Pretty 1972 BMW 3.0 CSi 5 speed no reserve

Another market value gauge here with this no reserve sale of a beautiful 1972 3.0 CSi. There is something special about these cars. The 2 door pillarless couples of the early 70s from Germany have a certain look and feel to them that I can’t quite figure out, but they stand out. The rear and side views of the E9 are prettier than the front, in my opinion, but that doesn’t detract from the overall picture.

The 3.0CSi sports a 200 horsepower inline six and when mated to the 5 speed manual, as in this car, you can be certain to keep the car in the power band as well as have fun.

This car originally sold in Italy and has been a project car for the current owner who has done a nice job bringing it to its current state over the past year. A list of some of the things the seller has fixed on the car include:

*Full complete repaint with PPG paint in Baikal Blue 
*New CSI stripe decals in black 
*New rubber window seals front and back 
*New upholstered factory Recaro seats front and back 
*New Burlwood trim for that elegant finish (original wood pieces removed and refinished in Burl Walnut) 
*New covered vinyl dash, shifter, and rear hat tray (dash has no cracks and looks beautiful) 
*New Michelin tires less than 50 miles   
*New clutch kit 
*New clutch master cylinder 
*New clutch bearings 
*New heater hose/coolant hose 
*New battery 
*New exhaust hangers 
*New starter 
*New reseal cylinder head rear gasket

The interior looks wonderful and it has maintained its Euro spec VDO gauges. The look and clarity of these VDO units make it no surprise that they were seen on many German cars, like Mercedes.  The seller seems to be up front with a couple of the issues with the car and provides ample photographs documenting the car for potential buyers. The photos show an engine bay that could use a little tidying for overall presentation points, but again this car really looks nice. The low mileage, a few ticks under 58,000 miles will help make this car reach full value in the sale. As a bonus this car sits on appropriate 14″ Alpina rims.

The 3.0CSi isn’t especially rare, just under 8000 were produced, not counting the thousands that made up the other variants of the E9. However good examples are bringing strong prices, the highest of course for genuine CSL models. Any original low mile and good condition 3.0CSi can be looked at with investment potential. This one is at just over $17,000 with a little time left, I expect the price to climb by several thousand. The decent description and plenty of nice photos and videos  really help the listing make this car look its best with no surprises.

1972 BMW 3.0 CSi 5 speed no reserve on eBay




1972 Saab 95

Following up with our first non-German feature, I came across this very unique and amazingly original Saab 95. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw one of these for sale, especially in this condition. Production of the seven seat, two door wagon began in 1959 and ended in 1978, with the rear facing seat option being dropped in 1976. Originally powered by a three cylinder, two stroke engine with a freewheeling mode, Saab elected to use the V4 engine built by Ford in Cologne, Germany. I guess this Swede does have some Teutonic charm, after all.

The seller states:

Some of you Saab afficianado’s may have seen this car listed recently on Ebay. I acquired the car as part of a larger transaction of classic vehicles.

The winner of this auction will own what nationally recognized Saab expert Chip Lamb called “the most perfect original example known to exist”. Indeed, up until recently, this Saab 95 wagon was part of the General Motors Heritage Collection… the collection being sold off after GM sold the Saab brand in 2010.

A bit of the provenance on this car… picked up at the factory in Sweden in 1972 by a couple from California who used the Euro delivery to drive their new car around Scandinavia. The car still wears two original decals in the rear windows (as shown in the photos) from that trip. The car was factory delivered to San Diego where it remained until 2004, owned, driven and lovingly pampered by the original owners. Two car collectors then owned the car from 2004-2007 before it was added to the Saab Heritage Collection. The 85,000 miles on the odometer are accurate and almost all driven in California. This car is original and not restored- despite the condition which is immaculate, flawless… you choose the word. As serious collectors know- flawless original beats perfectly restored in collectibility and long term appreciation.

The car is finished in the original Ambragul (amber yellow) finish…more of a butterscotch. There is no evidence of any paint work anywhere and all the original stickers and tags are in their proper place and untouched. There is ZERO rust- nothing, nada, it’s perfect. All original factory undercoating is intact. All chrome and brightwork is near flawless with no corrosion of any kind. The only flaw evident on the car is a very small and barely noticeable “star” in the upper part of the front windshield, barely visable from the outside, caused by a stone. A glass expert checked this out and this tiny “star” was repaired and will not spread…and it is highly recommended, this being the original glass, to leave it in place and the driver will hardly even notice it.

Car is fitted with an original factory roof rack (has Saab logo embossed on both sides) that is nearly impossible to find now. The roof rack is probably worth over $1,000 by itself! Fold down third seat is equally flawless in finish and condition…even the hold straps are still in place.

All seals and weatherstripping are tight and flawless. The trunk hatch opens, closes and seals as new. All bodywork is perfect…no dents, dings, scratches etc.

This Saab 95 wears its original wheels, caps and has a very nice set of 165 SR 15 tires.

Interior is all original and perfect…not much more I can say- check out the photo’s. The radio has been removed and replaced with an original cover. I also have the original cut out if the new owner desires to add a factory original radio later. The chrome radio antenna is in place.

Engine- Entire engine bay completely restored and detailed to show quality condition. Over the past few months the following mechanical work was done to bring mechanicals back to perfect condition- all work done by certified Saab classic mechanics:

*engine pulled and cleaned with all new hoses added

*recored radiator

*new transmission mounts

*new clutch with lightened flywheel and strengthened pressure plate

*new fuel pump

*new water pump

*new slave cylinder

*all fluids changed: oil, coolant, brakes and transmission

*complete tune-up

* car previously converted to a one-barrel Weber 34 ICH with pertronix ignitor

*heat wrapped fuel line

*4-new stainless braided brake hoses

*new rear brake cylinders and shoes

*new handbrake lever boot

***This Saab 95 V4 will also be delivered with two sets of keys and the original owners manual…and, if you want it, the original blue California license plate.

How often do you get the chance to get your hands on a car where you can say you own the nicest example on planet earth. Saab fans- don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Saab history. I’m pretty confident you’ll win most car shows you attend in your division. Good luck bidding.

This Saab is now garaged in Charlottesville, Va (zip code 22901)…. about 90 minutes southwest of Washington D.C. While this car could be driven anywhere, the rare quality of the car suggests professional transport arrangements unless you are in the area. I would be happy to hold the car up to two weeks so proper shipping arrangements can be made. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

Saabs are not noteworthy for having high resale value, and $20,000 for an almost 40 year old example steep. I think it’s a bargain, though, given this vehicle’s story and condition. The 95, along with it’s smaller two door sibling, the 93, are the cars that endeared Saab to individualists who appreciated engineering and build quality that reflected why these cars were “born from jets.” The 93’s rallying success was icing on the proverbial cake for buyers. I hope whoever buys this car doesn’t stash it away or hide it in a museum. It’s rare that you see a 93 on the street, let alone the estate version. With regular light use, this car could easily survive for another 40 years, giving people a window into the origins of this marque revered by its owners and enthusiasts alike.


1972 Opel Admiral B

Until Cadillac rebadged the Opel Omega as a Catera, large Opels were obscure vehicles for most Americans. Introduced in 1969 to replace the Admiral A, the Admiral B was powered by an OHV 2.8 liter inline six, which could be optioned with fuel injection, making this the first Opel model to offer the technology. The large sedan soldiered on until 1977 when the Senator replaced both it and the similar Diplomat. This seller claims this is the only Admiral in the U.S. but has no proof to back it up. In any case, you will surely be the only one on your block, if not the state, to drive one of these large German sedans.

The seller states:

1972 Opel Admiral, imported from Germany. It’s been in the United States around a year. The car is original, no accidents, original paint. The car has 25,000 original miles. A few things were done to the car when we received it. New spark plugs, new spark plug wires, rotor, cap, brakes front and rear, brand new master cylinder, brand new Michelin tires. Also upgraded the stereo system and you can see on the pictures a complete exhaust system. Most of these parts were ordered directly from Germany. It has a few small rust spots.

So far there are a few bids but there is a reserve on the auction. Values on these kind of vehicles, especially outside of their home markets can be hard to put a finger on. This seller had listed this car at $19,000 a few days ago without a reserve, so it’s safe to say he is probably hoping to get over $10,000. While in good shape, there is a noticeable amount of rust that needs to be addressed and finding parts would not be an easy task stateside. For those who are brave, though, this would be a great conversation piece to show up in at the local classic car show.


1972 Porsche 911 934.5 935 Widebody rolling chassis

This is a bit of an oddity. Someone spent a lot of time putting together a race/street 911 widebody, but either ran out of money or got bored before finding it an engine and transmission. Not much more to say, I don’t like seller’s who write their ads in all caps and underlined so I didn’t read much of the description. If you can make it through the visually stupefying description let us know what you think of this. I see it is quite the widebody and comes with 5 points and a roll cage. The opening ask price is $9500, no reserve, buy-it-now is at $25,000 (now way it will sell for that). If you want a project and like bright Dodge Challenger “sublime green” paint take a look at this.


1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5

There’s been a surprising lack of W108/W109 S class Mercedes-Benzes on this site lately, so I decided to search for a clean, affordable example. The car we see here, a short wheelbase W108 is an interesting mix of the classic and modern. Classic in the vehicle’s appearance and modern in what’s under the hood. The 4.5 signified the arrival of the new M117 SOHC V8 that would go on to power a generation of S and SL models. Offered only in the USA, as opposed the 3.5 liter, M116 version.

While prices of the coupes and cabriolets have skyrocketed, sedans have stayed reasonable. Clean, unmolested examples are plentiful for under $15,000. Here is a nice one located up in Massachusetts:

The 280 is a magnificent looking car. This example of the 280 SE is in very good condition having been cared for over the years. The big 4.5 Liter V8 engine has hardly seen much action having run an average 2-3K miles per year since being put into service. This car with 78,000 original miles will put a smile on your face as soon as you sit in it. Runs perfectly, needs some minor cosmetic fixes and the AC needs to be charged or converted.

If I had the space, I’d love to have one of these old S classes in my stable. I remember being at a Mercedes-Benz club meet at MB Headquarters in New Jersey and a guy from Maine had an impeccable 1967 250S sedan with a four speed manual on the floor in a stunning non-metallic gray with red interior. I would have given anything just to take it out for a test drive. It brings back memories of my grandfather’s 1971 280SE and my dad’s 1967 230S fintail. These are timeless cars that are amazingly modern and are the epitome of the “practical classic” genre.


1972 Volkswagen K70 sedan

With regards to water cooled Volkswagens, the K70 is where it all began. This is also the first front engined, front wheel drive Volkswagen. Designed by NSU, the K70 was intended to be a smaller sibling to the revolutionary R080 rotary engined sedan. After Volkswagen assumed control of NSU, the K70 filled a niche in Volkswagen’s lineup and was marketed as a successor to the Type 4. The K70 continued on until 1973 with the introduction of the Passat. In addition to a water cooled engine, some other interesting features were inboard front brakes, rack and pinion steering and MacPherson Strut front suspension.

Here’s an excerpt from the seller’s comprehensive ad:

There are close to 500 examples in the world and only 3 in the USA. This is an exellent example of a running orginal car and the best car I have ever found. It is the ONLY running K70 in the USA. It’s my great barn find, trailer queen. I purchased it from the original owner out of New York State several years ago so this makes me the second owner. It was brought over from Belgium where it was originally purchased and converted for US import. It has a MPH speedo!

I have pored over 15 grand into this car lovingly. I didn’t skimp on anything. I would consider this car “lightly restored”. My goal was to keep it as original as possible. It has about 90% original paint and 90% original or period correct pieces.

The first water cooled VW.
1 Bavarian folk music tape
1 medium box or original used parts
1 spare windshield (just in case)
Owners manual
technical support from myself and or the K70 club after joining

This car represents a unique opportunity to own what could be considered the bridge between the air-coooled and water-cooled Volkswagen eras. Of, you could view this vehicle as a more reliable alternative to the NSU Ro80. In all of my travels to Germany, I have not come across a K70 in person. Even 40 years on, this car still looks rather contemporary. After years of seeing Beetles roam the German countryside, one could imagine how advanced this car must have seemed at the time.

Also, I’m not sure what everyone’s thoughts are on the car for sale itself, but the Bavarian folk music tape sold it for me.


Valentine’s Day Red 1972 VW Beetle Convertible

A quick post for Valentine’s Day. Make this chick car a gift for your sweetheart.
A cute little bug with 90,000 miles on it. The white walls on the red wheels are a nice touch. The seller has more pics and videos here:

Looks like it has been well maintained. $8600 but-it-now.


3 Porsche 911RS Hotties For Sale: 1 Real One and 2 Clones

Since the real deal is well out of my range (real or imaginary), I have to wonder if these two clones measure up 80-90% of the way for a fraction of the price. I guess it comes down to your nature: investor or enthusiast, because an investor wouldn’t drive the real thing as hard or as often as it should be. As it was intended.

The real deal: 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Coupe Touring Coupe on eBayMotors being offered by Ooely and Blackburn of Indianapolis:

quote from Ooely & Blackburn eBayMotors listing:

This 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS coupe is finished in correct code#114 signal yellow with black vinyl and cloth interior. It is an all numbers matching proper older restoration. We have carefully inspected this gorgeous RS and have found it to be a fabulous correct example. The chassis number is 9113600631, the engine number is 6630645 , the transmission number is 7830637 and the paint code number is 114 (525212) signal yellow. It is one of just 87 Carrera RS cars to be produced in this color by the factory. This rare Porsche must be considered one of the most correct and original numbers matching cars in the country. The car was produced in February of 1973 and immediately shipped to its original owner in Luxemburg.

And on to the clones. The first is this lovingly prepared 72 Targa on eBayMotors:

quote from seller’s eBayMotor’s listing:

The key with building a good RS is to start with a great car. This car was originally sold new in Southern California which means that it has lived a rust-free life.

This car went through an extensive 2-year restoration and it shows. It is a stunning example and extremely well built. It was taken down to the bare metal and painted its original color in acrylic enamel with hardner. It then went through countless hours of hand color sanding and buffing to bring out its shine. The paint looks great. There are a few rock chips here and there from use, but that’s about it.

And then there’s this 1986 Carrera with backdated bodywork to provide a modern configuration that looks vintage and appropriate:

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

I am selling this amazing RS recreation based on a mint 1987 Carrera. (galvanized shell) 950 trans. Grand Prix Bright white fresh paint with mat black decals. This is a specialty car and very tastefully done, you won’t find one like this anywhere! Lots of time and dedication went into building this vehicle.

Stock 3.2 ltr motor (no leaks) Car and motor have 48k miles, Air condition and sunroof were taken out to lighten the car, full new RS interior, suede dash, WEVO shifter, LSD, 17×8 17×9 inch Lindsey Racing wheels, Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R tires, Reccaro SRD seats, Car Graphic pedal set, Brey Krause harness bar and tower bar, Nardi suede classic steering wheel, Willans harness, Upgraded Brembo big brakes and rotors, Turbo tie rods, SSI heat exchangers, polished Dansk exhaust, carbon fiber fenders, bumpers, duct tail (MAshaw)

Everything on this car and listed is brand new from all new seals, trim, lights, screws etc.. Fully tuned, very tight. Very light and fast!

So if it’s not obvious by now, I think the real thing is way overpriced. A true 911 enthusiast would want a car that could be driven and experienced. While a collector that could afford the real 911RS would argue otherwise, I’d challenge the buyer to hit a dozen track days a year and drive the car as intended to prove their allegiance!