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Ribbit! 1979 Porsche 911SC Coupe

This ad starts off in a pretty nontraditional manner by stating that the car is not currently for sale. And maybe it isn’t and only is listed so as to attract people to this dealer; perhaps it’s only for sale in the way in which we might say everything is for sale – for the right price. Either way here we have one of the more unique color combinations we’re likely to come across on a 911: a 1979 Porsche 911SC Coupe, located in Ohio, with a paint-to-sample exterior in VW Scirocco Viper Green along with a contrasting White interior. Oh, and it only has 12,121 miles on it. I think we can see why it might not actually be for sale.

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Tuner Tuesday: 1987 Porsche 930 Coupe

Modified cars from the 1980s enjoy are and interesting exercise in dichotomy. Take AMG, for example – add the flares, wide wheels, hunkered down suspension and turned up engine to a W126 and the asking price increases from a standard model by a factor of ten. What is strange about the AMG model, though, is that enthusiasts of the Affalterbach company accept licensed installers as proper original builds. Such is not the case when it comes to tuners like Alpina, Hartge and Ruf; generally speaking, in those cases the only “true” original examples came from the manufacturer’s facilities in Germany. In these cases, examples that are properly sorted and original can be worth double, triple or even quadruple what an identically modified car from a licensed installer in the U.S. would be worth. On top of that, AMG continues to be a bit of an aberration in the tuner realm since most other period modified examples of Porsches, BMWs, and Audis are worth less than a pristine stock example. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, since generally speaking, companies such as Alpina and Ruf put out equally good looking products when compared to AMG, and properly modified were just as luxurious and just as fast. Nevertheless, a tastefully modified example like this period Ruf-modified 1987 Porsche 930 just doesn’t seem to draw the same attention as a AMG 560SEC Widebody 6.0 would, for example. Let’s take a look at what a reported $75,000 in mods got you in the late 1980s:

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1975 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 MFI Coupe

Most automotive enthusiasts are probably familiar with Porsche’s legendary 1973 911 Carrera RS. Produced to meet homologation requirements it set the 911 on the road to being the performance icon that it remains today. What is less well known is that while the ’73 RS would be the only production version based on the long-hood 911 design, the engine from that RS continued to put in work on the new impact-bumper 911s of the mid-70s under the guise of the Carrera 2.7 MFI. For the most part, these were like an RS Touring with a different front fascia. These days it is that shared engine DNA that is of such importance and which has seen values of the 2.7 MFI rise quite high. But they’re still much less expensive than a true ’73 Carrera RS and that makes them an interesting proposition for well-heeled buyers who’d like to shy away from the nearly $1M price tag of the RS. Like the RS the Carrera MFI was never available for sale in the US, but over time examples have made their way to our shores. Such is the case with the one we see here, a Grand Prix White 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 MFI Coupe located in California.

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1961 Porsche 356B 1600 Roadster

If you’ll pardon the strange introduction, this is not the car I was originally going to feature. I was going to feature one of my favorite color combinations on any Porsche (though we typically only see it on the 356): Slate Grey over a Red interior. That listing was removed so it was time to find something else. But it made me search for another Roadster and while this one isn’t quite as awesome of a combination, damn does it look good. Here we have a restored Ivory 1961 Porsche 356B 1600 Roadster again with a Red interior. These colors possess a pretty stark contrast with one another, but work quite well. And there are so many little hand wrought details on these cars that we can pore over for hours. When such details find themselves on the lines of the 356 Roadster then the appeal jumps up all the more. The Roadster was Porsche’s replacement for the Convertible D, which in turn had replaced the Speedster as the pared down version of the 356 Cabriolet. The Speedster it seems was a little too spartan, especially with regard to the windshield, so the Convertible D and Roadster added a little back to the car. Though by modern standards any 356 still remains very spartan.

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Double Take: Iconic Blues – 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The post is aimed at a pretty specific audience since the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS itself is already a niche vehicle and the two we have here further shrink that niche with their very bright exteriors. I love Porsche’s pastel blues and here we have two of the best and most well known that have been offered, each coming from a different era in Porsche’s history. Mexico Blue and Riviera Blue. Both were paint-to-sample options for the GT3 RS and add an additional layer of cachet to what is already a very high demand machine. The asking prices are, of course, absurd, but given how few of each of these must exist I suppose it is the price that must be paid to own such a potential icon. Let’s begin with the older of the two colors: Mexico Blue:

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