1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6

I’ve been banging on for quite some time about how much I dreaded my 2000 Volkswagen GTI 2.0, or “Satan’s own ride” as I called it. From day one, it was electrical problems, trim items falling off, you name the issue, this car had it. Just thinking about part on that car would would make it break. I was quite surprised, given this was a GTI built in Wolfsburg, Germany. Nevertheless, I traded it in one day after the warranty expired. The car I had before the 2000 GTI was a Mexican built 1998 GTI 2.0. I liked that car much better. Even though I only had it for one year, it had no issues and was, in my opinion, more fun to drive than its MkIV counterpart.

I still long to have my red 1998 GTI back, and every time I see a MkIII, whether it’s the 2.0 or the VR6, it brings back good motoring memories. It’s hard to find low mileage MkIIIs these days, but here’s a good driver for sale on Long Island.

1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 on eBay

We are proud to offer this very clean 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 5-Speed hatchback with 111k miles. These are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition and this is a very nice example. This one has some of the “Driver’s Edition” options such as the golf ball shift knob and red stitching on the steering wheel, shift boot, and emergency brake lever. This GTI has been very well maintained and it shows. Everything works in this vehicle and it drives amazingly well for the year. The tires are all fairly new. The tailgate is a bit rusty (very common on these), but this is easy to swap out for a new one. This GTI is completely stock aside from an aftermarket air intake (sounds beautiful).

1991 Volkswagen T3 Transporter DoKa

The Volkswagen Transporter, in particular, the commercial variants, are one of those vehicles that is famous most everywhere except the United States. This is a shame, because the few families and outdoor enthusiasts that opted for the Volkswagen Vanagon over more conventional vans came to appreciate these vans for their practicality and durability. Vanagons, Westfalia Campers and Transporters have been gaining ground in terms of value in the past few years, as these represent the last of the rear engined Volkswagens. Here is an amazingly original T3 DoKa (German for Doppelkabine, or Double Cab) that presents like new for sale in Atlanta.

1991 Volkswagen T3 Transporter DoKa on eBay

The seller states:

Never available in the US from the factory, the VW DoKa is a very rare machine, even in Europe. This 1991 model is one of the very last built, and shows just over 15,000 original kilometers (not miles!) from new. Highly desirable today, it also includes all the original documents, booklets, manuals, and even the original window sticker and bill of sale, making it an awesome collectable for any VW fan. Obviously the DoKa is built on the T3 Transporter platform, known as the Vanagon in North America. If there’s ever been a more versatile commercial vehicle, I can’t imagine what it might be. Fortunately, this one appears to have never worked a day in its life, and has been expertly preserved and maintained since new.

The paint is 100% original, the body panels are super-clean, and there’s not a trace of rust or damage anywhere. Even the color, which is a vivid blue, is just what you’d imagine slogging along a narrow European street somewhere early in the morning, doing its job. Personally, I love the all-business look of this truck, with form following function and a minimum of frills.

1990 Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Camper

It’s rather funny. With the SUV craze in full force for the last twenty years, the van has lost popularity. I sure don’t see as many of them on the streets as I do the atypical urban assault vehicle. Volkswagen’s van offerings have always been for those who drive to the beat of a different drummer, and one of my favorites was the T3 Camper Van. I remember playing around in one of these as a child when my father went to purchase a brand new 1987 Volkswagen Golf GT. It was always fascinating to me to have a half kitchen inside a vehicle.

Here’s a clean, low mileage Westfalia Camper for sale in California.

1990 Volkswagen Camper on eBay

I am selling my 1990 VW Westfalia Camper Van with a 4-speed transmission and a clear title. The vehicle has 42.8K miles (67,343 km) on the odometer. This a low-mileage rust-free van with a gorgeous interior and extremely strong engine. It has a new CD player and brand new front and rear Pioneer speakers. The van has alloy rims and 6-ply load-rated tires. It has a current California smog certificate. I am selling this Westfalia van with NO RESERVE price.

Recent repairs include:
new rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders.
new rear KYB shocks.
complete tune up including new oxygen sensor, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.
new valve cover gaskets and a new tail pipe.
new oil filter, seal and oil change (20W-60 Castrol GTX oil).
new front cross-drilled and vented rotors for cooler braking on hills and new ceramic brake pads for greater stopping power.
the body was recently painted the original burgundy paint and the bumpers and grills were painted a special semi-gloss formula.
a new clear sun-roof cover and winder.
new utility covers and stickers were purchased from Van-cafe and installed along with new rear hatch struts (shocks) and a new locking radio antenna.

1967 Volkswagen Beetle – The Cal Look

Growing up, my father drove a green 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, one in a series of the original “people’s car” that he owned. He sold it for a brand new 1987 Volkswagen Golf GT, but even almost 25 years later, I have lingering memories of the air cooled engine clatter and simplistic mechanicals. That’s not to say I was ever a huge fan of the original Beetle. While I don’t hate it as much as the presenters of Top Gear, they never lit my fire, either. Until I spotted this one on eBay this week. There are certain cars I come across that have just the right color/wheel/trim combinations and this is a perfect example of one. A 1967 Beetle with the famed “Cal Look.”

1967 Volkswagen Beetle on eBay

If you were to look for a classic VW Beetle to collect or enjoy the 1967 is the year to look for. It’s the last year of the small bumper and the first year of the 12 volt system. This is a very well documented car, a California car all along. You could not restore the car for the asking price, the receipts far exceed that. Looking at this car there isn’t anything you would want to change, it’s done with the utmost skill and taste. It’s easy to assume that these are the future collectable cars that are going to escalate in value.

I’m not sure I agree with the seller that the price of classic Beetles will escalate in value any time soon, especially given the economic conditions. Also, at almost $25,000, you have to really love classic Volkswagens to seriously consider purchasing this. With the California black plates, the EMPI style wheels, the roof rack, this is one Bug I would love to have in my stable. But there’s one big problem.…

Not 508 Compliant: 1996 Volkswagen Golf Harlequin VR6

I love odd cars. Everything from the Citroën XM to the NSU Ro80 gets me going. So anytime one of these wildly colored Volkswagen Golf Harlequins come up for sale, I take note. I loved and miss my MkIII GTI 2.0 to this day. A much better drive than the subsequent MkIV I owned and chuckable in a similar manner that my Cooper S is (albeit with less sharp steering and suspension reactions). Here is what could possibly be the only VR6 equipped Harlequin for sale up in Massachusetts over on VW Vortex.

1996 Volkswagen Golf Harlequin VR6 for sale on VW Vortex

The seller states:

Hi Everyone, after a lot of debating with myself I am selling my harlequin. I have owned it for 5 years and during that time i have basically gone through and done everything (including many upgrades) that ever needs to be replaced or breaks. Everything was done the right way, no shortcuts, I had planned on keeping this car for the long haul but i don’t have the time to enjoy it like it should be. The Car has been put away for the past 8 winters in dry storage, oil changed every 3k or yearly whichever comes first (I have hardly put 2k on the car for the past 2 summers.)

The car is an absolute blast to drive and turns more heads then a ferarri (no lie). Car is very reliable and ready to go!

Here are the specs:

1996 Golf Harlequin #19/264
Pistachio Green Base

o VR6 Swap with ~138K
o Recent Timing Chain Service with All Hardware, Water Pump, Thermostat <10K o Mk4 Metal Head Gasket o Gruvenparts Crack Pipe o Yarrowsport Billet Belt Tensioner o Autotech 10lb Steel Flywheel o Black Forest Industries Stage 1 Poly Motor Mounts Trans o 02A Rebuilt with New 1st, 2nd, and Reverse Syncros. <10K o TDI 5th gear (for highway cruising) o Clutchnet Stage 2 Clutch (375 ft-lb) o Peloquins Differential o New Empi Driveshafts <10K o Black Forest Industries Stage 1 Poly Trans Mount Suspension o Complete VR6 Suspension Swap o Koni Yellow Adjustable Shocks and Struts o H&R Race Springs o R32 Front Control Arm Bushings o All Suspension Bushings Replaced <15K Exterior o Euro Bumpers o Hella Dual Round Headlights o OEM Fog Lights o New OEM Front Fenders o New OEM Hatch Brakes o Mintex Red Box Pads <10K o New OEM Rotors <10K o GAP Braided Stainless Brake Hose o ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid Wheels/Tires o VW Monte Carlo 17” rims o 205/35/17 Falken Azenis RT615 Tires (less than half worm) Im sure there are more things i have forgotten. Asking: $10500 OBO

The seller is pretty honest and lengthy in his description and the car does look to be in good shape for the mileage covered and the fact that it is a Northeastern vehicle.…

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 46k miles

We’ve featured a few clean Scirocco’s lately, however, I was thinking to myself the other day that it has been a while since I’ve seen a relatively clean MkII Scirocco 16V. Thanks to our reader Larry for pointing out this clean MkII on cars.com. Other than the overkill stereo, this particular Scirocco looks relatively unmolested.

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 46k miles on Cars.com

The seller states:

IMMACULATE 16 Valve Scrirroco that you MUST see to believe!!! ONLY 46K miles. 99 Percent stock with the exception of upgraded audio. Great driver and/or show car!!!

Purists may appreciate the Mk1 Scirocco better, but I always preferred the rounded edges of the MkII better, much in the way I preferred the last of the Alfa Romeo Spiders they sold here in the US. Given that Volkswagen won’t import the new Scirocco to our shores, here’s your chance to relive a little bit of that magic, albeit at a higher price one would expect.


1989 Volkswagen Vanagon with Subaru 3.3 flat six

It seems to be a growing trend to take a run of the mill, underpowered Volkswagen Vanagon and swap a Subaru engine in it. We featured a Volkswagen T2 Transporter with a Subaru 2.5 RS motor last month, however, here is a different beast. A Vanagon with the Subaru 3.3 liter flat six motor. While the body has high mileage on it, the owner has clearly invested the time and money to make this a special van.

The seller states:

1989 Volk Wolfsburg 3.3 liter Subaro 6 cyl 235 hp. Over $35,000 invested to build this one of a kind van!

70,000 miles on Subaru motor, approx 15,000 on all new suspension brakes and transmission

Interior upgrades:

Speaker upgrades
New carpet
Newly upholstered front seats
Absolutely no rust, an original california car!


Tinted windows
Keyless entry with alarm


All upgrades done by EuroTech San Diego, The Vanagon Subaru Engine Conversion Specialist.
Big brake upgrade: Cross drilled front rotors with audi 200 turbo quattro front break calipers and Mercedes ML 320 brake rotors. Rear disk brake conversion using Audi 200 turbo quattro break calipers and rotors. Both front and rear brakes have akebono ceramic brake pads for improved braking and low dusting.
Stage 2 heavydut clutch
Short shifter kit, Go westy
White face gauges
Taller 3rd and 4th gear ratios
HID headlight conversion
17′ Audi wheels. Custom machined center caps
Tires, 5,000 miles

I’m not a van guy, but I like off beat vehicles and this one fits the bill. While Porsche made a version of the Vanagon called the B32 with a flat six, the Subaru engine would no doubt last a good while longer and quite possibly could deliver better gas mileage. If I had a family to haul around, SUVs be damned.…

No-Reserve 1965 VW Karmann Ghia for sale

Clean and curvaceous, the Karmann Ghia is one of the most attractive cars ever built. They range from beaters to show queens, but they always put a smile on my face when I pass one on the road. Today’s Ghia falls in between the extremes; it may not be very far away from show-worthy, but the few imperfections are what keep it reasonably-priced and daily-driver ready. What a gorgeous daily driver this would be!

The brief note from the seller:


Engine recently rebuilt. 1835 cc Dual 40 Weber Carbs.

New professionaly installed salt and pepper carpet, seat upholstery & windshield.
Recent work on engine, receipts available. Character dings and dents for a 45 year old classic.
New professionally reinforced floor pans.

The interior and engine are nearly flawless, and I kind of like that the exterior is pretty but not perfect. Two-tone is the way to go in my opinion, and the colors here are just right. I had a girlfriend once who was big into vintage style, and this was her dream car. Funky but beautiful in a way only the 60s could provide, this Ghia is ideal for its combination of cleanliness but not obsessive perfection. If the auction can stay under $10k, this is a great deal for vintage beauty.


2000 Volkswagen Passat TDI Wagon 6 speed manual

I have lengthy discussions with a good friend of mine in the Boston area about how there is a lack of decent diesel and performance wagons available in the United States with a manual transmission. Coincidentally, my friend drives a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T wagon with a manual gearbox. Here’s an interesting Passat wagon for sale on eBay that he passed along to me earlier this week, one that was brought over by someone in the German military working in the United States. This could very well be the only Passat wagon with the TDI engine and a 6 speed manual in the US at the current time.

The seller states:

Up for sale is a a very rare ONE owner 2000 Volkswagen Passat TDI wagon, with 217k original kilometers which is 135k miles. This is a one owner car that belonged to the original owner who was working in the US on behalf of the German military. This is the legendary diesel wagon which achieves almost 50 miles per gallon, but was never offered for the US market. Best color combination, Black mettallic on Gray. Fully legalized with a clean and clear Maryland title, ready to be registered in any state! This is the only Passat TDI wagon of this body style in all of US.

Features a 1.9 Turbo diesel ALH engine, mated to a 6 speed manual transmission

Loaded with the following options:

Monsoon Sound System
Alloy wheels
Power locks/windows/ mirrors
Climatronic climate control
6 CD changer
Side Impact Airbags
Keyless entry
Here is your chance to own the one and only Passat TDI wagon with a 6 speed manual transmission in all of the US.

Please note the car is a 2000 model, not a 1980 like listed on ebay, as the ebay system cannot decode the vin number.

1985 Volkswagen Transporter 2 door truck

For over 60 years, the Volkswagen Transporter has been famous for being a workhorse the world over. Recently, Volkswagen has abandoned efforts to market the Transporter in the United States, where it was known as the Vanagon and later the Eurovan. That is a shame because all we are left with is a poor effort at badge engineering by taking a Chrysler minivan and slapping a Volkswagen badge on it. When will manufacturers learn? The Transporter featured below is the seldom seen in the US truck version and has undergone an overhaul, complete with a Subaru 2.5 RS engine swap.

The seller states:

1985 VW Vanagon Single Cab Pickup Ground up “restosturbish” (part restore, part refurbish). 2.5L Subaru Impreza RS motor installed (6,200 miles on motor) Custom installed A/C. Rebuilt 4 speed transmission KEP stage 2 clutch. New CV joints, brakes, master cylinder and clutch slave. Dash has speedo and clock (no tach). Custom roll cage and driving lights modeled after VW Tristar. Custom all weather fabric pickup bed cover. Custom oak wood slats install on pickup bed. Modified vehicle interior out of Vanagon pasenger van. Vehicle driven 1,200 miles since restosturbish. Speedo mileage is not actual. Pickup will have genuine heavy duty VW Vanagon mudflaps installed prior to shipping.

I’ve seen truck versions of the Transporter sell for well into the $20,000 range, with some clean examples going for $30,000 and higher. While this isn’t an original example, I am intrigued by the Subaru engine and the reliability that would come along with it. Compact pickup trucks have recently been disappearing from the automotive landscape here in the US, and while this isn’t the smallest of trucks, this T3 sure makes for an interesting proposition and is one that would be durable enough to stand the test of time.…