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1987 BMW 325i


The search for the elusive, clean E30 continues, and this Schwarz example appears well cared-for with only minor cosmetic modifications that are fully reversible. The look is very lippy and very low, and I think with the ///M badge removed and some slightly more subtle wheels, this would be a very clean daily driver. The price is right but the transmission is unfortunately wrong, making this more beauty queen than canyon carver. Maybe it should keep the oversized BBS wheels after all?

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1995 BMW 318ti

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After reading a Car Magazine long-term test review of the new Caterham 160, my interest in base model vehicles was rekindled. Much like the rather basic BMW 518 that Nate featured back in 2013, this 318ti has caught my attention for similar reasons. When the E36 hatchback made its debut, I wasn’t particular fond of it. But time has changed my view of it, not in the least because it wasn’t the most common E36 3 series on US shores. It’s rare you come across a good example, as these were the most affordable car in the BMW range at the time, but sometimes you’ll find a hidden gem. Such is the case with this example equipped with a 5-speed manual for sale in Oregon.

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S52’d 1989 BMW 325i

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We (along with every BMW enthusiast site) go through so many iterations of E30s, but if you could finally go out and get one, how would you want yours? The answers are as diverse as coffee preferences. Sure, the starting point is energetic and standard, but there are a million ways to take it.

Personally, with the E30 M3 boat sailed, I think I’d want to get a little crazy with an engine-swapped example. While the E28 M5’s S38 is a dream, the E36’s S52 is among the most popular choices and readily available (as well as significantly cheaper to maintain). Today’s 325i has some issues that will make it continue to be a project, but the heavy lifting has been done to make it a true hoonmobile. A PPI has been done, which is more than many of the passed-on projects we see here can offer. Once the to-dos get sorted, it’s a good-looking E30 that is ready to be made great.

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1991 BMW 318is

Sometimes automakers will and save the best for last. While many consider the M3 the ultimate E30, the 318is was, in its own right, a 3 series to admire. Much like how Mercedes-Benz slotted their new V8 into the aging W111 coupe and convertible in the early 1970s, BMW took it’s new 1.8 liter, twin cam M42 four cylinder engine and inserted it into the two-door E30 for one last shout before the 3 series baton was handed off to the E36 in 1992. This new motor breathed new life into an old favorite, with some praising the added balance the smaller engine provided. The interior was classic E30, which was basic in comparison to modern day BMWs. However, as BMW was reaching a bit downmarket with the one year only 318is, the mantra “everything you need, nothing you don’t” was abided by. This 318is for sale in Ontario, Canada has covered only 68,000 miles and in silver over black, has aged rather well with a decidedly vintage flair.

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1991 BMW 318i Convertible

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The 318i Convertible may not be the quintessential E30 choice for the power hungry out there. In Brilliantrot and equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox such as we see here with this 1991 example for sale in Florida, I can suddenly see myself enjoying miles of carefree motoring along a coastline somewhere. By 1991, the E30 Convertible would be on its last legs, but not before it had made itself an icon of the upwardly mobile of the 1980s. Looking over the pictures of this car with a mere 55,000 miles on the clock, it reminds me of what made me fall for the E30 3 series in the first place, many years ago.

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