Wagon Week: 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300TD

You’ve probably noticed, but we have a few favorite specialty dealers here on GCFSB. One of which is 4Star Classics in Hampshire County, England. These folks really take the extra mile to present their vehicles well without making them overly glossy, which is a mistake made by many a forecourt. Good pictures and a comprehensive history go a long way towards moving the metal. So, continuing on with Wagon Week, let’s take a look at this immaculate 300TD for sale by this very dealer with under 40,000 miles. These are cars known for racking up epic mileage, so at this rate, we’re basically dealing with a new car in W123 terms. For fans of rowing their own, this is tasty number, as it comes equipped with a 4-speed manual; something we didn’t see much on these shores. Care to make a statement on the school run? This will have the hipsters drooling with envy.

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Year: 1982
Model: 300TD
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 32,567 mi
Price: £20,955 (~ $33,921 USD)


Mercedes-Benz introduced the W123 in January 1976. While there were some technical similarities to its predecessors (W114/W115) the new models were larger in wheelbase and exterior dimensions. The styling was also updated, although stylistic links with the W114 / W115 were maintained. Initially, all models except 280/280E featured quad unequal-size round headlights and the latter large rectangular units. When facelifted these units became standard across the range.

All W115 engines were carried over with the 3 litre 5-cylinder diesel model being renamed from ‘240D 3.0’ to ‘300D’. The only new engine was the 250’s 2,525 cc inline-six (Type M123, a short-stroke version of the 2.8 litre six Type M110) that replaced the old 2,496 cc Type M114 ‘six’.

In 1977 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, an estate version named the W123T was introduced, the T in the model name stood for ‘Touring and Transport’. Other than the 200TD, all engine derivatives where available in the touring range. The estate/touring production began in March, 1978 in Mercedes’ Bremen factory. In early 1979, the diesel engine power output was increased across the range, the 300 variant increased from 79bhp to 87bhp.

W123 production ended in January, 1986.


Sunroof, Roof rails, Alloy wheels, Philips cassette player, Heated rear screen, Removeable sheepskin covers.


This Mercedes is in true time warp condition and looks like it should still be on display at a German Mercedes Dealer in 1982. The paintwork is flawless with a deep lustful shine and the only evidence it has ever turned a wheel are a few light stone chips to the leading edge of the bonnet and the metal strip below the front lights. All of the panels are arrow straight and all of the chrome trim is perfect. The smaller details such as the windows seals and rubber trims around the chrome are all as new.

The underside is a real treat for any car enthusiast as again, the condition is as new. The undercarriage is still protected with the original wax and all of the components finished in matte black, even the bolts and fixings still have their original gold finish!


The time warp condition continues on the inside as the interior truly is ‘as new’. The seats, door cards, carpets, dash and headlining are all 100% free of any signs of use. The steering wheel and gear knob still have their textured matte finish and all the other driver controls are as new. The only evidence of any use is the smallest amount of wear to the edge of the clutch pedal. The boot area looks unused and the factory spare wheel and tool roll are neatly stored under the carpet.


The condition of the engine bay is truly mind-blowing! We are used to a well detailed engine here at 4 Star, but everything under the bonnet of this car is like new, there is even a paper service tag left as a reminder for the next service in 2001 that’s like new. Don’t mistake this as just a museum piece, the service schedule is up to date and the car is mechanically excellent.


All of the alloy wheels are immaculate, shod in a matching set of 195/70 R14 tyres. All of the braking and suspension components are immaculate, as are the inner arches.


This Mercedes 300TD was first registered in Germany, August 1982. The original Mercedes service booklet is present, displaying 16 stamps from the same Mercedes dealer in Wesel, Germany. The last stamp to be found in the booklet was carried out at 47,248km by an independent garage in Germany, 1995.

The car was imported to the UK in May 2014, where it was sent straight to Mercedes-Benz of Guildford for a full service and check over, including brake fluid and a set of new tyres, all documented.

Within the history file there is the original Mercedes document pack, in notably fine condition, containing all the owner’s manuals and booklets.


While I like the green exterior, pairing it with a green interior is a bit too much of a good thing for me. I could probably live with it, though, given the presentation of this car. However, a parchment or light tan interior would work so much better in this application. Despite being for sale in the UK, this example is left-hand drive, a bonus for those of us not living in the British Isles. We’ve seen some strong prices for W123 estates stateside and this example is no different. However, add in shipping and customs costs to the US and it would put this in the stratosphere. Sure is a nice car to admire from afar, though.


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  1. This seller could give lessons on car photography and sales copy writing.

    Truly a gorgeous car and the price isn’t stratosphirically high, compared to what other examples go for. Oh and I actually like the green interior, it seduced me with its pea soup hues.

    A dealer this nice and fancy would do themselves a favor finding an exporter for 25yr old cars to make it easy for their customers, have some kind of relationship worked out…

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