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Tuner Tuesday: 1992 Volkswagen Golf VR6 Turbo

The hot hatch may just be the perfect have your cake and eat it too automobile. And though many argue that they weren’t the originator and didn’t produced the best example in the market, Volkswagen’s GTi has been intrinsically linked with the moniker. It always raises an interesting question of which generation is best, and while there are plenty who would contend that the model never got any better than its original configuration, fans of each iteration of the venerable model abound. Like some others that read the blog, I came of automotive age in the midst of the Mk.2 model run. A Mk.2 Golf was also my second car, and as a result I have quite a soft spot for them. In the days before the internet, my knowledge of European models like the Golf Limited was non-existent, so at the time it got no better than the late GTi 2.0 16V. Wider arches, deeper bumpers, fog lights and the signature red striped quad-round grill setup coupled with some great colors like Montana Green. The roof mounted Fuba antenna was like a remote control pickup for fun, and capped with some awesome BBS RM multi-piece wheels and slick looking Recaros, the package might as well have said “Ferrari” on the front. But if the looks of the Mk.2 GTi were the best in the line, quite a few VW souls would point out that the fantastic sounding VR6 model that followed had the performance that really backed up the hot-hatch name. As a result, swapping the VR6 into the Mk.2 has not only become popular but almost a given, and VR swaps are nearly as prevalent as the ubiquitous S50/S52 in a E30 swap. This particular one has been dialed up a few more notches with a turbo, but channels the look of the 2.0 16V with some updates and a whole lot of black paint:

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Motorsports Monday: 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo S2

At this point I have featured pretty much every rare 964 variant that exists, and as I’ve stated previously there were a lot of rare 964s, more so than other 911 models. I’m fairly certain this one will complete the set, even if the Turbo S2 can be argued to be an option package rather than a distinct model. No matter. With only 20 such beasts produced, so as to meet the minimum production numbers for homologation purposes, the Turbo S2 is one of the lowest production 911s we’ll find across the entire 911 range. Other parts of the world would receive the 3.3 liter 911 Turbo S, a much lightened higher-horsepower variant that provided a wonderful sendoff for the 3.3 liter turbo that served Porsche so faithfully for much of the 930’s life and the early years of the 964 Turbo. For the Turbo S2, modifications were limited to the engine so these aren’t as lightweight and hardcore as the Turbo S, but with 381 hp delivered only to the rear wheels via a single turbo the performance would be very brisk and attention holding. For their production Porsche sent 20 US Turbos to Andial where their engines were modified before being delivered to their new US owners. The example here is somewhat peculiar among very rare Porsches: it’s been driven! Here we have a Slate Grey Metallic 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo S2, located in Calgary, with 91,100 miles on it.

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Coupe d’Etat: Superb Volkswagen Corrado Roundup

Following up on the 10,000 mile 1993 Corrado SLC from two weeks ago, today I have a lovely trio of Corrados to take a look at. Covering the model years and changes from 1990 to 1994, these three are low mile, impeccable condition and it’s a stroke of luck to see them all at the same time. As the expensive Corrado sold rather slowly on these shores, numbers have always been a bit short and now that the first models can be registered as antiques in most states they’re firmly into collector territory. As the Corrado is pretty well known on these pages, I won’t go into extreme model history today as we’re looking at three examples. For an excellent look at the history of the Corrado, take some time to read the Hemming’s take on it back in 2013. The previously mentioned 10,000 mile Corrado failed to meet its reserve despite shocking bidding which ended at $27,400. Clearly, there’s a market for these clean examples, so is any the match for the 1993?

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1992 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe

The second of my 964s takes thing in a much more interesting, though also in a more likely divisive direction. Unlike yesterday’s Cabriolet, which likely would make for an excellent open-top driver 911, the Coupe we see here aims straight for collectors. That is in part due to its low mileage, but largely due to its eye-catching color combination. With an Amethyst Metallic exterior over a Cobalt Blue interior I can honestly say I’ve seen nothing else like it. There’s likely a reason we haven’t come across such a combination previously. The juxtaposition probably will be hard for some to get their head around. One of our commenters remarked that the Amaranth Violet 993 we featured last week would have been very much Prince’s style. I think this Carrera 4 takes us even further in that direction.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe at Chequered Flag International

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1992 Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24 Lotec

The Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe isn’t what you’d consider sporty, but it didn’t try a few tuners from having a crack at it when this car when it debuted in the late 1980s. While there were numerous Lorinser and AMG variants on the scene, the tuner Lotec is a much less known commodity, a firm based out of Kolbermoor, Germany that got its start with Formula V. Fast forward to the 1990s and they were busy cranking up the volume on production Mercedes-Benzes, along with the production of a supercar, the C1000 and numerous turbo kits for Ferraris. The company took time out, however, to tune this impressive 1992 300CE-24 that is for sale in Nuremberg.

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