Rare Manual 1983 BMW 733i For Sale

You just don’t see many of these cruisers, and I am not sure I have ever seen one with a manual transmission.  Lovingly restored this looks like a great 7 series.

Update 3.22.2012: Note in the comments that while the car sold via eBay, it was a non-paying bidder. If you’re still interested in the car, try leaving a comment for the owner below. -dc

1983 BMW 733i:

From the seller –

“1983 BMW E23 733i 5 Speed

As a long standing BWM lover I have been a member of the BMW Boston and White Mountain Chapters for over 10 years.  I’m an instructor for the HPDE High Performance Drivers Education program run by these chapters and have owned over 2 dozen BMW’s.  I  now own this 733i being offered for sale along with a 2001 Z3 M Coupe that I’m preparing for street and track use.  My daily driver is a Saab 9-5.  When I started looking for a car like this my first interest was to acquire an older 6 series.  But with a wife and two boys the idea of 4 doors became appealing.  I also grew to love the lines and classic look of the e23.  Then when this pristine example with complete documentation, a one owner garage queen, 5 speed , with a unique color combination came up for sale, I acted immediately.

The history of this car is completely documented.  It was originally ordered and purchased by a gentleman Louis Randle Jr. from Dryer & Reinbold in Indianapolis IN on March 15th 1983 for the price of $32,308.40.  Mr. Randall apparently was somewhat of a collector with about 50 cars in his stable.  He kept this car in his environmentally controlled garage and used it occasionally for his personal fair weather use.  Throughout his ownership he cared for the car meticulously with all scheduled service performed at Dryer & Reinbold.  In June of 2009 Mr. Randle began to liquidate his car collection in preparation to move from IN to CO and the car was sold Russell Ault a dealer in the area, the mileage at this time was 68,120 original miles.  Due to the economy at the time the car did not sell for the asking price which was north of $10,000.  I discovered the car and purchased it on Feb 22, 2010, with about 68,500 miles on it.  As a condition of the sale I asked Russ to install a Posi rear end to replace the open differential in anticipation of the drive home from IN to NH in Feb.  I flew in and drove it home. The car came equipped with the original 14” wheels and all season tires which are still with the car.  During the ride home I encountered a few snow squalls.  This is the one and only time the car has been driven in the winter.  Surprisingly the car handled it surprisingly well, was completely comfortable and a joy to drive on this 10 hour trek.  Upon arriving home I had the car inspected and went over it with a fine tooth comb.  What I found was even better than I expected.  The car had not a spec of rust anywhere; underneath looked as good as the exterior.  The only rust I could find was some minimal surface rust on the rear valance mounted under the bumper facing forward.  This was obviously a result of being hit with particles picked up by the rear tires and thrown back.  I also found that at some point new Bilstein shocks had been installed on all four corners along with the brake pads all appeared to be brand new.

All the rubber bushings, hoses and so forth were in equally impressive like new shape clearly the result of being stored indoors its entire life and being used occasionally.  Immediately after purchasing any car I perform a complete fluid change switching over to Red Line synthetic the engine, and transmission fluid. The differential had already been done at my request prior to purchase.  I also performed the required oil spray bar nut upgrade and while I had the valve cover off replaced it with a refinished one painted wrinkle black.  One thing I found during the long drive was that the front seats although in perfect condition did not provide adequate support for my bad back.  To remedy this I purchased a pair of Recaro seats from a BMW 320i along with brackets to adapt the seats to the stock sliders / height adjusters.  I had the seats recovered in soft high grade vinyl that matches the stock red interior quite nicely.  The cost for the seats, brackets and recovering was over $1800.00.  I drove the car throughout the summer and fall then took it off the road last winter.  There were a few things that needed attention in addition to the stereo system I installed.  The Hydraulic Brake booster unit was starting to weep and with over 70K miles on the original fuel pumps I decided to install new BMW replacements.  I also replaced the rear valance and with a new one from BMW, added a sport steering wheel, and new coca floor mats.  The car originally came with a dealer installed CB Radio which is still with the car as a collectable which I removed when I installed the stereo system described below.  The wheels described below where put on.  The car also had a front spoiler / air dam and fog lights on it when I purchased it.  I did not like the way it fit and thought it distracted from the classic look of the car and removed it.

Exterior Paint and Body

The car has never been in an accident.  All panels, glass, and paint are original and in perfect condition.  The color is rich and deep, the clear coat without swirl marks, any minor chips have been carefully been taken care of.  All the trim work looks brand new and shinny, with no oxidation. The front and rear bumpers are free of oxidation and look like new.  All moldings are in excellent condition. The rocker panels and lower rear panels behind the wheels look great.  The doors sills look new and are free from scratches.  The weather stripping and seals are 100% and supple.  The There is no rust of any kind anywhere on the car.  The only flaw in the exterior is a very minor scratch of about 1-1/2 inches below the rear license plate and a minor ding less than the size of a dime on the located on the drivers side rocker panel.  Both are difficult to notice if you’re not looking.  Because of these two flaws I would rate the condition of the exterior at 9.7 out of 10.


The interior is perfect. The rugs, dash, seats, head liner, door panels all flawless.  The installed stereo system is a work of art.  Only when examined closely does it become apparent that the head unit is an aftermarket unit.  The sport steering wheel adds a nice touch replacing the clunky square stock one.  The Recaro seats complement the stock interior beautifully. The original front seats which are in perfect condition are included in the sale and can be easily swapped back in about an hour, held in by 8 allen head bolts. The rear seat looks like fine leather sofa.  All controls function exactly as they should.  The AC blows cold and has yet to require a recharge.  The Automatic climate control, heater / defroster, rear window defroster, seat sliders and height adjust, electric windows, sun roof, door locks, computer, all function 100%.  The only known issue is the cruise control, which just recently stopped working.  I know this is due to the switch / stock on the steering column since it was working and the switch was intermittent. It’s an easy fix and I’ve been looking for one on EBay as a cost effective alternative to new. I would rate the interior at 9.9 out of 10

Engine, Suspension, Brakes,

The engine runs extremely well, starts instantly, idles fine and pulls without hesitation to red-line.  This motor is one of BMW’s strongest, most reliable and can easily last for 300K miles.  The transmission operates quietly and shifts smoothly; it is crisp and tight, not sloppy like modern cars.  The clutch engages fully and is rock solid.  There are not leaks, drips or seeping fluids anywhere. The suspension is tight, steering is responsive without play.  The car rides beautifully and handles well.  The brakes are excellent.  There is absolutely nothing mechanically that needs attention.  The only known concern is that I’ve noticed when the gas tank has been filled to the very top there is a slight gas odor when parked afterwards.  The odor goes away once the car has been driven a few miles.  I believe this is a result of overfilling and have since been filling it to 7/8 of a tank without any reoccurrence. I would rate the car mechanically at 9.9 out of 10.

Audiophile 10 Speaker Sound System

Being an audiophile with a degree in Electrical Engineer, and owning a home sound system valued at $10K+,  I set out to design and install a no expense spared sound system into the 733i that would provide concert hall audiophile sound quality without disturbing in any way the original integrity of the interior.  Another important consideration was the desire to obtain access to current sources for high quality audio content including CD’s, High Definition Radio, USB, IPOD, and Pandora along with complete Digital Signal Processing control of all audio parameters such as speaker crossover, equalization, balance, fader, subwoofer output and numerous other tuning factors within the head unit for easy adjustment from the cockpit tailored to an individuals listening preferences.  This was achieved using only the highest quality audio components and installation techniques offered only at the most exclusive car audio installers.  The components alone cost over $2500.00.  All components except for the Amplifier where purchased at Crutchfield where costs can be easily verified.  The installation took place over several months last winter easily taking 50+ hours with close attention to detail and reliability.  To have this system installed at any car audio specialty shop would easily run over $5000.  The end result is a system that looks perfect in every respect and performs flawlessly.  Several individuals with home audio systems similar to mine have auditioned with a critical ear their favorite music and marveled at the sound quality and levels that this system delivers in many cases surpassing that of their home systems.”

Awesome car!  The seller knows these cars well and has gone to great lengths to fix any nagging issues that have popped up.  The interior refresh, wheels, and audio set up are tasteful upgrades as well.

Initially I pegged this as a $9k car, $10k on a good day.  Bidding currently sits at $8,250 and the reserve will be met with the next bid.  This sure seems like a good value in the high $8k low $9k range.  This car does not need much and would be a great combination of comfort and sporty performance.

Here is to hoping it finds a good home.


Too Good To Be True, 43k Mile Volkswagen Scirocco

I tend to be a cup half full kind of guy.  Every car is an opportunity, no matter how sketchy it seems.

Well, maybe not.

What we have here is a 1983 Volkswagen Scirocco with 43k miles.  One owner and recent mechanical work to get it up to par.  Too good to be true?  Perhaps, but I would be tempted to find out.

1983 Volkswagen Scirocco:

From the seller –

“Very clean 2 owner (same family) vw scirocco. body is in fantastic shape. this vehicle has been garage kept and rarely driven. has new tires, belts, current registration and safety check.”

Short but sweet, while I appreciate the brevity I would like a little more detail.  To the naked eye the car looks straight if not a little sun burned.  You would too if you spent the last 29 years in Hawaii.

But from a seller with next to no feedback, short description, and almost worthless pictures it does raise some concerns.  Which brings me to the buy it now price, $3k seems imminently reasonable for a 43k Scirocco.  Even with the shipping outside Hawaii you are looking at less than $4,500 shipped for one of the lower mile Roccos in the country.

The question becomes, are you feeling lucky?

1983 Mercedes-Benz 300TDT

The W123 needs no introduction on GCFSB. These were Mercedes-Benz’s bread and butter models between 1977 and 1985 and they combined durability, luxury and style like few cars have been able to do. While these cars are known for their ability to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles with little hassle, you can still find clean, lower mileage examples of coupes and sedans from time to time. The estate versions, however, tend to be the workhorse and good quality examples are a bit more tough to source. This particular TDT is one of the best that I’ve come across in recent memory.

1983 Mercedes-Benz 300TDT on eBay

This might be the lowest mileage 123 series Mercedes wagon in the country. There are only 98k well maintained miles on it since new. This gorgeous Mercedes wagon was sold new in Sacramento, CA in 1983. In 2001, when the original owner passed away his widow sold it to the second owner in Orange County, CA. He sold the car to a gentleman from Maine in 2005 and purchased it back from him in 2007. The car still has the original paint on every panel and it still shines like on the first day. It was finished in Taiga Beige (MB color code 684) with palomino color MB-tex interior.

This car was always parked in a garage and it shows. It has never been in any kind of accident and there are dings or dents on it. The body and the paint are in truly amazing condition for an almost 30 year old car. The interior is very clean as well, as the many pictures will show. The carpets are clean, there are no rips or tears in the seats and even the wood panels are in great condition. This car has been very well maintained and i have the books and receipts to show it.

A new transmission was installed in 2009 with 93k miles. Together with the complete 90k mile service and new drive shaft axles this bill came to $3900. The work was done by Silver Star Motors in Escondido, CA. This car shifts and accelerates like a Mercedes diesel with a very low mileage should. There are no strange noises of any kind. It always starts up right away and it is not slow at all. All the instruments work the way they should.

All the windows, the door locks and even the original radio with the power antenna still function well. This car would be perfect for a collector. There are just not that many 123 series wagons with less than 100k miles around anymore. They are often on Ebay with 300k-400k miles and still running well. This wagon would also be a perfect family car for somebody who wants to drive it every day. If you keep maintaining this car like it has been maintained, you should be good for the next 30 years. It would also be a perfect candidate for Bio diesel conversion. This way you could drive it on vegetable oil or even free waste oil from restaurants. I have never tried it, but with gasoline prices where they are today, it sounds like a good idea.

I would prefer to sell this car to somebody local who could actually come out and see it/inspect it BEFORE the auction ends. But I would also try to be helpful with shipping or a airport pick up. All shipping charges would have to be paid by the buyer. This is a wonderful, gorgeous, well maintained and original 30 year old car and it will be sold as is, where is and without a warranty.

The buy it now price of almost $17,000 is serious money for a 30 year old estate with almost 100,000 miles. If it were any other brand of vehicle, it would seem ludicrous. However, like a fine timepiece, with regular maintenance and care, these are cars for a lifetime. Still, it’s a few thousand dollars more than I’d be willing to pay. I’ve seen these sell for more, though, so I’m sure it will find a new home in short order.


Reader Ride: 1983 BMW 733i Manual For Sale

There has been a rash of these lately which is odd as these are pretty rare.  This is another in a line of clean 733i cars with a desirable manual transmission.

1983 BMW 733i:

From the seller –

“I have a white1983 BMW 733i with a blue leather interior and a 5 speed manual. It is in great condition for its age but not perfect like the one you had listed last week that went for a little over 10 grand. It is currently listed on eBay and I would love for it to be on your blog.”

… And here it is.  The seller is correct, this is not as pristine as the white one featured two weeks ago but it is a fine automobile in its own right.  The 330i wheels are a nice upgrade and the interior seems to be very well sorted out.  Assuming a PPI checks out this is an very strong value.

Bidding currently sits at $5.7k reserve not met with a few days to go.  At $7.5 this would be a great driver, best of luck to the seller.


Cleaner Alpine’r: A yet BETTER E21?

The Hungarian red E21 was a fun writeup, and I enjoyed the comments regarding the style. Specifically, the detraction of the add-ons from the otherwise-pristine, untouched look that just 47k miles can do. Well, I found another E21 that has covered all of 83k miles and has a much cleaner, “how it shoulda been done” look that comes with simple and well-chosen Alpina upgrades. From the cream color to the front spoiler to the much-more correct rear spoiler to the open-lug classics, this is how an E21 should be. It outdoes the red’s cloth interior-with-seat covers as well, achieving the TKO via immaculate leather and Alpina wheel and shift knob. Bidding is at 1/3 of the Hungarian’s at $5,100, though the reserve hasn’t been met and there’s a week to go. No question, nicest E21 I’ve ever seen.

1983 BMW 320i with Alpina upgrades for sale on eBay


So this is a pretty rare little car here.
Purchased a few months ago while looking for a commuter vehicle that still had some vintage BMW appeal.

The car is truly a one of a kind. A true head turner, with a bit of spunk in it as well. There is literally nothing that this car needs.

This little gem showed up and was about 7 out of 10 based on running condition and maintenance. However, right off the bat, the starter died. I took it to BMW of Murray (yes, a dealer), who went over it with a fine tooth comb. They found a ton of tiny things wrong but nothing major. All work was performed by them including valve adjustments and factory recommended plugs (which were roughly $40 each), and a new starter. End result is that it purrs like a kitten and while its not a rocket off the line, it will cruises along at 110mph as smooth as a 7 series. (Yes, a good e21 will cruise at high speeds)
Discussions with the techs at BMW lead me to the conclusion that this was not a cloned car. Basically all its missing at this point is a euro motor. The suspension is a full Alpina spec set up. We looked at the installation and the parts, the work is just too old to be new.
It was his opinion, that the car was probably dropped at an Alpina tuning shop to get what upgrades were possible for a US spec car. He was also in awe of how clean it was, in, out, and under.

From that point I had the car professionally cut and polished at a very reputable local body shop. That did the final trick. The color came back with a vengeance and the paint is smooth like glass.

My problem now is that I live in a state infamous for its salt, snow and weather. Weather that will destroy a car like this. So its up for sale, to a new owner who can hopefully keep it well.

It needs absolutely nothing. Drive it anywhere.

A list of pro’s for the little e21:

Completely original. No crappy add ons.
Coolant overflow in Alpina method.
Front Strut tower brace
Rear strut brace with battery relocation
New YellowTop Optima
New starter
Boge Coilovers
3.93 LSD
No leaks, no oil, no trans, no nothing.
5spd Getrag Trans.
Full Ansa Exhaust
New ball joints in front
Front end gone over and all seals and bushings replaced.
All bushings in the rear replaced (links and such)
Interior is perfect.
All seats are 100%, no rips, splits or tears.
Carpet is green. thats all I can say.
AC works well and blows cold
Heater and fan are 100%
Defroster is working correctly.
Hazard switch is not broken.
Aftermarket Alpine headunit with IPod interface.
320is steering wheel
Alpina Dead Pedal
Alpina VIN tag (was in glove box)
This car really is too nice to daily drive. The only thing that keeps it from being an absolute 10 is the pin-striping is a little faded and there are a few tiny dings on the rear quarter panel. Difficult to see but they are there.

She starts and runs flat and true. Really does not need anything. Another item of note is that she is running all synthetics, and no leaks. If you have played this game before, you know that putting synthetics is most older cars will create leaks.

Questions, please ask. Its a true, rare collector piece and there aren’t a whole lot of e21s around anyway.

It will be very interesting to see where this bidding goes compared to the high Buy-it-Now of the red E21. Even for more money, this would be the one to buy if you are looking for the best E21 out there.

1983 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5 speed

With the introduction of the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL, there were some enthusiasts who lamented the transformation of the SL from a sporting roadster to a car that had a more boulevard cruiser attitude. Nevertheless, over a 19 year production run, the R107 was one of the most popular Mercedes-Benz models in history. All of the models sold in the US market were equipped with V8 engines and, except for a handful of early models, automatic transmissions. However, a few gray market six cylinder models made their way across the pond. Here is one of those smaller engined SLs for sale in California.

1983 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5 speed manual on eBay

This is a very rare European edition 280SL roadster. This was never officially imported to the USA. Ebay’s system can’t handle European VINs so I had to put a string of zeroes in there. The real VIN is WDB10704210017210. Currently registered in California.

It’s a DOHC six cylinder, fuel-injected, 5-speed ZF manual gearbox, small and elegant European bumpers, flush composite headlamps, etc. It’s also been treated to a BBS rear spoiler, plus aerodynamic body kit (chin and rear spoilers, side skirts), easily removed if you prefer, and 15″ chrome Mercedes wheels.

The car runs perfectly, stays cool even with A/C on, no oil leaks, just purrs. The 5-speed gearbox shifts like butter, brakes are perfect, all electrical works including windows, gauges, clock, power antenna, etc., AC works and blows cold! Only 98M! Nice AM/FM/CD with iPod port. Interior is beautiful condition as is the German canvas top. The original matching hardtop is included as well. The body is straight but the paint has flaws (see left fender and trunk lid pics). Small bolt holes in trunklid where third brakelight was removed, covered. A few small dings. Left side orange corner lenses have some cracks. Chrome and trim are excellent.

A great fun car to drive – much quicker and faster than an American 380SL with auto trans. Gets thumbs-up everywhere it goes!

The price for this 280SL is right around the same neighborhood for a similar vintage 380SL with similar mileage. Personally, I always thought the V8 was a bit overkill for such a small car, but I’d prefer a later model 1986 through 1989 300SL. Sadly, those are more rare on these shores than their earlier six cylinder brethren. Given that the first R107 300SLs are now 25 years old and exempt from EPA and DOT regulations for importation, we could start seeing a few pop up on our shores. And perhaps on GCFSB.


Clean 1983 Audi UrQuattro for sale

Today we have an UrQ that has been taken care of since it was born. Owned by car dealership owners and service managers, it’s one of the nicest and least-molested examples I’ve seen in a while. It comes in clean original black with Audi graphics and just-right Ronal wheels; no 17s needed to look badass here. Each owner has meticulously kept maintenance records, and while almost 30 years and 140k miles have left it short of perfection, it’s a darn nice example of an increasingly rare car.

1983 Audi Ur Quattro for sale on eBay

A thorough history showing a beloved car:

Hello, I have for sale an exceptional 1983 Audi Ur Quattro. This particular example is Montego Black metallic, with a chocolate brown leather interior. I have personally owned this vehicle since 1997. I am the fourth owner and purchased it with 91,000 miles on the odometer. It currently has about 139,000 miles and is still going strong. This URQ was originally delivered to Porsche Audi North in Dublin, Ohio. It was placed into service on 8/18/83. As far as I can determine, this URQ was delivered on 3/29/84 as a lease to the owner of Midwestern VW. “Bob Fergus was a successful Volkswagen dealer and the local importer for Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky. Furthermore, he was well known as a privateer in motor racing. He took part in SCCA events, driving cars of various marques like Siata, MG and Austin-Healey. Later on he also campaigned Ferraris.” The second owner bought the car when it came off lease in 1987. The third owner who purchased the car in 1993 was a service manager at Byers Imports in Columbus, Ohio, so he spared no expense or time in maintaining the car. Every conceivable record of work done to the car from the first owner, second, third, and myself is included in the sale. This is a truly comprehensive and complete list of maintenance history documented with original receipts and an organized word document of what work was done, how much it cost, by what shop, and at what mileage. It is apparent through all of this maintenance history that the car was always very well taken care of at no expense. Along with this substantial documentation are all manuals including warranty book, owner’s manual, radio guide, and an official factory repair manual. Further factory repair procedures are also available which were originally meant for dealership use.

All necessary oil changes have been completed in a timely fashion during my ownership with Syntec and the correct Audi o.e.m. filters. Recently, in the past few years other work done has included but is not limited to: new misc. hoses and tubing, radiator recore and fluid flush, rebuilt interior switch lights, oxs sensor replacement, n.o.s. radio replacement, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, driver window regulator replacement, various rubber isolator mounts replaced, c.v. boot replaced, manifold redecked with new studs, replace timing belt, tensioners, water pump, seals, valves adjusted, fuel injector seals, etc, etc.
The car is extremely close to stock with the only known up-grades being the desirable wider Audi ronal wheels, uprated Audi 5000 turbo, period performance chip, slight tint, and Stebro stainless exhaust sans cat. That is it. I have tried to keep things original and period as much as possible, sometimes a frustrating and time consuming hobby…
…Items of concern that do not necessarily require immediate attention are a probable need for a new passenger front disc (mild metallic chatter on braking), the a.c. does not hold freon (although all the parts are there), the power door locks no longer work (although the parts are there), cruise control does not work, the diff panel light does not light up, and the e-brake does not function. Sporadically there is a hot-start issue. Body-wise you can see the items I will call out – surface rust on the sill of both sides (has not progressed in 10 years so I never fixed it), paint flaking on rear driver wheel lip (caused by previous owner’s large wheel choice), rust on the leading edges of both the trunk lid and hood lip (n.o.s. hood, one steel deck lid, and one fiberglass deck lid included in sale for replacement), and a slight gouge in the bumper corner in a parking lot mishap.I believe that this small scrape and a driver’s side door dent accounts for both “issues” reported on the vehicle history. Structurally, the wheel tubs, shock towers, and underside of the car show rust-free. The URQ shows better than average general wear for its age and mileage. The car was never driven in snow, but I definitely drove in the rain (it is a Quattro after all). Please take a look at the pictures and videos in the listing and on my imageshack account for a complete tour of the URQ. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I currently have the car registered in Michigan with a clean Michigan title in my name. If you would like to inspect the car in person, that can be arranged.
Other desirable extras which come with the purchase of the URQ are a beautiful, rare fiberglass factory replacement deck with all trim included, a steel deck lid, extra spoiler, n.o.s. hood with the e-coat still on it, new window regulator and misc. regulator parts, extra tail lamps and light bar, and three containers full of misc. parts both new and used, an extra spare tire, original roll-up tool kit, and two keys.
This URQ was always stored winters, but thoroughly enjoyed in the no-salt months. I am selling now because I do not get the chance to use it as much as I would like, and would appreciate it going to a new home. Thank you.

This is a clean, well-looked-after example of a car that changed the automotive landscape forever. I’m actually a little sad that it’s never been driven in the snow. It has a few spots that would need attention before it was 100% perfect, but it seems like a really great driver that could keep you happily in Audi world for a while. Though small, the amount of work needed makes me surprised to see the 17 bids pushing it up to $10k already. I would have guessed high single-digit thousands, but I guess we’re nearing the time for the Quattro to join it’s box-fendered 80s brethren like the E30 M3 and Delta Integrale as high-dollar rarities. The price is also a testament to a well-written and complete ad, illustrating that this Quattro has never been neglected, and hopefully never will be.


1983 Porsche 911 SC RS Look Offered by EuroWerkz

A question posed by many budding car enthusiasts is which Porsche 911 is the best to buy for those new to the marque? As a 911 enthusiast who is still gunning to own one, I’ve always maintained the 1978-83 Super Carrera, or SC, is the one to put your money on. In the late seventies, Porsche was out to seek complete reliability, and the SC introduced the 3.0 liter version of the venerable flat six engine with Bosch K Jetronic fuel injection. Good for 180 hp in US trim, the SC also marked a change to a diecast aluminum engine block from the magnesium block used in 911 models from 1968 through 1977.

The funny thing about the SC is that it outsold the 928, which was developed to succeed the 911. It was during the reign of the SC that Porsche decided to continue on with the 911 program. It also marked the return of the first cabriolet Porsche since the 356 with the 1983 911 SC Cabriolet.

Here is a late model SC on offer from EuroWerkz LC in Pleasantville, Iowa.

1983 Porsche 911 SC RS Look for sale at EuroWerkz

An extremely nice low mileage 2 owner example. First owner had it for 23 years, second owner did a mechanical freshening and cosmetic up date to RS look including RS valance,duck tail, and graphics. New 7 and 8 inch wheels with new Michelins. New optima battery and 3M clear bra all around. The car is a beautiful 911 that runs 100% in every area. Window sticker,Books and history since new. Recently detailed including a professional color sand that made this car really stand out. Ready to enjoy and it’s a blast to drive! Call or e-mail for the details on any of our inventory. We speak car!

This Porsche is SUPER nice!

I’ve driven a few SCs and I have to say, for a vintage sports car, they are a fairly forgiving drive. They are also a great introduction as to what the 911 experience is all about. The clatter of the flat six, manual steering and no electronic aides to get in the way. Some maintain the 3.2 was better, but the SC is more affordable while offering up the nearly bulletproof 3.0 liter engine.

This example offered by EuroWerkz is a nice tribute to the classic RS look with the advantage of being based on the Super Carerra. The seller is asking $24,900, which is about right for a 911 of this vintage and condition. A few good things to look out for when buying an SC is to see if it has been updated with stainless steel heat exchangers for more power and reliability, as well as tensioner and pop off valve upgrades.

Having covered only 44,000 miles in its lifetime, this is one 911 with a lot of life left in it.


Please note this is a sponsored listing. We welcome EuroWerkz as our latest sponsor and are proud to feature their inventory on the site. Please contact me directly with any questions about sponsored listings. Thanks for looking! -dc

1983 Porsche 944

Front engined Porsches have always played second fiddle to the legendary 911. When I say front engined Porsche, I am focusing on the 924, 944 and 928 models, not the more recent Volkswagen Touareg-in-drag or the Panamera, which, as Jeremy Clarkson so eloquently stated, “looks like an Austin Maxi.” The 968, or the later iteration of the 944 is probably my favorite of the bunch, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the 944. Here’s a low mileage, honest, one owner example for sale at a very reasonable price outside of Philadelphia.

1983 Porsche 944 on Craigslist Philadelphia

The seller states:

Selling my antique porshe 944.car in very good shape,has all original.Its a 4 cyl 2,5L engine,5 speed transmission, 40000 original miles.Was driving only in sunny days and always garage kept it.New tires,brakes and fresh oil change.Only one original owner,never had accident or any paint job-all original.I asking $7000 or best offer.

With the owner willing to negotiate on price, this Porsche represents quite the value in its present condition and is a great way to test the waters into Porsche ownership without losing your shirt. Cars like these make me rethink my purchase decision on the Cooper S and if I had the extra cash and space, a 944 like this would help scratch my long time itch of wanting to own a Porsche.


1983 Mercedes-Benz 300SD with 50k Miles

With the fluctuations in gas prices over the past few years, fuel economy has been at the forefront of public debate and to a degree has dictated consumers’ buying habits. I’ve always had a sweet spot for the W126 S Class Mercedes-Benzes, and in an era of boring hybrids and overweight vehicles that get less miles per gallon than they could, a good old diesel is a pleasant remedy. Especially one with an eye towards luxury, engineering and durability.

The seller states:

Classic 1983 Mercedes Benz 300 SD Turbo Diesel, only 50,209 Miles, in Show Room condition, always garaged, never in snow or rain. All leather in mint condition, no wear or cracks. Power Door locks, seats and sun roof all in working condition, only thing that does not work is the clock and have not investigated the problem. Never opened first-aid kit. Car has AM/FM radio with CD, but original radio comes with car.

This car is fabulous!!! Beautiful black exterior, with tan interior. This is a show car, not another one like it!!!! Ready to cruise to any car show and win each time. Reason for selling; have too many cars, something has to go. This is the actual miles on this car and has a clean title with no liens.

These diesel S classes are usually high mileage propositions on the used market, but high mileage doesn’t mean the end of the road for these engines. $21,500 is quite a chunk of change for an almost 30 year old Mercedes-Benz, even if it was an SL or coupe model. I doubt the seller will achieve such a high price, but nevertheless, this is a stunning example of a car that could last you a lifetime.