Insane $70,000 Volkswagen Syncro Westfalia

My last extreme Syncro Westfalia garnered many chortles as the $40k asking price overshadowed the thorough restoration. What’s the best way to convert the naysayers? Find an even more insanely priced Volkswagen van.

Today’s Vanagon is definitely more decked out, with solar panels, ladders, racks, rims, and the heart of a Subaru SVX. This interesting engine swap certainly accounts for a large portion of the seller’s expectations. While Subaru transplants are increasingly common in Vanagons for their power and reliability, people usually stick with the 4-cylinders. Clearly this Syncro is about going 5 blades, so he opted for one of the biggest engines Subaru ever produced, the SVX’s 3.3L flat six. 231hp should do just fine in place of the original 2.1L wasserboxer’s 95hp. Actually, it must make this thing downright beastly. With everything working (the previously-listed Syncro got nicked for no a/c) and 1600 shakedown miles on the engine conversion, this seems to be the real Vanagon for the megolomaniac.

1991 Volkswagen Syncro Westfalia w/ Subaru conversion for sale on eBay

From the clearly (and awesomely) demented seller:

Behold the Holy Grail of Syncro Westfalia vans made, the 1991…This van is a great example of a clean syncro westfalia with all the amenities. The van has been road tested for about 1600 miles from conversion completion, enough to work out all the kinks. Everything works on the van, power windows, locks, front and rear window washers, diff lock, decoupler, stove, sink, propane heat…Everything!
Below is a breakdown of all the items included in this build.

Many more photos at

(5) 215 70 16 A/T BF Goodrich tires and wheels (powder coated black)
120 watt solar panel
2 stage custom paint (orley blue)
8′ Fiamma Awning
Propex Gas
Subagon Big Brake kit front
Subagon rear Disc Brake addition
built in inverter 1500 watt
cruise control
door alarm
drive shaft decoupler kit
rear differential lock
dual isolated battery
dynamat sound deadening material
rear bumper w/ hitch receiver, swing away tire carrier, fuel can carrier
fridge delete kit
front AC – rear AC
front bumper with bull bar
large 12v fridge
new interior
rock chip guard
svx motor install – 1996 with 50k miles
rebuilt transmission with taller 4th gear
old man emu suspension
2″ lift springs
tinted windows
truck mirrors
New rear cv joints – inner and outer
New 3 window pop top canvas
New Rear Flat sub woofer
Pop top Struts- (strongest)
Hijack lift mounted on front tube bumper
PIIA fog lights
Hot water heater and shower
Permanent Ladder
TDI Starter
Custom front skid plate / water proof lock box

Plus a bonus fun note from

We built this van for a customer that spared no expense. He took the van on a few road trips and now wants us to build another one, the twin to this van but with a Subaru Diesel, a build that will land in a price range north of six figures.

Yes, that’s bonkers money for sure, but at least some rich dudes are spending their money in awesome and unique ways.

I know people will again question why anyone would spend this kind of money on a Vanagon. But honestly, I would much rather have this than a new Range Rover or X5 or Sprinter camper. Bespoke and thoroughly badass, the price is jaw-dropping, but so are the choices and execution. Next time you see any car on the road that costs $70k (and where I live, that’s >50% of the cars on the road), ask yourself if it’s cooler than this. Regardless of the car, I already know my answer.


1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab

In 1952 Volkswagen introduced there first pick up version of the VW bus. The intended use for the VW single cab was for farm workers and construction companies. The single cab featured a bed with fold down gatesthat allowed the Volkswagen it to carry objects larger then itself and made the truck the work horse of the VW lineup.

These days, the single cab, and its slightly bigger sibling the double cab, are more at home in collections and at shows, than putting in a hard days work. This beautifully restored 1970 bay window for sale in Erin, Tennessee is one of those trucks that has retired to the garage life.

1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab on eBay


1970 VW single cab restored truck with 1600 dual port 4 cyl engine and manual transmission; new beige and white paint job inside and out everything was removed for body work and painted. It has new upholstery, door panels, kick panels, floor mats, sun visors, headliner, windshield and back glass all new rubber for doors and windows, all new trim and light lens, new shocks, brakes, tires, new channel  in gates new tin, engine has had a light overhaul, new carburetor, engine was removed to paint as well as the engine compartment was also painted. Truck runs very strong and is road ready!! If you have any questions please give me a call at (931) 289-3976 after 4:00PM and weekends call (931) 289-6324. Please serious buyers only and I will not consider any trades. I have the right to end this auction early due to vehicle for sale local. Thanks!!!

What for years has been a favorite of the crazy old VW hoarders, these truck have been gaining popularity in recent years with a wider audience of VW enthusiasts; and the pricing reflects that.  These have been steadily going up in price over the past 5-10 years with basket cases commanding upwards of $5K, and nicely restored trucks anywhere in the $18K-$30K range.  This nicely restored bay window is priced with the resr of the market, and will likely get close to asking eventiually, but not within the timeframe of this auction.  If this was a split window, my guess is that it would already be gone.




1975 VW Rabbit “swallowtail”

What is rarer than a clean low mileage MK1?  A clean low mileage “swallowtail.” The term “swallowtail” is a term for early Volkswagen Rabbits built with a unique body line in between the taillights. They are extremely rare, as they were only made for model year 1975.  All model year 1975s and some early model year 1976 Rabbits had “swallowtails.”

Viewed as one of the most desirable MK1s, this beautiful 62,034 mile Lofoten Green swallowtail for sale in New Jersey is an early VW lovers dream.

1975 VW Rabbit on

1975 Lofoten Green Swallowtail Rabbit. Its a survivor in great condition! It is a perfect project for someone to finish up. I am the second registered owner with 62034 miles. It is a carbureted 1.6L engine that runs strong. The carb does need to be adjusted. Has a 4 speed manual transmission. It has a 100% original stock interior! In a 90% perfect condition. There is a rip in the drivers seat and the dash is cracked. But considering it’s age it is very clean and all together! Has immaculate headliner, carpet and door cards!

I started the body restoration. The rear lower corner rust has been fixed and sealed. I have before and after pictures of that area if you are interested. The rear under body and wheel arch have been cleaned and sealed. The gas tank has been POR 15ed. Thanks to Paintscratch for sending the mismatched touch-up paint as seen in the pictures but that is an easy fix. There are a few other places of rust I was planing on fixing but never got around to. I have tried to picture those areas. This is a very solid car though. Clean floors and strut towers.

The brakes, suspension and tires are original to the car! The brakes need to be replaced – they work but not very strongly – and the tires are dry rot – 2 of them don’t hold air. This is a project and does need to be towed. (I can have it towed within a reasonable distance from Hillsborough, NJ 08844 for a fee). I also have NOS OEM 1975 passenger fender, calipers and starter. Probably have a few other 1975 only parts here too that will be included. Also have very low mileage H&R Ultra low coilovers. Approx 100 miles or less. Obviously, they are not installed. Also have 1976 VW Dasher Aluminum wheels. 13 X 5.5 Perfect time period correct wheels for this car!

Asking $5000 but price depends on what you want included. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a bunch more pictures if there is something specific you would like to see.

With 62K miles, this VW has barely seen any use over its 37 year life span, just a mere 1800 miles/yr. The condition of the car reflects this light use, with shiny paint, and a clean interior, this is a car that needs nothing.

While there are a lot of clean early VWs out there, this is the first one I’ve come across that is worth every penny of the asking price, and then some. I’d love to own a car like this, because as time goes on it will only become more and more valuable.


1982 VW Rabbit Pickup

Often times cars come along and you wonder how they came to be so ridiculously priced. The VW Caddy is one of those cars. Back in the ’90s when I was searching for my first car, I wanted a 2 door Rabbit and lusted after a GTI. Every Wednesday I would go through the Want Advertiser and VW pickups were everywhere, often dirt cheap, but at that time they were the red headed step child of the MK1 family. When I think back on how plentiful and cheap they were, it’s tough for me to fathom an almost $7000 price tag. When you really think about it, all of the reasons it makes no sense are all of the reasons they are so collectable now.

For the longest time no one cared about these trucks and overlooked them in favor of the hatchback models, sending many of these trucks to the junk yard. If they weren’t just discarded, body rot was the second leading cause of death. These trucks had a lot of rot issues, mainly with the strut towers. Born and raised in California, this ’82 Caddy has managed to avoid the fate that many of its siblings succumbed to. This low mileage Cashmere White truck for sale in Chicago, IL is a great example of a survivor, and would make a great driver or restoration project for the true MK1 enthusiast.

1982 VW Rabbit Pickup on eBay


We at Windy City Motorsports are very pleased to offer for sale this hard to find and super clean 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Caddy Pick up truck.

***Super Clean & Rust Free California Truck It’s Entire Life

***Original Body & Paint

***Many New Parts. Including……

…..New fuel pump

…..New tires

…..New spark plugs, cap, rotor & wires

…..Fresh oil & filter

…..New carpet

…..New headliner & more

***Original California Blue Plates & Included

***The odometer shows only 72k miles, but cannot be verified to be actual

***Fires Right Up & Runs Strong

***Facetime Users Please Contact Us For A “Virtual Walk-Around”

***Inexpensive Nationwide / Worldwide Delivery is Our Specialty!

Please review all of the photos, and feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns you may have.

***We sincerely appreciate your interest, and hope to add you to our quickly growing family of 7,200+ satisfied customers!

Please Note…..In order to protect both the seller & the buyer, we require that all interested buyers either include a phone number with your offer, or contact us prior to making an offer. Given certain buyer contingencies, we are unable to accept any offers until the full details of the transaction are shared. 1-866-605-4866


I’m pretty partial to this truck for several reasons, but first and foremost, I love Cashmere White on MK1s.  All of my early GTIs have been this color and to me it doesn’t get any better.  That alone isn’t really a good reason to spend $6900 on a 30 year old VW pickup.  While in good shape and with only 71K miles, it certainly isn’t perfect.  The cracked dash, issues with the paint, and overall condition of this truck keep me from thinking it’s worth anything close to that.  With cleaner examples going in the $6000-$6500 range, I’d be more apt to pay around $5,000 for this truck, but with the MK1 VW market swarming with buyers for nice clean cars, this truck will likely fetch close to asking.


2008 Volkswagen R32

Starting in 2004, VW has started the every four year tradition of releasing an R version of the Golf. Starting with the 2004 R32, these cars were an instant hit with VW enthusiasts, and performance enthusiasts alike. With a 240bhp narrow angle V6 (VR6) 6-speed manual gearbox, and Haldex AWD these cars are capable on the road, and at track days. While the first generation was a hit, the second generation R32 was met with much hesitation among enthusiasts. Based on the MK5 platform, the 2008 R32 offered the same VR6 torque monster, however the 6-speed manual was replaced with VWs DSG dual clutch gearbox. While the DSG was a technological masterpiece, with launch control, and split second shifts,  it still left manual lovers shaking their heads in disgust.

As polarizing as the DSG gearbox is, the R32 still possessed all of the elements for success. With the 3.2-liter, 250-horsepower V-6 engine, six-speed double clutch transmission, Haldex 4 AWD system, electromechanical steering the MK5 R32 did its MK4 predecessor proud.

This Tornado Red on Black 2008 R32 for sale at VW of Oakland is sure to be a cop magnet for whoever buys it.

2008 VW R32 on

This is a car that I’m on the fence about.  I have driven the DSG, and it is a great transmission for flogging the R32, but it tends to be quirky around town in everyday situations.  no matter how great it is on paper, I still missed the visceral feeling of ripping through the gears.  All that aside, this 10K mile car is one of the cleaner R32s I’ve seen for sale.  At around 2500 miles annually, this car has seen an easy life.  The asking price of $26,991 ( has an older price advertised) is right where it should be for a car this clean, making it a great deal no matter what your position is on the DSG gearbox.




Coming to America: 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country

I have often wondered why dealers, specifically those that export vehicles do not go out of their way to bring more interesting cars to our shores.  Case in point, this 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country that is currently in en route to the states from Japan.

1991 Volkswagen Golf Country:

From the seller –

“For sale is a 1991 Golf Country Syncro

Price: $11,500

First of all about this sale: The car is in the process of being imported, however is currently still in Japan. I, as the seller, assume all responsibility for importing the car and making it legal. This will be up to me, and whoever buys the car will be buying a street legal, licensed car in America. I work for a dealer in Japan who imports cars from America to Japan. Recently we have been talking about trying to start going the other direction. At my suggestion we got this Golf Country, and are sending it over as a “test car” to gauge feasibility etc. I am not some tourist over here for a brief stay claiming to bring a rare car back to make internet friends.

That being said lets get to the details

1991 Golf Coutry
I bought the car from a long time customer of ours who was the second owner. He bought it from a nother dealer who had accepted it as a trade in from the origial owner.

1.8l 8v with 131,459 km/ 81,684 original miles

OEM 5-speed syncro with ~1,000km / 621 miles on it. before I bought it we had put in a brand new transmission. We were lucky enough to be able to source one for $7,000 from Germany as there were none in Japan, and we were told there was only 1 at the dealer we bought it from in Germany.

Wheels/ Suspension/ Brakes:
Still has the original set of 5 Speedlines. 15×6 et 35. Tires are 195/65R15 Firestone FR10`s which still have good life on them. The spare has never been used. The wheels were repainted gunmetal about 1.5 years ago.
Suspension is all original as are the brakes. Front are 2-pot and rears are drum.
The car is fitted with all the original Country Golf suspention and sway bars, as well as full underbody subframe.

The have to say the interior is really nice and full of cool subtle 90`s style touches.
Everything is original and in very good shape. The only non original items are the navi/dvd player which will be removed before export (cant use a Japanese Navi in america anyway) and the sparco pedals which add a nice touch, but can be easily removed if so desired. The current DVD/ Navi I will add was installed in such a way as to not harm any of the original dash/ bezel area and will be taken out without harming anything.
The seats are in very good shape and have syncro embroidered in all four headrests (one of the subtle touches I like). The outer lower drivers side bolster is slightly worn in a quarter sized spot, but other than that everything is great. The rear seats have rarely been sat in. One of the plastic covers for the speaker in the door is cracked a bit but no pieces are missing and could be glued back together if it bothered the next owner enough. Still have the front and back original floor mats. The trunk is very nice as well. Everything is still nplace from the shelf to the original Bilstein jack and tool set.
Automatic front windows work amazingly as does the rear windshield defrost, heat, A/C etc. The rear windows are crank. Manybe this is normal but being a mk1 guy myself I was pretty impressed!

The exterior is also in very good shape. The car received a full “windows out” color coded respray 1.5 years ago (same time as the tires) and is still in great shape. At this time the fender flares, bumpers, and molding strips were smooted and painted the same gunmetal as the wheels. Being that Japanese roads are much narower than American roads there were some scuffs on the fenders so they, along with the bumpers, molding strips, front roll bar, rear bar holding the tire, skid plate, and mirrors have all been removed and are being repainted to match the body color. There is no rust on this car! The rear windows are tinted with film and can be removed easily if so desired. The car has four Bosch rally lights which are wired into an original switch in the dash. The one thing that doesnt work is the electronic antenna wont come up when you push the button for it on the dash, havent figured out why not yet.

Overall I am very happy with the car. I have driven it around and it is definitely different and fun to drive. there are a few issues I want to address however. Keep in mind the car is at our dealer now, and some if not all these issues will be repaired before the car is exported. The muffler should be replaced. It has a hole in it and is pretty loud. but very likely will be replaced in short order. Most if not all the rubber axle boots are torn and should be replaced. The rear drivers side drum break leaks fluid slowly and should probably be rebuilt. Lastly the engine/ bay in general isnt very clean and a bit oily. I plan to thouroughly clean everything and find out if there is an issue and have it taken care of before exporting. I will update with these things as I am able.

The ship across the ocean takes 2 week, and this is the main reason I am starting the post now. Our hope is to have a buyer by the time the car has reached america to cut down on time between it being legalized and sold.”

I have seen more of these cars surface in the past twelve months than I have seen in the last decade combined.  This as fine an example as I have seen.  It’s not cheap, but, it has a new ($7k!) transmission and the seller will facilitate the import and legalization process.  The latter is huge as the past couple examples that have surfaced have had questionable title issues.

The only troubling issue, and normally I could care less, how is the dealer making any money?  I am not what I would call math smart, or smart for that matter.  But, if a new transmission is $7k, shipping is $2k, what did they pay for the car?  The asking price of $11.5k does not seem to be firm either.

Not my problem, I would drive this all day over a Tiguan.  The key word being drive, assuming the seller does what they say they can do in regards to import this is a Golf that can be driven and enjoyed almost immediately.


Minty 1978 26k Volkswagen Rabbit For Sale

Here is a seemingly lost in time 1978 MKI Volkswagen Rabbit with only 26k miles.  This bunny has been for a sale a few times but has yet to find its forever home.

1978 Volkswagen Rabbit:

From the seller –

“1978 VW Rabbit C.
26k Original miles.
4 speed 8v gasser.
100% original 2 owner car.
Dakota Beige on brown.
New tires, OEM roof rack, MINT!

If you’re in Ohio or Florida you’ve probably seen this car. It’s also been up for sale a couple times here and once on Ebay. I’m trying to transition my “fun car” collection from two that sit in the garage to one that sees track time. More info and pics to be added, but for now it’s up again. The car was bid up to $9,000 on Ebay w/o my reserve being met. My personal feeling about old/classic/rare cars is they’re worth what they sell for at auction … or what someone is willing to pay for them of course. Therefore, I’m asking $9,000 obo.

Additional pics can be seen here:…%20Rabbit%20C/. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Car is available to be seen locally by appointment.”

Yes, this is the same guy who owns the Golf Country we featured here some time ago.  This bunny is incredibly stock, kudos to the seller for respecting that.  The asking price of $9k is on the high side but these cars in this sort of condition do not come around very often.  You wind up paying for that exclusivity and it is just a matter of time until another enthusiast scoops this one up.



1977 Volkswagen Scirocco With Trans Am Body Kit For Sale

Tip of the hat to Wojciech for the heads up on this Rocco.  Stock 1977 VW Scirocco with a Trans Am Body Kit and 18k miles.  Back in the day VW produced two factory race cars known as #43 and #44.  #43 was wrecked and I believe #44 is somewhere, just not in St Louis.

1977 VW Scirocco W/ Trans Am Kit:

From the seller –

“1977 Volkswagen Scirocco with 18,927 original miles with a full six digit odometer. $3900 obo.

I am moving and can’t keep my toy anymore.

Trans Am Body Kit. The body kit was professionally installed. I still have the original floor mats that will go with the car.
New tires, new plugs, new plug wires, new distributor, new distributor cap, and rotor, new alternator. All filters have been changed.
There is a chin spoiler that I removed because it hangs to close to the ground for road driving. The chin spoiler will come with the car. There is no rust anywhere on the car.
The tint on the back windows is peeling a bit at the corners and some of the weather stripping could be replaced. The driver’s seat has a few tears.

I have the current title, receipts for all work performed,original bill of sale, build sheet, and some other documentation that all comes with the car.”

The story here should be the mileage and not the body kit.  Back in 2009 a low mileage ’77 Rocco eerily similar to this changed hands for close to $8k.  That car was touted as one of the few remaining factory race cars which of course it was not.  I sure hope this was not it.

Regardless I am a bit torn on what one would do with this.  Restore as is knowing you have a low mileage Rocco with no racing lineage, just a questionable body kit.  Or remove the Trans Am cladding and take her back to stock.  I lean toward the latter.

Either way at $3.9k I think there is some value here for the right person.


Lost in Time: 1982 43k Volkswagen Scirocco For Sale

First the bad news, it’s an automatic!

OK, now that we scared off everyone let’s get to the car.  1982 VW Scirocco, one owner and only 43k miles.  This car is stock, how stock?  It still has the factory stereo in the uncut dash.

Cars like these just don’t exist anymore, regardless of your transmission preference this is an unique opportunity.

1982 Volkswagen Scirocco:

From the seller –

“1982 Volkswagen scirocco, this is an original very nice example with only 44’100 Miles owned by one family since new. All services have been performed and Documented with hand written notes showing items performed and or replaced with dates and mileages.  Sold new 2-24-83 and given to there daughter 1/16-96 this car was taken care of by both members of the family.

Finished in it’s original color and paint the car has never sustained any Damage, it is very straight and has no rust issues. The car has been stored in a Climate controlled environment so there is no sun fade either. There are a few scratches to the passenger side and some chips on the hood, these have been brush touched. A few very minor door Dings to the passenger side that the dent wizard could easily remove.  The interior is 100% original; it has an automatic transmission, and factory air Conditioning.

The factory VW radio still there and works, the headliner, carpet and dash is like new, there has been a dash saver on the car since new and the seat covers are original and also in as new condition and the foam is still tight and not broken down and no wear to the side bolsters.  This VW runs very well, oil and filter was changed ever 4000 miles or every six Months, the most recent major work was a new timing belt, all new belts, Compressor,  water pump, ac pump. I also just did front brakes with new pads and Rotors along with new wheel bearings also four new tires.

The car is 100% stock.  The car runs very well  ,no leaks, no smoke, a little vibrating when at a stand Still but when you give the car a little gas and the rpm’s go up it goes away so Maybe  the idle needs to be raised. The trans shifts great and the car gets up to 35mpg. I have alot of extra service parts that come with the car new and still in the factory boxes, plugs, filters, belts etc. All gauges, lights, signals, Wiper works. The temp gauge works but will go up to the red and flash the warning light but the car runs cool I had added an external temp gauge I think it needs a new sending unit for the temp.

This is a nice original low mileage Scirocco that will be a collector car in the near future, you just don’t see them anymore and if you do there in terrible condition.”

A very thorough explanation, bidding currently sits at $1k with the reserve not met.  The automatic transmission does dampen the opportunity a bit but there is a great deal to like here.  I could see a final amount of $5.5k as appropriate, either as a nice show car or a cheap daily.  The latter, while very thrifty it would be shame to expose this Rocco to a daily commute.

Either what I hope whomever obtains this Rocco respects how it sits today and resists the urge to modify her in any way.  The stock nature of this VW is quite alluring, if it has stayed this way all these years it should remain as such.


2 Owner Restored 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S For Sale

This is an interesting situation.  Seller posts their uncompleted Rocco project five years ago.  Lost time, money, or interest either way they went dark in 2007.  Fast forward to 2012 and the Rocco is complete and back on the market.

1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S:

From the seller –

“It’s finally done, and back up for sale again.

1981 Scirocco S G60

Bought from original owner and had it imported from Cincinatti. These cars are RARE and very hard to find now in this prestine condition and you know this Scirocco looks waaaaay better than that ‘IROC’ now.

1992 Passat Syncro G60 motor (only 3000 from rebuild)
Low mileage block: fully refreshed, descaled, hot tanked, painted and honed bores
Stock pistons with NEW rings
NEW ABA oil pump
NEW ABA windage tray gasket
NEW waterpump/housing/thermostat
NEW seals and gaskets
NEW timing belt and tensioner
Fully refreshed cylinder head with competition valve job and NEW valve guides
NEW alternator
NEW Remus muffler
NEW fuel tank
The G60 charger needs to be put together, it needs an inducer. We noticed the lack of power, the charger was defective. A used charger can also be an option. Included are brand NEW seals.

Stage 4/5 upgrades:
TT 268/260 camshaft
NEW Eurosport ceramic coated tri-y race header with 2.5″ outlet
NEW custom 2.5″ mandrel bent exhaust system with carbon muffler
Acid etched/ported G60 intake manifold
NEW 440 cc injectors
Various size of pulleys (58, 62, 65, 68, stock)
NEW K&N cone filter
RSR outlet
Custom intercooler pipes
Saab intercooler
Custom SNS stg 5 chip
NEW battery kit to installed in rear of car

MK3 DFQ 2.0L 8V fully rebuilt
Quaife ATB differential
0.71 5th gear
NEW ACT stage 3 clutch
NEW 100mm axles

Painted original Mars Red
96 ### miles on body
Fully restored, sandblasted and painted and absolutely no rust!!
Bare shell respray in and out of car. Glass and wiring was taken out.
Doors and hatch were off the car and were painted separately
Smoothed out rear parking lights on rear quarter panels
Smooth out emblems on hatch
Took out the rear metal parcel shelf
Took out the front battery tray
Modified coolant reservoir hook to incorporate newer style reservoir
Floors and strut towers are mint, before it was even restored.
Very solid car. Perfect for any motor/drivetrain conversions.
Factory no sunroof.
NEW windshield mouldings
NEW window mouldings
Mercedes Benz factory yellow inner headlights
DIY euro bumpers
Factory Scirocco S spoiler
NEW hood

The carpets were steam cleaned
NEW set of keys
Mint MK 2 Scirocco dash with 16V cluster
NEW VDO boost gauge
Corrado G60 front seats
Rear seats deleted.

NEW FK Sport full adjustable coilovers
Converted to power steering with NEW poly urethane bushings
NEW control arms and bushings, NEW tie rods and ball joints
The rear axle’s been repainted and looks brand new.
Autotech rear sway bar
10.1 MK 2 Scirocco 16 V brakes painted red.
Converted to rear discs with drilled rotors.
MK 4 GTI aluminum lightweight rear brake calipers painted red.

15″ original Enkie 92s, not reproduction

My main objective of this car is to use it occasionally at the track. The car is 99% done, other than the charger issue. The car still starts and runs. The horn needs to be wire up. I know I’m probably forgetting some more info. Spent thousands on building this, nothing spared. Including with the sale are spare parts for this car. I know I’ll regret selling this cause it was being built for the last 5 years or so and I never had a chance to really enjoy it. Priorities first so it has to go.

Located in Toronto, asking $8999 obo. Open to reasonable offers, no trades, not parting and lowballer offers will be ignored. IM is the key.”

Great looking Rocco.  When asked if the asking price was in CDN or US dollars the seller replied “It’s either USD or CDN, price is flexible.”  I am really not sure what that means but you have to love the Vortex.  I have seen a great many Rocco’s not nearly as put together as this for much more money.  If you have been in the market this may be worth looking at.