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1977 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera

I could be totally off base here, and I will admit that there is some legwork and research to be done, but I think this 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera is priced pretty darn well and could be a really nice value. I’ve featured a few 911 Turbos of late that struck me similarly so perhaps values for even these early Turbos are starting to come down some, but it is certainly worth investigating further. The colors appear to be Copper Brown Metallic over a Cork interior, a very period-correct combination that looks really nice on this 930 and presents well inside and out. We’re told it has been repainted, but the interior is said to be entirely original.

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1971 Porsche 911T Targa – Soft-window Conversion

I’ve featured a 911 Soft-window Targa plenty of times before, but this is the first example I can recall seeing where someone converted an original hard window to a soft window. I’m not sure whether this was a popular idea at the time – I’ve definitely heard of owners doing the reverse (converting a soft window to a hard window) – but regardless we have one here. The Soft-window Targa only was produced for a couple of years in the late ’60s. These were an homage to Porsche’s participation in the Targa Florio and perhaps the original owner of this Targa hoped to recreate some of that open-roofed essence with this conversion. It certainly provides a unique appearance, especially with the addition of the Cibie rally lights, and stands out well with its Pastel Blue paint. While not original, this 1971 Porsche 911T Targa should still be quite desirable.

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Motorsports Monday: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo Holbert Racing

It’s always a little interesting to find something rare in the German world. The 924 Turbo does qualify as a bit rare; only about 6,800 of the early turbocharged models made it to the U.S., and the 1980 model year represents about half of that total. But teething problems, low residual values, higher cost of ownership and maintenance and the some 36 years that have passed since this car was produced mean there aren’t a huge glut of nice 924 models out there. But this car has something a little more unique than the already unusual 931. This particular car appears to have been modified in period utilizing Al Holbert’s D-Production body kit and magnesium BBS wheels. Rare? You betcha.

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1989 Porsche 930 Coupe

I’ve been on a little run of 911 Turbos lately with most of those coming from the 930 and I always enjoy seeing such well cared for examples come our way. The 930 brings with it a clear ’80s vibe and as a child of that time it’s always nice to return to the poster cars of my youth. These were one of the first cars I’d see on the street and say, “What is that?” Of course, my response today would be no different given how rare it is to come across one on the street. Here we’re going to look at one from the final year of their production prior to the introduction of a new Turbo as part of the 964: a Guards Red 1989 Porsche 930 Coupe, located in Charlotte, with just under 56K miles on it.

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1986 Porsche 930 Coupe

Here we have another Porsche 930 Coupe, in certain ways similar to the Guards Red 930 we featured earlier in the week in that it’s from around the time when Porsche returned the model to the US market and appears to me to be a pretty reasonable value. However, this one brings with it one serious distinction: it’s paint-to-sample Garnet Red Metallic over a really nicely contrasting Cashmere Beige and Burgundy interior. The mileage is quite reasonable at 40,700 as well! This one could be a good example of a 930 that strikes the right balance between collector and driver. Meaning: it’s low enough miles and interesting enough that collectors should take notice, but has enough miles that it can be used (at least sparingly) without harming its value. Not bad at all.

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