Tuner Tuesday: Extreme 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet

$_57 (6)

Convertibles are usually met with skepticism by enthusiasts, but there are always exceptions. For me, driving a Z8 helped me change my tune, followed by the decidedly non-German but incredible experience of hooning a Miata. When you live in Hawaii, it’s hard to imagine hiding from the sun and rising scenery of the islands, and VW Cabriolets are a very popular choice. Commonly associated with teenage girls, today’s cab comes with Berg Cup fender flares and enough performance upgrades to terrify teenagers and prompt families to hide their kids and hide their wives. A turbocharged 16V helps it back up the crazy flares and charge up the mountains like a true Berg Cup competitor. It’s a little out there, but to be honest, I’m kind of in love with this car. A serious rollcage counteracts the lost rigidity and fits in perfectly. The bodykit is just so out there that it works for me and I love the cream color. If I were to buy a convertible, I think I want it to be this one.

Click for more details: 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet on eBay

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1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia


Westfalias and Syncros go for insane money (especially when it’s both), as I have documented here over the past few years. Today’s Westy reminds me of the one my friends’ family had, down to the perfect Wolfram Grey Metallic. A new 2.1l and a clean Westy interior make this a quietly hot commodity. The asking price is Westy-high, but it’s been loved for its 98k and makes me rethink my recent appreciation for solo life and desire some little kids to show the country to.

Click for more details: 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia on eBay

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1984 Volkswagen GTI with 25k miles


GTI values are climbing like Yvon Chouinard: untethered and towards a future of helping well-to-do people be subtly cool with expensive recycled utilitarian objects. If you’re ready to make as good an investment as can be made when betting on soon-to-be classic “normal” cars, this may well be the one to buy. Purchased 3 years ago at an estate sale, the owner has taken the time to take care of all the little things and make this 25k-mile GTI look like it’s exactly that. In the face of all the tuner Mk1s and crazily-priced Caddys, I’d take this low-mile gem any day. It may not be all-original or perfect, but isn’t that kind of great? It’s here to be enjoyed, and you could enjoy the heck out of this thing for a long time and not even get close to 100k miles.

Click for more details: 1984 Volkswagen GTI on eBay

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Motorsport Monday: Volkswagen LT35 Audi Sport Service Van

One of the more interesting vehicles that we didn’t get in the United States was the Volkswagen LT. Much like more recent goes by Mercedes-Benz with their Sprinter, the LT was a heavy duty vehicle available in a myriad of configurations with different weight classes and motors, ranging from a re-tuned Audi 100 2.0 4-cylinder right up through a turbocharged and intercooled 2.4 liter inline-6 diesel. The chassis were utilized for everything from army vehicles to buses, but perhaps to enthusiasts one of the more unique uses was for assisting the Audi Sport works teams in the World Rally Championship. Over the past few years, these service vehicles have gained more attention by enthusiasts, interested in period correct details and having that trump card over their fellow gearheads. Today is one such vehicle; while it’s not an original Audi Sport van, it’s been faithfully recreated to something you might have caught Walter and Hannu hanging out in between stages while mechanics thrashed on their Quattros:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Volkswagen LT35 on eBay.de

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1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro w/ SVX Swap


They may not be exactly your cup of tea, but Syncros are like Faberge eggs; you just have to accept that somewhere someone wants to pay a lot for it. Today’s lacks the camping ability of the Westy, but makes up for it with outstanding mechanicals, the heart of which is a Subaru SVX 3.3l boxer six. Add on some bigger brakes and transmission mods and this box-on-wheels must move pretty well. With 115k miles on all pieces, this is a great van.

Click for more details: 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro on The Samba

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1997 Volkswagen Cabrio VR6

I’ll get this right out of the way: at GCFSB, we don’t like “stanced” cars. Okay, so what is this Cabrio doing here? Well, as we’ve done before, occasionally there are cars worth taking a look at because perhaps they can be saved. This Cabrio is a good case in point; a lower mileage example with a clean VR6 swap, but riding a little too low for most people’s taste. No problem, it’s supported by air, so you can crank it up a bit:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1997 Volkswagen Cabrio VR6 on eBay

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Volkswagen Corrado-off: 1991 G60 v. 1992 VR6

This past week, I wrote up a heavily modded Corrado VR6 that pretty much universally was disliked. As Corrados go, I don’t even feel that car was too extreme, but in the highly individualized world of modified Volkswagens I also get that not everyone like what others have done. That’s why, for the most part, most enthusiasts would like to start with a clean slate; an original example of what drew them to the car in the first place. Today I found two better examples of original (or, mostly original anyway) Corrados, one each in G60 or VR6 form. What’s your flavor? Let’s take a look at the G60 first:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Volkswagen Corrado G60 on Honolulu Craigslist

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1984 Volkswagen GTI


Have you ever wanted a Mk1 GTI? I have since about 6th grade. My 2.0’d Caddy is as close as I’ve gotten, but some day the original German hot hatch will inhabit my car barn (so will another Caddy). If the car barn ever happens, it would be a good indicator that I have the kind of money where I can drop $10k on a GTI and feel good about it. Considering how GTI prices have been creeping up these past few years, getting this one for that price suddenly seems reasonable. Seriously, start by looking at the undercarriage; it’s painfully immaculate. Then you pull back to the clean-but-unique exterior and tip your head in to a tastefully improved cabin, and you’re looking at a GTI that is unhyperbolically listed as “possibly best in state.” It might be the best period.

Click for more details: 1984 Volkswagen GTI on Central New Jersey’s Craigslist

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Wednesday Wheels: Custom ordered 17×7 Corrado Speedlines

There aren’t many times that I’d seriously consider buying a set of wheels and building a car around them, but this may be one of those times. One of the best looking wheel designs in Volkswagen history was certainly when they handed the reigns over to Speedline to make the Corrado VR6 wheels. Unlike the typical BBS mesh wheels we had gotten on performance Volkswagens for some time, Speedline made a race-inspired chunky 5 spoke that was just perfect. Every time I see a Corrado, like yesterday’s Supercharged VR6 Corrado, I always miss the Speedline wheels when they’ve been replaced. Of course, they were only 15″ wheels, and the Corrado does look better with slightly larger designs. Some enterprising individuals therefore took it upon themselves to commission Speedline to do a special build of a 17″ version of the Corrado wheels. Sound crazy? Crazy wonderful!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992-1995 Volkswagen Corrado Speedline 17″ Wheels on eBay

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Afternoon Accessories: 1990-1994 Volkswagen Passat Hella DE E-code lights

While it wasn’t an overwhelming sales success and a large percentage of the problem seemed to be the somewhat polarizing looks, I always preferred the look of the B3 Passat to the Quantum it replaced and the facelifted B4 that succeeded it. I thought the smooth, grill-less look was neat and clean; I liked the GTi-spec 2.0 16V motor, and the original chin spoiler reminded me of the first GTi’s lip. There aren’t many options for modifying these cars though, but one of the popular options – albeit rare – was to install the Hella DE projector light conversion. They’re hard to come by, but there’s a set on Ebay today:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990-1994 Volkswagen Passat Hella DE Lights on eBay

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