1977 Mercedes 450SEL Crayford Estate Wagon

This find comes into us from reader Randal. We have seen some pretty solid prices for factory Benz wagons of late, but here is a chance to get your hands on an earlier conversion.

The Crayford wagons are fairly well known cars in the Mercedes estate circles. I came across one in June of 2009 that was seen on GCFSB. While the car didn’t sell the first time, in January of 2010 BringATrailer found it listed again and ran a post on it. It sold for $23,000.

These conversions were tailored to an owner’s specific tastes and were done to a high standard. From the era before the venerable Mercedes TD & TE, they were unlike anything available directly from the factory. Interestingly Crayford cars retained their original Mercedes warranty.

This particular model comes out of the Texas estate (pun intended) of Eddie Chiles. It has 73,000 miles on the clock and has recently been serviced to bring it back into a daily driver level of service.  It features the U.S. quad, headlights, one of the differences from the previously mentioned car.

This car features a really interesting L shaped third row bench seat, the seller says that this feature is unique to this car only.

The car needs someone to give the inside, outside, under the hood, etc. a good cleaning. I’m actually surprised the current seller did the mechanical work on the car, but decided against cleaning up some of the grime. Some relatively simple elbow grease could pretty easily add a $1,000 to the sale price of this car.

This specimen is not as nice as the one that sold for $23,000, but bidding is already up over $16,000. I suspect we’ll see resistance at just under $20k for this one, but with a car of which less than 20 exist it only takes a few people who want one to do strange things to the auction price.  A neat piece.


1991 BMW 318i

The BMW E30 3 series was a legendary car, plain and simple. Perhaps the fact that my first car was a 325is gives me a certain appreciation beyond your average car enthusiast for these executive compacts. A friend’s recent acquisition of an E36 318i sedan has had me hankering for a clean, low mileage E30 318i/is. And here is one right in my hometown. While the following example has higher mileage than what I’d usually consider, the detailed description and level of care taken with this 20 year old car is impressive.

1991 BMW 318i on Craigslist Philadelphia

The seller states:

1991 BMW 318i E30 – Last year of the E30 body style. Original plastic bumpers.

“Turns heads” everywhere you go?….more like “BREAKS NECKS!”

An incredibly clean and well maintained 1991 BMW 318i, is up for sale from a BMW CCA member and enthusiast. Before considering the purchase of this car, please know that anywhere you take it,the owner must be prepared to have a conversation with at least two people about how much they would love to own your car.

No matter where you go…the city, the suburbs, on back country roads, and road trips alike…..you’ll never find a more envied, more appreciated, or more adored vehicle than this particular Brilliantrot Red BMW E30.

Washed, waxed, vacuumed, and detailed constantly. Never sees snow. Rarely sees rain, however, she is driven regularly. Always garaged in foul weather.

-Brilliant Red (Brilliantrot) Exterior. Shines brighter then most new cars on the road.
-Tan Leatherette Interior in EXCELLENT condition (No Cracks on a Perfect dash)
-Runs Great! Solid engine, Smooth Transmission, Tight Suspension. Drive it anywhere!
-Incredibly fun to whip around. Handles superbly with the solid, lightweight, E30 chassis.
-4 Cylinder, GAS SAVING ENGINE. (Same as 1991 318is. M42 engine) Perfect commuter car.
-5-Speed Transmission
-192,XXX miles (Being 20 years old, that’s less than 10k miles per year)
-CLEAN TITLE in my name.
-Thousands of dollars in maintenance records and receipts
-While in my possession, the car was only serviced at the world renowned BMW Specialists, VAC Motorsports, located in Philadelphia, PA.

Owned for the past 3 years. She’s been my baby. Ask any of my past girlfriends…when it came to what I cared about most, this car came first. Seriously.

-Ipod/CD/MP3 – ready head unit with upgraded Sony 3-way speakers at every corner
-16″ BBS replica wheels and Falken tires
-Power Windows, Power Locks, 2-Way Sunroof
-Original Owner’s Manual, Service Booklet, Dealer Cards, etc..
-This car has been pampered its entire life and it shows!!!

-Slow leak from front passenger side tire due to a nail puncture. Tire needs to be either plugged or replaced.
-Minor drip from power steering hose….about 1 small drip per week. Doesn’t effect driving. Nothing that needs attention right away, but down the road it should be addressed.
-Muffler is original and it’s starting to show its age. In other words, its not as quiet as it was when new. I think the exhaust note sounds great, so I never bothered to replace it. I never had a problem with it when getting its yearly inspection.

I recently purchased a truck as a daily driver. When its nice weather I feel bad if I’m not riding my motorcycles, so therefore, the E30 gets neglected. I’d prefer the car to go to someone who will drive, maintain, and care fore the car as I did.

$4,800 CASH……however, I’m always open for trades. Show me what you’ve got. If anything, it would have to be cash plus whatever you have to offer. I’m not looking to add any money to a potential trade.

I’m interested in: older motorcycles – mainly Japanese from 1960-1980, Enduro bikes / Street legal dirt bikes – all years, Older BMWs – E21, E28, 2002s….Older Wranglers, CJs, 4×4 trucks, rat rods, rat bikes, older triumphs (cars and bikes) , 70s-80s big body coupes – T Types, Grand Nationals, Monte Carlos, etc…Let me know.

I am glad to see that the owner retrofitted larger, but not too large, period correct wheels (even if they appear similar to the later E39 5 series). After having a W203 C class sedan with 17” rims, that is about as large as I would go in most cases with tire/wheel size, and 16” seems just about right for newer classics and cars like my Mini Cooper S. The fact that the owner was a member of the BMW Car Club of America and serviced this 318i at a specialist shop is heartening. All in all, even with high mileage, $4,800 seems like a bargain for a well preserved example of what many consider the best of the best when it comes to the 3 series.

And hey, with this nice shade of red, it’s the perfect machine to arrive in at Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies battle whatever ball club might be in town to take on The Fightins.


Seeing Double: Two rare 1968 BMW 1600 GTs for sale

It’s always fun to find some strange on eBay motors. Today’s oddities come in the form of the petite and rare BMW 1600 GT, the product of BMW acquiring funky scooter- and car-maker Glas for their patents. They liked the look of the Glas 1700GT, threw in the 2.0L from the 2002-preceding 1600, and boom, a BMW 1600 GT looking like the bastard child of 60s-era Audi and Fiat. They’re cute bastards though, and could be a fun piece of BMW weirdness if you felt like shipping one of them from Brazil.

The seller’s description for the silver:

I’m selling a very rare BMW 1600 GT designed by Pietro Frua for Hans Glas from the Glas Factory in Digolfing-Germany. Hans Glas was a famous owner of the Glas factory and was producing the Gogomobile cars, and the Glas 1300 and 1700 designed by Pietro Frua ( Maserati, Rolls Royce Corniche, and other cars designer). When BMW bought the factory from Hans Glas, the engineers looked at the Glas 1700, changed the engine for the BMW 1600 and renamed the car as BMW 1600 GT.
Only 1209 cars were made. Today it is the car that collectors and museums dream of.

The car has the matching numbers engine, run and drive very well, just restaured car. The BMW 1600 GT is restaured with some features like the new inox gas tank, red original new leather, new Continental EcoContact 3 175/70 R 14 84T tyres, window chromes are not re-chromed (originals), and paint has a little dots.

The car is in São Paulo- Brazil, and I’m selling as-is, without warranty. I can help to send worldwide with very good professionals at your expense.

NEW! From a call from Germany, the car collector told they are only 300 examples remaining at the world and at the club register! The BMW 1600 GT is a very rare car after the 507 convertible model! A very good investment !

Pietro Frua designed the Maserati, Lamborghini and the Glas 2300 the famous “Glaserati”

This is a healthy car collectors item!
Pietro Frua design in your garage!!!!

The silver is clearly the nicer version, especially inside, though I’m guessing a lot of the extra $20k on the price is for the numbers-matching collector bait. Cute cars and one would definitely be a fun vintage kind-of-Bimmer to cruise around in, but $40-$60k before transcontinental shipping makes them more of a fun thought experiment than a reasonable purchase.


No-reserve 1988 BMW 535is for sale

I’ve recently been fascinated with the 80s Bimmer “is” models as more affordable substitutes for the astronomical-and-climbing E30 M3 and E28 M5. The 325is is looking more and more like it will be my first foray into BMW ownership, but I keep getting hung up on the 535is. It has all the looks of the M5, and while it’s down about to the Vader M by about 100hp, it still produces a healthy and torquey 185hp with suspension upgrades. It also eschews the M5’s Ford Model T-esque color choices for some great colors, like today’s well-maintained Royal Blue example.

Description and a long list of “taken care-of’s” from the seller:

I am selling a excellent example of an E28 BMW. This 1988 535iS is Royal Blue with Pearl Beige interior. It has a 5speed.

It came from BMW with Electric Sport Seats, OBC, MTech Spoiler, AC, P/S, P/B, P/W

I am the 3rd owner and I have ALL the paperwork for this car since new. It was bought in San Francisco and came to Las Vegas with the 2nd owner.

This is the work done since I have had the car (June 2010)

Front Euro Plate
Fan and Fan Clutch
Water Pump
Water Res.
Plug Wires
K&N Filter
Dist. Cap
W/S Washer pump and cap
Bilstein Shocks
H&R Springs
Brake Fluid Flush
Sun Visors
Speedo Gears
Shift Boot
Shift Knob
Sisal Floor Mats
Redeye Seats and Console
New Headliner
New Radio
New Tweater Speakers
New Cowl Vents
New S/R Seals
New Rear Window Seals
New Trunk Seal
Exhaust Tips
New Fuel Injectors – Bosch Gen III 19lb
New Starter
New Radiator temp switches
New Auxiliary fan
New AFM intake couplers
New AC switch
Coolant Flush
New Diff fluid
New brake res. Grommets
New P/S Filter
Taillight bulb upgrade (much brighter)
New Antenna
New rear window chrome trim
Style 5 16” wheels and new tires (Falken 452)
E34 540i rebuilt front/rear brakes/Hawk pads/disks/SS hoses
Rear Headrests
Dash Top Vent
Clear Front T/S lenses
Conforti/Turner Chip
3.73 Diff w/reseal
Short Shifter
Trans Service
Replaced Guibo
Underhood Insulation
New w/s washer hose
M Sport Emblems on Wheels/Steering Wheel
Dash Cap

This car is an excellent example of a 535is. There are currently no pending maintenance issues.

ISSUE: there is some cracking of the paint on the roof…I believe the car has been repainted and the paint seems to have cracked. It is not visible until you are close.

Dash is cracked but there is a cap on it.

The thoroughness of the maintenance is encouraging, and makes the 168k miles seem not so bad, especially given the robust nature of the M30. The creamy leather is in great condition and while the respray may not be perfect, I find the deep almost-gray blue to be really attractive and just begging for some Alpina wheels. The $6k Buy-it-Now seems extremely fair given the condition, and I am extremely tempted.


1990 Mercedes 560SEL AMG & 1988 560SEL Lorinser

Fans of the big body Benz W126 models are in luck with two special models on eBay right now.

First off is a 1988 U.S. spec 560SEL decked out in the Lorinser kit with 110,904 miles. The seller states this is a two owner car that has been well maintained. They have the original sticker with the car and its price is listed as $70,160, not including the $12,000 that the Lorinser body kit and rims added. There isn’t much more info about the car, but it does come with some spare parts. The car looks pretty good, it has tinted tail lights which, along with the color matched rims and grille, help the blacked out effect. There are white face gauge set on the inside with red accents, which stand out. The Lorinser kit is subtly different from the AMG kit; this car comes with the original Lorinser Sport Service badge. The car is begging for someone to toss the sunken U.S. spec headlights. Bidding sits at $3,550 with three days left and the reserve not met.


If you like the 560SEL above, but it just doesn’t quite fit the look you like in terms of your Miami Vice style Benz sedans then this following car shows a bit more refinement. This 1990 560SEL AMG is close to the peak in terms of the W126 sedans. Hat tip to reader Andrew for noticing this on Canadian eBay. Comparing this Euro car side by side with the U.S. Lorinser model above you can see how its lines are smoother and the AMG package just seems a bit tighter. The air dams and rocker aero package are a bit better sculpted, the Euro headlights make for a smooth front face, and the blacked out effect is completed with more success with the chrome around the doors being body color as well, though the AMG three piece wheels do retain a chrome lip.

This car has 64,178 miles and a long list of proper modifications. The Japanese market AMG logo “ducktail” spoiler mounted on this car, never all that appealing to me, I prefer the more traditional third brake light AMG straight spoiler, is a rare option. Again comparing this 560 to the one above you can really see how the AMG suspension components this car has gives it a lower wider stance. The seller lists this car as being a 9.8 out of 10 on the outside, with new clear coat and a 10 out of 10 on the inside. The 300 km/h speedo and white face AMG gauge set struck my as different and it took me a second to figure out why. The reason is all the yellow needles have been replaced with blacked out pieces, attention to detail there. The whole car does look fine.

Other parts on this car include the power rear sunshade, the heated power seats, and the 2.65 limited slip diff with second gear start switch, this can be swapped to a numerically higher diff, AMG offered several, for more sporting stop light performance, but you will lose some of the long haul highway munching characteristics this car is built for.
The seller lists the AMG parts as:

AMG paint scheme ( blacked out chrome finish )
AMG suspension [springs and shocks with stamps on them]
AMG complete exhaust system from the down pipes with AMG catalytic converter
AMG spoilers [ Japan version front and the so called “ducktail” ]
AMG 3 pc. 17″ staggered rims
AMG transmission with higher shifting points
AMG steering wheel
AMG cluster with 300 Km with correct reading of speed
AMG door thresholds on all 4 doors
AMG center wooden console
AMG wooden shift knob complete with logo
AMG authentic sticker on glove box wooden trim

I also note there is an AMG badge placed on top of the period car phone. A small Mercedes trophy sits in the console perhaps from a car show the seller took the car to.

This car won’t sell cheaply, but will not bring the same amount as an AMG engine modified car. Heavy bidding has it at $12,000 with reserve not met and five days left.

If you have your own 500 or 560 and want to add some life to it, there is a set of genuine AMG headers for sale right now on eBay for $2,300.



1977 Mercedes-Benz 240D with 52,000 original miles

If there was a top ten list of legendary Mercedes-Benz models, you would most certainly find the W123 series sedans, wagons and coupes on this list. Introduced as a replacement for the W114/W115 “strict acht” or “stroke eight” series, the W123 lived on until 1985 and the introduction of the new E class series. The W123 series is renowned for its relative simplicity, reliability and as a result, is a popular means of transport in developing nations to this day. Purchasing one of these cars with triple digit mileage is something that should not be shied away from, however, clean, lower mileage examples are becoming more and more scarce. There are still some out there, though, like this very original first year example in a rare shade of green.

The seller states:

1977 Mercedes Benz 240D with under 52,000 original miles. I just got this from the original owners’ daughter. I have service records for the past 7 years to verify mileage and maintenance. Everything works (yes, even the air conditioning). Car is in great condition. Runs, shifts, stops great. No abnormal diesel tailpipe smoking. Color is Kaledonien Grun, or Caledonia Green, DB867 color code. You will not find a cleaner, more solid, lower mileage 240D period. Tires are new.

The 122 pictures speak for themselves at http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn263/kuhlmeister/1977%20240d/?start=all

I’m a sucker for rare colors and can’t remember the last time I saw any Mercedes in this hue. I think it fits the car well. There is about five days left and the car has not met a reserve. I would assume the seller is looking to get closer to the $10,000 mark, but he might be trying to hold out for more than that. In this era of ever increasing fuel costs, the 240D enables its owner to conserve resources while being classy. And with low mileage like this, the 240D stands ready and willing to motor on for decades to come.


1990 BMW Z1, Fully Federalized

The United States, for all intensive purposes, is a free country. When it comes to many foreign vehicles, though, The Illuminatus Trilogy summed it up well: “Freedom defined is freedom denied.” Given that the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency act as the no fun club towards car enthusiasts, I jump when I see a rare and interesting vehicle which has endured the US Federalization process via some determined individual. As an example, Nate had recently featured an example of BMW’s first attempt at a roadster, the Z1. This car was for sale in Canada though, via Monaco. Now a little over a week later, I’ve located a Federalized Z1 on Hemmings hiding out in California.

1989 BMW Z1 on Hemmings

The seller states:

Rare car and especially rare in the US. Fully Federalized to drive in US. Will pass smog in CA (This alone costs tens of thousands of dollars). Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically, new true dual exhaust, full leather interior, no cloth inserts. Optional deluxe hard top fully leather lined with speakers, map lights and rear defogger. Power Windows, Power Brakes, Power Steering. Great sound system. If you want a car that really stops traffic, this is the one. You can drive the car with the top and doors down at the same time. It’s the closest thing to a motorcycle only with four wheels. Very fun car to drive.

It took me 14 years to find one that I could purchase in the US and legally drive. I have found only six other Z1s in legally in the US. I’ve been told there are more in the US but they are not here legally. This one is fully recognized and authorized by the US DOT. All of the records from new come with this car. Every oil change, and all service has been documented. Recent timing belt change. All import records, updates to the exhaust and the leather interior are completed documented. This very car was featured in April 2008 issue of Bimmer magazine (pages 80 through 84). $52,500 negotiable

The Z8 will always be revered as a classic BMW roadster, much like the 507, it’s spiritual predecessor. It has always surprised me how overlooked the Z1 is, since it was somewhat of a test run for the later Z3 and Z4 roadsters to follow. $52,500 is not chump change for a BMW that is over 20 years old with 43,000 miles, but then again, this is no ordinary BMW. It’s about $10,000 higher than what I’d feel comfortable spending, considering that it is fully legal in this country. I do, however, love the color combination. With the sliding doors and warmer weather arriving here in the Northeast, it would be a fantastic form of shore transportation.


1992 BMW 850i 6 speed

There are certain sports and luxury vehicles that take off in terms of appreciation over the years. The 8 series BMW, well, isn’t one of them. I’ve always admired the looks of BMW’s über coupe of the 1990s and even clean, lower mileage examples have come down in value to a point where they can be an affordable proposition if bought wisely. Here is a slightly modified 1992 850i with the less common 6 speed manual option and just shy of 60,000 miles.

The seller states:

A beautiful pampered low milage 8 series with smooth V-12 power mated to the rare 6 speed ZF manual transmission. Slightly modified with twin conforti chips increasing HP to 340. The BBS wheels (8″front-10″rear) along with H&R performance lowering springs give the car the aggressive stance it was meant to have. Just about a Csi without the price tag! Included in the sale are the stock rims/tires and springs should you wish to return the car to stock. Recent new brakes, rotors, alignment, new belts and K&N air filters.

Performance modifications notwithstanding, this particular 8 series looks fairly unmolested and I haven’t seen on in this particular shade of green in a while. I think the color combination suits it well. This is a lot of car for $13,500. It’s been said that every enthusiast should either drive or own a V12 in their lifetime, and well, even with rising petrol prices, this E31 is still plenty attractive.


Reader-suggested 1995 Ur-S6 Avant for Sale

Thanks go to reader Larry for bringing this first-gen S6 to our attention. S6s have been on my mind this week since I saw a beefy-looking C5 S6 Avant on the street the other day. With the same plenty-powerful 4.2L V8 as the contemporary S4, the combination of muscle, utility, and AWD makes it an appetizing choice. The original S6, itself a re-badged Ur-S4, had a Euro-only “S6 Plus” option with 4.2L V8 , but the main engine was the classic 2.2L I5 putting out 230hp, not bad at all for 1995. Extra sexy as a 6-speed black avant, today’s listing could be a very fun Q-ship.

1995 Audi S6 Avant with 95,730 miles. 5cyl 20vturbo (AAN) gasoline engine with Stage1-Chip and a 6-speed maual (EDU) transmission. 5/95 build date, Black on black leather, OEM Recaro seats, 50% window tint, European Headlights with HIDs and city lights, 3rd row seat, all Seat heaters working, all windows & sunroof working, Heater and A/C working. No rips or tears in seats or side bolsters.

Samco hoses, 034 MAF hose, 034 Engine and Transmission mounts, Timing belt and waterpump replaced at 75K.

Very well maintained. Mostly OEM Audi parts used.

New Cam & Crank sensor, rear Camber links and steering damper. New OEM O2 Sensor and MAF sensor. New V/C gskt, Coolant reservoir, coolant Temp sensor, Auxillary waterpump, front subfram bushings, Parking brake cables and brake hoses. New L/F window regulator. New Sachs clutch along with 6-speed install at 79K.

Major Service done at 90K with Spark plugs, Air&Pollen filter, Fuel filter. All fluids changed incl. Brake Fluid, Coolant, Trans&Diff oil. New Conti Pro Contact tires, Alignment and 4 New Koni shocks installed at 90K. LOF , new wipers and rear brake pads done at 95K (front pads at 50% remaining)

Free extras include a full size spare tire, new starter and some spare parts.

Vehicle is sold as is, no existing warranty. Scratch on L/F fender and rear lid, 2 door dings.

It appears to be very well taken care-of with less than 100k miles,lots of solid maintenance taken care of along with a chip and 6-speed swap (a Euro factory option). Rein in the ride height a little bit and swap some later-model Audi wheels (C5 RS6 or late-model larger S4 Avus, perhaps?) and this will be a responsible all-weather wagon for the enthusiast. Reserve not met at $5,500 with 5 days left. I’d go in for $8k or less.


1978 BMW 320i

Usually the first generation of a particular model is the most revered, however, the first generation 3 series seems to get overlooked in favor of the later E30 and E36 3 series. The 320i never sold in the huge numbers that the E30 did, which could be a reflection of the E21 and its lack of body variants. These first generation 3 series are becoming less and less common and I have to say, I can’t remember the last time I spotted a restored one for sale until I came across this example on eBay yesterday.

The seller states:

Purchased vehicle in May of 2003 from the second Owner who purchased vehicle when it was a few years old. I am the third owner.

Entire engine and body restoration undertaken in 1999. Engine rebuild with complete original documents in posession total $6,022 and performed by Ric Farrar a BMW specialist of Sheltie Motorsports in Portland, OR.

$4,500 original document in possession to strip body to Bare Metal and painted to glorious Canary Yellow by Europa Auto Body of Portland OR in 1999. Lustrous and flawless.

Vehicle is an original US car and spent whole life in Washington State until 2003. I had vehicle transported by Rail to Ontario in the Niagara Region and it has been my Garage Queen since. I have driven it approx 1,200 mi ea summer or 10,000 miles total. Engine & Body rebuild and Restoration took place at 156,752 miles. I have all the original documentation. Current odometer sits at 179,847.

Vehicle is flawless and garners interest and admirerers in all its travels.
During engine and drivetrain rebuild, a decision was made to swap the 4 speed manual to the 5 Speed geartrag which provides overdrive 5th – perfect for highway cruising. Upholstery is original with front passenger seats covered in cool 100% fitted Sheepskin.

This collector vehicle is a delight to drive in the summer as it takes advantage of either a crank tilt or retractable sunroof. If it is too hot simply crank the factory Air Conditioning which Blows Stone Cold! Stereo was replaced with a casette AM/FM radio with two rear mount speakers in addition to two forward.

I have never seen a better 78 Bmw 320i vehicle nor has the vetran appraiser for Classic Auto Appraisals who recently (2007) inspected and appraised vehicle for purpose of insurance and value. Vehicle has been meticulously maintained locally and only modification from stock have been Hi Performance ignition wires, & K&N filter & a cup holder sourced from Bavarian autosport. I need garage space for a new project allowing vehicle to have another owner. Vehicle will not disappoint.

As of writing this, there is about a day left in the auction and bidding is hovering around $6,300 with no reserve. Given rising fuel costs and a desire by some to seek out classics that are simple and cheap to run, the E21’s popularity may finally see itself on an upswing.