1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 40th Anniversary Edition


The R129 SL still had a bit of life left in it as it entered the late 1990s, but 1997 would be the end for the six-cylinder SL in the US market. Before the SL320 would leave the market, a special edition model would appear to commemorate 40 years of the 300SL, the 40th Anniversary Edition SL. Only 250 SL320 models came with this package, along with 500 of the SL500. The SL500 would feature Crimson Metallic with Chestnut interior and the SL320, like you see here, would be offered in Quartz Blue with a gray interior and royal maple wood trim. This wood trim was an odd choice, as it appeared more like marble than wood. I wasn’t a particular fan of it, but it is certainly different. If you’re looking for an SL that stands out from the crowd, this SL320 for sale in Arizona would be a good selection.

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1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320


I’m always one intrigued by the road less traveled when it comes to cars. Maybe that’s what prompted me to post that BMW Z3 3.0i Coupe with the automatic transmission earlier in the week. Likewise, this SL320 was a more obscure choice for the SL buyer in the US market in 1995, tallying about half the sales of its V8 sibling, the SL500. The SL320 isn’t a particularly fast machine, but if you are looking for a luxurious cruiser with all of the looks, a car like this 1995 SL320 for sale in Texas would fit the bill.

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1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SL 5-Speed Manual

Several years before the introduction of the SLK, Mercedes-Benz tried to recapture some of that sporting magic with the R129 SL, introduced at the end of 1989. The R107 had an almost 20 year production run, shaping the SL’s image in America as a bit of a boulevard cruiser. With the new SL, Mercedes-Benz went out on a limb and offered not only a six cylinder engine, but a 5-speed manual transmission with this engine. Very few of these R129s were sold with the third pedal and these days, most forgo this “entry” level model for the V8 engined SL500, as these were more powerful (and plentiful).

This rare R129 for sale in Tennessee has just under 100,000 miles and looks to have been rather well cared for over the years.

Year: 1990
Model: 300SL
Engine: 3.0 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 98,350 mi
Price: $7,595 Buy It Now

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SL 5-speed Manual on eBay

1990 Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

98,350 Miles

5-Speed Manual Transmission shifts smooth and fun

Removable Hardtop that is in wonderful shape. Paint and glass perfect

Very clean, great running cruiser that has given many wonderful road trips. This car is driven regularly and has only offered pleasurable experiences. Attracts attention wherever we take it with thumbs up as we cruise through the mountains. Retractable top works great as does the power windows, seats, cd, cruise, auto deploy roll bar, all dash lights and gauges, even the wipers on the head lights.

Serviced regularly

423.612.1749 after 5:00 M-F and anytime on the weekends.

Clear Title and ready for another wonderful convertible season. This car is for sale locally so the auction can end at anytime. No warranties or guarantees as is sale. 10% of sale price within 48 hours of sale. Delivery is the buyers responsibility. Thank you for your interest and good luck.

Even though it might seem to have sporting intentions with the manual gearbox, speed wasn’t the order of the day with the 300SL. These were heavy cars, weighing in at around 4,000 lbs. This stunted performance from the 228 horsepower inline six. But, with the manual transmission, you’ll be able to make the most of what you’ve got. These early, six cylinder R129s aren’t valued particularly high. As a result, you can regularly snag them for under $10,000. Given the condition, I’d say this SL is priced just right and offers exclusivity that is hard to match at this price point.


2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Silver Arrow

The R129 SL was what I consider to be one of the last of the old-school Mercedes-Benzes, besides the infamous, long-lived Geländewagen. Revealed in 1989 after an almost 20 year production run of the previous R107 SL, the R129 brought the Mercedes-Benz roadster concept into the new decade with a host of safety improvements and performance upgrades. At the outset, you could order a 5-speed manual transmission in the six cylinder 300SL, which was the first manual gearbox offered stateside in the SL since the demise of the W113 SL in 1971.

By the end of the production run in 2002, the smaller SLK roadster was now going on six years old and offered the convenience of a folding hardtop, instead of the R129’s removable one. Nostalgia wasn’t lost on the fact that the sun was setting on this SL generation. For its final year, Mercedes introduced the Silver Arrow, which was a trim package available on both the SL500 and SL600. A two tone black and white leather interior, special wheels and turned metal interior accents were included in the package. The majority of the 1,550 cars produced were the V8 version that you see here for sale in California.

Year: 2002
Model: SL500 Silver Arrow
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 38,183
Price: $26,995

2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 on Hemmings Motor News

This gorgeous Silver Arrow silver metallic 2002 Mercedes Benz SL500 Silver Arrow Edition roadster has only 38,183 miles. This automatic has a special interior color combination of black and silver leather seats and steering wheel with dark walnut trim, and burnished aluminum gage trim. This SL features Xenon headlights, Bose Premium Sound, CD changer, cassette player, heated seats, dual memory seats, pristine black power soft top, removable hardtop, cruise control, garage door opener, fog lights, ESP, automatic climate control, and special edition 18 inch alloys. This Silver Arrow is in excellent condition, one owner, California vehicle that is CARFAX Buyback Guaranteed.

With R107 SL prices escalating, the R129 is now the natural choice for those wanting an SL on a budget, as they fall squarely in between the classic and modern choices out there. A normal 2002 SL500 can range from around $12,000 and edge close to $20,000. It’s rare that you see these R129s breach $20,000, and the low mileage and Silver Arrow livery certainly have their merits. As is, I’d suspect almost $27,000 is a bit steep for this car; somewhere in the low $20,000 range might be a bit more realistic.


2000 Mercedes-Benz SL73

Ask any car enthusiast to name the largest engine Mercedes-Benz has stuffed under the hood of one of their road cars and they may point to the W116 450SEL 6.9 of the late 1970s. They would be wrong. It was the SL73 AMG that holds that honor, powered by a 7.3 liter V12 that produced 525 horsepower and 558 lb. ft. of torque. Sold only in 1995 and 1998 through 2001, a mere 85 of these beasts were ever built. By the time most of these AMG tuned SLs were built, the R129 chassis was getting close to its sell by date, but the M120 V12 lived on and found a home under the bonnet of the Pagani Zonda. It would help this Italian supercar reach a terminal velocity of close to 200mph. This SL73 in eye popping Calypso Green is for sale in Germany. It has a claimed 25,000 miles on the clock and comes with a full history.

2000 Mercedes-Benz SL73 on JamesList

Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG. Unique car: blue iron or green outside with beige interior. Done only 41,215 kilometers, first registry 2000. Coming along with complete service and owner history

The SL 73 AMG has only been built roughly 50 times. This is one of them! Value is foreseen to grow rapidly in the next years! Best condition: no rust, no accidents, paint completely original, technically excellent!

Some further details:

•Production date: 27th, september 1999, First registry: 12th, April 2000
•VIN: WDB129076-1F188917
•Mileage: original only 41,215 km
•SL 73 AMG, 12-cylinders, 525 HP, 7291 cc
•Exterior blue iron or green metallic
•German vehicle inspection sticker valid until April 2014
•complete service history available, 3 owners
•Automatic transmission (5-shifts)
•Power windows
•Power soft top and Power hard top
•Power steering
•Air condition
•Orthopedic driver’s seat
•Power seats with memory
•Power mirrors
•Rear seats
•Seat heating in the front
•Xenon headlights
•Bose Sound System
•ABS, SRS, ESP, Airbags, ADS, etc.
•Cruise control
•Interior Leather Exclusive Nappa java
•Topping of the soft top in green

In short: A very magnificent and also decent car. Nearly limitless power thanks to the special AMG engine. Especially interesting for collectors and car lovers who like the special thing! The car currently runs in Germany next to Stuttgart. We could sell and ship it to any address all over the world. Please feel free to contact me for any question. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

I had to do a double take at the price, as $125,000 for an R129 SL is unheard of, frankly. Even an SL600 in the best condition might struggle to make $30,000 to $40,000 these days. Even the AMG and rarity factor would have a hard time pushing this car north another $80,000. At best, this car might be worth $50,000, but even that is optimistic. This car also raises a few questions. First, the driver’s seat looks a bit worn for a car that reportedly has covered 25,000. Second, there’s a bit or rust in the lug nut cavities on the wheels. Third, why does a car residing in Germany have a US style license bracket on the front end? These are all points which leave me a bit skeptical.

To see the SL73 in action, here’s a video from Deutsche Welle TV featuring that other torque meister, the Bentley Arnage:


1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320

With the introduction of the R129 SL in 1990, this marked the first time Mercedes-Benz brought a six cylinder SL to the US market since 1971 in the form of the 300SL. With the changeover in nomenclature in 1994, the 300SL became the SL320 and featured the 3.2 liter, 220 horsepower M104 inline six. As the SLK entered the pipeline in 1997, Mercedes-Benz apparently felt no need to offer a lesser engined SL stateside anymore and pulled the plug on the SL320 in 1997. This SL for sale in Florida represents that final year of six cylinder SLs and looks sharp with the classic AMG Monoblock rims.

1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 on eBay

For sale is a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz SL320 with only 52,444 original miles! This car is beautiful inside and out. The SL320 is accident free and comes with a clean Carfax. It comes in one of its most elegant, sought after color combinations Smoke Sliver exterior with Black interior. It is truly a beautiful and super elegant car! The soft top has just been replaced as well as the hard top headliner. There are no scratches and dents from removing the hard top. All top hydraulic work perfectly with no leaks. There are a few chips in the paint but have been professionally touched up with the factory paint.

The interior is in excellent condition and has no scratches from getting in and out. All wood parts are flawless and look brand new. The bumpers are in perfect shape with no curb damage or scuffs. The SL320 has the 18 inch AMG sport package wheels with a fresh set of tires on it. The rims are curb rash free and are in excellent shape. The Mercedes has no know mechanical issues at all! It has the fuel efficient and reliable 6 cylinder engine and still has plenty of performance. The SL320 drives and shifts very smooth like you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. We serviced the car throughout and it needs nothing but a new owner! We took a lot of pictures so you can judge for yourself. The car is currently driven for test drives, so the mileage at the date of sale might be slightly higher.

Usually, you see these six cylinder SLs in stock form, as few were offered with the AMG package. I for one am a huge fan of this look, as it adds a bit of aggressiveness to what is otherwise a boulevard cruiser. At almost $15,000, we’re about $3,000 to $4,000 over what is realistic for a six cylinder SL of this vintage, as you can get an SL500 for similar money. Some buyers may appreciate the added fuel economy and cheaper running costs of the 3.2 liter inline six, though. Even in the rather pedestrian shade of Smoke Silver, this car has such a clean look that makes me year for the heyday of designer Bruno Sacco’s work.


2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500

There are a few cars on my short list that I’ve promised myself I would own before I die. The Porsche 911. An Alfa Romeo Spider. A Maserati of some sort. And this car, the Mercedes-Benz SL. Having grown up in the 1980s, the R107 was the “it” car for that generation. When the new SL appeared on the scene in 1989 for the 1990 model year, it was a giant leap forward for two seater Mercedes-Benzes. For the first time in years you could have a six cylinder SL with a 5 speed manual transmission in the US, which was a surprise, as the Mercedes-Benz product managers were a lot more stodgy in those days than today. This new R129 roadster would carry the SL moniker into the 21st century and hand off the baton to the R230 SL in 2003 after 200,000 examples of six, eight and twelve cylinder roadsters emerged from the factory. Here is a low mileage final year example of the popular SL500 on offer.

2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 on eBay

2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 roadster with AMG package. This is the last year of production of this beautiful roadster! This is a very well maintained, extra clean vehicle with only 37K original miles. Immaculate vehicle, non-smoker. Maroon exterior is in great condition and the tan leather has been kept extremely clean. All the wood trim is in great shape. Soft top is like new and was barely used. All the convertible mechanism works perfect. The vehicle is loaded with options such as power windows and power locks, power mirrors, power seats with memory, dual heated seats, cruise control, A/C with dual zone climate control, AM/FM radio w/cassette player, 6 disc CD change, Bose sound system, xenon headlights, keyless entry and many options more! All the options function accordingly. The powerful V8 5.0L engine runs great and automatic transmission shifts smoothly into gears.

I’ve always admired later model R129s. With the staggered AMG wheels and subtle styling tweaks, they have a butch look about them. With power from the 5.0 liter V8, it has the muscle to back up the appearance. Running costs will certainly be a bit more than your average midsized sedan, but these final year R129s represent a good investment as a future classic. They represent a period in time at Mercedes-Benz when price was no object when it came to engineering.


1998 Mercedes SL60 AMG ? Rinspeed or a lesson in how not to sell a rare car

We see a lot of rare German cars. Some of the best gems from tuners the likes of AMG or Alpina bring the buyers out of the wood work and as such realize high prices. The one common theme that we see in big ticket sales of tuner cars is documentation.

Now documentation on cars like these is not always easy. It is well known that trying to find specific records of modifications done to a car from some place like AMG can end in a dead end. In some cases if you really want to be sure about an engine modification it takes opening up the engine and looking at stampings on internals. That said there are often other clues that can help you back up a story about a one off vehicle. Scanning in any documentation you have is the obvious first step, but then adding pictures of data plates, the VIN, or other unique features is needed.

A seller should never make any rock solid claims about the vehicle without being able to back them up. At the very least give some indication of a reason as to why you are making a claim. If you aren’t sure about something it is much better to say so up front or even to ask for help in identifying a feature or modification within the text of an advertisement. Enlisting the help of enthusiast out in the world can help in two ways. You might get some helpful information back and the up front nature can prevent a listing from seeming cagey and turning off the very community where your potential buyers reside.

Ok deep breath, what’s all that have to do with this particular car. Here we have a Mercedes listed as a 1998 SL60 with modifications from Swiss firm Rinspeed, the car has 71,000 miles.

The car looks good with the Benz Designo style red interior complete with dash accents and soft top contrasting with the black. The seller states the car started life as a SL500 Special Edition and that it was then bumped to AMG spec with the 6 liter V8. The car has period correct 18″ AMG monoblocks. Nothing about that seems out of place. Mercedes did produce a “special edition” of the R129, one of several R129 editions. Rinspeed did have a history with AMG, they worked as an agent for AMG in Switzerland.

So what are the red flags with this ad? The painfully slim description provided in the advertisement with this car is the first thing that catches you. There are so many wannabe “badge engineered” Mercedes out there that just because a car has the badges a seller has to do a lot more than give one sentence and expect people to accept it as fact. The AMG badge on the engine does match up to what can be seen on documented SL60 Benzs, there is some variation in how AMG badged these engines. The seller offers to talk to potential buyers over the phone about the car or have the guys at the local Mercedes shop talk about the car, which is good. If the guys at the shop know something about the car it should be stated so in the auction. Buyer’s in the real exclusive small production AMG market are often buying as collectors with investment in the back of their mind. Collectors of this type will not touch a car with such thin description.

Other things that make you question the integrity of the seller include the car being sold out of Portland Oregon with photos showing it with Florida plates. Not a huge deal, but it does make you question how old the photos are. The bigger sin though is placing a picture from a sales brochure in your ad and not disclaiming it as such. The overhead interior shot is from Benz sales literature and is not the car being sold, its the last photo in our gallery on this page.

The seller states “DO YOUR HOME WORK ON THIS CAR”, yes buyers should do research on perspective purchases, but unfortunately in this case searching for info about the car yields several threads discussing how shady the seller seems.

The ask on the car is $22,950, which is line with other genuine AMG engined cars of the era, but without more info this price will never be realized. There is just two much to question and no one wants to drop $23k and end up with a slightly more than standard SL500. If I was selling this car and couldn’t pull together documentation I’d find the nearest dyno and take a few pulls and post the results. There would be no question as to whether the car was packing a real deal 6.0 then. That small investment could mean a $10k swing in what the market will bring for this car.

Despite the warning signs I actually am leaning towards suspecting this is the genuine item, but wouldn’t even think about buying it the way things stand and I really don’t like the sales brochure photo mixed in with the others. A seller that is ok with that is probably ok with not disclosing flaws. I open it up to you readers, what’s your take on this ride?

1998 Mercedes SL60 AMG ? on eBay


Sleeper Renntech SL74 for sale

After 3 of these monster R129 Mercedes showed up this past summer, we got a tip for another one on eBay from Portland, Oregon. It’s a short list of cars that have over 7 liters of displacement, and pretty extreme for Renntech to punch out the normal 6.0 liter V12 in the SL an extra 1.4 liters. A couple things always seem come up with these cars: time/space-bending power in a dated chassis, and massive depreciation. I’ve always fantasized about having a Benz that could light up the rears on the highway, so maybe this is the most financially feasible way to achieve that goal.

The seller’s 2 cents:

This is an extremely rare Mercedes SL600. It was converted to a RENNtech in 1999, and has a 7.4 liter 575 HP engine with camshafts and ported and polished heads. It also carries a RENNtech resonator by pass, RENNtech rear muffler, oil cooler, CF air intake, transmission upgrade, ASR delete switch, larger front and rear sway bar, Alcon 14″ front brakes and AMG 18 inch Aero wheels all verified through RENNtech. The Customer spent $73,681.00 to do this RENNtech conversion. The car is in spectacular shape, with books and all four Keys.

In the same sleeper green as the one Evan found this summer, this one is extra sleepy with standard AMG monoblocks and completely shaved identifying badges. Nice to see another one that’s been driven, having covered 89k miles, but the flipside is that you’ve got a 90k-mile tuner V12. Right. Anyways, while it’s certainly not the best looking R129, that’s kind of the appeal here: scary power in as plain-jane an exterior as Mercedes can do. No bites at $20k yet, we’ll see if even that is too high for a car whose monster in the engine bay is only matched by its monster depreciation.