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1977 Porsche 911S Coupe

Taking my statement from earlier this week about featuring almost every Ice Green Metallic Porsche we come across to its logical conclusion, here I will feature another one. Except this one isn’t just about that beautiful exterior color. This one also is about the interior: a rare Olive Green interior. The car itself is somewhat similar to my feature earlier this week, this time a 1977 Porsche 911S Coupe. The mileage is pretty high – 197K miles – but it looks well cared for. Enough of that though, let’s take a look at that interior:

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Year: 1977
Model: 911S
Engine: 2.7 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 197,065 mi
Price: $46,900 But It Now

1977 Porsche 911S.

Vin .

197,065 Miles.

Ice Green Metallic.

Olive Green Interior.

Books, Manuals, Records, Spare and Jack.

Clear title.

This green toned 911S is a mesmerizing car and a superb driver! The factory combination of Ice Green Metallic on Olive Green Leather Interior is extremely rare, making this particular Porsche a collector’s dream.

Incredibly, the Porsche has spent its entire life in the care of one family from Southern California, who has later relocated to a similar warm climate in Texas. Car is completely rust free.

Mechanically, this 911S is remarkable! The family kept the car well maintained all these years, including a complete engine and transmission rebuild, plus recently a complete brake rebuild (all calipers, hoses, and master brake cylinder). The car starts every time on the first crank, with no smoke and no drips of oil anywhere. Also, according to the family, this is a fully numbers matching car with its original motor and transmission.

The entire Green interior is original with the exception of recently reupholstered front seats. The carpeting is completely original in it’s Olive Green color. The dash is a rare, optional leather dash, with it’s original leather still in very nice shape.

The rare factory correct Ice Green Metallic paint is very shiny and adds great value to this car. It’s definitely a head turner!

In conclusion, most midyear (1974-1977) 911’s have been heavily neglected or molested due to the lack of upkeep and proper maintenance that these cars required, making good original and mechanically sound examples hard to come by. This truly is one of those strikingly original midyear 911’s that has been lucky to be in one family its entire lifetime, and therefore benefited from all the proper maintenance and preservation that the car deserved. Combined with its ultra rare color combination, this Porsche is simply a jewel of its era.

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I’ve said before that rare doesn’t always mean better because sometimes there is a reason a color is rare. I think there is a reason Olive Green is a rare interior color. At least when the entire interior wears the shade. Who knows. Perhaps in person the combination of these colors works well and the look is quite good, but it’s a lot of green. There is some variation in the coloring and I think that helps a good bit, but I still want a bit more variation in the interior. Much of that variation comes from the seats, which we are told are the only aspect of this 911’s interior that isn’t original to the car as they have been reupholstered. I wonder if the available shade for reupholstery was slightly different from the original shade and that’s why we see this variation? Could be, I don’t know.

Overall, whether I like the colors or not, I must admit this 911 does look in really nice shape especially when we factor in that this is no garage queen. It’s lived its whole life in the hands of one family so we can hope there will be plenty of history available with the car. I don’t know if the colors and condition will be enough to reach this asking price given the mileage, but this certainly is one of the more interesting midyear 911s we’ve seen.



  1. Atnorman
    Atnorman May 28, 2017

    Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it goes with any other shade if green. Hideous combination. And just because it’s well cared for doesn’t mean it’s worth $47k, especially when it’s a MY with 200k miles on it. Chop $20k off the price and you might get some interested parties.

  2. audifan
    audifan May 29, 2017

    This is a gorgeous and rare color combination. Most people combine green with some boring tan or dogpoop beige interior. I like this way better.
    I bet there will be someone appreciating this car, but not for $47k. It looks like the Porsche bubble has started to deflate and around $30k might be the right money for a 74-77 Porsche 911.

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