1992 Mercedes-Benz 2.6

The current Mercedes-Benz C Class is not a bad car, but I can’t help but feel as if something is lacking. A lot of people in my neighborhood drive them and while they aren’t bad looking, there is nothing groundbreaking about the car’s styling. I assume this is why I obsess over older Mercedes-Benzes. The W201 chassis 190E was the car that broke the mold for Mercedes-Benz, as it was significantly smaller than any of their other sedan offerings while offering the same great driving experience and build quality as other, higher-end cars that carried the Three Pointed Star. Our feature car represents the second to last year of 190E production and is the more desirable 2.6 model. With 72,800, this car is just starting to get broken in, as these “Baby Benzes” can regularly cover 200,000 to 300,000 miles with few hassles.

1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 on eBay

For sale a 1992 Mercedes 190E 2.6 with less than 73,000 miles, made in Stuttgart. We are the 2nd owners of this vehicle that was previously taken care of by a retired couple. Smoke free, excellent condition interior. They drove an average of 3,650 miles annually. The interior and the paint lustre testify to a vehicle that was always garaged and well maintained. There was rear-fender repair work done from a minor rear-end collision, as reported by Carfax. That required repainting the rear trunk lid and left rear fender, and the paint quality and match is excellent. If I didn’t point it out you would never have know, and that is the observation of friends when they see the car. There is a small amount of trim compression on the left bumper, as can be seen in the photographs. No other issues reported.

It is probably rare to find a vehicle in this condition with this few miles. Aside from the rear bumper there are some minor scratches on the trunk lid, and a few other minor nicks on the paint. Other than that I can say without hesitation that the vehicle is “like new”. We have another Mercedes on the way and don’t have the garage space. This vehicle should make the purist very happy, or anyone that wants a simple and reliable vehicle. There’s something to be said for a vehicle that doesn’t have multiple control modules intercepting each driver input. I had my mechanic perform the 60,000 mile service and take care of a timing cover leak. The recent service included: New air filter, oil change & filter, tune-up, new spark plugs, wiper blade, chassis lubrication, replaced brake fluid, resealed timing cover, replaced transmission flex disk, a/c service, replaced belt tensioner, wheel balance and alignment. 90% of brake pads remain. I can’t measure the tire tread, but the photographs show that the tires have little wear. Engine runs beautifully and transmission shifts are smooth and firm. You can see Consumer Reviews on Edmunds here: http://www.edmunds.com/mercedes-benz/190-class/1992

The starting bid of $6,500 does not leave a lot of room for bids, as high retail usually hovers around $6,000 to $8,000 for exceptional 190E models, and those are usually the later model 2.6 versions such as our feature car. This particular car really tugs at my heart strings because it is the exact same model, year and color combination that my dad drove a little over ten years ago. Sadly, the car was totaled when someone broadsided him in an intersection. I still have fond memories of that car. The early 1990s were a great time for vehicles. You still had safety features such as an airbag and anti-lock brakes on a car of this caliber, but little in the way of complex electronics and computers to deal with. Couple that with the old school Mercedes-Benz build quality we know and love without any of today’s over the top styling and you have a winner in my book.


Custom 1989 Mercedes 190E 2.6 to 3.0

Interesting piece here. We have a 190E 2.6 that has had some interesting upgrades.

Note this listing might get pulled down as it is violating eBay policies with massive keyword spamming, a practice that is incredibly lame, makes the seller come off as a tool and is a reason why some car guys have taken their car buying business away from eBay.

Aside from the dumb ass listing strategy the car itself is a looker and unique. The stock engine has been pulled out for a 3 liter unit and the car has had a body kit added to make it look like a Cosworth 190 clone. It is unclear if the 122k miles are on the engine or the chassis, probably the engine as the history report is showing 359,857 miles and a failed emissions test back in 2002.

The car’s look are extenuated with the Cosworth clone body kit, painted AMG rims, smoked badges, blacked out grille, and French style yellow headlights with HID bulbs.

Suspension upgrades include C43 AMG brakes, and some E420 components. An LSD, exhaust, and remapped ECU help with performance. Another selling point is the Getrag 5 speed manual.

The car has a rebuilt title and there seems to be some weird things going on with the vehicle history mileage check so a potential owner should check into that. The seller says the damage was a parking lot ding that creased a quarterpanel and bumper cost $2k thus getting the car the branded title, probably because an 89 190E with high miles won’t be valued very highly in the insurance  actuary tables.

Owner claims $20k invested and the car is at $2,000 with the reserve not met. I would want to check this one out in person since there seems to be some sketchiness with the car. I’m not sure how high this is going to go I’d be surprised if it gets more than $4,000, but it is a pretty nice looking take on the 190E. The good photos almost make up for the key word spamming.

Custom 1989 Mercedes 190E 3.0 on eBay.


High mile 1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3 16v

Up for sale, with no reserve and low open price, this 170,145 mile Cosworth engined Benz looks like a nice deal.

The car comes with all the great features of the original high strung sport compact, dog leg shifter, LSD, and mild aero package. This car also has some upgrades like genuine MB Evo II rims, smoked taillights, Euro headlights, brakes from a 500E and an aftermarket exhaust.

With the high mileage the car has seen its share of duty and it wears a number of battle scars. The seller is honest enough to disclose a number of minor issues with the vehicle. It has some paint issues, several blemishes from break in attempts, a few interior components that aren’t functioning.

Despite the extensive list of cosmetic and interior problems, nothing is mentioned about the engine, clutch, transmission. Perhaps that means they are all fine or maybe this is a purposeful oversight. There also is no mention of service records.

This car is not a good candidate to try to make perfect. It can be an entry point for someone who is dead set on enjoying the Cossie power of these special cars. A new owner could fix a few things that bugged them most and then just enjoy the car.

Bidding is up to almost $4,000. While there is a premium on this with the 5 speed, if the engine needs a rebuild in a few thousand miles it could cost about several thousand. I wouldn’t expect this to bring much over $4,000. If it has good service records that’s a decent amount of engineering for the dollar.

High mile 1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v on eBay


1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a garden variety 190E on GCFSB and not the hotter Cosworth version and that’s mainly because good, honest examples are fast disappearing. While just as sturdy as the legendary W123, the W201 was never loved quite as much, which is interesting to me, given that we had a 190E 2.6 in the family and it was perhaps one of the best cars ever to pass through our garage. They are compact cars, yet drive like something much bigger and more refined and the inline six is as smooth as silk.

Here’s a clean example with 88,000 miles for sale in California.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 on eBay

Up for auction is a 1991 Mercedes 190e that was manufactured in July of 1990. This vehicle was purchased by the original owner in 1991 who owned the vehicle for almost 20 years. I bought the vehicle from a specialty dealer who specializes in excellent condition classic cars. I am the second owner of this vehicle.

In my opinion, Mercedes was still making the most solid, bullet-proof vehicles during these years. After the mid 90s, their cars just didn’t have the same feel about them. The 190e has some of the most classic looks of a typical Mercedes Benz which gives it a timeless look.

The particular 190e 2.6 is finished in Artic White with a Blue MB Tex interior. In addition, the car has the optional headlight wipers that finish off the vehicle very nicely. Being equipped with the 2.6L M103 engine, this 190e has a smooth, linear power band that makes driving very effortless. Other notable features include a power sunroof, cruise control, central locking, and power windows.

Having only traveled 88,000 miles, this is car is a very rare find. In addition, this vehicle is fully documented, and includes maintenance records, original window sticker, and all manuals and books. This car is truly a rare find – especially for being over 20 years old.

The exterior of this car has extremely shiny paint, and the vehicle has never been any accident. There is all original paint on all the body panels with all vin stickers intact. Always being garaged, there is no rotting or shrinking of rubber trim. The exterior condition of this vehicle communicates the loving care it has had all of its life.

The interior of the car is exceptional condition as well. All power options work, cruise control works, everything is fully functional. The seats look like new, the carpet is stain free, and there are no smells or odors. The dashboard is crack free and the vents are still tight. The interior is exactly like stepping back into time to 1991!

Mechanically, this vehicle is great running condition. This car has oil changes religiously every 3k miles – and has every stamp in the maintenance booklet. This vehicle performs excellently – transmission shifts wonderfully, engine is leak free, smoke free, and makes great power. The tires, brakes, and suspension feel great. Furthermore, this vehicle has had the following maintenance items done in the last 3k miles:

Water pump
Coolant with distilled water mixture
Drive belts
Spark plugs
Wiper Blade
Air Filter
Oil Change
Front brakes with ceramic brake pads
All instrument cluster light bulbs

All of the originals tools, manuals, and accessories are included. These are:

Original owner manuals
Window sticker
Maintenance records
First aid kit
Tool kit
Full size spare tire
Original emergency jack

This vehicle deserves your attention and it is sure to provide you with years of reliable service, while transporting you in the lap of luxury. This is once in a lifetime find, and I am very proud to offer this car for sale. I also have a clean carfax and autocheck report as well.

The only reason I am selling this car is due to my unique situation with my job. I am temporarily working in San Diego, and I will be moving overseas for work in the next six months. As much as I would like to keep this vehicle, it just doesn’t make sense for me right now. I bought this vehicle with the intention of keeping it for life, but unfortunately I do not have that chance.

Please ask any questions that you may have. I have included a lot of pictures to clearly show you the fine condition of this spectacular Mercedes Benz.

Having a comprehensive history with few owners surely makes this an attractive Mercedes. With no reserve this auction is sure to get a lot of action. The only thing holding it back for me is the blue interior. I never did like that dark shade of blue Mercedes used years ago, but if you’re going to have that color interior, white or blue works best for the exterior, so all is not lost.


1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth daily driver

We recently showed a very expensive Mercedes Cosworth and have seen a fair number of these cars float through the site. This particular specimen looks to fall into the daily driver category.

This is a U.S. spec car that is pretty original. It has had shorter springs added and AMG rims. The seller provides a number of photos and the car looks clean. It doesn’t look quite as nice as those without the ugly sunken U.S. lights. Besides cosmetics,with the such a rev happy engine and several spirited drives most certainly under this car’s belt I’d want to take it around the block a few times to listen for valve noise and feel out the five speed.

This car has 133,000 miles. Not too much in Benz terms, We have seen higher mileage models sell in the $10k range when presented well. I don’t think this one will bring much if any more than that since the seller has only included history cribbed from Wikipedia instead of specific to his vehicle.

The car is at $3,500 with the reserve not met.

1986 Mercedes 190E Cosworth on eBay


1985 Mercedes 190E 3.6 AMG

We try not to give attention to seller’s that have poor ads for their cars, hence this one not getting written up earlier. However, as the auction winds down to the last couple hours I felt this car warrants a quick note.

The seller of this car doesn’t seem to know much about what they are selling. It is a 190E that has a 3.6 liter inline six, seller calls it a V-6, stuffed under the hood by AMG. This isn’t the only one of these out there, several folks have figured this conversion out as well as the ones that were done at the factory by AMG or by Brabus. The seller says the car has extensive documentation, but doesn’t provide any of it in the listing. The seller doesn’t even include a picture of the rear of the car for badge identification. The car does appear to have blacked out tailights to compliment the blacked out grille, which looks good.

The car has 27,000 miles and a 5 speed, which make it very attractive. Without more info though, this seller’s $35,000 ask price will never be met.



1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 with 45k miles

In my opinion, the new design language of Mercedes-Benz leaves a bit to be desired. For ten years, I drove two different C class models, and while the new one is certainly not a bad looking car, the recently unveiled facelift looks as if the styling is being brought in line more with the BMW 3 series, at least in the front. If I ever buy another Mercedes in the future, it will probably be a classic from the 1980s or 1990s. Like the following mint 190E 2.6, I model that I revere.

The seller states:

This 190E has original 48,000 miles!

Clean Carfax, (13 records of Passed Emissions Inspection every 2 years since 1991 with about 4,000 mile intervals). California car.

The cosmetic condition is what you can expect from such low mileage. Original paint is in excellent shape and lower trims has no cracks or splits. The Leather seats have no tears, seat feel like they are not broken in yet. Both front seats are powered. We also provide full service for Mercedes and have inspected this vehicle. The mechanical condition is in great shape. No rust, no moisture. Most likely to have been garaged most of its life.

If you are familiar with these vehicles, you can easily see them with over 200,000 miles and still running strong. Spare parts are always easy to find. Cruise control is working good.
All power windows and sunroof are working. Air conditioning is working. Rear window defroster is working. Front headlights and frames have no cracks, the front grill is excellent.
Rear light frames have no cracks. Original Becker AM/FM tape stereo. Dash in great condition, no splits or cracks. Wood trim is beautiful, what you can expect from such low mileage.

All rims are in Excellent condition, no peeling. Michelin tires have 90% tread left. Spare wheel in good shape (Michelin tire) with jack. We have the original booklets. Production Date: 01/1989.

This is one of those few auctions as of late where I think the buy it now price is actually quite reasonable. For $7,500, this car could easily last another 200,000 miles and would provide a simpler, more involving driving experience than many newer vehicles costing much more. The blue interior puts me off somewhat, but I wouldn’t mind calling this classic my own.


1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 with 56k miles

Every now and then a fairly unmolested 190E 2.3-16 crops up, and here we have one for sale in Arkansas on eBay this week. While the car is low mileage, it has been in storage for the past 13 years, it appears to be in well preserved condition.

The seller states:

Up for auction is a 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth. This car was a one owner car until about 2 months ago. The Car was bought new off the showroom floor by a doctor who had owned the car until we got it from his wife. The wife had it titled to her name after a divorce. When she titled the car she didn’t know what the mileage was on because it was in storage so it appears the DMV guessed the mileage at 111,111. If you look at the car you can tell that what the odometer is showing is the correct mileage. The Car has been in storage for the most of the last 13 years.

The car was inherited and we have to many cars already so she is being let go.

The 2.3-16 was sold in the US market for model years 1985-86 and a total of only 2,229 were produced for this market. The car presented here is the 201st “16 valve” brought into the US. The car currently shows 56,800 miles.

Paint: DB 702- Smoke Silver Metallic
Interior: Code 271- Black Leather

Right front seat, electrically adjustable
Outside temperature indicator
left front seat electrically adjustable with memory feature
Heated Front Seats
Fog Lights
3rd Brake Light
electric sliding roof
tempo-mat cruise control and airbag
central locking system and instruments with english lettering
outside rear view mirror, left and right (electrically adjusted on the right)
automatic antenna
sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right
anti-theft warning system
Behr air conditioning system and electric window lifters (front and rear doors)
first aid kit and warning triangle
rear door contacts and lamp above rear

As you can see this car was fully loaded directly from the factory. Only option other options that were available for the 2.3-16 was rear head restraints and an automatic transmission. According to someone who knows…this car was approx. $39,000 new in 1986 making it a very expensive model.

Current condition:

This car has been very well maintained over the last 24 years. And when I say very well maintained, I mean the car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I was told that the car was only serviced at the Mercedes dealership and according to the service stickers it was last at the dealership at 54,000 miles. Here is a list of the work that has been done since we got the car.

All four tires replaced 11/16/10
Distributor cap and rotor
Clutch slave cylinder

Needs fixed still:
Electric antenna motor
AC Blower (it was working when we got it, but the blower just stopped, the AC compressor is still working)
Rear window switch (the window motor works, the switch just needs replaced.

Overall the condition of the car is excellent. There is a scratch on the drivers door, a scuff on the bottom of the front bumper and a scuff inside the passenger front wheel well. The leather is in excellent condition with no rips or tears. Carpets are clean, dash isn’t cracked, door panels are excellent. Under the hood is clean with no oil leaks and unmodified. The underside of the car is very nice with no rust issues of any kind and no signs of corrosion or salt. The car runs and drives great! Everything works except what I mentioned above. The ride is super smooth with no pulling in any direction. It always starts and shifts out real smooth. This car was someones baby for 24 years.

Please keep in mind you are buying a nearly 25 year old. There is no warranty of any kind and you are buying the car as is, where is. I have the car for sale locally and reserve the right to end the auction early if need be.

There’s no telling what the reserve price may be, however, for it’s mileage and condition, my best guess for value would be in the $7,000 to $9,000 range, possibly bringing over $10,000 given the right level of interest from bidders. It will be interesting to see if this meets its reserve and where it goes from there, because cars like this tend to give a good picture of the current market.