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2000 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Estate

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I was always remorseful that Mercedes-Benz decided not to send it’s W202 C-class estate to the US market. This was a very handsome five-door that was a star amongst taxi drivers the world over. I still see a good number of these trolling the streets in various cities abroad, such was durability of this car. Even during a trip to Lisbon last year, there was a line of W202 diesel estates waiting outside of Portela International Airport. And yes, if speed was your thing, Mercedes-Benz offered an AMG version of this estate, just to make you long roof fans a bit more jealous of other automotive markets. This final year C43 AMG Estate for sale in Switzerland was brought to our attention from our reader Richard in Zurich. With just over 20,000 miles on the clock, this is a dream come true for those into the Youngtimer scene.

Click for details: 2000 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Estate on AutoScout24

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2002 BMW 525i Touring

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E39 wagons are about as classy as you can get, and while they may not have the AWD prowess originally offered by Audi and now available on most German cars, recent studies (and by studies I mean YouTube videos) have shown that RWD can be quite capable when equipped with snow tires. Today’s 525iTA may not have the sporting ability of a 6-speed 540i, but it would make an eminently practical family car. Good looks, warm seats, and great cruising provided by an automatic and an inline-6 makes me want to get a winter wheel and tire set and head to the mountains.

Click for details: 2002 BMW 525i Touring on eBay

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10K Friday Family Truckster Edition

I got to laughing the other day during a National Lampoon marathon on television when the memorable “Family Truckster” came onto the screen. The inclusion of that heavily ornamented and modified car in the movie was truly a stroke of genius, but once again a sad reminder that many of the wagons that previously were available to us are gone, replaced by crossovers, “GT”s, or SUV/SAV vehicles. Of course, because of this you don’t have to go back very far in time to find great deals on the last generation of premium 5-doors. Today, with that in mind, I’ve rounded up a set of all-wheel drive sporty wagons to consider – which is the winner?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 Estate 4Matic on eBay

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2001 BMW 325i Touring

The 2001 BMW 325i Touring we featured earlier in the month is back up for sale at the same price, but this time with a few more pictures to tell the story. Those folks seeking a rear-drive BMW Touring with a manual gearbox will want to take a closer look at this one.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 BMW 325i Touring on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site December 16, 2014:

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2002 Saab 9-5 Linear SportCombi

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Each time we feature a Saab here on GCFSB, it’s always a mixed bag of comments. You have the diehard fans who won’t drive anything but. Then there are folks who will rattle off a number of alternative options, complaining about torque steer and the inconvenient fact that you are driving around in an orphan marque. Then you have the usual “this isn’t German” quip. Whatever the case may be, we like the products our Nordic neighbors have to offer.

Saab was about to release a new and very pretty 9-5 SportCombi before the company had the rug pulled out from it in 2011. A handful of pre-production models were built which landed in the hands of a few private owners. However, we’ll always have the first generation 9-5 SportCombi. This one for sale in Florida might not be the snazziest of 9-5s in white over tan leather with the automatic, but rarely do you see them this nice and so lightly used.

Click for details: 2002 Saab 9-5 Linear SportCombi on eBay

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