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1997 BMW 318ti California Roof

It seems that another generation of small BMW hatchbacks – I’m looking at you, 1 series – will be passing us by here in the US market. But, not many people can blame BMW, as there were few takers for its mid 1990s experiment, the 3 series Compact. Sold here as the 318ti with the 1.9 liter four cylinder engine found in the Z3 Roadster, this car was all E36 saloon from the A-pillar forward but carried a vastly redesigned hatchback rear section with trailing arm rear suspension and simpler, one piece dashboard inside. This 318ti for sale in Pennsylvania has the rare California Roof option, which equips the 3er hatchback with a canvas folding roof, providing almost targa-like motoring pleasure.

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Original Owner 1985 BMW 325e

After a home, cars are oftentimes the second largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. It amazes me, then, that some people will spend thousands of hard earned dollars on luxury vehicles only to neglect them and have them fall into disrepair. For me, a vehicle has been a source of pride and those who know me will attest that I go over the top in care and maintenance sometimes. But treat a car good and it will return the favor. Take for instance this 1985 BMW 325e. An original owner car, this one comes with a full service history and has just under 170,000 miles on the clock. This is a lesson in how to properly care for a vehicle.

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1989 BMW 325i Touring

We’re doing our best to keep up with a popular modern classic now migrating to US shores given the 25 year importation threshold has been met: the BMW E30 Touring. By the time they make it to these shores, prices are not exactly bargain basement, nor have they hit the stratosphere like their M3 counterpart. Need a reason to go on holiday to Europe? Why not take a side jaunt to Germany to pick up one? This 1989 325i Touring for sale north of Munich was owned by an elderly gentleman and has the desirable combination of the M20 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox.

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1988 BMW M3

I don’t think it gets any better than white on red. Sure, I’m partial to Alpine White with black interiors, but if I had a choice in the matter, both of my cars would be draped in cardinal hides. There’s a lot I like about this E30 M3, particularly the price which is more than fair in this era of rising values. There’s no mileage (that I can see) listed, but the condition seems to validate a car with average miles and fastidious upkeep. The leather looks great, the body unmarked, the dash uncracked and the one-piece shifter boot intact. Though I will say, the harnesses and “suspension upgrades” make me wonder how much of this car’s life was spent on a track – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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1998 BMW M3 Sedan

This is a difficult weak for me to say nice things about either of my BMWs. The pin that holds the gear shift linkage let go on the M3, requiring a tow to a local shop. Then, upon using the E30 as backup, the alternator bearings began doing not-good things and within the course of 12 hours, both cars were deposited at the mechanic’s abode. Not earth-shattering repairs mind you, but not anticipated, either. Regardless, upon looking at the big picture and realizing I get to drive an M3 every day for not much more than the cost of fuel and reasonable insurance, I can’t complain when the occasional repair comes calling. That’s why I like this M3 sedan an awful lot, especially for commuters or couples with 1.5 kids in tow. Why the hell would you not jump at the chance to have a daily driver like this?


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