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1993 BMW 316i Baur TC4

Karosserie Baur has a history of making drop top versions of our favorite BMW models. This Stuttgart firm went into insolvency in 1998, but before this occurred, they had one last shot at making a memorable BMW cabriolet. This 316i TC4 you see here was the result. Four-door cabriolets are almost extinct in the modern world and this one was a different take on the theme, given it had four fully framed doors and a targa-esque roof setup that folded all towards the rear decklid. This Baur TC4 for sale in central Portugal won’t set the world on fire with it’s 1.6 liter four cylinder engine, but you and your four closest friends can have some fun this summer with four-door, drop top motoring.

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1989 BMW 325ix

Even though it was my first car, I’ve lost a bit of interest in the BMW E30 3 series over the years. I’m not sure whether its the fact that other cars have grabbed my attention or I’ve just grown bored with them. But there are still two E30s that still fascinate me. One is the Touring model, of which examples are just starting to trickle over to these shores. The other is the 325ix. The all-wheel drive E30 was somewhat rare, with just under 30,000 produced and a little over 2,600 examples sold in the US market. This particular 325ix for sale in Virginia has been restored and is equipped with a manual gearbox. In Alpine White in four-door trim, this is quite the desirable, eye catching combination.

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1990 BMW 325i w/ S52 Swap

$_57 (5)

As the decent E30s still out there reach for ever higher miles or higher prices, engine swaps make even more sense. No longer just a tuner’s choice, this can be a great way to keep a high-mileage car on the road while simultaneously boosting performance. This clean 325i received the M-built S52 from a Z3M a few years back and was given a new lease on life. With 240hp on tap out of the same silky inline-6 that many fell in love with in the E36 M3, this car should haul some serious butt while looking fairly subdued other than the lightweight but pleasantly right-sized wheels. The interior is in nice shape given the age and mileage with a few cracks but impressively tear-free bolsters. The seller sounds knowledgeable and thorough despite the brief description, the real question is if a 230k mile E30 chassis can command $11k.

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1987 BMW 325is

$_57 (4)

In the first year of the “is” sport package, the 1987 325is came with a front spoiler that protruded so strongly that they’re called “cow catchers.” BMW softened it up a little for the next few years, but I’ve always dug this specific year because when I was little and drawing BMWs during class, they all had this type of curb-taunting front spoiler. While this one only had 72k miles on it, the seller decided to step up their game and take advantage of the E30’s recent popularity by giving it a thorough refreshing. The fresh coat of Hennarot over a nicely redone Natur and black interior really help this car stand out. It may not be all original, but it’s an outstanding example of this one-year-only look.

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1983 BMW 320is Turbo

$_57 (6)

E21s seem to be gaining popularity, with some beautiful, low-mileage examples coming out of the woodwork and pulling upwards of $20k! This 1983 320is is more about fun and less about preservation, strapping a Mitsubishi TD04 turbo on, a snail more commonly used on Saabs. To support the increased output, parts from a fun variety of cars – Audi 200 Turbo, VW GTI, Volvo 240 Turbo – come together to give this little 3er a bit more oomph than the M10’s original 125hp. With the “is” model’s inherent improvements in handling and power delivery and a hefty new-parts list, this E21 looks to be a fun little handful.

Click for details: 1983 BMW 320is Turbo on eBay

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