1992 Volkswagen Passat G60 Syncro

After the Quantum’s exit from the US marketplace in 1988, Volkswagen decided to use the Passat name for the first time stateside. The B3 Passat was released in North America in 1990 with the 2.0 liter, 16 valve four cylinder engine. The 2.8 liter VR6 engine did not appear until 1992, but in between, there was a little known variant offered with the Syncro four-wheel drive system: the G60. Under the hood was the same supercharged 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that first appeared in the Corrado, producing 160 horsepower. This model was not for US consumption, but a handful did make their way to Canada. This G60 Syncro sedan for sale in Illinois is one of those few.

1992 Volkswagen Passat G60 Syncro on eBay

You are bidding on a extremely rare 1992 Volkswagen Passat supercharged G60 Syncro (AWD) sedan, which only 250 were sold in Canada. The car has zero zero rust! In showroom condition! New headliner, rebuilt supercharger, updated T-belt, newer clutch. Hella round headlights with HIDs, smoked tails from Europe, Clarion CD player, 274,000 kilometers about 170,000 miles, original Fuchs 15 rims with like new winter tires. Keyless entry alarm with remote start! A/C has been retro fitted to R134. New tints on the windows. Rear reclining seats! Bilstein shocks with H&R springs! The runs and drives perfect, can be driven all the way to Alaska if you like. Heating pads replaced in the seats. The HVAC controls are acting up so it will need to be replaced soon. Clean Illinois title in hand!

The B3 and B4 Passats were never known for their reliability, so taking a chance on this oddball with mechanicals more complex than your usual B3 Passat takes a brave soul. A car like this would more than likely appeal to the die-hard water cooled VW enthusiasts or for someone who likes obscure cars and lives in a climate that necessitates four-wheel drive. By itself, the B3 Passat isn’t a terribly popular car and didn’t sell in huge numbers. Even the best example out there might struggle to break the $5,000 mark. At a starting bid of $4,000 with this kind of mileage, I’d say this is all of the money for this car, if not more. I’m attracted to this car because it’s unique, but I’m sure maintenance and sourcing parts would keep you on edge.


The Ultimate RV: 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia

For reasons too complicated to fully explain here, a close friend recently bought an $800 RV and moved to Neah Bay, WA, essentially the northwestern-most tip of the US. We went and visited him to see exactly how this RV situation was going to work out and offer our condolences. Side note, on the way out we found the best driving road I’ve ever been on, Highway 112 – I hope everyone can someday experience the empty, smooth pavement with 180-degree bends and awesome elevation changes. Anyway, what was I talking about?

Right, RVs. So the RV turned out to be a great deal, redone paneling, everything worked, runs, etc., which I wouldn’t expect from an $800 car let alone a livingmobile. But seeing it, as well as the myriad forms of RV I saw on my road trip back to CA from Washington, made me wonder what kind of vehicle I would want to live in. Real RVs are out due to size and self-respect issues. Truck campers seem silly. I think I’d rather get a decked-out Syncro Westfalia and explore the globe. Go-anywhere (from off-road to normal parking lots), sleep comfortably, and do it in style.

The only issue is Westys don’t cost $800. Or $8000. For the really good ones, you’re looking at over $30k. Such is the case with today’s immaculate, totally-redone Syncro. Bidding is only to $13k but Buy-It-Now is an eye-opening $40,000. Less than a Sprinter conversion van, but definitely not the cheap way to go RVing. If you’ve got a penchant for German cars like I do though, it’s the only way to go.

1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia for sale on eBay

The list of how to do a Vanagon right:

Just passed CA smog and is registered through June of 2013. Within the last 6 months I have done the following to make sure this beautiful Syncro makes it another 25+ years!

Brand new paint (Done the right way – base and clear coat, new seam sealer, removed all windows, etc.)
All new window, door handle, and wiper arm seals.
All new front window seals and vent wing seals.
New window tint.
Powder coated bumpers, door handles, wiper arms, and wind wings.
New pop top, skylight, and luggage rack seals.
New stainless steel luggage rack hardware.
New skylight and hardware.
All new GoWesty hook-up boxes! (New highly improved design!!!)

All new upholstery.
Re-built foam in front seats and installed additional foam for lower back lumbar support.
Steam cleaned all carpets, cleaned and bleached interior of pop top, machine washed all curtains.
New 3-window pop top tent.
New GoWesty 2nd battery and 2nd battery wiring system.
New main battery..
Powder coated all interior metal pieces (stove face, table legs, door sill, etc.).
Serviced fridge with GoWesty refrigerator pump re-build kit.
New sink tank pump, replaced all tubing, and cleaned and bleached water tank.
New ignition switch.
GoWesty high power head light kit (huge improvement over stock lights!).
Alpine stereo with CD and I-Pod connector. Infinity front speakers and new rear speakers.
AC is intact but does not blow cold (probably needs a re-charge).

Engine is from a low mileage 91 Vanagon Syncro (was removed for an engine conversion).
Approximately 100K miles on the engine. Heads were re-built within the last 15K miles.
The speedometer cable was broken when I bought the van so not sure of the true mileage on the body. The odometer reads 116K.
New cap, rotor, plugs, wires, and belts.
Cooling system was flushed and various coolant lines were replaced. Re-enforced coolant pipe ends.
Re-built rear locker assembly, new vacuum actuator (works great and engages/disengages quickly).
New clutch within the last 15K miles.
New throw-out bearing.
Front diff is quiet and VC works.
New Red Line MT 90 gear oil in transmission and front differential.
GoWesty “Doka” style driveshaft.
All new front CV Joints, grease, boots, bolts, and axles. (German not Empi!)
Re-packed rear CV Joints, new boots, bolts, and grease.
New front discs, pads, and soft brake lines.
New rear drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, soft brake lines, and hard lines.
New clutch slave cylinder.
Removed and re-sealed gas tank. All new gas tank fuel lines, fuel level indicator, and fuel filter.
Stainless steel gas tank straps.
New tie rod ends.
14″ Vanagon alloy rims with Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires in almost new condition.
KYB gas shocks and stock Syncro springs.

I’m sure there’s something else I left out too!

Really an amazing van. Many are fully decked out with attachments, gas tanks, rhino bars, etc., but it’s pretty awesome to see one bare and beautiful and ready for a new owner. Is someone going to cough up that $40k for the honor? Probably not on eBay, but shockingly enough there really is a market for $40k-Vanagons, so I’m guessing it will find an appreciative home soon enough.


1986 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon

In the spring of 1987, my father bought a brand new Volkswagen Golf GT. For those that forget, this was a warmed over version of the base Golf with GTI trim and the 1.8 liter engine. The car proved highly tempermental. My father blames this on the fact that this was one of the last VWs to be built at the Westmoreland, Pennsylvania plant before it closed its doors in 1988. But who really knows? I do, however, remember seeing a brand new Quantum Syncro wagon on the showroom floor when he went to pick up the Golf GT. Even as a kid, I was intrigued by these big VWs as much as I am today. Using the same mechanics as the Audi 80 Quattro, these were very versatile haulers that have a strong, close knit following. Today, these Syncro wagons are rarely seen, especially one in this kind of condition. This example for sale in Oregon has over 160,000 miles on the clock but I haven’t seen one this mint in years.

1986 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Estate on eBay

Really good example of a QSW! 161K but looks like 61K. 2 owners, bought new in Palo Alto, California before moving to WA State. Always garaged, the wagon has original paint that still looks great, NO RUST issues anywhere, it’s super solid top and bottom. Never hit, body is very straight, no dents, a few small dings here and there but overall presents very well. All original glass, good trim, straight bumpers. Factory roof rack, cross bars are still in their original pouch in the back. Lights, signals, horn, wipers, washers – all working, no electrical gremlins.

Interior has held up great thanks to its garaged life, seats are still firm, upholstery all good with the exception of some minor fraying on the seat piping in spots. Driver’s seat shows no wear, amazing for the mileage of the car. Locks all work, windows wind smoothly. Unused ashtrays, never smoked in, car has no bad odors. Watertight in the rain and the drivetrain doesn’t leak oil. The car starts easily, doesn’t smoke, has good power, shifts well, I just took a 3 hour freeway drive in this car and it did great all the way. All gauges work, the temp gauge overheat light will blink on cold mornings but gauge shows normal readings and I verified with a infrared temp gun at radiator hose to confirm the car is running cool. No blinking at the gauge when warm so it must be some weird glitch when cold. Climate control needs looking into as it seems to be stuck on warm. 4WD indicator lights don’t come on when you pull the switch, I can’t say if the system is working or not, seems to drive fine the way it is and I haven’t taken it off-road to test. The car comes with all original manuals, a Bentley service book, and some service records.

I’d like a $500 paypal deposit within 2 days and the balance within 7 business days of auction end. Please, only serious bidders that are ready to follow through with this purchase. Reserve on this wagon is reasonable and the car offers very good value for the money. As you know, VW didn’t import very many of these Synchro wagons, they’re even harder to find in this condition.

If this were a perfect example of a Quantum Syncro, I’d probably estimate $4,000 or even a little bit over that would be reasonable, but with the climate control issue and the issue with the Syncro indicator light, there may be some repairs lurking. In that case, somewhere around $3,000 to $3,500 might be more of a reasonable price point. Still, I’d wager to say there are few Quantum Syncros out there without their mechanical faults, so this example would be as good of a place to start than any to feed your affordable all wheel drive wagon cravings.


1990 Volkswagen Golf Country

Following on to the success of the Mk1, the MkII Volkswagen Golf saw an ever expanding range of body styles and engine options to carry this popular model through to the 1990s. One variant to emerge from the MkII range, which incidentally was never sold in the United States, was the Golf Country. Designed as a light off-roader, it had a raised suspension, Syncro four-wheel drive and other off-road accoutrements such as a skid plate and brush bars. Finishing off the appearance was an externally mounted spare tire. All Golf Countrys were equipped with the stalwart 1.8 liter 8 valve four cylinder, producing 114 horsepower. In total, fewer than 8,000 Countrys were manufactured, with a handful having found their way across the pond. Here’s one of those examples for sale in California.

1990 Volkswagen Golf Country on eBay

Selling my ’90 Golf Syncro Country. This was my car last time I was in Germany and I legally brought it back with me last year. Located in Sacramento, CA and currently registered in Maine because Cali just wants too much money! Nice driver, clean car, everything works. 135k miles. 5 speed transmission. Sunroof. All original except the wheels. Brand new mud & snow tires with less than 1,000 miles. Runs well, but could use a complete service including timing belt. It looks old and I do not have any maintenance history. There’s a muffler rattle at idle. Interior is in excellent condition. Headliner is brand new. Body is very solid. No rust execept a small spot on the windshield and a spot on the rear deck where someone had a sticker that went bad. Some scratches on the hood and a light scrape on the passenger-side, rear door. Please see the pics. Asking $12,500.

I’m a big fan of these Golf Countrys. It’s an example of “everything you need, nothing you don’t” motoring. Crank windows, cloth interior, good ground clearance and Syncro make this an idea car for someone living in the Snow Belt who doesn’t want your typical gas guzzling SUV but still would like to get around during the cold months. At $12,500, this is a bit rich for a MkII, but it is in good shape for such a utilitarian vehicle. Given it is missing the factory wheels and needs a bit of service, it would be reasonable to bargain a bit off this price and have folks stare in awe the next time you roll by a Volkswagen dealership.


1986 VW Quantum Syncro for sale

It’s time to kick it old school a bit, going back to my VW roots with a clean, daily-driven Quantum Syncro. Much rarer than the ubiquitous Jettas and Rabbit/Golfs of the era, the Quantum has always perked up my wagon-ears by extending lines of the aforementioned VW staples and being offered with Syncro. 80s 4-wheel drive systems, pre-computerized limited-slip auto-braking nannies, have always intrigued me, especially with VW’s being merely a renamed version of the original, world-changing Quattro. The Audiness doesn’t stop there, with the 4 rings of the Auto Union stamped on the 2.2L five-cylinder. The example coming to us today from the Samba is cleaner than its 176k miles would suggest, and looks inside and out like it could continue being an awesome and capable daily driver.

1986 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon for sale on the Samba

A good rundown from the seller:

1986 Vw Quantum Syncro Wagon
White exterior
Grey / Brown interior ( Maybe its black )
5 speed
A/c converted to r134a ( needs charged )
178,000 + still going ( its my daily )
Stock motor – 5 cylinder 2.2
Runs great, get in start, drive and go.

Manual windows – all of them work
No sunroof
No cruise control

Very clean – rust free body
Interior is also in very good shape
Rear area – has the speaker pods instead of the cargo cover.
I installed 4×6′ Polk in the front doors
New Alpine cd / XM ready head unit
Old School PUNCH 80 in the glove box with a single sub speaker wire ran over through the headliner to the back for a sub ( not included ) I havent found one yet i like, i have a BIG box 12″ Sony that if you really want it, i can include it.
Rear speaker pods also have NEW polk 4×6’s installed ( i also have a spare set of rear speaker pods )

Original 14″ snowflakes with OK tires –
I also have 4×100 14″ Steel wheels with SNOW TIRES – that could be included.

The rear cover that covers the spare tire in the back, just cracked this weekend – i was so mad – i had camera bag and light stand in the back and took a corner too fast i guess and it hit and cracked the cover – other than that interior is FABULOUS

I didnt really get much maintenance history with the car – it doesnt seem to need anything – starts everytime, goes and stops. I have drove it on a few 1 hour each way road trips.

Since i have bought the car – i replaced the speedo cable with a one piece
Installed the stereo system and wired it up so it turns off when ignition is turned off.

As an extra 10v Turbo motor with lots of extras – its a factory brand new block – with all new internals – Ac compressor and other goodies still attached. Have spare CIS stuff from Turbo Audi 5000, turbo manifold, bad turbo and downpipe – valve cover, head without cams rebuilt – lots of stuff…

I hunted for a very long time for a clean QSW – this is it… even at my starting price of $4000 i am losing money due to shipping this car from PNW to Nebraska.
I have another $600+ in all my spare stuff.

Considering the condition of the car and care of the seller, not to mention the extra parts coming along with it (I’d want to learn more about the extra motor?!), it seems deserving of its $4k price tag. If you’ve got the 80s bug like me and are looking to offload an A4 wagon, maybe you could work out a great deal. Regardless, I have a feeling this seller is going to find a good home for this Quantum.


1990 Volkswagen Doka Syncro Tristar

A few months back we featured a few VW T3 Dokas here and here, and yet another one has cropped up for sale on The Samba, this one relatively cheaper than what we have seen lately:

1990 Volkswagen Syncro Tristar on The Samba

The seller states:

1990 Syncro Tristar 2.1 wbx

Yes, a 4 door, 4 wheel drive Volkswagen pickup truck, one of only 500 ever made. The Tristar is the top of the line in the doublecabs. It’s easy to make a Tristar more off road capable, but very difficult to turn a regular doublecab into a Tristar loaded with following options in addition to other Tristar standard options:

factory sunroof
factory anti lock brakes
factory fog lights
antenna in windshield
rear window defrost
power windows, locks, mirrors
aftermarket cruise
H4 headlights
headlight washers
power steering
factory tow hitch
sliding rear windows
factory rear bench seat belts for three
locking rear differential

Truck has dents, scratches, and other exterior blemishes. Repaint or not. Very little rust. Driveshaft is currently in place and vibration free. Titled and registered in California. Comes with spare vinyl rear bench, great for dogs or messy kids.

Price does not include the 16″ rims as shown. Truck will come with stock 14″ rims/tires to match stock 4:86 transmission. I have some 15″ Ronal rims which would look great on this truck and would still match standard gearing. Optional higher price of $17,900 will include a fresh rebuilt 5:43 drivetrain w/ rear locker , decoupler and front locker (three knob setup) 16″ rims w/ 225/75/16 tires as shown, coilover suspension. New 2.1 motor was installed in Germany, runs strong.

Rare opportunity to own a great driving practical collectable that turn heads ! This rare truck will hold it’s value over time. Offered for a bargain price because of the dents which can easily be pulled out. Almost no seam rust which is very common in doublecabs. Sorry, no trades, serious buyers only please.

While I’m not a truck person, these things have that similar basic appeal that draws me to the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen. Someone out there is sure to snap this Doka up at this price and it will more than likely soldier on for many years to come.


1991 VW Doka Vanagon Truck for Sale

Since everyone seemed to be so upset by the price of the last VW Van I posted, I figured I’d post a very rare example at a much more reasonable price: just $57k.

1991 VW Vanagon DOKA Tristar Syncro for sale

Before everyone gets their collective leiderhosen in bunches, I’ll let the seller explain WHY this VW is deserving of a such a price.  It’s a long but entertaining read, and I highly recommend it to fans of obscure VW knowledge.

These trucks are pretty common all over the world, EXCEPT in the USA. VW technically did not import ANY Vanagon trucks into the USA. This is one of 18 that was brought into Canada under very special circumstances. Indeed, there is a great story behind this Vanagon TriStar Double Cab (DOKA) Syncro (4WD) truck.

As the story goes, there once was an oil exploration company in Canada that ordered 18 Syncro DOKAs just like this one. And, they were not just ANY Syncro DOKAs, but all TriStar models—more on that in a moment. The company ended up going out of business before the trucks arrived. So, VW of North America ended up selling these 18 trucks through their distributors in Canada.

Well, one of the ex-employees of the company snagged two of these, and brought them legally back home to Southern California. Check out the photos of the current California title. That is right: This is one of those 18 DOKAs made with the correct VIN for North America. This may seem like an inconsequential detail—but it is actually quite a big deal in this case, because this DOKA is diesel powered. Currently, it is not possible to bring a diesel powered vehicle into California if the vehicle in question was not a model offered somewhere else in the USA. NO WAY. So, the first amazing thing about this DOKA is that it is a totally LEGALLY REGISTERED DIESEL: That alone would be crazy enough, but it gets better…

Every DOKA ever made, except for these 18, was sold outside the USA. They were sold in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and were mostly work trucks, put into service in severe weather (especially the Syncro models). Of the 18 that made it to North America, most were sold in Canada. What does this mean? It means that just about every DOKA ever made is now a rust bucket. By contrast, thistruck has lived all its life in Southern California, and has spent its time on the freeway. Therefore: NO RUST. Anybody who has ever spent time staring at a DOKA, like me, is simply amazed by how incredibly rust free this example is. But wait, it gets better…

This is not just any ol’ DOKA. This is a TriStar. So, unlike 90% of all VW DOKAs ever made that were basically 3-door, stripped-down work trucks, the TriStars were built super plush. TriStar means it has every factory option, including:

• Full plush cloth interior
• Padded dash
• Wall-to-wall carpet
• Heated driver’s seat
• Rear window defroster
• Cruise control
• Arm rests on both front seats
• Power windows
• Rear differential lock
• And last but not least: FOUR DOORS

And, that’s not all…

The guy we got this from is a super duper, over-the-top Vanagon NUT. He went totally overboard and did the following:

– Complete repaint inside and out to factory color
– Gray color redone all around the bottom
– Lots of seals and gaskets replaced
– All new carpet throughout
– Syncro.Org springs
– Old Man Emu shocks
– All new brakes
– Driveshaft decoupler (still has viscous coupler)
– Nice stereo with new larger speakers under rear seat
– All new power door lock system with remote entry


– Air conditioning system (that kicks ass, BTW)
– Fresh transaxle with much taller 3rd and 4th gears, for the…


– 1.9 liter Turbo Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engine with intercooler

Now, a few words about the AC and TDI engine:

AC in a DOKA? That is not possible…. that is, unless you are some sort of super duper, over-the-top Vanagon NUT. The owner had the AC unit painstakingly removed from an early 80s Vanagon, painted to match the interior scheme, and custom-installed so it looks like it came that way from the factory. Now, we have added NORMAL, FACTORY AC into a run-of-the-mill Westy that did not have it. It was a fairly straight forward job, but still cost north of $5k—all said and done. I just can’t IMAGINE how much time THIS took.

So, again, I admit that this kind of car is highly overpriced for most people. However, there is a dedicated group out there for whom the words DOKA, Syncro, and TDI are holy terms and nearly soul-shatteringly awesome when combined altogether.  For someone out there, this rare gem is easily worth its price.


Insane 1990 Syncro Westfalia for Sale

I know we usually restrict our posts to German autos of the sporting variety, but people are doing such insane things with Vanagons these days I got clearance to post them every once in a while.  A utilitarian beast at heart, Vanagons have a unique following, a following so diehard that they go to extraordinary lengths to restore, modify, and improve their vans.  Some create cab-forward boxes with performance to shame a lot of the cars we post here, many with increasingly common Subaru WRX and STI engine-swaps.  Others, like the one we have today, have been completely redone to be unstoppable adventure-mongers.  GoWesty (as in Westfalia, the camper edition of Vanagon), has the process down and churns out some incredibly capable and well-built vans.  With a plethora of modification and restoration possibilities, they can clean up your van and fix the sink, or you can have them do a ground-up build with the only limit being the size of your wallet.

This 1990 Syncro (4WD in VWspeak) explores the latter option to the extreme.  New everything and more, they have created a no-holds-barred adventure machine with a coffee-spitting price: $80k.

1990 Vanagon Westfalia Syncro for sale at GoWesty.com

The insane worklist:

This is all the stuff we did for Doug:

• Stripped down completely to the bare body
• Collision damage repaired back to factory exact specification
• Complete repaint inside and out to factory color
• Black texture treatment all around the bottom
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers, rear with integral hitch
• Skid plate up front
• Double swing-away carrier for rear
• Full size spare wheel
• Fuel and water cans
• New hemp/cotton 3-window pop top tent
• All new interior panels with matching Recaro material inserts
• New Recaro front seats
• Rear seat and bed cushion recovered in Recaro fabric to match front seats
• All typically discolored and shrunken vinyl around windows removed, and all surfaces painted to match exterior
• Undercarriage stripped clean
• Steam cleaned thoroughly
• Undercoated thoroughly
• All fresh suspension and steering
• Old Man Emu shocks
• GoWesty progressive lifting springs
• All new brake system
• Big brakes up front
• All new brake and clutch hydraulic systems
• All new cooling system
• Fuel and electrical systems all gone through thoroughly
• GoWesty super duper ultra major maintenance service
– All maintenance items back to zero miles
• 16″ wheels with 225/70-16 BFG tires
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
• Fresh transaxle and front differential, 48/48 warranty, with:
– 12% lower 5.43:1 ratio final drive gearing
– Triple knobs, which means:
– Driveshaft decoupler and solid shaft instead of viscous coupler
– Locking differential front
– Locking differential rear
• Deluxe 3 auxiliary battery system
• 50 watt solar panel on roof, quick-release style
• All-electric Engel fridge/freezer installed quick-release style
• Old fridge space turned into more cabinet space
• New LP tank assembly
• Propex built-in 7500 btu furnace
• Over $2800 worth of “just in case” preemptive reliability enhancing items
• Killer stereo with iPod, XM, and sub woofer
• Dashboard removed and all systems rebuilt
• All new power windows with centrally located switches
• All new power door lock system with remote entry
• On-board compressed air system for easy air-up of tires after off-roading

Basically: Just about everything we offer for a Syncro, Doug ordered for this puppy.

Is it all necessary?  No, probably not.  Is it awesome?  Definitely.  Doug, the guy who had it built, obviously wanted to pull out all the stops, and it shows.  It’s beautiful and simple inside and out, and while the parts list is excessive, every piece seems well thought out and useful.  If it means anything, it’s $25k less than it would cost to build from scratch and has only done 9k miles since its rebirth.  No, it’s not a bargain, but it is unquestionably valuable to a specific group of German car lovers.


1987 VW Quantum for sale on eBay

I felt I was being a little too Bavarian-centric with my first posts, then all Porsches earlier this week, so I went looking for a good VW.  My oh my, did I choose the right day to look for Volkswagens!  Quantums are a rare breed in general.  The Passat progenitor had the simple lines of 80s VWs and was available with Syncro, the best named of all 4WD systems.  With Syncro it came with the Audi-sourced 5 cylinder.  Revered more for their capability than their looks, many of this generation are more 4WD beaters than clean machines.  This ECS Tuning Quantum bucks the trend and more, with a clean white exterior and a well-modified Ur-Quattro drivetrain conversion (!!!).

Some of the modifications from the listing:


This really is an awesome car. Amazing drivetrain conversion, clean exterior, and only 72k miles. It could use some cleaner wheels and more tire (and ditch the nauseating hood pins), but hot damn. RS2 turbos? Wilwood brakes? Locking diffs? Forget that S4 fetish of mine; I want an RS2 Quantum!