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1995 BMW 540i M-Sport

Red can be a hard color to pull off well on a big sedan – they sometimes end up looking like the Fire Brigade’s car. But there are some notable exceptions; Red C4 Audis, for example, look particularly spectacular when well polished. Another car that seems to stand apart from other large red rides is the E34 BMW. Just look at this M-Sport model in Hellrot – it’s a brilliant example of how to do the lines of a car properly. I really wish BMW still made sedans in this mold; it was the first step in cleaning up the U.S. specification bumpers into a well-unified design and I’m not sure that they’ve done much better since. While last week I wrote up a E34 M5 that most people seemed to like, today’s example answers at least one of the complaints of those that didn’t with the M60 V8 packed under the hood. Otherwise, this car is as close to a M5 as one could get in 1995:

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1995 BMW 540i 6-Speed Individual

How much rarer can an E34 get? As I’ve dug deeper into E36 ownership, I’m amazed at the variety of colors and options BMW’s Individual series made possible. This Avus Blue 540i was already a desirable 6-speed, V8-equipped car before the highly-desirable exterior color was added to the mix, along with a Buffalo Leather interior that appears flawless. If the seller’s claims that this was originally a BMW promotional vehicle are true – well, this would be the one to own if an M5 is out of the question. And given the lower operating costs of a 540, this car is almost more appealing than an E34 M5 given it can go toe-to-toe in the rarity department. Avus Blue is one of the most popular colors of the E36 M3 lineup, and if I owned one in that shade, I might give serious consideration to having the ultimate combination of highway cruiser and weekend warrior.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 BMW 540i 6-Speed Individual on eBay

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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1982 BMW 320is did not sell, failing to meet its reserve at $14,200: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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Reader Ride Success Story: The almost M5

As GCFSB has grown in the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in reader mail saying they found their car through our site. Last week, we were notified that a 1995 540i M-Sport we featured late last year found its way into a GCFSB reader’s hands, with an interesting road trip that followed. The new owner, Mike, recapped the experience for us below.


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1991 BMW M5

The ascension of the E30 M3 and subsequent increase in value of both the E28 M5 and E24 M6 have underscored the incredible value of the lone early 1990s BMW M survivor, the E34 M5. While purists may complain that the E34 was heavier and a more dulled experience than the E28 M5, I’ve always found the E34 to be an even better representation of the M experience. M cars were all about stealthy performance, and in my mind the E34 is the most stealthy M car produced. Another reason I like the E34 versus the E28 is the introduction of more colors than just black – in this case, this E34 is the same color combination as the first M5 I ever sat in; silver with grey leather:


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