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1978 Porsche 911SC Slantnose

Modifications to cars can either be a tremendous improvement or a spectacular failure, and the Porsche 911 has occupied both sides of the coin. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of lovely slantnose 911s and 930s, but they can also verge on the tasteless in their excess. It seems that the 1980s really was a period where cars that were the envy of most suddenly became the outward expression of decadence; a cry for help even. There was a great Dave Chappelle skit called “True Hollywood Stories”, where Charlie Murphy recounted some tales of Rick James – describing him as a “habitual line stepper”. To me, tuners in the 1980s were habitual line steppers with how far they would push cars. They passed nip and tuck in order to achieve the dipped look. Thankfully, this all-steel slantnose 911 has avoided the color-matched windshield wiper arms – but still, outwardly it’s a reminder of how Rick James explained his behavior, eerily laughing the whole time; “cocaine’s a hell of a drug!”

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Year: 1978
Model: 911SC
Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 188,637 mi
Price: No Reserve

That’s Right

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Break out your Men Go Silk blazer with shoulder pads, your Z Cavaricci’s, Capezio loafers and Ray Ban Wayfarer’s and get ready to step back in time. This all steel 911 SC Slantnose has Miami Vice written all over it.

Steel Slantnose fenders. Steel Turbo Quarters, Recaro Sport Seats, Possibly Ruf front bumper(I cannot find markings), Turbo Rear Bumper, Ruf gauges, Custom steering wheel, Custom wheels. Someone spent a crapload of money on this car back in the 80’s.

The engine has been out and refreshed recently. New oil lines, New Valve cover gaskets, new oil tubes all new bolts and hardware. All synchros are perfect and trans shifts as it should. Motor seems to be very well put together and tight. I own a mid 80’s 911 and a 89 911 g50, this car is faster than both. The motor has been built but I am not sure as to what degree.

Overall the car is in excellent condition. It has a few knicks and scratches. Front fogs are missing. Rockers are a little scuffed and the carpets are dirty. I will wetsand and buff the exterior and shampoo the interior prior to the end of the auction. Please see my other auction of my 911 Targa

If you get past the initial look, there’s some good stuff here – an all-steel body certainly was the more labor intensive and expensive option. Racing Dynamics wheels are more associated with BMWs, but they look nice here – effectively, a budget Ruf look. It would be nice to know if the Ruf pieces are real or copies – though with the time period the car was built I’d guess that they’re likely to be the real deal. Inside, we don’t get a good look at them but it appears the car has a very nice set of Recaro Trophy-type seats. The motor is claimed to be “built” but it’s not clear or detailed what was done. Hagerty places value of an original 1978SC between $20,000 and $30,000 in similar condition; but with very high miles, a lack of documentation and some polarizing modifications, I have to say I’m a bit surprised bidding has been so strong – already at the $20,000 mark at the time of writing. I guess, perhaps, it’s cheaper than a long stint in rehab?