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1963 BMW 700 Coupe

When one thinks of classic air-cooled, rear engine German cars, BMW does not come to mind. The much more famous relatives from the Western side of Germany do, of course, and Volkswagen is obviously linked therein too. How about tail fins on a car from the Vaterland? Again, the most recognizable car to sport them is the Mercedes-Benz 220s – the so-called “Heckflosse”. And super-minis from the 1960s? Well, you might even be more inclined to think of DKW rather than the Roundel. But in the 1960s BMW nearly failed as a car company, and the automobile that helped to keep it afloat was the versatile 700 series. The answer for the company was not to launch expensive luxury cars into a depressed economy, but instead to look at alternative economical platforms. Based upon the company’s roots of motorcycles, the 700 incorporated new technology for the company which would later be seen across the board and help to point the company in a different styling direction that the Neue Klasse would continue and expand upon. To me the most attractive of the 700s by far is the Coupe. We’ve looked at a handful of these diminutive and distinctive two-doors over the years, but two clean examples popped up this week and it was definitely worth a look:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1963 BMW 700 on eBay

Year: 1963
Model: 700
Engine: 0.7 liter flat-2
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: Not Listed
Price: $ Buy It Now

This is a rare and unique chance for collectors to acquire a piece of history of BMW with this BMW 700c coupe.

We have bought this car in the last 12 months among with another 1962 BMW 700 short wheel base published on eBay in a separate auction.

The cars have been imported from Holland, car was bought in France for the seller. Car was 1st hand prior to be sold to us.

For sale in this auction:

· 1963 BMW 700 Coupee.

· Serial # 174663

· Engine # matching.

The car was restored from ground up, nut and bolt restoration involving total bare metal body work and new paintwork, the color match the original BMW light blue color. ( see original pictures of the car)


The car was completely disassembled; all parts up to the last nut and bolt overhauled/replaced. Impossible to describe each task, we will mention only the general items but, everything was done to get the car 100% functional and original. All non-original parts fitted by previous owners, were discarded and replaced with original German parts.

The car is a numbers matching car, fitted from factory with the bmw 700 engine, 1 carburetor 32 HP.

All mechanical parts were restored at per original specs, brakes, master cylinder, dubonet suspension arms, steering, shock absorbers, all new parts imported from Germany.

New upholstery in grey/blue and white with original insert buttons, new weather strips, new badges, New original moldings, New original tail lights etc.

New retro sound radio model TWO with 4 channels speakers + blue tooth was fitted in the car to replace the non-original one installed on the car.

Restored electrical wiring, new carbons and condenser, new battery, all new terminals were necessary, original ignition coils.

New tires installed .

The body on the coupe was straight, without any accidents, we sandblast the body and proceed with our in house master sheet metal craftsman to restore the rocket panels, floors, and inner fenders areas. All rust areas were replaced or patched; all body was treated with antirust base paint before color base and 2 hands of clear coat.

all aluminum trims new also from BMW Germany. The body paint in this car looks astonishing.

All electrical wiring was restored as per original specs; lamps were replaced with LED at instrument gauges and rear lights.

4 original brand new alloy BMW 5.5 x 13” coming from the BMW 2002 TTI 1967 were fitted in this 700.

We have replaced the pistons for a new ones, same specs as the performance ones, new rings ( 4 per piston) new gaskets, new valves, overhauled aluminum heads, overhauled Dinastar, new engine rubber support, new sport 4 pipes SS competition exhaust.

New front headlights with halogen bulbs, new tailgates with backup light as per European specs ( USA model was originally with yellow side markers without backup light).

New original door handles were fitted, new chrome roof trim was installed, all new badges, trims, and letters were fitted in this car.

An authentic piece to complete your BMW collection and a fun car to drive that will turn heads all the time.

You don’t have to be particularly eagle-eyed to realize that the car in the pictures is not blue. Indeed, it seems most if not all of the description is pulled from the seller’s other 700. That particular light blue car stood out to me because of the lack of bumpers and I was sure that I had seen it before; indeed, I had, as I wrote that example up almost exactly two years ago. The wheels have changed to alloys and it appears the seller took the original stamped-steel wheels and fit them to the yellow example. Though the description isn’t correct, the yellow car overall looks to be a top-condition model and show ready. The market has very much not caught on to the love of these off-beat coupes, with top examples currently only valued around $20,000. You wouldn’t be able to restore one to this level much short of that amount, but such a unique vehicle will certainly raise a lot of interest and looks at a local BMW event or any European-specific show. You’ll spend a lot of time recounting what the car is and how it saved BMW, so brush up on your history. You’ll have plenty of time on the trip to the show as with only .7 liters these are far from quick, but odds are you’ll have the only one there when you arrive. Personally, I’d take the blue example over this one, but seeing two in any given week is pretty special!