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1968 Porsche 911L Soft-window Targa Police Car

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Here at GCFSB we pride ourselves on featuring many of the most interesting German vehicles available on the second-hand market. The particular car we see here, a 1968 Porsche 911L Soft-window Targa Police Car, surely is the most interesting car I will have featured to date. It won’t be the fastest, or even the prettiest, though it’s certainly the rarest (since we cannot get more rare than 1 of 1) and it’s definitely the most peculiar. This Targa Police car was given the full treatment: double rear-view mirrors, a red police light affixed to the Targa’s roll hoop, illuminated STOP signal in place of the rear license plate, along with the electronics to control those lights and the siren. The look was completed with Dutch-inspired Tangerine over White paint and German “Polizei” script along the doors, hood and rear deck lid. It is, quite frankly, one of the most curious 911s we’re likely to come across and that hardly even includes the fact that it is a ’68 911L Soft-window Targa, an already very rare and interesting 911 in itself. It’s fantastic!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1968 Porsche 911L Soft-window Targa Police Car on Sloan Cars

Year: 1968
Model: 911L Soft-window Targa
Engine: 2.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 8,916 mi
Price: Inquire

1968 911L Targa factory Police Car 8,916 original miles
1 of 1 factory built (ordered new by Porsche North America)
The car was originally ordered by Porsche North America for demonstrator use at all the major auto shows
After it toured the autoramas/car shows it was used as a pace car at Bridgehampton Raceway
Museum condition inside/out
Factory painted Dutch colors with German script
RARE 911L soft window targa
Unique factory built ‘Stop’ rear illuminating sign instead of license plate
Original light beacon built into the Targa bar (red light for USA use only)
Factory ordered full rubber floors (no carpeting)
Unique factory built twin rear mirrors
Unique factory built custom electronics for additional lights and siren
Unique factory ordered second battery located in smuggler’s boxAll original interior
RARE factory 911L smog pump (works perfectly)
RARE factory optional outside temperature gauge
Original motor has never been split or rebuilt
100% mechanically sound and functional
Binder full of records, historical photos and original paper work
Blue chip investment
All original interior, targa top, and targa rear soft top. Original beacon and electronics.
Serious inquires only

Despite its livery, Porsche never intended this car to go into police service, but rather it was intended to make a tour of North American auto shows as a sort of advertisement of Porsche’s capabilities in this realm. Porsche had produced police vehicles based off of the 356 and 911 for some European jurisdictions so this was likely an attempted expansion of that production, and this car is the only one of its kind produced to meet US specifications. Following its auto-show tour, the 911 Police Car then served as the pace car at the Bridgehampton Raceway before eventually returning to the Porsche factory in Germany. In 1969 it returned to the US in the hands of Bill Yates, a highly-regarded Porsche dealer in California and from there it eventually made its way into the Sloan collection where they are now, for the first time, offering it for sale. This unique piece of history certainly would make for an amazing addition to any Porsche collection.

A special thanks to our reader Simon for bringing this wonderful find to our attention!