2000 BMW M Roadster

Small car and big engine: the classic formula to putting a huge grin on the motorists face. BMW nailed this formula when they decided to unleash the boffins at BMW M GmbH on the Z3 roadster back in 1998. The M Roadster as it came to be known gave this small convertible a real masculine tone, offering a big horsepower jump and upgraded suspension and brakes to match. If there ever was a car born to do donuts, it is this pint-sized, rear-drive machine.

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Tuner Tuesday: BMW Dinan ISR3

Steve Dinan is a wizard at building monster BMWs, and as such managed to make it into the inner-circle as a dealer-approved modifier of BMWs. This extends not only to the base models but also to the already specialized and quick M models. No one who has driven a M Roadster will accuse it of being a slow car, but Dinan took the S52 motor to another level by adding a supercharger and a host of engine and exhaust upgrades to match. But it didn’t just end there; Dinan revised the suspension as well to better suit the increased power and offer more adjustability to the owners of these specialized cars. One aspect that I think is particularly nice about Dinan’s creations is that they often retain the mostly-stock look that makes sleeper performance cars so special. Plop that performance into a M Roadster and you have a ton of top-down fun:

Year: 2000
Model: Dinan ISR3
Engine: 3.2 liter supercharged inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 27,179 mi
Price: $50,000 Buy It Now

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2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster. 3.2L I6 EFI Gasoline Engine.
Extremely Rare Stealth “SuperCar” – Dinan ISR3

400 Horsepower BMW M Roadster

Only 27,179 miles – Looks and drives like new! Washington State Emissions Test passed 11-13

One Owner – Great Condition – Supercharged – Intercooled – Enhanced Low Back pressure Exhaust – Enhanced Suspension & Much More… This is Monster Road Machine in an M Roadster body! Check out the Road & Track and Roundel articles on this car – Internet links below.

Only 6 of these Supercars were made and even fewer are still in existence. This Dinan ISR3 was the 4th BMW M Roadster converted (out of a total of only 6 ISR3 cars created by Dinan Engineering).

Red or Blue Pill? 1999 BMW Z M Roadster and 2000 BMW Z M Coupe


Want to have a lot of fun in an affordable package? Who doesn’t! Want that affordable package to be a future collectable, too? Well, the field narrows substantially from what you can choose from. There are a select few Volkswagens and Audis that fit the bill, and nearly every 911 fits the bill. But if you prefer what the engineers from BMW’s M division cook up, there are several options in the mid-teens right now. For around $15,000, you can have one of the most pristine E36 M3s, a mid-range E28 M5, a budget E39 M5, and even some decent E46 M3s. But if all of those are a bit too…serious…for you, the best answer may be to look at the Z M Roadster and M Coupe. The /7 and /8 cars are a hoot to drive, offer unique packages in both convertible and coupe guise, and seem to be on the upward swing of collectability. They also offered some of the neatest color packages available on Ms with color matched interior. Today I’ve got one of each; an Estoril Blue with Estoril leather Roadster and an Imola Red with Imola leather Coupe. Let’s start with the Roadster:


Year: 1999
Model: Z M Roadster
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 115,901 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

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GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL!Very rare, highly desirable** 1999 BMW Z3M Roadster Convertible 5 SPD LEATHER CLEAN TITLE! AutoCheck Buyback Protection.
BMW M Roadster:
– Estoril Blue Metallic
– Estoril Blue Leather/Black interior w/aLL M markers
– 115901 miles
– 3.2 liter engine, 240 HP
– 5-speed manual trans.
– 19/26 mpg
– 15,000 M-Roadsters made compared to 300,000 Z3s. Fun! Fast! Beautiful car! Runs great. Love this car — so will you.

Show you’re Z Man: 2000 Z3 M Roadster and 2006 Z4 M Coupe


Last week I speculated in my Z Coupe post that we were seeing a good opportunity to get into some of the rarest BMWs offered on these shores, the Z coupes. While those two Z coupes were the non-M version and both were trick in their own way, it seems most of you prefer to see the M versions. I get it; they’re fast, flashy and fun, so today I cooked up an interesting comparison again between the E36/7 and E36/8s – this time a Z4 M coupe against a Z3 M roadster. Let’s start with the brilliant looking Imola Red coupe:


Year: 2006
Model: Z4 M Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 18,912 mi
Price: $33,500 Buy It Now

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If you are looking for the rare E86 M Coupe then you already know that it is regarded by BMW Enthusiasts as the last true Ultimate Driving Machine before BMWs became too electronic and took the fun out of driving with adjustable suspensions, turbochargers, automated transmissions and buttons to adjust the steering, exhaust note and everything else. Here’s a quick background so you know how much I truly love these cars. I was an intern for AutoWeek magazine in college when this car had its press introduction in the US. One of our editors drove one back to Detroit and I took it out for gas and a car wash. I immediately fell in love with the classic long hood, short deck proportions, the unbelievably responsive drivetrain, the seats that felt like they were custom made for me and the thickest little steering wheel I had ever set hands on. I vowed to myself to buy one when I could afford it.

1999 BMW M Roadster

Roadsters. These cars are a dilemma for me. While the lure of open air motoring is something I understand, there are roadsters that are, well, a little less masculine than others. Classic MG? Solid choice. SL? Questionable, but a R129 SL500 with AMG Monoblock wheels is butch enough. Z3, Boxster or SLK? Now we’re verging on what has become known as the hairdressers’ car. In other words, flashy badge, but not a lot of heaping portion of performance. However, a curious thing happened in the late 1990s, as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche started turning up the heat on these small drop tops. Soon enough, we had another all out power war on our hands.

Over at BMW, the engineers decided to stuff the 3.2 liter inline six from the M3 into the Z3 roadster. Throw in some flared wheel arches, quad exhaust pipes, suspension tuning and tweaked body cladding and you had the M Roadster. It was an instant hit. Dropping 240 horsepower into such a little car was like putting a tactical nuke under the bonnet. Hilarity ensued. Over in Europe, they were even more lucky, getting the Motorsports engine with individual throttle bodies for a total of 321 horsepower. Eventually North America would get the higher horsepower S54 engine from the new M3 in 2001 and 2002. This M Roadster for sale has the earlier S52 motor and is painted in my second favorite BMW color behind Alpine White, Estoril Blue.


Year: 1999
Model: M Roadster
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 49,122 mi
Price: $16,800 Buy It Now

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1999 BMW M Roadster 5-speed convertible with 49,1xx original miles! Over 60 pictures included to help document the condition of the car!

For sale is my beautiful 1999 BMW M Roadster In Estoril Blue exterior and interior.

Convertible Week: 10k-mile BMW M Roadster

In my esoteric neck of the online-car-woods, the Z3/M Roadster is almost entirely overlooked as the M Coupe is so many bushels of weird awesomeness. As a huge clownshoe fan myself, I’m as guilty as any for letting BMW’s smallest convertible lay hidden in the shadows. On a 90-degree day in the Bay Area, however, I’m thinking how great any one of these convertibles would be to cruise the coast. Today’s practically-new M Roadster would do just fine, and I can already hear the sweet S52 smoothly spinning out of the unique-for-the-time quad exhaust. It comes with a hardtop that, while no shooting brake, lends a tone of seriousness to the premium-buyers’ Miata. The price may shock at first, but with just 10,000 miles an an ///M-badge it starts to make sense.

1998 BMW M Roadster on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 10.16.07 AM

1998 M Roadster. Only 10,000 miles. one owner and perfect condition. I have everything that came form the factory with the car including all books. Factory Hardtop is also included. Please give me a call to discuss.

Not much description for a car whose value is based on, hopefully, thoughtful lack of use and condition. I guess he thinks it needs no more explanation. Low mileage, very fun, convertible, M-car. The only issue with this valuation is who really wants to keep this thing in a garage? They will be the last late-90s M-car to appreciate. Either get it because you want a nearly-new one and don’t care about money, or go find an S54 model for $5k less and have more fun.


1998 BMW M Roadster

We’ve given a lot of attention to the E36/8 BMW M Coupe over the past few months, but its open roofed sibling should not be overlooked. While the BMW Z3 might be viewed as a bit of a hairdressers car, when the boffins over at BMW Motorsport were done with it, it could be considered anything but. Redesigned front and rear bumpers, wider rear fenders, a revised trunk lid, modified side gills and a more aggressive wheel and tire package separated the car visually. Under the hood was the familiar S52 3.2 liter inline six capable of 240 horsepower, fifty more horsepower than the Z3 with the 2.8 liter inline six offered. Later on in the production run, the S54 3.2 liter inline six would appear, giving this little beast a power output of 315 horsepower. Big numbers for such a diminutive package.

This M Roadster painted in the ever popular Estoril Blue is for sale in Florida and has traveled but 28,000 miles.

Year: 1998
Model: M Roadster
Engine: 3.2 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 28,000 mi
Price: $21,500

1998 BMW M Roadster on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

Fantastic BMW M Roadster. This is a one owner super clean original paint, no accident, complete M Roadster. Just serviced and needs noting.

Prices for M Coupes in good condition with reasonable mileage are averaging in the low to mid $20,000 range. A fixed roof car will more often than not be more attractive to hardcore enthusiasts and those who attend track days, but for most, an M Roadster will provide similar levels of fun for less money. While the seller’s description of the car is lacking, if this car is as nice as it appears, the price isn’t too far off, though most S52 engined M Roadsters with under 45,000 miles these days trade hands for between $15,000 and $20,000.…

1998 BMW M Roadster

For some enthusiasts, the BMW Z3 is a bit of a hairdresser’s car. Even with rear-drive and some models employing the silky smooth BMW inline six cylinder engine, they couldn’t escape the stigma of being a fashion statement for the beautiful people when new. Almost 14 years on since the original four cylinder Z3 debuted, these roadsters have become an attractive second hand buy and a viable alternative to the beloved Mazda Miata. But it was in 1998 that BMW introduced the M roadster, enhancing this car’s performance credibility. Packing the 3.2 liter, 240 horsepower S52B32 inline six, flared fender arches, wider wheels and quad exhaust pipes, this two seater had a much more menacing look and a bite to match. Sixty miles per hour arrived in just a tick over five seconds and could cover the quarter mile in about 14 seconds.

Those who read GCFSB regularly know that I’m a sucker for unique colors. This M Roadster for sale in Utah painted in Evergreen might not be to everyone’s taste, but I like it with the matching green and black leather.

1998 BMW M Roadster on eBay

We are thrilled to have for sale a very rare 1998 BMW M Roadster in Evergreen. There were only less than 9000 of these cars produced from 1998-2000. And Evergreen with Black was an incredibly rare color combination offered. This is for sure not the car that your neighbor has! This is a super fun little car to drive. The seemingly small horsepower numbers do not tell the full story of this car. It is a true performance machine and one of the most fun reasons why BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. The car is very light so the power to weight ratio means that this car is just a scream to drive.