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1986 BMW 325ES

I’ve seen this car making the rounds as of late, and I have to admit that even as a lover of OEM styling, this ’86 ES is actually pretty fresh. CATuned, the shop that did the bulk of the work, has been earning high praise on most BMW forums, helping solidify one of the car’s key selling points – it’s overall completeness and flexibility in a variety of environments. I love the newly-recovered seats, the option of two wheel designs to accompany the lucky buyer, and heck, even the cleverly-branded gauge cluster. Obviously, euro bumpers work well in almost any application, and this time is no different – but they look particularly killer against Alpine White paint.

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1992 BMW 325ic

A few days ago, Paul sent me a link to an E30 cabriolet. I turned it down, mainly because it wasn’t stock and looked a bit tired. I wanted to point out to him that by turning it down, I was in no way indicating a lack of love for the soft top E30. In fact, I went on the hunt for one like this – clean, stock, and reasonably priced. For $6,900, I think there’s already a potential $1,500 in resale profit in this car, perhaps even more if you held onto it and drove the open-air M20 chassis for a few years. Clean is the only way to describe this one.

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1997 BMW M3

When it comes to E36 M3s, Dakar Yellow gets my blood pumping. Grey M-Cloth interiors only amplify the effect further. This is a very cool car, with an unexpected (and super rare) sport cloth interior beneath its Dakar Yellow flanks. The Motorsports wheels and largely stock appearance (save for a slight drop) add to this car’s seemingly honest presentation, but the rear M3 badge is tweaked just enough that I wonder if part of the car was repainted at one point. Still, that interior is very much sought after and could be worth the price of admission alone. But while updates like the Depo headlights are welcome, some details on this S52 M3′s maintenance history would be appreciated more.


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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review. We apologize for not getting this out sooner, but with GCFSB staff on the move with summer travels and your managing editor dealing with a move, we were a bit tied up. But let’s take this chance to recap the last month of vehicles we have featured:

The 1997 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG sold for $10,200: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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1989 BMW 325i S52 Swap

I know most of you are used to me complaining about swapped E30s, but every now and again I have to make an exception. Perhaps it’s my love of Style 10 wheels that’s affecting my judgement, but I’ll live with that shame. The owner has shown some measured restraint in creating this car, a highly unusual feat when it comes to highly-modified E30s. The comfort interior remains, as does the stock steering wheel and radio. The trunk is free from subwoofers, and the minor styling tweaks the seller did undertake are just my style – OEM mudflaps, the aforementioned wheels, and a period-correct heckblende. Aftermarket exhaust always look “off” to me on E30s, but I suppose it’s there to let that S52 breathe a bit easier.

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