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1991 Porsche 928GT

There is little replacement for a good Grand Tourer. Big engine in the front, two doors in the middle, and two drive wheels in the rear. It’s a combination of features that always pleases. Porsche, however, might disagree with us on this since they’ve never bothered to replace the 928 since its demise in 1995. Maybe they feel the 911 can handle such duties just fine, or maybe they figure four doors is the way to go rather than two. Regardless of their reasons, for us a proper Porsche GT requires we reach back a few decades to find something like this: a Grand Prix White 1991 Porsche 928GT, located in Missouri, with the highly desirable 5-speed manual transmission and just 33,968 miles on it. The 928GT wasn’t the ultimate expression of these cars as the 928GTS would come along one year after this one, but with the 928GT’s 5.0 liter V8 upfront delivering its 330hp rearward there still was plenty of available thrust to propel these cars forward.

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Mercedes-Benz W124 Estate Face Off: 1993 300TE vs. 1991 300TE

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“Old Faithful.” A term of endearment bestowed upon the things which are reliable and always there for us. Few things in the automotive realm embody this idea more so than an old Mercedes-Benz. And few Mercedes-Benzes are more recognizable as a dependable motoring companion than the W124 estate. Produced from 1986 through 1995, the US would first be acquainted with the W124 estate in the form of the 300TD in 1987. For 1988, the gasoline inline-6 would be substituted and we would see only petrol variants on these shores until the model’s demise in 1995. The following two W124 estates we’ll look at today are from around the halfway point of W124 production and have covered similar amounts of mileage. They are in good, if not perfect condition but represent the kind of vehicle for those seeking out not a museum piece, but an honest, serviceable example.

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1991 BMW M3

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Following on the heels of the 1990 BMW M3 we featured last week, here comes an even later model 1991 M3 for sale in New Hampshire. This car has slightly less mileage and has a rebuilt, blueprinted motor under the hood and wears the iconic Alpine White on the outside. Bidding is strong on this one, eclipsing the $30,100 that the M3 from last week fetched.

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1991 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

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Many of us car fiends rationalize the purchase of an older car in need of work by repeatedly telling ourselves that we’re saving a piece of history from the crusher – keeping a worthy example of automotive art on the road for all to enjoy. I’m certainly guilty of this myself and will continue feeding myself these lines as long as I can, even as the devil’s advocate says that no one cares about your silly old car and you’re sinking good money into a project that would be better spent elsewhere – perhaps even just on a nicer example of the exact same car.

But, as I said, I’m still a believer, and appreciate that this seller took a beat example of a cool car – the Mk2 Jetta GLI definitely counts as a worthy entry in the book of notable German special-edition sedans – and worked hard to bring it back to life. The salvage title means it will never sell for market value, but the seller clearly knows his VWs (note the collection in the background of the pics) and he put some serious time and energy into making this a decent car. Nothing here is perfect, but a lot of it is really cool. Quad headlamps – check (but that S4 badge – booooo). Porsche 928 wheels – check (but “stretched” tires – lame). Decent roof rack – check (but permanently mounted?! What’d you do?).

On the path of keeping misfit examples of cool older cars on the road, I’ve learned that we must be accepting of imperfections. Overall, I like the gist of this car, and believe it can continue making VW fanboys smile for years to come.

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Inexpensive Vanagon Campers

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The fact that many camping Vanagons are going for $40k and up can be daunting for those of us who have aspirations of living the van life. Today we’ll take a look at a couple of 1991 vans that severely undercut the general Vanagon camper market – one pop-top and one rare example that has all the camping accoutrements but no pop-top.

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