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1996 Porsche 911 Carrera

The 993 is a car that doesn’t really need much of an introduction these days. It’s value is impressive, it rarely looks outdated, and the driving experience – while not perfect by modern standards – is still fairly sublime. This chassis seems to bridge the gap perfectly between the somewhat unpolished 964 and overdone 996, which explains why it remains among the most sought-after. Although it’s a bummer to see this one is a Tiptronic, it is amazing to think how it wasn’t that long ago that an automatic Porsche was unheard of and cars like this one highly unusual. Now, more often than not, an automatic transmission barely gets a second look in today’s lineup. Despite the lack of a third pedal, this 1996 911 has been with the current owner for 14 years and appears very clean.

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Tuner Tuesday: 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Ruf BTR 3.4

Here’s the question of the day: do you need an original? Perhaps, if you have quite particular taste and your pockets are quite deep, yes is the only option for you. Perhaps you don’t feel like you could possibly turn up for a track event, coffee and cars, or club car show and explain to people that your pride and joy is a replica or car that was converted in the style of the originals. But to me, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and – as in this case – goes like a duck, perhaps it doesn’t matter that it didn’t leave the egg as a prized duckling. Ruf cars are some of the most highly sought tuner cars ever produced – and these days, a real-deal Ruf BTR will set you back a pretty penny; but then, so will a mint condition 930. 930s have recently undergone a serious spike in prices; perhaps recognition by the market that they’re a lot more car than a E30 M3 and probably should be priced below one. So what we have here is a great looking 930 that has been given a host of BTR upgrades by an authorized Ruf dealer. Is it worth the price of entry?

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Motorsport Monday: 1997 Porsche 993 RSR 3.8

In the mid to late 1990s, you had to be a pretty die-hard fan of endurance racing to still be watching. Long gone were the Group C battles and while racing was on the verge of another revolution with the “stock” GT1 cars from Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, it would be another few years until the zenith of that as well. Quietly in the background, if you were paying attention, another chapter in endurance racing was coming to a close with the very last air-cooled Porsche factory cars being produced. They went out with a bang, too – with the monster 993 3.8 RSR and GT2 Evo turbocharged models being some of the fastest non-silhouette 911s ever produced. They didn’t make many of them for sure and they’re quite rare to see, but today one of the last is for sale, and reported to be the only black one ever produced:

Year: 1997
Model: 993 RSR 3.8
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A mi
Price: $ 265,000

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This is one of a few 1997 Porsche RSR 3.8 race cars that were shipped to the U.S. in 1996. This car was delivered to Atlanta in December of 1996. This car is number 13 and is the only black RSR made. Since it is the only black car ordered Porsche made this car last. This car was also ordered as a narrow body. We have all of the papers from the time we ordered the car. The car raced at the Daytona 24 Hr. in 1997,98,99 and 2000. Raced in the Sebring 12 Hr. in 1998. The car now has been mechanically rebuilt and track ready. Engine and trans was rebuilt by Jerry Woods Ent. in anticipation of racing in another 24 hr. race. Don,t miss out on a chance to own one of the last air cooled Porsche Built race cars.
Daytona 24 Hrs;1997,1998,1999,2000 Sebring 12 Hrs;1998 LasVegas;1997 Pikes Peak International;1997

Performance Data

Class: GTU,GT3
Weight: 2600 lbs


Engine Builder: Porsche
Type: RSR
Displacement: 3.8
Horsepower: 400
Induction: Fuel injection

Fuel System

Fuel Cell
Manufacturer: Fuel Safe
Age: 1996
Capacity: 28 Gal
Fuel Pump: Bosch
Fuel Type: Racing

Oil/Water System

Radiator: Porsche

Electrical System

Ignition: Porsche


Manfacturer: Porsche

Rear End

Manufacturer: Porsche


Construction: Steel tub,roof and rear fenders,Fiberglass front fenders and bumpers
Color: Black
Condition: original, patina


Type: Tub
Builder: Porsche
Front Suspension: 993
Rear Suspension: 993
Brakes: RSR,993 turbo
Steering: Power
Wheels: BBS,Speedline
Tires: Pirelli


Color/Finish: Black
Fire System: Front to rear
Restraints: Original 5 point
Guages: VDO Porsche RSR
Steering Wheel: MOMO
Condition: original


Speedline wheels with rain tires
Every thing we have for this car goes with it.
BBS wheels with dry tires
All original RSR parts from doors to pistons.
Refueling rig.

The car has been modified both from it’s original delivery configuration – narrow RS body to RSR, and then again from the original colors it ran in 1997. That’s not surprising given that most of these cars change hands a few times once they’re not the latest and greatest. The condition overall appears good, though no mention is made of major crashes or damage, something if you’re into one of these you’d want to know. It is nice that despite the modifications all the original RSR parts go along with the car as that’s a fair amount of the value. As this car wasn’t particularly sucessful, that it does not appear in it’s original configuration probably has less impact on the value than it would if the car were a proven race winner. Still, for a non-winning car the asking price is steep; $265,000 would allow you to pretty easily replicate this car, though you wouldn’t have the factory Porsche Motorsport history. Perhaps that doesn’t matter to you, but it will undoubtedly matter to the individual who buys this car and will be willing to pay close to ask price.


1992 Porsche America Roadster

Porsche is well-known for creating multiple variations on a theme, making it possible for the option-obsessed among us to purchase anything from color-coded door-pulls to brake rotors that could slow a Caterpillar. The 911 is its poster child for window stickers that show base prices amplified numerous times over once the accessories catalog is raided, but to its credit, Porsche still provided limited-production models with the things everyone wanted. The America Roadster had it, from turbo-body fenders to the sexy cup-style alloys. Brakes and suspension were lifted from the Turbo models as well, but the America cars retained their modest electric spoiler.

If you want to waste about three hours, take a gander at what GR Auto Gallery in Michigan – which has this low-mileage, high-buck Roadster on offer – keeps in its inventory. It’s a damn playground for grown men in there. In any event, this 1-of-250 America Roadsters looks fantastic in Grand Prix White, and the Turbo’s lower stance is just plain bitching when combined with an open roof and flared fenders. I don’t normally get hot and bothered over convertibles, but I like the combination of relative mechanical simplicity (at least compared to a Turbo model) with the eye candy its more powerful siblings got standard.

Year: 1992
Model: America Roadster
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 38,669 mi
Price: $59,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche America Roadster at GR Auto Gallery

The 1992 Porsche American Roadster offered here is a high quality, maintained, 3 owner example. The car was sold new in Santa Monica California on May 15, 1992. It came dressed in very attractive Grand Prix White exterior paint over black interior. Factory options include: Raff Leather seats, Passenger and Driver Comfort seats, Passenger and Driver Heated Seats. The car features its original 3.6 liter air cooled flat six engine mated to the proven G50 5 speed gear box. It features 38, 669 documented miles and remains in excellent condition to this day. The car features a perfect Carfax and the exterior paint is near perfect showing no signs of any accidents or incidents ever. The Raff leather interior remains in excellent original condition showing very minor and normal wear for age and usage. Our test drive revealed a well sorted and obviously maintained vehicle as the car performed flawlessly in all aspects of acceleration, shifting, handling and braking. The note of the upgraded exhaust adds to the motoring experience. The car is documented with original owners manual, stamped maintenance book, both option stickers, factory color sticker and service records.

Production numbers matter when collecting cars and it is no secret that air cooled 911’s have taken center stage in the investment car arena and are globally sought after. With only 250 American Roadsters ever produced, this car commands the attention of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

On a side note, I hate the headunit. Why owners keep insisting on installing the latest and greatest headunit when a period-correct (and cheaper) Blaupunkt can be scored on eBay all day long is beyond me. And don’t start with the audiophile argument – it’s a damn 964 with no roof and all the soundtrack you’ll ever need out back. With under 300 roadsters made, we can do better than a Pioneer deck that’ll put a rave in your dashboard.


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