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1991 BMW 325i Convertible with 16k miles

This is the car by which to measure many, many others. The details are there – things I didn’t even know were OEM correct, such as the Roadside Assistance sticker on the tool kit lid. I knew I wanted the OEM sheepskin seat covers, and after seeing the first set in the virtual flesh in ages, I want them even more. It’s hard to believe the original owners drove this car as sparingly as they did, but for some folks, that’s the point of a nice-weather summer car. I hope the seller gets his wish, and that this car goes to another owner who cherishes it like his late father did. If the price continues to rise and the bidding stays hot, I suspect the cost of entry will be high enough that the kiddy crowd won’t get its mitts on it; then again, the automatic will eliminate the tuner crowd almost immediately. A good thing!

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2000 BMW 323i Touring

I love the oddballs, the outliers and one-offs of otherwise everyday cars, that pop up on eBay. Take this early E46 wagon, a vehicle in its own right not all that unusual, but when configured with 2WD and a 5-speed, certainly is a unique version of a mainstream people carrier. This car has the added allure of being sold new in Europe to a serviceman (the seller’s words, not mine) and then shipped home to the U.S. when his tour was over. Although the exhaust is a bit awful and car has had some modifications (lowering, carbon fiber trim, clear corner lights), it’s still fairly clean for the age and miles – and definitely a compelling choice for wagon shoppers.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2000 BMW 323i Touring on eBay

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1985 BMW 325E with 62,000 Miles

I’ve often wanted to open a dealership specializing in oddball, low-mileage creampuffs that aren’t necessarily worth a whole lot but are inherently cool in their own right. This seller strikes me as one of those places, based on listings like this extra-virgin 325e and their other cars. While not desirable from the equipment perspective (“E” model with an automatic, low-spec early U.S. production, no LSD), owning a car that’s still largely in the form it left the factory in is a quality I’ll gladly pay for. This 1985 has been modified in the best way possible, with a black vinyl sport interior swapped in place of the flat comfort seats it likely came with originally. I would break ties from my firm no-mods stance and swap in a 5-speed for driving enjoyment, but otherwise, would leave it untouched as a reminder to how blissfully simple these cars could be.

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1995 BMW M3 with 63k miles

There’s something about Alpine White on a BMW that looks just right. Just ask fellow GCFSBer, Jeff. He owns two Bimmers in this hue…if you could call white a color. This M3 Coupe for sale in California sent to us from a reader of ours, Jeff, is super clean and has covered just over 63,000 miles. Short of the ultra-rare lightweight, this one is close to E36 M3 perfection.


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Heap of the Week: 1989 BMW M3 Europameister Edition

It’s unusual to find an E30 M3 in a barn, shed, or any other structure abandoned and forgotten under layers of dust. It borders on impossible to find one in such condition that is an extremely limited-production Europameister edition, of which less than 150 supposedly exist. While I suspect this car did not end up forgotten in a barn (and that the barn was more a matter of convenient storage than any sort of attempt at entombing it), it did incur a few dents and paint damage along the way. The Europamesiter-exclusive Macao Blue Metallic paint is stunning even in this forlorn state, and goes perfectly with the extended-leather gray interior, another unique feature of this limited production model (and really, who doesn’t want a leather-wrapped console?)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 BMW M3 Europameister Edition on eBay.UK

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