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1984 Volkswagen GTi

There’s a “meme” circulating the halls of the interweb that strikes particularly close to home for me. It depicts a few images of cars – the first one being a total loss, and the last one being absolutely mint and perfect and the description reads “How I view the dent on my car” under the wrecked image and “how my friends view my car” under the mint condition photo. It’s true; all three cars that live at my home are generally considered by many to be “ridiculously” clean, but I can tell you every nick, scratch and dent on all three without even leaving this computer. I’m guessing I’m not alone and that some of you also have the same “problem”, but if not please let me know and my family will be happy to commit me. Either way, when I see this 1984 GTi, my initial response is thrill over such a great looking example – until I see that dent on the hood. Now, it’s all I can see. I can look at the back of the car and still see it there, as if I’m some sort of demented used-car Superman with dent-ray vision. It’s sad, because otherwise there’s a lot like with this GTi:

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1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLi 16V Helios Edition

If yesterday’s 1987 Jetta GLi didn’t spark your interest, perhaps one of the most sought-after GLis made will. The 1989-only “Helios Edition” Jetta GLi took the already good economy sports sedan from Volkswagen and followed the “more is better” rule, adding better BBS RA color-coded wheels and awesomely striped and hugely supportive Recaro seats. It was the prototype for what would become the standard GLi in 1990, but this car was decidedly the best GLi we had seen to that point. Only 1500 were made and they infrequently come up for sale, so while today’s isn’t in as good of shape as the 1987 from yesterday, it’s still a bit of an event to see one:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLi 16V Helios Edition on eBay

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