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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280GE sold for $7,950: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Truck

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1981 BMW 323i

The BMW 3 series is a darling of the tuner set, especially when it comes to the E30s. Perhaps it’s the car’s pure driving experience or it could be those looking to relive a part of their childhood, coming of age when these cars were in showrooms. The first 3 series, the E21, tends to get a bit of a cold shoulder when it comes to enthusiasts, perhaps because it was only offered here with the 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine. Competent a car as it might have been, we were deprived the tasty 2.3 liter inline-6 that we see here in this 323i for sale in California. Looking sharp in black, this car has just enough flair to give it that period 1980s Beverly Hills look without going too overboard.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1981 BMW 323i on eBay

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Feature Listing: 1989 BMW 325is

The BMW E30 3 series could be considered the German equivalent of the mid fifties small block V8 powered Chevrolet. A lot of them were produced, they have a strong enthusiast following and a large aftermarket scene allows owners a variety of ways to customize their ride. Case in point this 1989 325is brought to us from our reader Mark with fifteen52. This E30 has 150,000 miles on the clock, but has been maintained to a high standard. The suspension has been warmed over, brakes have been upgraded and the signature fifteen52 Tarmac alloys are included in the package. This car is on offer in Colorado and is ready to go for its next owner.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 BMW 325is on eBay

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#FailFriday: 1991 BMW 318is

$_57 (1)

Unless you’re going to do an engine swap, it seems like part of the charm of the E30 is that their power never outdid the chassis. Even with the range-topping M3, people call it underpowered (right after they sacrifice their first born to the car gods in hopes they might get one). So, if it’s a great chassis with too little power, why not accept it and get a little flingable toy? That’s exactly what the 318is was, a great looking sports sedan with less power than my 1988 Toyota pickup (which are not exactly known for their gusto). So, when I saw a red 318is for sale at $6k, I thought “ooh, great deal on a fun E30!” While not too long ago $6k would have bought a lot of E30, that is clearly no longer the case.

Tread carefully, dear readers, for this ad is full of fail. Happy Friday!

Click for details: 1991 BMW 318is on eBay

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1986 BMW 325es

The ES and IS E30s of the metal-bumper variety are among my favorite of the breed, and lately there’s seem to be an uptick in the number of 325ES’s coming up for grabs. I’m surprised to see that the more popular IS model isn’t in the mix, but perhaps the mixture of performance, style and efficiency was a concoction that found favor with buyers in the late 80s. Regardless, this 1986 is still looking super fresh with over 200,000 miles on the clock, and has a host of maintenance updates and performance upgrades that should make it reliable and entertaining for a long time to come. My only gripe? Going for the wider 205 tires leaves the car with shorter sidewalls that fail miserably at tightening up the gap the H&R Sport lowering springs leave. A minor quibble, for sure.


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