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1971 BMW 2800CS

One notable omission from the EAG Ultimate BMW garage I wrote up last Monday was an E9. The E9 represented one of BMW Motorsports first production endeavors in the 3.0CSL. But beyond that, it also one of the prettiest cars BMW and their pals at Karmann Coachworks ever produced in my opinion. The elegant pillar-less design married with impossibly slender A and C pillars to create an elegant, sweeping greenhouse over the low, angular lines of the main body. Recently my wife asked me if there were any attractive cars made in the 1970s, and the E9 was my immediate retort. They were more muscular and yet elegant than the earlier and somewhat awkward 2000CS they were based upon. It’s just right.

Now, today’s example isn’t the mega-desirable 3.0CSL. It’s not even a 3.0, but the earlier 2800CS. It’s also undergone quite a few changes into a bit of a resto-mod. But for me, the look is bang-on and this is one of the better looking E9s I’ve seen recently. It was certainly worth a further look:

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Year: 1971
Model: 2800CS
VIN: 2270524
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 40,646 mi
Price: $43,500 Buy It Now

1971 Bmw 2800 CS E9 / REAL ALPINA WHEELS

RMC Miami is now offering for your consideration the following beautiful rare and classic BMW.
Our BMW is a USA market car and 1 of 183 in its last year 1971 which explains how difficult they are to find available for sale.
This particular BMW has been same owner since 1983. Recent engine rebuild done 8k Miles ago.

Originally this car was green and at some point had a color change to its current blue color exterior.
Paint is driver quality and shows nicely overall. There is some fading on the trunk and roof as seen in photos.
Body lines are very straight the chrome accents show nicely including the bumpers and grills/front fascia.
The floors are in excellent condition with little to no surface rust as photographed below. The whole undercarriage
is refreshingly nice and obviously not driven in any kind of harsh condition its entire life.

The wheels are genuine 16 inch Alpina wheels.
Staggered wheel setup is proper and looks absolutely amazing with genuine Alpina center caps.

Interior is in very nice condition and not what you would expect out of a 48 year old car The black seats look great and are super
comfortable to sit in. The Air conditioning blows ice cold and the cabin smells like vintage BMW. The wood paneling is in nice
condition and looks to be original. The Nardi steering wheel sets off the interior nicely and is modern yet classy
All the carpeting in new throughout the cabin and really makes it look very clean and tidy.The Radio and speakers work.
The radio turns on but seems to be disconnected from the antenna however the tape deck functions ok. All the gauges are working and light up as they should.

The car rides like a cloud. It truly is one of the smoothest cars in our inventory. Suspension looks to have been overhauled with newer shocks
and springs. The feel is very tight, the car hugs the road well and is a joy to drive. The engine is factory unmodified and runs fantastic.
Idle is smooth and throttle is very responsive. True classic BMW with the inline 6 engine the power just keeps building until red line and sounds amazing.
Clutch and transmission are in excellent condition. Every gear of the 4 speed manual gearbox is smooth and the car doesn’t hesitate under load.
Brakes are working good. Brake lines have been upgraded to stainless steel.

Don’t miss the chance to buy this beautiful and rare BMW. Only a couple for sale in the nation.

Serious Inquiries For full description call Eddie 786-377-4331 or Bernard 305-443-4626

Follow us on Instagram for live updates! @rmcmiami
Can Ship (Insured) Anywhere Worldwide if Needed.
Located in Miami, Florida 33126
Financing Available with Approved Credit
Trades Always Welcomed (UP or DOWN)

The car is claimed to be 1 of 183 which is USA importation number for 1971. In total, only 641 manual 2800CSs were imported and 1,167 total came before the late 1971 replacement. The 2800CS was replaced by the 3.0CS fairly quickly and this was still the period where BMW was a fledgling in the U.S., but Max Hoffman’s efforts resulted finally in the big coupe coming here – the 2000CS which preceded this chassis was not brought here officially. The 3.0CS had numerous upgrades such as rear discs, but most notable was the upgrade in the M30 for 10 more horsepower.

This particular 2800CS looks great although it’s not the original color. The current tone reminds me of of beautiful early Alpina we once looked at. That’s helped by the perfect 16″ Alpina staggered wheels and lowered ride height. Although originality has been thrown out the window, the inclusion of the CSL-esque chin spoiler completes the look well. It pulls all together and looks really great overall for a driver-quality E9.

Is it the one to get? 2800CSs are more rare to find in the U.S. than its replacement 3.0CS, but I don’t think they’re more sought and this one loses originality points anyway. Both pale in comparison of the value of the CSL, but this one gets a bit of the look without the price tag. That price tag, however, is more than some other E9s on the market. A similar style but better execution and presentation example recently sold for $49,500, so perhaps the asking price isn’t all that outrageous, but I think it’s likely a bit on the high side for what it is. At the end of the day, though, regardless of the price – what a beautiful car!



  1. Howard S
    Howard S November 19, 2018

    Nice looking e9. Good luck buying from those guys, yikes.

  2. Fstntq
    Fstntq November 19, 2018

    Pretty but with these it us all about rust. Not many money shots and not overly impressed with the one or two that I do see.

  3. Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson November 19, 2018

    Beautiful! There must be room in the garage for one more toy!

  4. sean9c
    sean9c November 19, 2018

    Wow, e9’s are sure gorgeous. Looks like too much tire to me, was thinking, even as good looking as those wheels are, I’d still sell them and find something in a more appropriate width.

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