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1991 Mercedes-Benz 300TE

“Bad Dad.” “SLMDWGN.” “MINIWHAT.” Oh, sorry – you caught me imagining what vanity plate I’d throw on the back of this Mercedes-Benz 300TE. I’m not even a father but I would rock that plate. This is why I love old-school Benzes and AMG wheels. They go so well together! There are scant few combinations that take such little effort to put together and deliver such stunning results. I believe the seller’s claims that this was a one-owner car before his ownership as it looks dang clean and the amount of money he’s thrown at it at least indicates to me he saw it as a worthwhile example to invest in. Regardless, the fact that it can look this good with a mere adjustment of the SLS is pretty killer, and all it needs is some European glass headlights to round this perfect cruiser out to perfection. One more: “3RDROWNED.”

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300TE on Orlando’s Criaglist

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Feature Listing: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E

Two qualities difficult to find among W124-series Mercedes-Benzes: one-family ownership and exhaustive maintenance. These cars essentially fall victim to their inherent goodness, with their robust mechanical features leading to multiple owners and lack of preventative maintenance due to their longevity and durability. That’s why it’s refreshing to see an eBay listing for a 300E out of Orlando, Florida, with an extensive list of maintenance items already addressed that go far beyond the Jiffy Lube-lifestyles many of these fine cars are often subjected to. The new headgasket and associated cooling system updates should give the next owner lots of headache-free miles, along with the refreshed suspension. And how nice it is to see an owner make the very easy and worthwhile upgrade to European lighting – looks a heck of a lot better, too.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E on eBay

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10K Friday: A44ordable Audis – 5000CS quattro Avant v. 5000S quattro v. V8 quattro v. 100 quattro

The Type 44 Audi was an impressive advance for German automobiles, a huge leap forward for Audi in a new marketplace – but also nearly the cause of its demise. It was an aerodynamic, futuristic sedan when both BMW and Mercedes-Benz seemed to be producing cars stuck in the 1970s. It was the blueprint for most modern luxury sedans from not only German companies, but many of the advances were copied by the Japanese, Italians and Americans for their large sedans. Yet, by 1990 Audi nearly pulled out of the American market thanks to some creative journalism from 60 Minutes, who in their effort to prove Audi was at fault for some unintended acceleration cases nearly killed off the company entirely. In part as a result of their efforts, it’s become quite rare to find clean examples of them today – but it’s also because they were such good, long-lived and solidly built machines that few have lower miles today. While I recent featured a few 20V turbocharged examples in the 20V Turbo comparison, today we’ll look at a few of the lesser appreciated examples, starting with a clean 5000CS quattro Avant in Canada:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Audi 5000CS Quattro Avant on Hemmings

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Fast Fives: 1991 BMW M5 v. 2002 BMW M5 v. 2006 BMW M5

As has happened with other series of cars, such as Audi S4s, there are currently several generations of BMW M5s that are converging on value, leaving you with some hard decisions as to which you’d prefer. Indeed, from their start through the E60 M5, the sports sedan got larger and heavier, but gained 2 cylinders per generation and corresponding power levels. The E34 BMW M5 was a refinement and softening of the E28 original design but kept the race-bred S38 inline-6. Purists eyebrows raised when the new E39 M5 launched with a 5 liter V8, but the 400 horsepower soundtrack has subsequently has become a serious legend and fan favorite. Purists once again held their breath as the E60 M5 launched, now with a 5 liter V10 – a high revving, howling banshee of a motor. All of them are serious forms of motivation, and the value of the first 4 generations are all coming into line. While I wasn’t able to find a good example of an E28 M5 for this writeup, I have the subsequent three generations to check out – which would you choose?


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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1982 BMW 320is did not sell, failing to meet its reserve at $14,200: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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