

Of all the generations of M5s that have come and gone, the E34 is my favorite, even over the considerably faster V8 powered E39. The current E60 never did anything for me and it remains to be seen how good the upcoming F10 will be. The E34 just embodies the peak of BMW styling mixed with their fantastic, breathed on straight six engine. Here is a relatively low mileage 1991 E34 out in the midwest. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but generally looks sound.

Up for auction is a rare 1991 BMW M5. These cars were handbuilt in Germany and there are not too many around these days. The car has 89,000 miles, is a two owner car, and has full service history.

Now the car is not concourse ready but a nice example for someone who wants an everyday driver or too spend a little time on it and make it perfect. The car has spent its life in the midwest so there are a couple of spots were rust has formed on the bottom of the doors and the door seams(see pics). Has had some paintwork (20 year old car), all panels are original except it does have a r-dot hood.

Mechanically the car feels very solid and strong. The transmission has no syncro issues and the clutch feels tight and it pulls hard, the car starts right up and the engine is strong. I do have a extra set of snow tires and BBS rims that do come with the car that in my opinion look better than than the factory wheels(forgot to take pic).

The interior is in good shape for a car of this age but does need some work to be perfect. The drivers bolster is torn and missing a chunk of foam. the rest of the seats are good but could use a dye job. The rugs are clean. All power options seem to work fine.

The asking price is hovering right around the clean retail mark at $10,000, however, knock a grand or two off the price and this would be a decent value. The one thing that puts me off is the light colored leather. I had a friend with a 1992 325i with the same interior color and as it ages, it looks awful. Too bad it’s not a darker gray or black. Still though, a solid looking example of one of the M division’s finest.