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Tag: Rare VW

1984 Volkswagen Polo SP

The Polo isn’t a model often featured on these pages because 1) they never came to the United States and B) if you’re going through the effort of importing a European car, let’s just say the Polo probably isn’t top of your list. In 1981, the second generation debuted on the A02 platform – a standalone for the model and its betrunkened twin, the Derby (also not sold here). These super-minis were intended to be cheap and efficient; very basic equipment was met with very basic engines. The SP was marketed as the “sportier” Polo with slightly better equipment and a cool color pallet, though you’d be hard-pressed to call it either fast or luxurious. Still, it’s neat to see one here and worth a look:

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1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Hobie Cat Edition

Way before the Golf K2 and Jetta Trek there was the…Vanagon Hobie Cat? That’s right, in 1987 VW launched a special edition of the Vanagon that – just like the aforementioned ski and bike editions – came with a roof rack and a sail boat. Well, sorta – it was actually a Hobie Cat Alpha sailboard. In addition, you got multi-tone side graphics including the silhouette of an actual Hobie Cat catamaran, and…well, that’s all. This particular example is also claimed to be a Wolfsburg Edition, which is interesting as that was only offered halfway through the model year. Let’s take a look: