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1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe

I remain consistently impressed with the variety I see from the 911. Much of this comes down to Porsche’s willingness to indulge its customers’ desires for just about any color and a long list of available options. That variety comes at a high price, of course. Still, optional extras aside, Porsche also has produced numerous variants of the car itself, illustrating a versatility that belies the consistency of the 911’s basic profile. Sorry Mr. Clarkson, but they are not all the same. Here we have one of those very interesting variants, which happens to be in a rare color, turning it into a 911 worth spending some extra time with. This is an Olive Green 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe, located in California, with 85,765 miles on it. Unlike many other mid-year 911s, a Carrera 2.7 is highly sought after and commands a significant premium over the standard 911 and 911S also produced at the time. They also happen to be one of the best looking 911s produced following the switch to impact bumpers. The wider rear, ducktail and chin spoilers give these a racy aggressive appearance that helps to separate it from the pack of standard 911s.

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1993 Porsche 968

For some time, the 968 has enjoyed a stellar reputation as one of Porsche’s best all around cars. Comfortable yet quick, great around town and on the highway, perfectly balanced and capable of carrying a greater load than the 911, the 968 is a supremely versatile chassis coupled with a great motor. While it wasn’t quite as explosive as the Turbo S models were out of the box, the 968 with the 6-speed nevertheless was a more flexible package – easy to loaf around town in but also capable of dashes up the tach. The torque is constant and omnipresent; there’s no ‘floor it and wait for the boom’ of the Turbo here. Yet despite the great reputation for longevity, the nicely updated looks with integration of the 928 lineage, and being the last of the front-engined Porsches until the Cayenne and Panamera, the 968 has not grown in value anywhere close to the 964 and 993 have. That means as an enthusiast you get one heck of a bargain in performance:

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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280GE sold for $7,950: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Truck

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Double Take: 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo

While the other day I wrote up two great looking early examples of one of the best performance bargains in classic German motoring, 944 Turbo. Now we’re going to look at the end of the run – the 1989 944 Turbo. Often mistakenly referred to as “S” by even enthusiasts (I’ve been guilty more than once myself), the ’89 did in fact gain all of the upgrades that the 1988 Turbo S received. Today we have two seemingly equal examples – but as we know, not all things are created equal. Which white over black ’89 is the one you’d choose?

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1987 Porsche 928S4 5-speed – Revisit

The manual-transmission Grand Prix White 928S4 we featured back in September is back up for sale, this time as a reserve auction. Last time it was listed with a Buy It Now of $39,900 and failed to sell, which should give us some insight regarding where a possible reserve for this auction may lie. Bidding sits currently at $17,600 so we’ll have to see whether it can reach its reserve.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 928S4 on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site September 23, 2014:

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