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1993 Porsche 928GTS – REVISIT

Featured on eBay this week is this beautiful 1993 Porsche 928 GTS. We’ve seen this car before, as Paul featured it last October. As you probably know, the 928 GTS has seen steady value increases over the past few years, with 5-speeds commanding sizeable premiums. In addition to being a rare 5-speed GTS, this car is the only GTS in the United States painted in Wimbledon Green. The color is quite attractive on this GTS, which sports a clean rubstrip delete body. The Wimbledon Green exterior is paired with an equally unique Olive Green leather interior complete with Matador Red piping on the seats and floor mats. According to the 928 Registry, this is one of 47 5-speeds made for the U.S. market in 1993, and had an original sticker price of over $100,000.

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1993 Mercedes-Benz 400E

Outside of the AMG tuned model, it’s no longer possible for US customers to spec an E-class sedan with a V8 engine. I was surprised to come across this fact the last time I logged on to Mercedes’ USA website. This might seem rather alarming, however, manufacturers have advanced technology to the point where V6 engines, some with the benefit of turbocharging, can produce V8 levels of power with greater economy. Over 20 years ago, the E-class was graced with its first eight-cylinder powerplant, in the form of the M119, a twin-cam, 32-valve V8. Thus, the 400E was born. While the W124 would bow out of the lineup in 1995, the V8 gave this sedan a shot in the arm it needed to compete with newfound competition from the Asian manufacturers. Unlike the Porsche built, performance minded 500E, it’s rather hard to find a 400E in good shape these days. However, this 400E for sale in Michigan looks sharp with larger 16″ wheels in the stock pattern with its lower body cladding painted to match.

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1993 Mercedes Benz 500E

My affection for the original super sleeper is well known but this Anthracite Grey Metallic Mercedes-Benz 500E in Chicago has taken them to a whole new level. This is without a doubt the cleanest 500E I’ve come across and as one would expect, the excellent condition of the vehicle is reflected in the asking price. With a Buy It Now price of $39,800, it certainly represents the high end of the market. If this vehicle is indeed in concours condition, however, I don’t think the price is unreasonable. These cars are very rare. Only 1,528 of them made it to the US and of those, I’d be willing to bet this is among the ten best kept vehicles.

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Feature Listing: 1993 Audi S4

If you have followed my posts, you know that I’m a devoted Audi fan, having owned many from the 1980s and early 1990s. And given the rarity with which we see mid 1980s Audis – or even more rare, 1970s Audis – you’d be forgiven for thinking that those years were the leanest for Audi in the United States. But you’d be very wrong, because even while the 1970s saw the introduction of the brand to the United States and the 1980s saw the beginning of a new era with the Quattro, those were, in fact, relative boom times for Audi compared to the early 1990s. The reality is that the toughest time for Audi coincided with one of its masterpieces. From 1992 to 1994, Audi sold less than 30,000 cars total in the United States – less than the number of 1999 A4s alone they managed to shift only a few short years later. 1992-1994 also was the production run of the C4 S4 quattro, the Teutonic turbocharged sedan that competed against the more popular benchmark M5 and legendary 500E. And on paper, the S4 was the underdog compared to the other two; heavy and underpowered with less displacement and a forward weight bias, the S4 seemed outmatched. What history has taught us, though, was that the S4 offered something the other two had a hard time matching; potential. Upgrade the suspension, brakes, fit some larger rubber, turn the boost up and hang on – these cars were capable of churning out incredible power levels. How powerful? Only two years ago, a nearly stock looking 1992 model pushed 240 miles per an hour, a record for sedans. Two hundred and forty. Veyron numbers from a car that you can buy for under $10,000? That’s some serious potential:

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Porsche 928 Roundup Aus Europa

The Porsche 928 has been on my mind lately, no thanks in part to the knowledgable folks over at flüssig magazine. Normally we like to feature examples for sale in the US, but today I decided to peruse one of our favorite sites for used vehicles in Europe, After searching about, I found a diverse grouping of 928s, all with their own particular charm. We’ll start with this eye catching 928CS prototype, the rarest of all 928 variants, for sale in Spain.

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